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Saaphyri For The Win+Solo Gets Legal+Music Fab

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Just when we thought Saaphyri wouldn't win Charm School because she still had this in her:

She took home the prize last night of $50,000 from Charm School.

Chick played the homeless card to her #1 enemy in the house in the final speech she didn't even write and won that piece. She should have won just for being smart enough to come up with that strategy. And her makeover looked pretty fab too...relatively speaking. VH-1 has up her final winner interview.

Solange had her 21st b-day party down in H-Town last night at the Contemporary Art Museum...graffiti carpet and all:

I'm sure this was a funky fresh theme and all....but me still no likey that dress of yours Solo. The whole Knowles Klan came out to party. And you would think since Kelly's album is dropping tomorrow she would be out and about doing a lil old school something successful stars call PROMO. I mean..they couldn't throw up a banner saying "Ms. Kelly dropping July 3rd"? Somethin'! I guess that's my job. Check out the Ms. Kelly album in full
over at AOL right now.

Jigga and Swizzy rolled through too.

Lil Wayne and Bun B

Surprise surprise. Supahead raised up off Weezy long enough to let him go to his jump off's friend's party.

I take it fluorescent shadow liner is the thing to do this summer because every chick up in that party tried their damndest to rock that look.

Slim Thugga hit up the party of course.

YBF snitches tell me B was definitely tipsy last night seeing that she was obviously drunk all over the place. Why am I not surprised? "I don't like the taste of liquor" my ass....

I would have loved to hear that toast.

Lupe Fiasco performed.

And Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee was there and brought her sons along to meet the Klan. The party did look like fun times. She's throwing another one this weekend at Essence. I'm just surprised that Baby Daniel wasn't all up in that piece Pop, Lock, and Droppin' it. Y'all know that lil boy is everywhere...

Lebron, Luda, and the ghost of Larenz Tate kicked it at Prive Nightclub in Miami this weekend:

Wow it's been a minute.

T.I.P. Harris performed on TRL today since his album drops tomorrow *ahem..Kelly*:

And you can check out the full T.I. v. T.I.P. album over at AOL now.

Kanye and Diddy kiki'd with Princes Harry and William at Wimbley Stadium in London yesterday:

Ciara's new video with 50 Cent for Can't Leave Em Alone is here:

I tried not to like the song. But dammit...I just do. The vid is cute too.

Speaking of Ciara, she's created a 14 year old mini me named Tiffany Evans out of Brooklyn. They've been working closely together on Tiffany's new album. Her debut single is called "Promise Ring" ft. Ciara. And CiCi even says she reminds her of herself when she was that age.

YBF loves to spotlight fresh up and coming artists...

So this time around his name is Razah and he's Def Jam's newest R&B artist. You can check out his first single featuring none other than Rih Rih called "
Where Do We Go From Here".

The Randomness:

  1. Here's Q-Tip's new single "Work It Out" off his upcoming The Renaissance album dropping this fall.
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