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Dreams and Destiny

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YBF chick Kelly R. was at the MTV Japan Awards this past weekend:

Lookin gorgeous. She also performed her new single....and who knows when that'll come out:

Oh well. Maybe one day she'll wake up and smell the nepotism. Check out the performance for "Gotsa Go":

It's pretty much the same as the performance at the MTV Asia Awards.

Rhianna was there also to accept an award:

Her makeup looks pretty and fab.

New pics from the Dreamgirls movie have surfaced:

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{Click Pics}

I can't wait till this movie comes out. No, I don't believe B actually delivered an Oscar winning performance. But the cast is hot so I'm sure that'll make up for any shortcomings.

On the gossip tip: B's first single off her new album B-Day is called "Deja Vu" and it's a duet with none other than the Jiggaman. She finished the album in 2 weeks, even though she set a 6 week deadline for herself. And the album has been getting rave reviews from the priviledged few media folks who were invited to a listening session.

Solange, Mama Tina, and Baby Daniel were featued in this week's People mag:

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Looks like Mama and B wen on the same diet.

Stay tuned!

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