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LeToya's Man Steppin Out With Farrah?+Keyshia "Shoulda Let You Go"

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Once again LeToya is about to get replaced by Farrah Franklin:

YBF snitches report that LeToya's rumored fiance Deshawn Stevenson (of the Washington Wizards) has been chatting it up extra hard with Destiny's other ex-stepchild--Farrah Franklin.

farrah franklin

Apparently the two have been chatting back and forth on myspace recently and left some extra steamy and graphic messages on each other's message columns late last night. There must have been some regret because the messages were removed today--clearly word got back to Miss Toya about it all. Deshawn is known to ho it uparound town with groupie love and other chicks--but he's not ashamed to admit his love for Toya either. Interestingly enough--Farrah and Deshawn dated back in middle school as well. She must have decided to dip into her own leftovers when that jump off situation with Weezy led her nowhere. Damn.

Deshawn also has removed LeToya from his Top Friends list on myspace. But replaced her with this new chick and Farrah. I would think you would oput your fiance as #1....

deshawn stevenson

Not taking pics with the chick above and posting it and talking extra sexy with Farrah Franklin. I'm guessing the whole "engagement" is over...

LeToya Luckett

In DC last weekend

Especially because Toya hasn't been rocking that stunner engagement ring recently either. Mmhmm...

Check out Keyshia Cole's new video for "Shoulda Let You Go":

*Sigh* I'm disappointed. Can we get a storyline to go along with the song here? Not just an Ashanti "Rock With You" video remix. I'm just sayin'....
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I agree, less is more. As a

I agree, less is more. As a person in the creative design field, and also in the A/E industry now - people like simplicity and less clutter. I LOVE your site though - it is the illest! I'm totally addicted. Now that I have a laptop, I'll be checkin in daily. Certain celebs though - get a lil too much pub, would like to see more coverage on T Banks, Rhianna, Kanye West, Common, Ciara, Jay-Z and less of Beyonce, Ashanti, you know the deal. Not hatin, just my personal faves!!! Peace and Blessings!
London's picture

Not really feelin the new

Not really feelin the new layout. I like the old one better.Maybe ya should go back to the old one or make a new layout thats better than this one.
Ingrid's picture

Is letoya really datin'

Is letoya really datin' deshwan stevenson or it's just a photo and a rumor?
steve wilson's picture


SKYY's picture

i love ybf.. but idk these

i love ybf.. but idk these lack of updats is getting a little outta hand..so ima just take myself over to bossip. besides they have most of the stuff over there first. but ill be returning if ybf ever gets updating again.
tisk tisk's picture

This use to be my favorite

This use to be my favorite site but now I am moving it down the list unless the site gets fixed soon. Right now I am relying on Juicy News.....justsaying....
JustSaying's picture

love the new look!!!! it's

love the new look!!!! it's hot,
Stacey's picture

Hey it looks like somethings

Hey it looks like somethings missing. The background needs some color or something
tee's picture

...don't pay your web

...don't pay your web designer the remaining balance just quite yet...
Afiya's picture

Can we get a damn new post up

Can we get a damn new post up in here...damn!
anon's picture

Update already pls mami.

Update already pls mami.
wienna's picture

That Latoya can't catch a

That Latoya can't catch a break! Must be that name (i.e., Latoya Jackson...) At least this heartbreak will give her new material for an album. I'm also gonna need her to not wear a dress that makes her chest look saggy like that. Nothing wrong with good-given chesticles, but Victoria's got a secret that woulda made that look a whole lot better. Also... Me no likey the new layout either. This one looks less classy; kinda changes the vibe. Was "People" for black folks, not kinda "In Touch" or "Sister2Siter" or something.
missy's picture

One thing that REALLY irks

One thing that REALLY irks me....is the fact the domain name is "THEybf.com" I hate the "the" it just doesn't work for me. I guess ybf.com wasn't available. Ah well. New site's AIGHT. Not perfect. Half the pics don't work, and on the first page you have to scroll halfway down. maybe she will have it back together soon.
Anon's picture

I LOVE the new look...

I LOVE the new look... everything's all flashy and NEW! i love new shit so this is where it's at... two thumbs and two big toes wayyyy up!
Princess Cam's picture

sherry, I am with you. Don't

sherry, I am with you. Don't like the new look. I had to scroll half way down to get to the post, and this is the same one from Friday.
Anna's picture

I don't like this new look at

I don't like this new look at all. I don't think I'll be back.
sherry's picture

He aint got much..Think about

He aint got much..Think about it after taxes the way he spends and the people he pays he barely has savings. It happens to all the atheletes when they get money..
No matter what..'s picture

Question??? Why is Deshawn

Question??? Why is Deshawn proposing to all these girls marriage when he's not divorce from his wife. These girls need to get the lesson learned asap. If the man goes from girl to girl one engagement after the other get a hint. HE IS NOT READY TO COMMIT!!! HE'S YOUNG MINDED, IS A CHILD STUCK IN A MANS BODY.. YEAH, THE STRIPPER GOT HIS ATTENTION NOW, BRING THAT ONE TO FRESNO, MAMA WONT LIKE THAT.. Deshawn with all his success will always be an just above normal average NBA player, because he cant focus on his game. He's tooooo busy running around trying to f@#$ every hood rat in sight.. Letoya, Girl you are lucky.... Let that boy be. Women always the question why. Why did this happen to me? Why me?? etc.. Just thank your lucky stars that its now. before you end up being baby mother number 3.!!! no marriage and having to deal with two kids for the rest of your life. One of them being "DSTEVE"
No matter what..'s picture

i dont like keyshia's new

i dont like keyshia's new video! and who put her in that target swimsuit? Do better!!
Ebony's picture

I know change can be good but

I know change can be good but I don't think this new look will grow on me. I think it lacks the personality of the old site.
Divad's picture

Well, I want to start off by

Well, I want to start off by saying something positive, and say congrats on the new site. And as Hari mentioned, change is good! I think you are trying to go in the right direction with the site and I am sure you appreciate your readers feedback. With that said, the colors, the lettering, and all the ads make this site look very busy and cluttered. The simplicity of your old site is what I liked the most. It takes very long for this page to load and some pics doesn't display. I think it would have been a better idea to work out all the nicks before you had your readers come to the new site. I hope I wasn't being too negative because that is not the way I was trying to come across. Smooches!
cutieC's picture

You mean Young, Black &

You mean Young, Black & Tacky. Just because its new doesn't mean its fire. Please, go back to the drawing board. When the old blogspot layout changed, I was instantly used to it. This, not so much. It looks like a Covergirl "every woman is a queen" commerical with all this gold & purple. And its not really gold either. more like a light light light brown. The slogan also sucks. I'm a regular and I'm VERY dissapointed. Looks like the 4th or 5th back up to Zilla's site. Come on 'Tasha, you can do better then that. Get the ad money and hire someone.
Disappointed's picture


day's picture

Like the site. As for

Like the site. As for Toya...I thought something was up in the last few pics posted of her, there is no ring. Engagements come and go these days it seems...
Chica's picture

Do you think I should be

Do you think I should be modeling at my age? Thanks, Maddi www.maddison-model.com
Maddi's picture

Well, about Letoya Deshawn

Well, about Letoya Deshawn confirmed on his web page that he is single and ready to mingle so.... He dsoesnt sound tooo bright. It is sickening the # of women on there throwing their panties at him because he supposedly got some dough. Damn!
Irene's picture

the new site is different ::

the new site is different :: but it'll take some getting used to for sure
Becca the Promo Mami's picture


MAN DIS STUFF DONT WRK RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lala's picture

The new page is not coming up

The new page is not coming up right for me. The picutes are way at the bottom and the words are all off the margins. I am using Internet explore browser. So far I am not liking the new look. The dark purple is not flowing with me.
JustSaying's picture

I love YBF!!! I'm low key

I love YBF!!! I'm low key addicted and I've been anxiously waitin on the new site...and I'm STILL waitin cuz I know it gonna look WAAAYY better then it does, but as long as I can still get the latest gossip, its all FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angela's picture

Natasha your site is mad

Natasha your site is mad crazy..i can't even comment on the Letoya situation..lol. Loser magnet. Anyway, mad props. The layout is hot
Necole Bitchie's picture

Not feeling the new look.It

Not feeling the new look.It was a good attempt but back to the drawing board!
Kandyce's picture

Change is good! :)

Change is good! :)
Hari's picture

oh, i didnt put this on my

oh, i didnt put this on my blog, try celebhaterz.blogspot.com
celebhaterz's picture

Meh....the new site is okay I

Meh....the new site is okay I guess, it will mos def have to grow on me. I hate the new comments section though, it's cumbersome.
~Nic Nac~'s picture

Love the new site!!

Love the new site!! especially your banner. could be A LOT better without all the ads but someone gotta get paid. stay fab!
Stephani's picture

Nah I dnt like tha new

Nah I dnt like tha new layout..uh uh tha otha 1 waz betta. The otha one look mre professional n tht waz one of the thingz tht seperated u frm the rest of the 1000000000 blogs there r. Plzz switch it back 2 da older version or Upgrage this mess. =)
Ray's picture

way too hard to navigate...

way too hard to navigate... awesome that you have a good and new URL though... i miss the old signature colors and look. plus the ads on this one are way too distracting and invasive. i don't know where to look! fix it please.
shiningstar's picture

site is hot!!

site is hot!!
audra's picture

Natasha, i'm with the

Natasha, i'm with the comments above, its a beautiful layout, but a tad too busy and very hard to navigate. Are there a few bugs ya'll are working through? Understandable. :) A few weeks back during your first attempt to switch the site over i was experiencing the same things as now: TONS of blank space at the top of the page--literally i have to scroll down for days before i get to your posts. This i'm assuming is accidental not intentional, but if it WAS intentional, homegirl, you got to fix that! LOL! All in all, i'm a very happy YBF junkie, and you should know that none of us are going anywhere, girl. Just hoping the new design can be improved upon, making YBF the even better shiznit. ;)
Maleficent's picture

I'm surprised that there

I'm surprised that there isn't any news here about Marion Jones.
Nicole's picture

It looks bootleg in a certain

It looks bootleg in a certain way and I think that it's the simplicity of the new layout. Overall I thought that the other site looked more professional, this new layout looks more bloggish like, more unprofessional, like something that one would created for their final project while taking a web design course.. I would prefer the old layout with the addition of this darker purple.. preferably blue though because I'm a guy, and we run shit. No offense to Zillz or headzilla or zit or whoever it states at the bottom of the page, but all your site designs look the same.. if Honda and Toyota made cars that looked the same it would be a pretty boring country to drive in, but then again Chevy would dominate the roads more so that's a plus as I'm a GM guy.. the point of my story is that swallowers are a man's best friend.. not a dog.
MajorKnuckles's picture

I like the new banner..but

I like the new banner..but that's about it..the webdesigner needs to work on centering the post inside the border. Also all of these red [x] 's need to be fixed. This still feels a little bootleg...
Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel's picture

Ummmmm......congrats on the

Ummmmm......congrats on the new site, u did a great job, but I also prefer the old one!!!!
BDDW's picture

Good job Natasha. Certainly a

Good job Natasha. Certainly a step in the right direction. I like the colors and it also looks more professional to have your own domain name. I am a little unsure about the header part of the design, which appears to be cluttered and very busy. With the adverts coming right under that, the eye gets overwhelmed somewhat. I like it clean cut and crisp, but, do you Ms. Natasha.
Cosi's picture

@ queen b: cosign! i have to

@ queen b: cosign! i have to struggle to stay off ybf in class. lol
charli skipper's picture

Did The Ques design your

Did The Ques design your layout? Loves it!
Jrenee's picture

man this is messed up for

man this is messed up for Latoya!! first her cop show gets canceled now her!! http://www.spymac.com/details/?2274282
robbyrob's picture

i like ur new banner...im

i like ur new banner...im really missing the purple on the sides but i guess it will grow on us
Irie Diva's picture

I like the new site.

I like the new site.
empress's picture

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