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Another Spotting: Kerry Washington and Common +Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" Vid+Don't Nobody Talk Bad About Ms. Jackson!

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Kerry Washington and Common dating Well maybe it's not just a rumor. After reports that Kerry Washington was tapped to write Common's new vid and reports that she was chillin backstage at his concert in VA (as well as his NY show I hear) this week, sources have relayed to YBF that the rumored new couple was also spotted arm and arm all up in a mall by Norfolk:
...the two walked in arm-and-arm, looking very cozy with each other, like couples do, and she said that he had the look on his face like he was hoping not to be noticed. Once they came upon a group of people who recognized him, he was very polite, signed autographs, and the two practically ran back out of the mall.
And I guess girlfriends share everything: Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson
@ the L.A. Confidential party back in August
Because last time I checked Common's most recent ex Taraji P. and Kerry are admittedly good friends. Gotta love the Hollywood bed hop. Hov's vid for "Blue Magic" premiered tonight on 106 and Park: I was already shakey on the song itself. Now I'm convinced the grease is better. Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson So Tyler Perry and Janet hit up the CBS 13 Morning Show this morning. And they drilled Janet about "single handedly reforming FCC regulations" thanks to her SuperBowl wardrobe malfunction. And were borderline disrespectful about it. But Tyler wasn't having it. Video. Are we seriously still talking about that ish 3 years later? Seriously?
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Naturally they will still

Naturally they will still harp on this negative issue no matter how many years have passed or how many hit records she makes. WHY? simply because she is a black woman in an industry that does'nt appreciate women especially a black woman. notably,Justin Timberlake the person who assaulted her infront of millions has gone on to bigger and better things,(what superbowl incident???)If she was a white woman and he was a black man they would have found a way to make him accountable and "make him pay". Don't you just love equality in America? If you disagree with my way of thinking say your PEACE OUT.

Unfortunately, I work with

Unfortunately, I work with Mark and this is nothing new. He alwyas behaves this way on air. The problem is that it should not be tolerated under any circumstances. He has been rude to several people and for him this is one of many. I Apologize.
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I feel Janet should have said

I feel Janet should have said something, but in a graceful manner. Tyler is a good person for taking them away from the subject. He really had her back!!!!!!!!!!
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The thing he said was not

The thing he said was not called for. Im glad tyler perry stood up for janet and showed them jerks how stupid they were for saying that. Janet did the right thing by not even wasting the time of day or her breath on that uncalled for comment. Like the saying it's not what your called it's what you answer to!
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me, again. fewer typos this

me, again. fewer typos this time. I am tired of seeing beautiful BW date amongst the same foolywang pool, foolypool, of cats. I get the impression that, for most of these men, they choose the woman they are with to complete an an image. But, I don't know what the hell the women are thinking..obligation time is over. For those of us who are grown and know what qualities are best for us and our future offspring- our minds should not be ignored while our bodies are leased out to the foolypool in hopes of finding a stable commitment, don't fall asleep, again. it's time to match interests with interests values with values faithfullness with faithfulness and so on. It really pisses me off. Don't demand anything, or wait on a damn thing, just move the f**k on.
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these three are world class

these three are world class a*holes, and I'm thankful that Tyler did exactly what all three of them assumed would not happen for than black woman- stood up for her. Seriously, as meek as Janet will act in front of the camera and as tore up as thirty extra post superbowl pounds seem to indicate..she was not in a position to do what he did and come off looking anything more than defensive. Tyler, on the other hand, was on that third onooker tip, which did make them look like the fools that they are. Hence, the whole it cost "us" money excuses towards then end of that tape.
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It just goes to show how

It just goes to show how ignorant the other race can be. I am glad the way that Tyler Perry handled the situation, and glad that Janet didn't give him the benefit of the doubt.
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Yeah those guys were real

Yeah those guys were real buttholes. Who cares about what happened three years ago. Tyler was there to promote his movie, they should have been more respectful.
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I'm so proud of the way Tyler

I'm so proud of the way Tyler handled the stations STUPIDITY, its completely not ignorance because he was very aware of what he was asking. It's as if some don't want to move on from that shit and Janet did no more actually she has done nothing wrong at all compared to some of the bullshit entertainers that go around streaking, and showing genitals but nothing is ever said. We need to just move past it just like she has, way to go Janet.
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i think kerry and common look

i think kerry and common look cute together but he'd look better with me lol...damn that man is sexii
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Good Day Sacramento

Good Day Sacramento (goodday@kmaxtv.com) Alan Sanchez “The Intern” (asanchez@kmaxtv.com) Chris Burrous (cburrous@kmaxtv.com) Cody Stark (cstark@kovr.com) Courtney Dempsey (gooddaycourtney@kmaxtv.com) Julissa Ortiz (gooddayjulissa@kmaxtv.com) Marianne McClary (gooddaymarianne@kmaxtv.com) Mark S. Allen (gooddaymarks@kmaxtv.com) Naj Alikhan (nalikhan@kmaxtv.com) Nick Toma (gooddaynick@kmaxtv.com) Ron Jones (rajones@kmaxtv.com) Stefanie Cruz (scruz@kmaxtv.com) Taryn Winter Brill (gooddaytaryn@kmaxtv.com) Tina Macuha (gooddaytina@kmaxtv.com) CW 31Community Service (communityservice@kmaxtv.com) CW 31 General Manager (generalmgr@kmaxtv.com) CW 31 Newsroom (newsroom@kmaxtv.com) CW 31 Executive Producer (bapplegate@kovr.com) CW 31 Webmaster (cbs13webmaster@kovr.com) CW 31 Sales (salesdir@kmaxtv.com) CW 31 Programming (programdir@kmaxtv.com) CW 31 Promotions (promodir@kmaxtv.com) CW 31 Technical Questions (bhess@kmaxtv.com) PHONE #916-374-1313
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I emailed these to address

I emailed these to address and told the Good Day Sacramento people about themselves goodday@kmaxtv.com, generalmgr@kmaxtv.com
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Has anyone emailed his dub

Has anyone emailed his dub ass to let them know how we feel? His name is Mark Allen and his email address is: gooddaymarks@kmaxtv.com. Let's cause this weasel the same amount of pain he caused Janet!!!
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LOVE the new Jay song. The

LOVE the new Jay song. The video fits accordingly. In this time we live in, where bum ass rappers, such as Hurricane Chris, Soulja Boy, Plies, D4L, etc are considered hot artist, real Hip-Hop heads NEED a Jay album. Because even on his worst day, he is better than 75% of the rappers out now. I CANNOT wait for this cd to drop!!
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[quote comment="3024"]Now

[quote comment="3024"]Now see, this is exactly why sell-outs like Halle Berry tick me off. White folks can not stand us and are angry that we make money. That racist news anchor was unprofessional and I bet he won't even be reprimanded. Black people let's STOP kissing the white man's azz! Stop giving spanish folks access to our business (meaning they have no business eating off of our culture such as, Hip Hop, fashion and the like. And yes I am referring to Rocsi on 106 and Park, Angie Matinez, that God awful reggae tone etc. but still say the N word on the regular!) AND lets START loving our own people and supporting our OWN people.[/quote] umm a lot of those spanish people have african ancestry in them too even if they may not look like it....we need to support our own yet not limit ourselves to the 12% of the blacks that ar ein the us
DreZ's picture

white people aren't evil and

white people aren't evil and rude CERTAIN people are evil and rude ...like this jackass at that station thats like saying black people are dumb or some ignorant comment like that....lets try to move beyond stereoptyping it isnt good for either group
DreZ's picture

I think that interview

I think that interview disrepected Janet and Tyler I hope that they sue them for bringing up the incident that happened 3 years ago. I think that the person who brought this up is really a A** and I hope that he has this told to him a million times over. A public apology should be made to both Janet and Tyler they handled this issue with grace and dignity. They were laughing at the situation and not mentioning Tyler's movie that was a cruel way of taking the spot light off of Tyler's movie. The more time passes the more the HATE rises to the top. PO'd
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COMMON & Kerry? wtf

COMMON & Kerry? wtf man...yes she's ybf for sure but dang, can i COMMON sista get a chance? do i need to get famous for a dreamboat to take notice? i guess i'm just hatin...
Rachel's picture

I live in Sacramento, where

I live in Sacramento, where this was aired. The black community here flipped out when the video was passed around. I know lots of people who wrote letters and called the station to complain of Mark S Allen's behavior. He's a azz when interviewing black celebrities and no one has checked him on this yet! But he was convicted of a DUI, confessed it on the air and never got suspended or reprimanded. They love him out here and he can do no wrong. It's the pitfall of living in a town with no real celebrities. The mediocore TV talent are gods here!
T Razz's picture

This interview was wrong on

This interview was wrong on so many levels. The more I listen to it, the more I know these people were trying to belittle TP and JJ. Did you hear the one guy ask the question about The Big Chill? It seems as though he was implying that TP plagiarized that movie. With all of his movies, people tend to think he stole from other movies. I'm not looking at it as racism; just downright disrespect! Mo pow'r to ya TP...
Shawty's picture

First I love the new site!

First I love the new site! Very fab indeed..but people seriously need to get off of Janet about that. They gave Justin Timberlake about 1/4 the amount of hell they've given Janet and HE'S THE ONE THAT ACTUALLY PULLED THE ISH OFF HER CHEST. :smh: It truly never ceases to amaze me how the media can glorify the acts of people like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears who are out showing their ass constantly; but can't get over a 10 sec flash of a breast that happened only ONCE & was 3 YEARS AGO all because Janet is black. (Beacause we all know that's what it comes down to unfortunately.) I'm glad that Tyler kept his cool and checked those reporters who were extremely out of line and disrespectful. I have even more respect for him now for standing up. It is time for people to let it go & move on..
ladiinelle's picture

What a dick!! From a

What a dick!! From a journalistic standpoint, that interview was totally inappropriate and out of line. Tyler did the right thing, everything you are taught in media training. The asshole anchor was just being an asshole. I'm sure that he got an earful after the show aired, CBS or not. It's like he practiced saying that shit all week in the mirror before he did the interview, thinking it would get him some sort of accolade. Way to attempt to belittle an icon, something this dick will never be. Ugh! talk about being pissed off! He has the rep for being an off-color journalist. However, he is corny as shit and couldn't even follow through with it once he started the shit because TP shut his ass down. It seems as if maybe they cut the interview short, no? If so, kudos to the PR team for TP and JJ!
Mrs Thing's picture

what the hell does your

what the hell does your comment have to do with this post, are u white
tdubbs's picture

I agree with you all. I have

I agree with you all. I have emailed him too. But i agree with the other writer that we should email the management to make it known.
T's picture

That interview pissed me off

That interview pissed me off too, but like the others have said i loved how TP handled the situation. And to Derrick why do you consider halle berry a sellout, sellout to who? She is half white.
Michelle's picture

Those motherf%$#&$'s were so

Those motherf%$#&$'s were so damn rude and demeaning towards Tyler and Janet. If it was me, they woulda had to bleep my ass out cuz I probably woulda cussed they ass out and walked out the damn studio! Now that I'm calm.... You could tell Tyler was so frustrated but he kept his cool. I'm glad because they would have had even more derogatory comments to make towards us. They obviously don't respect him as an actor, producer, director... I'm sure if Colin Pharrel was there, they wouldn't be asking him about his damn sex tape, they'd be kissing his ass! Screw them! I'll be watching the movie this weekend and I'm sure he will do good in the box office. Success is the best revenge!
Tonya Renee's picture

Love the new site...I didn't

Love the new site...I didn't even know there was an updated version of the IE until you mentioned it, but I got it and everything is great!!! These people need to be kicked off of TV because they are horrible interviewers...you could tell they weren't prepared because of all the stammering around. Not to mention...did $$ come out of their pockets? HELL NO!! The "CW" wasn't even a station back then.
hk's picture

WOW....those "news" anchors

WOW....those "news" anchors were extremely disrespectful. What relevance does the superbowl incident have on the movie they were there to promote? I hate the way they talked about her once they were off camera. Media personalities should not be allowed to demoralize people in this way.
fatandfabchic's picture

*My email to the prick: Your

*My email to the prick: Your interview was disrespectful, ignorant, and downright tacky. You showed that you could have cared less about Tyler Perry's movie, in which case you shouldn't had even had them on your show. Waiting three years after the event to throw the incident in Janet Jackson's face showed just how inexperienced and unprofessional you truly are. Any credit that you have earned as a journalist was given to the wrong man; you acted like a boy on the school yard teasing others because of his own insecurities. *Tyler was a helluva friend to have Janet's back, I don't blame her for not saying anything. I would've been sitting there in silence with a blank stare like, "I coulda swore this was 2007..." *I LOVE THE NEW SITE!!!!!!! For a minute I thought I was gonna have to resort to real people gossip, thanks for keeping me off "suchandsuch's babydaddy's" MySpace!
Darling Chrissy's picture

u know how white folks r,

u know how white folks r, always tryin to defame a sista. i love common with kerry more than taraji.
leesh's picture

That's just SAD! SAD! SAD!

That's just SAD! SAD! SAD! I'm mean for real, the superbowl incident is so ancient, he was proably hatin' because he couldn't come up there and witness it for himself. Uugggggggggggh YT gets on my nerve
Aisha's picture

Oh and you can e-mail all you

Oh and you can e-mail all you want they will not do anthing to on air personalities.They strive for controversy to do good in ratings,there's only only one black woman on the station and she is crispy ass hell and married to a white man.
candi in cali's picture

Tyler Perry was very

Tyler Perry was very professional in handling those ignorant questions. So you are telling me he waited 3 years to ask her that dumb azz question??!!
Meechie's picture

How disrespectful!Janet

How disrespectful!Janet handled it well. A-holes like that you have to block them completely out. Why has there not been questions like that posed to Justin? As usual, both Tyler and Janet handled themselves vey well.
carla b's picture

I live in Sacramento and that

I live in Sacramento and that cbs station gets in trouble all the time and they are very un-professional on air.They are he worst news station i have ever seen,bringing up sh frm 4years ago.JustinTimber. came to Sac and did a concert 2 weeks ago and they didnt ask him one time about that bullshit
cani in cai's picture

@ Jazzy you can email them

@ Jazzy you can email them http://cbs13.com/contact
kev's picture

I am very glad that Tyler

I am very glad that Tyler stood up for her. I love to see when a black man stands up for a black women, especially when he is protecting her from disrespectful white people. This is just another reason why I love Tyler.
melb's picture

omg. the interviewers were

omg. the interviewers were completely unprofessional, ignorant and clearly did not respect Tyler and Janet in the way thy even brought up the subject of the super bowl. Tyler kept his cool and preofessionalism. Can't wait to see the movie :) I just wish one could send a comment about that interview to let them know that their interviewers are tacky and whack!
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Barone's picture

OK that interview REALLY

OK that interview REALLY pissed me off.....They didnt care about Tyler's movie just LOOK at the BANNER during the interview it says JANET JACKSON....this interview wasnt about JJ so they had every intentions on doing what they did..... f&ckin a**holes.....get over it NO ONE cares about her boobs anymore. So what it affect you directly! Life is full of changes just go w/the flow....its no different as if your boss came in w/an idea that you had to follow ASAP............Im done venting....excuse the spellin
TT's picture

I loved the way Tyler Perry

I loved the way Tyler Perry handled the situation, but it was Janet's problem. I do agree that why are they still talking about it now...I gurantee that if Justin was on that show they wouldn't have came down on him like that...I really do think that the dude who was asking the questions was a real ass, but hey that is life...we do have asses...lol...But all in all I'm glad Janet didn't say anything because what they asked her was irrevelant they were there to talk about the damn movie...
Maisha's picture

I am feeling the new Jay-z

I am feeling the new Jay-z track
Crystal's picture

If Im not mistaken, I do

If Im not mistaken, I do remember Justin "Let me duck and hide, and sell you out Janet" Timberlake that he took off Janet's braw. Go on you tube if you forgot thats what happen. Forgive me for saying this, but these White Folks is something else, where you find these people?!!!
Ronald Carter's picture

The media is so f'd up!!! I

The media is so f'd up!!! I guess Reggie Bush and Marion Jones weren't enough for them this week!!! They had to go and attack a black woman doing something positive! Tyler Perry was very classy about it but I could tell that if they were interviewing Madea Mark would have gotten cussed out!!!
SJW823's picture

Now see, this is exactly why

Now see, this is exactly why sell-outs like Halle Berry tick me off. White folks can not stand us and are angry that we make money. That racist news anchor was unprofessional and I bet he won't even be reprimanded. Black people let's STOP kissing the white man's azz! Stop giving spanish folks access to our business (meaning they have no business eating off of our culture such as, Hip Hop, fashion and the like. And yes I am referring to Rocsi on 106 and Park, Angie Matinez, that God awful reggae tone etc. but still say the N word on the regular!) AND lets START loving our own people and supporting our OWN people.
Derrick's picture

Amber--- I completely agree.

Amber--- I completely agree. My Husband said the same thing a few nights ago. The racial tension is growing more and more with each day. Whites don't like to see black people on the come up and are doing everything in their power to hold us back.
sweet's picture

Why in the hell is people

Why in the hell is people still talking about my girl Janet. She is very beautiful and she is a queen to the music scene. If it was a malfunction in the wardrobe or if she did want to show her breast that is her business not anyone else's. This ish happened about three years ago and if it still bothers people then that is their problem . Janet you are the bomb and whatever people say feed them bastards beans and rice.
pretti nikki's picture

I'm just shocked a

I'm just shocked a newsreporter would pull something as snakey as that. I hope "The Jan Fans" blow up the station email box. As a matter of fact....knock your self out: http://cbs13.com/contact Emailing him directly won't do anything, let it go thru the station email box so management can see he got so many complaints. I'll not curse on this thread, but that incident was just downright disrespectful and shows a lack of journalistic integrity.
Kev's picture

I disagree with you EJ. I

I disagree with you EJ. I think we need to email the station and MARK in a very professional manner and let them know that what they did was inappropriate and demeaning. If you don't call white people out on things like that then he is just going to continue to do it in his next interview with Halle Berry or Oprah. I emailed him and the station and very politely expressed to him the lack of integrity as a journalist he displayed and how tacky he was. I told him he holds no credibility as an interviewer following the interview. Please email people!
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