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Ne-Yo…Is This Ya Chick?

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Well well. It looks like ol girl that was labeled as Ne-Yo's baby mama Jessica in a post a while back truly is his chick:

And she's in this new R&B girl group called L'Creme who's trying to be on the come up:

Whoa. I can already tell these dudes will have a hard time sellin whatever they are trying to make us buy.


Oh uh uhn. What kind of group is this again?

And on another gossip tip...I'ma need for Master P. to realize he is a GROWN ASS MAN. Somebody please enlighten me on why he felt the need to step to Bow Wow backstage at the Kids Choice Awards in serious crunk fashion. He was trying to go bad on him to his face about talkin about Lil Romeo. Just a damn shame. Check out Miss Info's sccop here on the situation. Plus there's info on Stankmora coupling up with Baby.

Stay tuned!

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yeaa it is ...i was just

yeaa it is ...i was just about to say that..wats her name again?? oh ryt Kiya...woww!! SHE'S REALLY TRYNA GET NOTICED!! I SEEN HER ON SOME MUSIC VIDEO ON YOUTUBE AS WELL!!
Mrs. Brown's picture

Yup it's her. Thats the same

Yup it's her. Thats the same thing i thought wen i saw the pic!! And w/e Jessi. Ohhh 2nddddddddddd!!!! LOL
jamaican_princess's picture

Isnt that light skinned chick

Isnt that light skinned chick from Hell Date on BET?
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