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Music Fab+Random Candids

The talent challenged chick click is trying their damndest to attack the game right now:

Rih Rih's new single has hit the airwaves and it's called "Shut Up and Drive". I can guaran-damn-tee this will be the intro song for Season 3 of The Hills or some sh*t. And I will personally whoop Jay-Z's ass if he contributes yet another unnecessary intro rap to try to save the song. Eh...eh..eh..eh. And Solange thought it was a good idea to release a few of her new tracks on the net: White Picket Dreams and Champagne Chronic Nightcap Sounds like she stepped her game up a bit this time around. I am obsessed with neo soul sounds...but I'm not sure she pulls it off. The jury's still out on those tracks...

So Akon is apologizing for his actions from several days ago--conveniently a couple days after Verizon messed with his money and dropped him as a rep due to his "dancing" at his concerts. And now a new song called "Mama Africa" has conveniently been released as his new single. Whatev. I honestly don't think he did anything wrong as it relates to the underage chick he brought on stage. The club is 18 and up for a reason. She and her parents need to be in trouble too. What is a 14/15 year old doing at a night club anyway? Anyways...I talked about how tacky his "dancing" was from the get when he first kicked off his tour. So that's nothing new....

Serena's talking about rapping again. She told Star mag recently:

"I can rap. A lot of people don't know that about me, but I am. I don't
freestyle or anything, but I can definitely rap. I also play the guitar."
A rapper who doesn't know how to freestyle is like a prostitute who doesn't get paid. Makes no sense 'Rena. Anyways...Allhiphop has more about her "aspirations".

Kelly R. is finally getting some face time:

She hit up FUSE's The Sauce yesterday. This look? She could do so much better...

Naomi C. was spotted leaving the Gramercy Park Hotel yesterday in the NYC:

WTF is going on here? No...really. I wanna know.

The usually fab Mel B. pulled a Britney getting out of the car the other day:

What is so damn hard about protecting the Va Jay Jay?? Anyways...all you freakaleaks can click the pics for the slightly NSFW versions.

Word has it 50's still tappin' the older chicks:

Supposedly he and Victoria Rowell are a couple--again--and they have been since their movie together Home of the Brave. Victoria's 46 (15 years older than 50) and looks damn fabulous too. Anyways...they dated shortly pre-Vivica and I guess things just weren't done. Sources say she likes the "edge" in him. Why am I not surprised...

The Randomness:

  1. Janet's giving a concert Friday at Paradise Island in the Bahamas and Whitney will be in attendance. Here's video of her practicing. Fun times.

  2. Check out the "Buy You A Drank remix" ft. Kanye here. Oh yes...this ish is on Repeat.



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