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Boom Boom Room+Weekend Fab

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The Boom Boom Room Celebrated the MTV Movie Awards with The Baby, Fashion and Beauty Bar Friday at the Park Hyatt Hotel Los Angeles:

And Vivica was there to rep the "I Roll On The The Slow Bus" Association:

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I mean seriously. She bothers me. I think the reverse plastic surgery worked against her. And her Mickey Mouse outfit. And her hair.

My fave former Girlfriend Jill Marie Jones was there looking simply fab:

I guess fab minds think alike since I have a very similar gold version of that red shoe.

Taraji was there chillaxin:

With some cute shoes on.

And so was Tichina.
Yeah Shar, you probably do.

Samantha Mumba

If this aint some classic sh*t, I don't know what is. And while we're on the subject of Nick Cannon's whackness, who are these chicks that allowed him to "smash as many chicks as he could" in LA? Story

Terri V.

Reagan Preston-Gomez

Tisha, Tichina, and some friends

Kyla Pratt was there too. Good to see her not being salty about her show being cancelled.

Ms. Jackson reigned as publicity slut of the week yet again. But no complaints here. She was at Barton G restaurant in South Beach Friday :

Looks like somebody's still pulling their hair too tight.

And then she went over with JD to see the Heat wreck shop winning the Eastern Confrence Championship title:

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D-Wade proved why they call him Flash. He refused to sit out even though he had the flu and was in the hospotal all day game day AND had an IV in his arm whenever he sat the bench:

But obviously it paid off.

Chris Tucker was there to take in the game too.

And finally, more pics of Kelly, Serena, and Jackie Long on vacay last week:

Kelly and Serena's pup Jackie

"Dreamlover" is straight running through my head right now.

Yeah, I hear Rena and Jackie are a couple. But that's not confirmed with any of my sources yet.

UPDATE: OK. I think these pics might speak for themselves:

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Free Image Hosting - www.supload.comFree Image Hosting - www.supload.com

{Thanks Bea}

The Randomness:

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  2. Is Jay building a Vegas casino? Yep. Plus more 40/40 clubs in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and South Korea. Story
  3. Naomi C. is selling her apartment. Ha-I guess that's what happens when you need money to pay your maids' medical bills. Story
  4. The Grey's Anatomy cast is getting PAID. For real. Story
  5. Ever wanted to end up on Page Six? Well Jossip has the story on the advice the Post gives.
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