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Is That You Akon’s Chick?+NY is in the Mutha F’in House!

The HBIC is back. And them fools over at VH-1 got sneaky and aired the I Love NY 2 casting special last night without telling anybody. No worries fellas...you can still turn in your applications/videos. I'm still waiting for some clips to hit the Tube. But just for sh*ts and giggles...check out Pootie...with the jiggly booty...proving he really is on that ish. He decided to post up some Foolywang Youtubery material:

Stop playin' Pootie.

Diva Trixie who? I knew I didn't like this young chick for a reason. The 15 year old girl who ran to the Trinidad Express paper to tell them how traumatized she was about Akon's actions to her on stage has popped up with an intersting myspace page. She conveniently says she's 19 and she has some scandolous pics on there--including a pic from the infamous night with the caption--"Girls Nite Out-Best time!!!" Oh really? Chicks are learning how to skeez at a young age I see. Gotta love that TMZ...



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