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April Fool’s Foolishness

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Damn...I'm gone 1 day and I miss all kinds of stuff. And all thanks to this RI-DAMN-DICULOUS 45 page brief I had due yesterday. I've been working on it all semester and I'm so glad it's done! On to the foolishness....


Why do they look like they're the old ass drunk chaperones taking a pic at the high school dance? Are those pants leather? STOP IT!

Ok so after I FELL OUT laughin at this pic by itself, I finally came to the conclusion that we really must help Whitney. This heffa has some serious issues. The chick on the right is Bobby's ex-crack head sister Tina

who has told all of Whitney's crack head business. And now broke ass Whit is on the run from the law who's trying to get her for owing over $25,000 to her ex-landlord after she got evicted. Damn shame. Bobbi Kristina is now living with her uncle and Whit may lose custody of her. That may be for the best.

In other news, Naomi's crazy azz went upside her maid's head with a blunt object and sent this chick to ICU. Naomi was seen being arrested and taken into custody yesterday:


Wait...holdup. Is this chick serious about having a smile on her face? B*tch has issues. I never really liked Naomi and now she's making a habit out of beating up her maids? Does she think this mess is cute? Ummm no ma'am. It aint. Check out TMZ for
video footage of her getting arrested.

Keep it fabuolus!

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