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Mother’s Day Fab

Because we all love celebrity moms and moms of celebs....

Jay and his mom

Chris Rock and the moms

Fanny and her daughter Zion

Kobe and his moms (and dad)

Nelly and moms

Naomi C. and her momma

Ci Ci and her mom

D-Wade and his mom (and his son and wife Sio)

Chris Brown and moms

Nia and Massai Jr.

Tyler James Smith and his mom

Rashida and Kidada Jones with their mom Peggy Lipton

Omarion and his mom

She SO looks like his sister.....

Tiger Woods and his mother

Juelz Santana and his moms

Luda and his mom

Shemar and his mom

MJ and moms

Fanny and momma Fanny

Shar and her daughter Cassie

Kanye and Donda West

Chudney, Tracee Ellis, and Diana Ross

Zoe Saldana and her mom

Solo and baby Daniel

Tootie and her brand new baby

Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

Usher and Momma Patton

Nicole Kodjoe (and Boris) and her baby

Whitney and Bobbi Kris

Kelis and her moms

Kelly, Mama Tina, and her birth mom

KiKi and her mini me's Aoki and Ming Lee

Nia Long, her mom, and her son Massai

Ashanti and Shi Shi with their mom Tina

I'ma leave Tina D. alone about that wig...but only cuz today is Mother's Day...

Essence Atkins (far left) with mother Sandy Nelson, and Rachel True with stepmother Verona True

Halle B. and her moms

Jennifer Hudson and her mom

J-Lo on vacay with Momma Guadalupe

Brian White and his mom

Cedric and his mom Rosetta

Christina Milian and her mom Carmen out shopping

Tia and Tamara Mowry with their mom Darlene

Diddy and Janice Combs

Alicia Keys and her mom

Angie J. and Baby Zahara and Maddox

Solo, Beyonce, and Mama Tina

Bow Wow and his mom

T-Boz and her daughter Chase

Queen Latifah and her mom

Happy Mother's Day to ALL of the YBF moms and soon to be moms. Have a fabulous rest of the day!




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