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Check out flicks from Alicia Key's new photoshoot: alicia-keys.jpg Definitely one of the best photoshoots I've seen of Alicia. Fabulous indeed.  
alicia-keys-3.jpg alicia-keys-2.jpg Photog: Thierry Legoues
Hot. Time to check in with the couple who wants us to stop talking about them but they're still talking our ears off about their "real love": tameka-and-usher-shopping.jpg Tameka Foster is talking ish about Ursh's exes and her girlfriends to People:
"Thank God I didn't listen to my girlfriends," she says. "Usher was my road dawg. I'd seen him love, and I'd watched him date women who were not worthy of him. He was so sweet, going out of his way to cater to their every need. And I'd see them not even be grateful."
Whatev. Beyonce and Co. threw a b-day party for her stylist Ty Hunter over the weekend: beyonce.jpg beyonce-and-ty-hunter.jpg beyonce-and-solange-at-ty-hunters-birthday.jpg  solange-and-ty-hunter.jpg And Solo was there too.  ty-hunters-birthday-and-beyonce.jpg Fun times. And B and Ty took some random photobooth pics: beyonce-and-ty-hunter-3.jpg beyonce-and-ty-hunter-4.jpg beyonce-and-ty-hunter-5.jpg This chick is so fabulously beautiful when she's not trying.  That would be a good look more often.  keyshia-cole-tour.jpg Key Key Cole and the Kellz are going on tour.  Check it the cities and dates over at The Forums.  And Mel B. and her hubby Chris were spotted out and about: mel-b-and-stephen.jpg mel-b-and-stephen-2.jpg Not feeling the outfit there Mel.  But the skin is flawless.  Fab.
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shouldnt b use a party to

shouldnt b use a party to celebrate her stylist as an op to show his best work. then y does she look tow up from the flow up? maybe she should use this as an op to reflect and ask herself should i really still keep this guy on my team after his party or should this be his farewell party.
trini born chick's picture

[quote comment="3728"]Bee

[quote comment="3728"]Bee looks beautiful. AK looks great too, but of course it as touched up. Mel B needs to ditch that loser husband.[/quote] whose more beautiful between a keys and beyonce
trini born chick's picture

Yeah Tamkea talks to much,

Yeah Tamkea talks to much, she brings a lot of it on herself and I cannot believe Usher lets her get away with it. Therefore I agree with whoever said Tameka has something on Usher. I'm just not sure if its the baby or more? Like she said she's seen him round the blocks. So who knows...
T's picture

Well dooneybaby, 99.9% of the

Well dooneybaby, 99.9% of the things that come out of people mouth I'm going to take it as THEIR opinion.
Percy's picture

why is it that people are

why is it that people are here attacking one another over celebrites. "They are just people like me and you when the smoke and cameras disapear" (Dead Prez). There is a principle in media ethics that the public has the right to discuss any public figure that uses their private life for gain. Also, if so many people cannot stand a certain celebrity because they are annoying and everywhere, or because they put out bullshit music then don't even discuss them. We are just giving them free publicity. Email the owner of the site and let them know of your disgust.
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Bey looks like Solange with

Bey looks like Solange with dark hair, but prettier.
angel's picture

Everyone looks beautiful -

Everyone looks beautiful - even Tameka and Solange (for a change). why is the foolywang of the week pic next to Alicia Keys? Khia made me lose my lunch!
heyfranz's picture

[quote comment="3682"]I have

[quote comment="3682"]I have to say this. Usher's husband is dog ugly. Plan and simple. It is just the truth. Doe's Shamoo where dentures?[/quote] HA HA HA @ Ushers Husband...too funny! I feel sorry for him...I mean I don't kno what Mz./Mr. Tameka has in her pants but she got his ass, lol, but I just don't think she's right for him!.... The 1st two pics of Alicia look really good, her skin (well makeup) looks very good!...that last one, she looks kinda crazy..lol I HATE B's HAIR and THICK A** EYEBROWS in the the 1st two pic...her stylist def wasn't on the clock that night...she looks so much better without all that damn makeup!
MzPurp's picture

Alicia is stunningly

Alicia is stunningly gorgeous. Bey is beautiful too. Stop hatin on Bey.
Jane's picture

Just wanted to point out

Just wanted to point out Beyonce has on more makeup in the photobooth pics than the party pics. She is wearing lipstick in the party pics to distract from that.
J's picture

I think most people I know

I think most people I know have a problem with Tameka because of the whole adultery issue (being married when she first started cheating with Usher). The other issue being he could have done better (she has kids, those extra photos from her essence photo shoot with the extra flab/skin from her stomach hanging out.....). Possible character issues with the welfare fraud scandals of her past. All the options open to him... and he picks Tameka. Let's be real. I don't really think it's a complexion issue when it comes to Tameka. Usher does not appear to have an issue with sistas that are "melanin enriched". Her nasty disposition and all the other negatives just make it a bad look. Can't knock her hustle though. He married her in spite of all those things. As my momma says, "You like it, I love it."
Chocodivine's picture

I love Alicia's hair, you can

I love Alicia's hair, you can get it @ www.cclacefront.com
Sharon's picture

A keys looks good Love the

A keys looks good Love the look yeah her photos may be photoshopped but what celebs pics arent? lol No comment on ushermeka I dont think it has to due with the fact of that she is a darkskinned sista because usher went out with chilli and she is brown skinned to so what difference does that make? its just his choice and I think chilli was better for him anyway and if anything tamkea needs to watch out for him she needs to look at his resume and take a clue I will be going to the Kellz tour hate him or love him he is the ish and miss keyshia will be there to thats going to be hot! Beyonce does look better in the causal pics the party pics I dont know what was going on with her hair or makeup FOr once Solonage doesnt look like a man and looks pretty decent
rissa's picture

Why does Keyshia Cole insist

Why does Keyshia Cole insist on wearing her stomach out? Diddy rode the Making of the Band chicks so hard on their bodies and abs- gave D Woods the WORST time... But yet Keyshia can just run amuck looking like she just had a bag of hot cheetos and a skraw-berry soda? Don't get mew wrong, I'm not saying you have to be a skinny chick to wear your tummy out, but c'mon Keyshia- at least master the art of the suck in.
Symone's picture

Ty Hunter = Grown up baby

Ty Hunter = Grown up baby Daniel AKA Sizzlin' Creole
Ye's picture

AK pictures are great. And

AK pictures are great. And for the photoshop comments all pictures in mag's now days are photoshopped so what is the big deal. B at the party looks HORRIBLE. Sol looks like she got a nose job. If she did she ought to give the doc a tip because he did a hell of a job. She is looking GREAT! I will even go on to say she is looking better then B at the party. I am so sick of Mel and Usher/family. All I want Usher to do is release a CD. His wifey is not in birth trouble and he needs to give his fans what they want before he doesn't have any.
JustSaying's picture

Why are yall saying that if

Why are yall saying that if Tameka was light skinned everyone would accept her. That's ridiculous. Chilli isn't light skinned but everyone loved her. Tameka is ugly and has a very bad attitude (I've seen it). It's not cause she's darkskinned it's cause she's UGLY but then again Usher is very arrogant so they probably make a great couple. I just don't see why yall making this a complexion issue.
pbf's picture

Alicia, Bey-Bey, and Solange

Alicia, Bey-Bey, and Solange all look so beautiful! Even in the candids, B is flawless. And who does Tameka think she's fooling??? What kind of idiot girlfriends does she have (if she even has any) that would tell her NOT to date Usher?
i'joni's picture

Why I continue to read these

Why I continue to read these posted comments are beyond me...dammit NaTasha for unveiling such ignorance! LOL! But it's sad that it's 2007 and black folks STILL on that light-skinned vs. dark skinned ish! FYI: Tameka ass is 'not so cute' regardless of her pigmentation! Hollywood and everyday folk aren't accepting of the chick cause based on presentation, they feel Usher could do better. Hell, even if my "sloppy cousin Fred" came in with Tameka I'd be waiting for the unveiling of some kind of magnificent personality to offset the other s@*t!
Laadie's picture

Alicia's look is hot in the

Alicia's look is hot in the pics...loves Bey!
Sheila Guerrero's picture

Alicia Keys looks gorgeous

Alicia Keys looks gorgeous
My Mood is Music's picture

@alwaysaddressinghaters I

@alwaysaddressinghaters I am darkskinned and I can wear any lipstick I feel like wearing. Where is the RuleBook on what color different skin tones can and cannot wear??????? And guess what like Bey, I have the skintone where I can wear any color lipstick I want to. And for the record I dont care what color lipstick Anyone wears.
Angel's picture

[quote comment="3704"] And I

[quote comment="3704"] And I have to say I agree with Harlem Chic....although I dont like Tameka and her drama...I think shes getting a harder time because shes dark skinned and if she was a light skinned older diva people probably look past her crazy ways!! just my opinion....[/quote] i feel yall on the complection issue, if she was lighter and ugly it probably wouldnt be such a big deal, thats black america for you.. but you cant down play the fact that this chick isnt cute at all! i personally couldnt care less about his marriage, usher has always been overrated in my eyes, but this woman puzzles me. i cant help but think why her? guess looks really arent everything.
K-MoATL's picture

Yes i was going to ask the

Yes i was going to ask the same question about Bey & Ty - they obviously look like family in the pics from the photobooth.
Les923's picture

Apparently Ty Hunter is

Apparently Ty Hunter is actually a distant cousin to Beyonce an’nem, not just the stylist. But um……Ya’ll ain’t peep Jay-Z’s mama in that pic of B laughing watching dude get down on that dancefloor? Look at it one mo’ gin: right next to B in the grey suit…that there be one Ms. Gloria Carter. MALEFICENT YOU ARE CORRECT, THAT IS JAY'S MOTHER, HE IS THERE AND ALSO A SISTER OF HIS. I HAVE BEEN MEANING TO ASK BECAUSE TY DOES LOOK LIKE HE IS FAMILY, ESPECIALLY WITH THE FACIAL FEATURES.


http://www.blackdems.com/blogpolicy/'s picture

CJ, LMAO....I know that's

CJ, LMAO....I know that's right. Probably ain't got no room to talk on one of their good days!
Justice's picture

Ms. Keys looks

Ms. Keys looks great...effortlessly beautiful. As for Usher and Co., I'm so tired of hearing about them. They do too much, too often...
Miss Aminata's picture

Interesting, Solo looks

Interesting, Solo looks better then Beyonce. Who knew that would ever happen!?! But Bey's photo booth pics are very pretty. Alicia Keys is still my "IT" girl for this fall. Gorgeous. No Comment on Tameka and Ursher. Key-Key is cute.
prettyparker's picture

Everyones knows someone who

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shay's picture

I am so glad to finally see a

I am so glad to finally see a picture where Tameka actualy looks pregnant...its about time. Is Alicia going for a new image when there wasn't anything wrong with her to begin with. I must say that I like her makeup in the pictures because usually she looks like she is in drag with her heavy eye makeup. Beyonce looks so natural lip gloss and mascara should be her staple...thats it thats all.
Kenya's picture

I mean you just had to

I mean you just had to inflitrate some beautiful A.Keys pics with some disposable Beyonce pics b/c you're just on her shit that much....!!!!
HOTSTUFF's picture

I like when B tones it down,

I like when B tones it down, she is naturally beautiful, so she really doesn't need all the hair and make up, but it is for entertainment, so its all good. Usher needs to drop some music, so we have a real reason to talk about him. I like how Alicia stepped her game up, she was so boyish before. I absolutely love her now. She shows off her shape and wears wonderful colors to bring out her tones. She is on the top of my best dressed list right now...
GLORIA's picture

I believe that all of these

I believe that all of these women are pretty. what some people need to understand, is that you can't expect someone to behold beauty the same as you do. My husband think that I am drop dead gorgeous (he better lol), but to the next man I might be consisdered average, even ugly. Some women are haters which is something that is not going to change, but I think sometimes when a person makes a statement they need to specify if it is an opinion or not. Harlem chic made a statement about light-skinned females (which I am one) at the end of her comment she stated it was an opinion (she is not a hater) see people it is not that hard to do, learn the difference between fact and opinon.
dooneybaby's picture

dammit i am so sick of people

dammit i am so sick of people hatin on bey when she wheres red lipstick. i swear if we could see these people they would all be darkskin girls who r mad they cant wear bright colors on their faces. which if it is done right, dark girls can wear red lip stick its just the insecure slave mantality ya hoes hav up in here to busy hatin. and im not saying dark girls r inferior but i just want ya to know that it is so obvious that ya r insecure because bey looks beautiful w/red lipstick. point black n period. the girl has the skin tone where she can wear any color lipstick sop stop hatin ans take ya ass to the mac counter n macy's n get some help on ur own damn faces hollllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
alwaysaddressinghaters's picture

Apparently Ty Hunter is

Apparently Ty Hunter is actually a distant cousin to Beyonce an'nem, not just the stylist. But um......Ya'll ain't peep Jay-Z's mama in that pic of B laughing watching dude get down on that dancefloor? Look at it one mo' gin: right next to B in the grey suit...that there be one Ms. Gloria Carter.
Maleficent's picture

i see nipple in Alicia's

i see nipple in Alicia's first pic!!
QuSTanDuP's picture

Yeahm that 3rd pic of Alicia

Yeahm that 3rd pic of Alicia had me throwed!! I love Bey..chick is fab..she doesn't have to try.
Chica's picture

A. Keys= Natural Flawless

A. Keys= Natural Flawless Beauty Beyonce= Over rated but pretty Why wont she EVER wear her real hair? Solonge= Money well spent Moma Tina got a nip tuck too...true they all did Ursh & Manika= I smell something fishy.. they r so fake.
Shunny's picture

Keyshia got a gut. ewww. she

Keyshia got a gut. ewww. she cant even dance so I dont see the point to that lil segment in the video. Ty hit the big 35! Ty's the man...if he cant do it, no one else cannnnn! lol Beyonce looks pretty, as usual. So does Solange. A Keys arms got touched up but her photoshoot is still very pretty. She must have hired a new stylist this year.
babyd0ll's picture

i wanted to say that i love

i wanted to say that i love this website; usher isnt worried about all these haters talking about his wife, it aint all ways about the outer beauty. because i can bet half of you'll on here writing this trash about her, and whom ever else you want to hate, are cute, lighter skinned, single women..... that dont have any class.. what youll need to be doing is trying to google tamekia's email address and get some tips on keeping a millionaire!!!!(laugh) shes rich regardless if you think shes ugly or whatev! as far as b is concerned, shes cute, goffey and a liar but cute. alicia keys is trying so hard to get people to believe that shes not a butch; buts its not going to happen.. i dont care what type of photo shoot she waste her time doing the world still thinks shes gay! natasha, your doing a great job with this website and i wish you all the success!!!!! take care!
roshawnda's picture

Beyonces stylist needs to be

Beyonces stylist needs to be shot!!!!lol kiddin' kiddin'. I liked that first pic of Alicia,the last one though doesnt look like her.
meena's picture

it looks lie maxwell

it looks lie maxwell
erica's picture

Yall stay on Beyonce's top

Yall stay on Beyonce's top top for real... Get off the t.i.p of her ish... She ain't all that... has anybody taken a look at A.Keys...I know real beauty when i see it... Don't let the piano fool yall... I'd chose her over B. all day...Step Off
MicK's picture

Bey looks gorgeous as usual.

Bey looks gorgeous as usual. Alicia Keys is overrated and photoshopped as usual Don't care bout Usher and Maneka Who is Mel B again?
whateva's picture

You know what, All hail to

You know what, All hail to the Queen-- Mrs.Usher Raymond aka Tameka Foster. She is talented, and obviously gifted, and if you don't believe, just take a look at her resume, or better yet, her better half, yes, her husband. If anything, we as black women should try to learn something from her, on how, not only to get a husband who loves and is devoted to you through thick and thin, but also, how to do it twice. Haters and spectators, yes, recognize and strong beautiful, yes I said beautiful, black woman when you see one. I bet half of you average, lay, hatin azz, women folk can't even hold a candle to her or her style. Get some Black American women, least possible ethnic group of women to get married, now around, I believe stats say 30%. Stop the Hate.
Asia's picture

Bee looks beautiful. AK

Bee looks beautiful. AK looks great too, but of course it as touched up. Mel B needs to ditch that loser husband.
Kimmy's picture

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one who thought Solo looked better than B at the party. I think Usher was seeing his 'husband' Tameka on the side for years...but she finally got him...so who got the last laugh? I love me some A.K. but lately she has been kind of overly sexy like a Beyonce in training. She used to be so much more classy. What's up with all the weave and extensions?
brynb70's picture

LOL @ Chillin too!!!

LOL @ Chillin too!!!
Tiffany's picture

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