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Holiday Fab

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While you were at the bbq eating Auntie May's green potato salad that you hate, celebs were out having the Best Memorial Day Weekend Ever:

Black folks are taking over the Derby and the Indy 500:

Melo and Lala spent some QT at the races.

In case you didn't know, Melo is a sponser/owner of one of the racing teams. Now that's how you diversify your assets people.

Luda kicked it out in Indianapolis too.

Fab chick Mel B. b.k.a. Scary Spice was having some downtime splashing around the beach this weekend:

Damn...somebody's been working it out. Or...knifing it up. Those chi-chi's look suspect as hell.

And Nelly threw a Memorial Day Apple Bottoms Pool Party at the Victor Hotel on Saturday in Miami Beach:

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Jadakiss was there.

So was Ron Artest.

NBAer Larry Hughes and his "friends"

Michael B. Jordan (from All My Children) was also in the mix.

Um, Jason Weaver....aint that ya wife on the left? Mmmhmmm.

And Ursh was there looking....

...bored. He's been looking extra mellow lately. Wonder what's up.

The Randomness:

  1. Oprah's fans are lobbying for her to win a Nobel Peace Prize. And dammit, I agree. Story
  2. Star Jones Reynolds wrapped? Story

Enjoy your day off, remember the troops, and keep it fab!

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