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Royalty in The Wood

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Damn Rhianna is doin just about anything to stay in this Hollywood game huh? She is a guest on a new upcoming episode of MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen (the show that had the crazy ass Divo and Cee-Lo's daughter actin fool). And how much did this lil boy's parents pay for all this mess:

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I'm so mad at this. Girl go get a clue on how to not be a chameleon and leave this MTV mess to the birds. Boo.


Viv leaving Mr. Chow's last week

You're scary.

Celebs came out to the Vagina Monologues opening this week:

The fab Kerry Washington was there.

Jacki Reid and Kerry Washington

Hmmm. Now that Steve Harvey has announced his divorce, I wonder if him and Jacki are gonna kick it like all the rumors are saying.

Michelle was there.

Marsha Ambrosious of Floetry was there looking fab:

I heard she and her other half Natalie have lost almost 100 pounds between them.

And of course YBF chick Zoe was in that piece:


Who in the hell let Golden Brooks walk this red carpet like this:

She was at the Friends With Money premiere in LA this week lookin a crispy mess.

Things got HEATed at the Miami Heat Family Festival Weekend at Pat Riley's house this past weekend:

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Gary Payton and wifey

She's pretty damn fabulous too.

D-Wade and wifey

Shaunie looks so cute preggers.

The Heat are like the most partying team:

Looks like fun times were had by all.

It was poppin off at the ATL premiere last night in the ATL:

Meagan, boo, I'ma need for you to do better.

Wait....what the hell?

Jason Weaver, his wife, and son

1) When did Jason Weaver come out of hiding?, 2) Why did he reappear lookin like strung out?, and 3) Since when is he married with a kid? What's really goin on here peoples. Check out the rest of the pics from the ATL premiere here.

Lebron and his fam watched the women's NCAA Cleveland regional tournament final between Tennessee and North Carolina Tuesday in Cleveland:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Good to see him supporting the ladies.

A couple more pics from D-Child's star ceremony:

All this weight loss is causing B to look like Solo's identical twin.

The special screening of Ice Age: The Meltdown was presented by Twentieth Century Fox and NBA Cares at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NY Tuesday:

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Queen, who is one of the lead voices, was in attendance.


Ooooh "Holla At Me" is one of my fave tracks right now. Check out some pics from the video shoot:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Weezy, Baby, Slim Thugga, and Cool from Cool and Dre

Image hosting by TinyPic

Jim Jones, Supa Cindy, Rick Ross, K-Foxx

Why is Rick lookin like Trick Daddy's long lost brother?

Trick Daddy and K-Foxx

Image hosting by TinyPic

TV Johnny and his wife were there. Yes, the foolishness just reached the highest level possible.

Give Mary her braid back. Better yet, somebody burn that ish. It's not cute.

The Randomness:

  1. Cake has the trailer for Ciara's new whack ass movie All You've Got.
  2. Eskay has a summary of some more sh*t 50 was talkin on Hot 97 the other day.
  3. Michelle Williams is scheduled to perform at Wrestle Mania in Chi-Town April 2. Story


Fab casting call: Flavor of Love is doing a casting call (that ends this week) for folks that want to be on Season 2. I was asked to relay this info:

Flava of Love is casting for its second season. Please send 3 photos (at least one close-up and one full length) along with your stats (age, location & measurements) to rahmodels@gmail.com . Good luck ladies!!!

Also, TMZ has an exclusive first look at the Flavor of Love: After the Lovin special. Check it out.

Keep it fab!

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