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Weekend Fab…and UnFab

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WTF are you doing LeToya Jackson?

No ma'am. And WTF is up with your brother?:

I understand Mike that you want to keep your kiddies under wraps...even after 10 years. But there are ways. And this should not be one.

Rih Rih was spotted leaving the gym yesterday:

Did a workout really happen? Her makeup is still entirely too cute.

And Fanny was spotted with her daughter Zion recently:

Hmmm was Jigga right when he said appearing in your video is a "hood look" Fanny?

A random pic of Keisha Pulliam at an event recently:

So fab.

Ummm is this ya baby daddy Solange:

Well well well if it isn't Daniel Sr. I see he decided to show his face around town for once. But real talk...he was cuter back in the "Soldier" days.

Look at Venus and her new man:

They were all cozy at a practice session at The All England Lawn Tennis the other day during the Wimbledon Championships.

You can check out Amerie's brand new video for "Gotta Work"

Because we've never seen anything like this before. Mmhmm....

The Randomness:

  1. Fox Boogie joins the Stop Snitchin' movement. Story
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