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FYI: If you're having trouble viewing the Comments link- disable your anti-virus, refresh the page, then try again. And make sure your pop-up blocker is off or include http://ybf.blogspot.comon your safe list for pop-ups. The gossip...

The self proclaimed Queen of All Media is hosting the Wendy Williams experience somewhere new this week:

It's in Puerto Rico at El Conquistador Resort. On a side note, can she cut that pastel pink Wet and Wild lipstick mess out?

Image hosting by TinyPic

The Barber twins

Lisa on left is fastest woman in the world in the 60m dash. Nice. And they may wanna pass some "How To Be Cute" pointers on to the Williams brothers.

The oh so fab Toni Braxton performed at the Nokia Theater in NYC on Sunday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Work it out then Ms. Toni.

Gotta love her.

Really, I just got to know:

Does Viv get those little bumps around her forehead due to the ultra tightness of her hairstyles? That mess just looks painful at all times.

What in the fresh hell is goin on with everybody rockin these hideous Star Trek reject glasses:

Spikey has always worn some crazy glasses, but damn.

Kanye just needs to stop.

Oh hell yes:

Shirt reads: "Naomi Campbell slapped me...and I slapped that Bitch Back!"

LOVES IT! Check out the NY Times the article about the shirt here.

Note to Paula Jai Parker:

Curly bangs are NEVER ok. OK?

So despite what I said about ATL, when I really think about it, it was still a cute movie. T.I. did do a good job for his first starring role. So I'll give props when they're due. And on that note...Lauren London (T.I.'s leading lady in the movie) is my fave YBF chick of the moment:

Check out these caps if you don't remember her from Pharrell's "Frontin" video:

And she was in Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot" video:

The chick is fabulous...and has turned her video fame into big screen fame. That's tight.

The Randomness:

  1. What the hell is going on over at Duke?? First the Lacrosse team rapes and beats an exotic dancer, then a team member got caught sending a mind boggling e-mail, and now the coach resigned a few minutes ago. All of em lookin guilty as hell. This mess is ridiculous.
  2. Eminem just announced he is filing for divorce from Kim...again! Damn, Splitville Lane is getin more crowded than Def Jam huh? Shame shame. Story
  3. In non-YBF news, Meredith Vieira from The View has been chosen to take Katie Couric's spot on the Today Show. Katie is leaving to become the first female to ever anchor the CBS Sunday newscast. Jawn wrote the story for the NY Daily News today. The View is one of my guilty pleasures, even with Star. And Meredith was one of my fave chicks on the show. Is Star now about to become the Queen B of the show? Lord help us all.
  4. Is Nick SERIOUS on Y and R?????? He can't be. See, all these excuses he's giving and "Yes, sleeping with Phyllis made the pain go away" comments he's making to his wife Sharon are out of effin control. All while pleading for Sharon to take his cheatin azz back? I promise ya'll...this mess right here is exactly why chicks end up cuttin m***a f***as. Y and R best win a Daytime Emmy for this ish.
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