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Ok sorry. I just had to do it:

You know it's a possibility.

Celebs are still living it up at the Cannes Film Fest. Jigga was spotted there sans Beyonce seeing that she was only there for that one day last week:

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Bono, Jigga, Petra Nemcove, and Wyclef were at the La Dolce Vita Ball sponsored by Johnnie Walker Gold Label Whisky. It was at Les Salles des Etoiles on Saturday in Monte Carlo, Monaco as part of the fest on Saturday.

And I know a lot of folks hate on Eva, but the chick looked fab-u-lous in Cannes this weekend:

Enough of all that.

In case you haven't seen Denzel's son who got signed to an NFL team recently:

Even though he says he did it all without daddy's help, I heard Daddy D played a role in getting him that signing action (seeing that he didn't end up getting drafted).

Brooke Crittenden (Kanye's sometimes main chick) and Russey were at the Phat Farm/Baby Phat's Summer Kick-Off Party hosted by Motorola on Saturday in the Hamptons:

On the gossip tip: According to Vibe mag, Kanye recently broke up with Ms. Brooke due to her rantings on her myspace page talking about the whip she's driving now and all the money she has now thanks to 'Ye. It was in response to some hater hos. Oh well Brookey. Maybe next time you'll learn to keep your mouth closed.

And it's that time again kids. The NBA is winding down its season with all these playoffs. So that means they are also doing a Best Dressed Playoffs to determine who was the best dressed of the whole season. Tracy McGrady, Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade have advanced in the first three weeks of the Best of Best Dressed competition. This week's bracket contains the winners for the month of Feb. 28-March 27th:

Quentin Richardson

Coach Avery Johnson


Damon Stoudamire

Chris Webber

Bobby Jackson

This was a difficult decision since I like Avery's suuit and his voice cracks me the hell up. And Chris Webber was lookin quite yummy. But my vote went to Q. He aint the cutest thing, but his suit/shirt/tie game is on point. Get your vote on right here.

The Randomness:

  1. Big up to Barry Bonds for passing Babe Ruth's Home Run Record. Now he only needs a little over 40 more to take Hank Aaron's #1 spot. I bet some people are quite salty. Story
  2. Foxy Brown's nail shop fight case has a trial date. Story
  3. Check out Beyonce's Cannes interview about Dreamgirls here. and the article here.
  4. Wanna know what's inside Halle's shopping bag? Store workers spill it here.
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