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No More Goodies

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Cici and Bow Weezy officially called it quits yesterday. Bow said that fat ring on her left hand was just a "small gift" and "nothing special." Whatveva boy. You know Cici dumped ya ass cuz she found you with that scrippa the other night. Miss Info has the stripper story by the way. Shame shame.

Check out more pics from the Wendy Williams Experience in Puerto Rico this week:

What did I tell ya'll. Something is most definitely goin on with Steve and Jackie. They always seem to be in the same places no matter where they are.

Tocarra and video ho Liris Crosse hosted a party during the Experience:

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Oh see. Tocarra almost got impeached from her CGU Presidency for this mess. Once again, another board member is out of protocol. Not a good look ma.

Did Marcus have a fake id?

Ne-Yo was there.

And Keyshia looked cute at the party.

Madamme Toussad's wax statue of Tupac is finished:


Scary stuff. But no "THUG LIFE"???

Superbowl MVP Hines Ward received honorary Seoul citizenship Wednesday:

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Check out caps from Ashanti's new movie John Tucker Must Die:

Image hosting by TinyPic

She actually looks kinds cute in these caps.

The Randomness:
  1. What the hell? Lil Flip and T.I. got beef? Maaaaan. Watch this video with T.I. talkin mad ish about that dude Flip. Was this supposed to be as funny as it was? Update: I don't care that it's old. It's funny as hell so it's staying up.
  2. Check out Kim's 3rd letter from the jailhouse she just sent to her fans here.
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