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Kids and Stuff

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The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards went down this weekend. Lots of celebs and their families came out:

Khamani Griffin

He's the little boy from All of Us and is too cute.

Nelly Nell was there with his son:

Loves it!

Does Eve need a sammich?

Or some chapstick?

Cute.Yes, Sway has a wife and kids. I was shocked too.


Chris Brown and the midget man performed:


And Chris Rock brought his daughter up on stage to accept his award.

Is Lil Romeo becoming a lil cutie?

Also this weekend, the the launch party for Atlanta Peach magazine was hosted by Pamela Anderson and Ludacris:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Jerry Powers, Atlanta Peach president, founder & CEO, Lil' Fate, Pamela Anderson and Ludacris

Usher's lil brother J-Lack is tryin to bring it back to the "The Many Ways" days of Ursh huh?

T-Boz and Ryan Glover

Why in the hell is Pam Anderson on the cover? That chick is Canadian. Boo.

Star Jones has made an appearance this past Friday after her breast lift/tummy tuck procedure:

Dare I say this...she looks....nice? Can that surgeon get a raise? But how is it the chick can't show up to work at The View because of her "post-condition" but can have some drinks at the Ivy and party it up at the Daytime Emmy Nominee Dinner? Speaking of The View, did anybody see Joy Behart go BAD on Star when she called in to the show last week? Star called in going on and on and on and on about how she loves her new chi-chis and so does Al. Joy had a really stank look on her face and said nobody wants to hear anymore about her. Star then proceeded to call her a b*tch. Priceless.

A random pic of Keyshia Cole:

It's good to see she can actually pull off the ghetto fabulous look now.

Usher was spotted leaving the novelty and beauty supply store Ricky's in NYC on Wednesday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

That damn Jada is at it again:

Those biceps look like they hurt.


She's kickin it Wicked Wisdom style again. And lookin a foolish mess. If you want to hear what her music sounds like, go here.

The Randomness:

  1. Ne-Yo hates his head bald. So do I. Story

Stay tuned!

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