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Candid This, Candid That+Bobby Brown's "Death Bed" Pics

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Where'd the baby bump go Halle?:  halle-on-today2.jpg halle-on-today-show.jpg She was spotted over at the Today Show studios masking the bump pretty damn well. Beyonce was spotted leaving a late dinner last night.  And she thinks this gypsy look works for her: beyonce.jpg beyonce2.jpg The only things I'm loving (besides the Fendi bag)  are those Chanel shoes.  Can't say much for the rest. Ms. Keys hit up 106 and Park this week: alicia-keys.jpg alicia-keys-2.jpg alicia-keys-on-bet.jpg Looking fresh and fab. And finally, Rihanna is on MiMi status with all these scheduled candids:   rihanna-in-ny.jpg rihanna-2.jpg rihanna-3.jpg She was out and about in NY yesterday with her pup looking like somebody melted black rubber on her legs.  Can't say I'm feeling anything on the bottom half of her body.    Celebs hit upt he In Touch Weekly 5th Anniversary Party last night at NY's Tenjune: adrienne-bailon.jpg Adrienne Bailon was there trying to stay relevant.  angela-simmons.jpg  vanessa-simmons.jpg  vanessa-simmons-and-angela-simmons.jpg Angela and Vanessa Simmons looked like their usual YBF selves. in-touch-jd-janet-kanye.jpg jermain-and-janet.jpg Kanye kicked it with Janet and Jermaine D.  kanye.jpg kanye-2.jpg kanye-and-swizz.jpg And y'all know Kanye put it down in the performance mode with Swizzykeith-robinson.jpg I see you Keith Robinson. Oh Ray-Jray-j.jpg ray-j-2.jpg Becoming a professional sex tape maker is hard work.  Gotta get the publicity.  shaggy.jpg And Shaggy popped up out of nowhere.  Wonder where he's been hiding...    The Randomness:
  1. To my fabulous readers: For the over 60% of you who refused/were unable to take the 5 minutes to upgrade from IE6 to IE7, the extremely tedius and difficult task of recoding the entire site so that the page displays correctly for you has been done.  Two of the main complaints I was bombarded with on the old Blogspot site was that there was too much scrolling and the page took too long to load.  That has been rectified by adding in a "Read the rest here" link so now the page loads faster and you only scroll when you want to.  Other changes were made to satisfy the complaints from the other site, but as always, you can't please everybody.  The content will never change and this is still YBF.  Thanks for the constructive criticism a few of you offered-it was taken into consideration.  YBF will continue to stay with a more updated look and still remains unique in many ways.  If you just still no likey, it is what it is.  On with the gossip....
  2. Who in the hell was in this hospital room taking paparazzi shots of Bobby Brown?  And now he wants to say he was never in the hospital for surgery or a heart attack?  You need more people Bobby.
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LMFAO and the transcript of

LMFAO and the transcript of the BB death bed video! How the hell are you gonna be talking to the camera, and 1.2 seconds later, forget the camera is there. Cocaine is a helluva drug!
lilmissyintn's picture

I'm glad you changed the look

I'm glad you changed the look of the site. The look of the old site was getting stale. But this new look, I'm not sold on. Tasha don't take it personal. You are extremely fabulous. But the color scheme and the design is just too much. I don't know. The old site, I immediately loved the design, colors, etc. It really set you apart from most of the black celeberity bloggers who used webdesign templates. But this new design is just all over the place and looks cheap. I regard this site as a luxury portal to black celebrity news. This site is like Neiman Marcus not Wallmart and the design should reflect that. But I digress, thank God - you keep giving us excellent gossip. And that has not changed!
Ms. Thang returns's picture

I personally don't like the

I personally don't like the new site...BUT IF YOU LIKE IT, I LOVE IT! lol :)
Jenay's picture

I love this!! Thanks for all

I love this!! Thanks for all the hard work to keep us updated.
MCSMom's picture

ray-j needs to brush his

ray-j needs to brush his tongue before he takes a picture. not sexy especially given the fact that his dirty self has been all over the place. ick. and halle's shoes are the truth! thanks natasha for making the change...because i was among that 60%! im afraid if i download anything else to my computer it will spontaneously combust! so thanks!
aa's picture

Dulce, Go to home page, click

Dulce, Go to home page, click on "read the rest" scroll down the the bottom of page at "The Radomness" Next to (2) it starts with "Who the hell", click for pics.
Anna's picture

I like the new site better,

I like the new site better, it's more convenient for the comments part. That said I'm kinda getting sick of beyonce, Halle looks great, Alicia is always fabulous, and Kanye West's sense of style is horrible.
Tony Soprano's picture

love the new layout! i've

love the new layout! i've been an avid reader for almost a year now! you definitely keep my mornings interesting! =)
Paula's picture

Halle's amazing!

Halle's amazing!

Looks like Halle's old nose

Looks like Halle's old nose is comin back with the baby-weight gain...hee hee Beyonce's wearing a turban... which is now supposively trendy to do...and if you what to look liek Rajah from street fighter too, u can pick one up at your local forever21 :) Ray J looks a mess, put the weed down mannnn.
Lala's picture

the new site is fine! it

the new site is fine! it does what is necessary which is give us the juice! all the haters and complainers should go elsewhere. honestly half the "complaints" are not even constructive so stfu! halle looks fab and beyonce is trying out a new look so i'm not mad..lol..anything that's taking her away from the goldilocks is welcome in my book.
mondy's picture

Where are the Bobby Brown

Where are the Bobby Brown pics??
Dulce's picture

Do u Natasha hell! Im cool as

Do u Natasha hell! Im cool as long as u dont go anywhere!
LilMissRed's picture

I liked the old layout

I liked the old layout better. This site has too much white space. I kept trying to refresh the page until I realzed I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page just to see the first post. I DONT LIKE THE CHANGES AT ALL. REVERT TO THE OLD FORMAT PLEASE!
trinigirl's picture

I like your new site and I

I like your new site and I liked the old one too. I like the new one though because it's fresher and eye catching. You're always fabulous, so that never changes and I love all the gossip! helps break up my work day!
VaFashionista's picture

Looks like Ray J grew half an

Looks like Ray J grew half an inch...
Rizzo's picture

I personally loved the old

I personally loved the old website, but its good do something new, fresh and fab!!! Keep up the great work!
BrownEyedBeauty's picture

The rude comment is gone...so

The rude comment is gone...so nvmd.
Just a reader...'s picture

Umm...last time I checked

Umm...last time I checked Tash was working on being a lawyer, not a graphic/web designer. You guys have a f'n attitude. Just read the damn site and stfu or leave. It's gossip, not your life. Just some constructive criticism I thought I should share.
Just a reader...'s picture

Love the new site and love

Love the new site and love what you do! Keep it up! Whoop!!!
Stephanie's picture

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