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Alicia Keys Is A Sorority Girl+Mini Fab

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Big shouts out to the folks at the University of Texas School of Law. I heard everybody over there is some loyal readers for real. And of course shouts out to my people and classmates at Loyola New Orleans School of Law. Stay up....the semester's almost over!

Now I've been hearing things for a while that AK is now an honorary member of AKA. And I never saw proof until now:

Source: JJB

These are some cute pics from her induction ceremony. I guess I won't hold it against her. She's still a fab chick. I got nothin but NPHC love for everybody. And don't worry Sorors, when I find those pics circulating of Ms. Berry rockin some DivaSTating letters...I'll most definitely put it on blast.

Destiny's Child received their much deserved star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame today:

Even the rain doesn't stop em.

But apparently Michelle forgets what they taught her azz in posing school when chaos like rain happens.


Congrats to those ladies.

I really feel like the Williams brothers are playing with our emotions:

Image hosting by TinyPic

There is just no excuse to look this foolish at all times. They were spotted coming from a party in South Beach a couple days ago.

That scrumptious dude Tyson hosted the Rick Case Luxe Collection Grand Opening Party yesterday in Davie, Florida:

Image hosting by TinyPic


Oh hells no Rhianna:

Source: JJB


Paula Abdul was spotted with her new beau making a coffee run in Beverly Hills on Sunday. He's actor and martial arts expert Tony Schiena:

Image hosting by TinyPic


Where are my fellow Y & R fans? Young and the Restless is hands down having the best "season" ever right now. This ish is insane...and it's my guilty pleasure after I finish my studying for the night. Daniel and Lilly (Micheal Graziadei and Davetta Sherwood) have offically lost their damn minds and got married in Las Vegas this week:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Source: JJB

And Nick and Phyllis know they need to stop. By the way, YBF chick Davetta S. was in Bow Wow's new video.

J-Lo was seen at Sunset Plaza Friday in LA:

Source: JJB

She kills me with that head wrap.

Errrybody wanna go gospel these days:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Jawn over at AOL BV is reporting that Coko from SWV is signed on to do a gospel album. This ought to be kinky interesting. I bet ya'll she gets confused too. And in that same article you can read about Keyshia Cole's new reality tv show. I mean damn. Can I get a reality show? Apparently it doesn't take much to have one.

The Randomness:

  1. New Edition is performing at this summer's Essence Fest. Story Hell to the yes.
  2. Check out MJB's new video with Bono "One" that was shot in Mexico City here.
  3. Lenny Kravitz will play Jimi Hendrix in a new biopic. Story
  4. Ludacris will be guest starring on a new episode of Law and Order SVU TONIGHT! Story Now Luda is a prime example of how you pull off being a talented rapper and a talented actor. Take note Fiddy.


Fab Links:

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Keep it fabulous!

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