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Mini Fab

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Whit's crack story has gotten even deeper in the tabloids:


And as unbelievable as The National Enquirer is....I'm tempted to believe this pic.

The CGU President was out and about at a party this weekend:

Say what you want, the chick is fabulous.

Now let's take a minute to reflect on this pic:


Yeah it's from a while back but that's not the point. I bet ya'll $5 you wouldn't know it was Rhianna without a long hard look and cropping out that tag. For any hardcore Rhianna fans that really don't think she cops B's style....please ponder for a minute. Do I really need to go find the pic where B has on the same top, same hair color, same hair length,same hat, same earrings, etc.? Or close enough to the same. I'm never the one to say somebody's jockin another entertainer's style unless it's true. Hopefully she'll get out of that chameleon stage soon. And yes, that's Hov and Kanyeezie in the background. The pic was snapped during their tour in London.

Oh no this chick didn't. New York from FOL has started a petition to get her crazy ass her own tv show:

Source: ONTD

She knows she needs to go sit down somewhere. View/sign/laugh at the petition here.

MJB and hubby Kendu were spotted out this weekend in London:

I love them. Another one of my fave fab couples.

And my girl Mary is fab-u-lous.

Awww are these two BFF now? They sat courtside..dressed alike...at the Nets game yesterday.

Can you guess who this baby is:

It's Farrah from the 2nd Destiny's Child. Cute kid.

Speaking of those chil'ren:

The Live In Atlanta DVD came out last week. It's a show from their farewell tour. And yes, I'm crunk about this finally coming out.


Now see. She almost had it. Hair and makeup: Check. Lingerie: Boooo. Draws shouldn't look big on you B.

3 6 is still poppin their collar:

They got honored in their hometown of Memphis, Tenn recently for their Oscar. Despite my feelings about this hoopla....congrats to them. I do luv me some 3 6.

Keep it fabulous!

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