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Brian McKnight Tries To Stay Relevant+Ashanti Joins The Pay To Party Circuit+Solange Addreses Rumorville

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The MGM Grand opened a new hotel in Detroit last night:

And Ashanti was there to make an appearance/get a check. Y'all know this album is about to cost more to put out than she's about to make from it. Let's keep it all the way real...

Anita Baker was there too.

She did look pretty fab though.

Brian McKnight Rehearses for his Broadway Debut as Billy Flynn in "Chicago":

Why is this so funny...yet so fitting?

Oh really Solo?

Chick talked to Essence.com about her upcoming album, her sister, and what's been popping off in the rumor mill lately:

ESSENCE.com: So you don’t aspire to your sister’s level of
S.K.: No, I don’t want to get that far. (Laughs) I feel really bad for my
sister. I’m always like “Oh, let’s go to the mall” or “Let’s go here” and she can’t. I enjoy having that.

ESSENCE.com: But do you ever feel as if you have to compete with
S.K.: No, I think that as artists we’re totally different, and when this
record comes out it will express that. But I admire my sister so much. She’s one of my role models in that she is successful and classy. She’s very diplomatic and lives her life true to self.

ESSENCE.com: She’s been known to say she doesn’t go on the Internet because of all the craziness. Do you avoid the Web and reading what’s in the blogosphere?
S.K.: People actually e-mail me the links all the time, and I’m like “Okay, thanks I really wanted to see that.”

ESSENCE.com: Let’s address some of the rumors out there. Apparently, folks believe you left your husband for Lil Wayne. Is that true?
S.K.: (Laughs) That’s absolutely not true. Yes, we know each other but I
absolutely did not leave my husband for him.

ESSENCE.com: There’s also been some buzz that you had cosmetic surgery—a nose job.
S.K.: (Laughs) Not true. I’ve heard that one, too. That one actually
cracked me up. I mean if I got some surgery, I would wait until I’m older and pop out a couple more kids.

ESSENCE.com: So even if you had had cosmetic surgery, you wouldn’t be
ashamed to admit it?
S.K.: No.

ESSENCE.com: What’s the craziest rumor you’ve heard about
S.K.: I think the craziest rumor was that my dad paid my son’s father $1
million to marry me. That was everywhere at one time, and that was really funny. I always joke that I wish we had it like that: “Here, take a million dollars, marry her…”

Source: Essence.com

Bout damn time she admitted to divorcing dude. Now I truthfully have absolutely no interest in her or any her situations. Carry on Solo...


Tonight's the night. Don't forget to RSVP at ybfnyc@gmail.com and come get it poppin'...

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Lovely. Great site.

Lovely. Great site.
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blah, blah, blah Solo....I

blah, blah, blah Solo....I wish someone could tell Kelly to get the steppin from that fam...I mean chick needs to get paid..that aint gonna happen with Papa Knowels
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