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What Y’all Know About That?

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Because I ragged on T.I.'s 8-year-old -boy body the other day, I'm going to post the reason why the man is still sexy as all hell:

Just a random pic. But that should do the trick. Moving on...

Top 28 Sexiest NBA Wives? Somebody actually made a list?

Mo Pete's Chick

So I wasn't going to post this nonsense. But then I saw the list. Who made this ish? Any list that has Vanessa Bryant as #1 needs to be seriously examined w/ a damn rattail comb. Obviously this list should be called "Top 28 Baller Wifeys Transformed By Money". Oh uh uhn....Lala #7....helllllls no. Check it out for yourselves people. And did ya'll noice that chick who is "Mo Pete's" wifey above is the video chick from Nelly's "Hot in Hurr" video? Interesting....

And just to throw in a lil NFL Baller news-Plaxico Burress was married recently: {Thanks Liz}

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

{Click Pics}


Like this will stop all the women who fawn over him. But congrats to them.

UPDATE: Ok, my bad. Plaxico and his wife Tiffany were married last year in the Bahamas. They had the reception at the Atlantis. Still cute pics though.

Mo'Nique attended her premiere of Phat Girls at the ArcLight Cinemas on Monday in L.A.:

She was there with her man Syndney.

Image hosting by TinyPic

But ya'll know Ms. Parker ALWAYS finds Professa Ogalvee.

Alicia Keys and her supposedly secret boyfriend Kerry Brothers hosted "Krucial Keys Enterprise" and Krucial Keys Communications at Tribeca rooftop Monday in NY:

Alicia looks HOT and they are a cute couple.

Nas and Lyfe were there gettin tipsy.

WHat ya'll know about that jig....

My Louisiana people know wassup.

Olivia, Missy, and AK

Looks like Pro-Activ is still workin for Ms. Keys:

And before you think it's not, think back to what her skin looked like when she first dropped.

T. Howard with that damn purple shirt that is pastel and neon at the same time.

Lots of celebs sat courtside at the Knicks game recently:

Yaaaaawn. Same ol same ol. But Rhianna is going to stop with that hideous outfit.

Oh, so Kiki-you think you gangsta now that you bout to stick Russey for his paper?

Image hosting by TinyPic

@ her Fabulosity book signing at F.I.T.'s John E. Reeves Great Hall Tuesday in NYC

Well since Russ said you and him may get back together, you may wanna wipe that smirk off ya face. Please chick-no pre-nup, no break-up. Russ is not stupid and this is not a game..

The former kids of 106 and Park are runnin off at the mouth again:


Ok...just AJ actually. Zilla has the story on why AJ now hates BET's vulgar music. As if things have dramatically changed since when he first stepped foot on BET's set. Whatev AJ.

Diddy attended the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange Monday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

But apparently this was all a staged photo cuz Diddy was runnin on CP time and missed the opening bell. Sigh.

I wonder if he sold all his stocks in Pro-activ while he was there. Ya'll know he's bitter right now.

The fabulous Christina Milian visited TRL Monday:

Not feeling the outfit but she looks all the way fab.

The Randomness:

  1. Naomi's on a peace mission right now in South Africa with Mandela? What's really going on here peoples?? Story
  2. Check out here what Nelly had to say about his new sneaker line and Ashanti.
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Hey I love Nelly and he's all

Hey I love Nelly and he's all that and some more and If God and I say the same he will be my husband
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Hello...Man i just love your

Hello...Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..holy Friday
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