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T.I. Covers Complex+Keyshia Cole & Trina Get Promo Happy+First Isaiah...Now Halle+Shar Gets It Poppin'

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Clifford is all over the pages of the November issue of Complex mag: ti-on-complex.jpg ti-2.jpg ti-5.jpg Well if this and his lock down status don't bring a whole new meaning to American Gangster...  ti-3.jpg So now you're tying up the editor in your car T.I.?  Anyways, at least those weren't machine guns in place of those groceries.  That would just be weird. ti-4.jpg
Dude's still sexy though.   And here's an exclusive quote from the issue that hits stands Nov. 6th:
On the last time he experienced racism... "We was on this real rich golf course in L.A. a couple months ago; it was four of my homeboys and two of my security guys. They're bigger guys. So these white guys see us walkin' and they say."So you guys play football? Where's the game?" [Laughs.] Like if you black guys on this golf course, you got to be some football players. But it don't even bother me no more. I think racism should only bother you if it prevents you from doing something that you should have the right to do, like voting, using the same bathrooms, or sitting where you want to on the bus. But white people being racist, as long as it ain't really affecting you, just take it for what it's worth--ignorance."
Interesting.  Check out Keyshia Cole's new promo shots for season 2 of her The Way It Is reality show: keyshia-cole1.jpg keyshia-cole-21.jpg keyshia-cole-3.jpg keyshia-cole-5.jpg keyshia-cole-4.jpg
Source: Real Gossip 101
Get it Key Key.  Hotness indeed.  The show premieres October 30th on BET at 10p est. And check out Trina's hot promo shots for the Still Da Baddest album hitting shelves February 12th: trina-1.jpg That one will reportedly be the album cover. trina-2.jpg
Source: Trinafan.com
She does look nice though.  halle-berry2.jpg
Pic source: Wireimage//B. Ach
Jewish folks are pissy about Halle's "anti-Semitic" joke on Jay Leno last night. While taping the Tonight Show, she and Jay were looking at images of her distorted by a computer program. When they came across one that made her nose extra large, she said "Here's where I look like my Jewish cousin". The audience was quiet and the producers put a laugh track over her comment when the show aired. The audience was pissy and had words for her of course. She was near tears when she asked Jay to remove the comment, and told Page Six:
"What happened was I was backstage before the show and I have three girls who are Jewish who work for me. We were going through pictures to see which ones looked silly, and one of my Jewish friends said [of the big-nose picture], 'That could be your Jewish cousin!' And I guess it was fresh in my mind, and it just came out of my mouth. But I didn't mean to offend anybody. I didn't. I didn't mean any harm."
Good luck with that Halle. Shar J. hit up TRL yesterday: shar-jackson.jpg shar-jackson-2.jpg shar-jackson-3.jpg shar-jackson-4.jpg
Source: Wireimage//Wargo
She performed and showed off her Celebrity Rap Superstar Champion skills.  The Randomness:
  1. Jenny can't pay her bills?
  2. Note to Foxy B.: Girl fights at Rikers will only cause you to loose 4 weeks supply of weave glue...as well as land your ass in solitary confinement.  Story Get it together.
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Omg i so want Keyshia Cole

Omg i so want Keyshia Cole and ti to get together i think they would look sooo good together
Chris's picture

wud wit cha keyshia coles

wud wit cha keyshia coles hope your dreams be field wit happiness
anissa haymon's picture

i love me some TI. Now..if he

i love me some TI. Now..if he was just a bit taller-- Keisha, goooo! Shar is lucky she's gettin' all this publicity like this..if it werent for that show, she still would have been "that chick from moesha" she is tryin' way too hard.. im just sayin' though-
hotmixx's picture

KeyKey is hot but her hair

KeyKey is hot but her hair looks a lil' dry in those pics...get it Trina :drool: all over T.I.P.
Hotstuff's picture

Trina looks sooooooooooo ugly

Trina looks sooooooooooo ugly in those pictures, soooooo ugly! Keyshia's picture do seem a bit low-rent... TI :(
Mardou Fox's picture

You know T.I. says some

You know T.I. says some really intelligent stuff, I never would've thought something like this would've happend to him. Oh well, I actually hope he gets off because he seems to have a lot of potential and he also has a whole lotta kids. Trina actually looks nice for a change but then again this is a photo shoot and not the streets of Miami. I don't think Halle meant wrong but ya'll know if the shoe was on the other foot Black folks would've been hootin and hallarin. Shawty, I was thinking the same thing when I saw Keisha: "is she supposed to be doing an Anna Nicole impersonation".
Sherece's picture

Damn Shar you need to quit it

Damn Shar you need to quit it with that smile. We know you're happy cuz somebody finally is paying attention to your funky ass...Get over it, you aint a rapper!
Jess's picture

I feel bad for T.I. even

I feel bad for T.I. even though he shouldn't have been so dumb. Key Key Cole needs to stop bleaching her hair!! I swear it's gonna be white soon. Trina has always been pretty but on the second pic she looks like Rihanna. Not feeling that one. First one is hot though.
Queen of the Nile's picture

Ok let me start by first

Ok let me start by first saying I love Keisha because she has her own style, but that damn hair is a mess! I don't know who's to blame her or her stylist! And Ms. Trina is truly still the Baddest B****, but what is that in her mouth? T.I. shots looked so gangster/sexy, is he still locked up? Anyways, moving on to the expected mom Halle, I suggest that she watches what she says next time doing an interview and don't let the haters get her down. I mean damn everyone makes mistakes,"Let it Go" like Keisha did!
Houston's picture


kez's picture

About T.I.- Father knows best

About T.I.- Father knows best meets American Gangster. Something kinda sexy about a man that knows how to cook. Trina's promo shots look great, but her new track "Single Again" sucks a$$. It sounds hip-pop gone all wrong.
Mz.Delilah's picture

not really feeling Keke' hair

not really feeling Keke' hair either Im justgettingusdto the Blonde. She is also the only ceeleb Iknow tat still gets hairstyleslik soft wavs and french braids LMAO. Its a hood thing!!
Clmyu's picture

*my piece damn! you suckin

*my piece damn! you suckin key cole d!k so hard she need a couple of haters! how bout you calm down..i'm a fan and all, but some of that sh!t is true... *spoken
justice's picture

Trina looks hot on her new

Trina looks hot on her new album cover. Keyshia looks classy
tigermichal's picture

People will forget about the

People will forget about the Halle comment by tomorrow. Why? Because it's not that serious. I watched the show and they bleeped the comment out, had the MEDIA not told us what she said the majority of people wouldn't even have known. Once again, they are reporting on stupid stuff. The entire time she was making fun of HERSELF and she even made fun of JAY LENOS chin with one of the pictures and he was laughing. The joke that she told was actually told backstage by one of her assistants that was JEWISH, they are the ones that told her to say it in the first place. People make a big deal out of nothing. I think America pays too much attention to what these people in show business says and not enough attention to what is really important, which is one of the reasons why this country is as f*cked up as it is now. Los Angelas is burning to the ground right now, and people are mad about a joke about a nose? GTFOH! I seen the comment page on AOL and people who were JEWISH were even laughing and saying it wasn't that big of a deal. I also wish people would get off the whole "nose-job" thing. Halle's nose is exactly the same as it was before she was famous, the before pictures they try to show of her from before are ALL pictures when she was smiling, when you smile... your nose spreads. Lets use use a little commen sense. I know it makes some of you feel better about yourselves to say she's had a nose job, but the woman is gorgeous...deal with it.SMDH
ANON02's picture


candi in cali's picture

T.I is SEXY! Trina looks

T.I is SEXY! Trina looks pretty, my first glance at the second pix I thought is was Rih Rih. Trina lost a little too much weight, but she still looks pretty. Halle.... no words people hopefully will soon forget... well they may not since it came from a woman of color's mouth, even if she is mixed "America" sees a black woman. If it were a woman of another race... no need to explain everyone knows how this country is.. moving on. Keysha looks pretty Shar.... buy a mirror!
Southern Homegirl N MD's picture

Why is T.I. fronting like he

Why is T.I. fronting like he cooks. As small as his frame is he doesn't even look like he eats. That turkey is bigger than him. I admit he is handsome but he comes off as having a napolean complex, his little behind tries too hard. Keyshia looks really nice, I just wish her hair was a bit darker. too darn blonde for me. Nonetheless she cleans up nicely. I kinda think Trina needs to retire the "Baddest Chick" I am over and done with her. She looks nice though, just so irrelevant as far as rapping is concern. Now why did Halle let those girls set her up....lol. She didn't even see it coming. I It'll pass eventually. And ummmm Shar....what is the deal with her? It's something about her look that I just don't understand. She seems to be going for the caucasian look. Well it's not working for her.
TeyJai's picture

SHaqr Jackson please continue

SHaqr Jackson please continue to do what you do. You are very talented and I enjoy seeing you on TV i hope that you stay on the band wagon a while especially wit brittany out actin a fool
t-RAD's picture

WOW nice album cover for for

WOW nice album cover for for Trina.. everyone already knew that she caught a few cocks in her mouth, but we never knew how mighty the cocks must have been.. it's obvious now that the bullet in her mouth was made in China and not of African decent as it clearly lacks penetration power. ------------> Who gives a crap about the comment that Halle made, words are nothing as they only hurt the weak.. if a word offends you it 100% OK to assume that you are a walking vagina.. all soft, all mess, all the time.. get it together pussies. ----------------> Gotta love the new looks of Shar J, or as I call her.. Cumbucket. Either way she's the champ now so go get em girl.. birth control works. [i'd hit it]
MajorKnuckles's picture

T.I. i love him! Free T.I. he

T.I. i love him! Free T.I. he wasnt gonna shoot nobody he was just Frontin!! lil Light skin men dont shoot people they are lovers.... HE cookin a Turkey in the picture yall!!! damnnnnn....... Shar- GO gurl!! do the damn thang! BRITNEY WHOO... Halle- yall GET over it, she could have said it about black people too {KRS 1}... okay! LOL :}~ Keyshia- Ms Cole work it gurl!! MAKE yo' money... Let all the HATERS hate. these pics are Beautiful. LOVES IT!
bigma ma's picture

I agree that Halle did not

I agree that Halle did not mean any harm. Sometimes people slip up and say innaproppriate things without the intent to hurt. When it happens hopefully we can all remember to think before using racial stereotypes. As for white people being mad at Halle, it is not really a black/white thing. It is a black/jewish thing. After all non-jewish white people (the majority of whites) would be admonished for making the same comment. Halle did the right thing and apologized, now it's up to the Jewish community to forgive her. [quote comment="5711"]POOR HALLE :(..Poor thing you should know that white people don't play that!! Watch your mouth next time - It doesn't matter if your half white - They still think of you as being FULL black - GET IT TOGETHER GIRL!![/quote]
Merryl's picture

@YBF_OZ That is true I say

@YBF_OZ That is true I say Halle's year book picture and she had that pig nose like LaToya Jackson had. Halle looked like Stacy Lattisaw in High School
Teena's picture

Inga Marchand is a MESS! She

Inga Marchand is a MESS! She needs to get it together. So sad...
Rhea's picture

TI, Trina and Keyshia are all

TI, Trina and Keyshia are all AWESOME!!! Keep your head up TIP. We all love you!
phatkitten's picture

We all know Halle got her

We all know Halle got her nose tweaked! Bitch needs to watch her mouth. Didn't she get called "pug nose" when she was little. Thank God for plastic surgery!
YBF_OZ's picture

Isn't this a case of art

Isn't this a case of art imitating life (TI with a gun in his pants as he puts the turkey in the oven) RIDICULOUS!!!!! Get it together!!!
BigJenn's picture

That blonde on Keyshia can

That blonde on Keyshia can look good on some things and shitty on others. LOL @ T.I.!!!!! New Happy Nappy Head Post!
Happy Nappy Head's picture

Halle..some jokes u can't

Halle..some jokes u can't take out of the circle in which they were created...doesn't matter if u are 1/2 white...all people see is the black 1/2. OMG...that 2nd pic of Trina..for a hot SECOND I thought it was Rihanna..
Chica's picture

Foxy- you not famous, and you

Foxy- you not famous, and you not lil Kim (who did not misbehave in lock-down that we heard of. Makeup or no, you still not cute. Find the Lord and sit down.
missy's picture

FREE T.I!!!!! And he's got

FREE T.I!!!!! And he's got wisdom.... (except the whole send a dumb-@ss, snitchin body guard to do your dirty work thing)LET US FREE! I'm not feeling Shar. Just not... maybe its the contacts and the way she always does something ectra to make her look a hot-@ss mess. (hello, glittery bra &belt) I would just love it if Trina did something we haven't already seen. Remember when she was the baddest? Halle, I forgive you...
missy's picture

Shar really needs a stylist,

Shar really needs a stylist, her outfits always looks indecisive. Key looks good ...smile
DesirAble's picture

I give Shar her props AlMOST

I give Shar her props AlMOST in these pics. Somebody please tell her to stop doing that damn backside camera shot when she clearly has noassatall (no-ass-at-all). I swear she does it everytime a camera is near. Not cute Shar, not cute.
rooksgyrl's picture

T.I.P looks good and I like a

T.I.P looks good and I like a man who can cook up a good meal. Don't get me wrong I can also cook but he looks like he's been doing this for a while.
Lastandria's picture

I know sistas love them some

I know sistas love them some blond hair, but frankly, the look is waaayyy past old. A nice brunette, cherry brown or something, even Tyra's color is played out. TI looking pretty good, dude needs a few pounds though.
wildernetii's picture

T.I. does look very good in

T.I. does look very good in these pics! Wit his lil self and that sweater!! O such a cutie!! SOOOO not feeling Keisha's hair but the last two pics are cute for her. I can't wait for Trina's new CD, the pics of her a HOT!! Luv her!! Halle better stop playing with the Jewish folks!..lol...and Shar...ummm...hmm...tryna find something nice to say..lol...sike nah, she does look a HELLUVA lot better, but that sequin sh*t has to go! What did she do to lose all that weight anyway???
MzPurp's picture

She's 31, I wish to look that

She's 31, I wish to look that good at 31, after 4 kids like me, she's pretty much got the body back on lock, however that belt makes her look cut in half
wildernetii's picture

I just don't get T.I. as sexy

I just don't get T.I. as sexy yall...more like grasshopper lookin-ish. sorry.. Keyshia, that hair would have been cute in ONE picture, but she's wearing it out. I don't care for it. Halle, she f*cked up with that comment. Set her back a few years if you ask me. But we shall see. Trina's proposed album cover is cute, but she is looking rihanna ish with that bob and those bamboos. Shar...well, i give it to her for trying to stay relevant but she MUST get a stylist. The sheer shirt, the gold shirt, the belt..like WTF...pick ONE look. BTW, that belt look is OVERDONE>...Next style PLEASE!
empress's picture

Shar's head is to big for her

Shar's head is to big for her body. That's why she looks so strange.
miamore73's picture

I lost my fire for TI for a

I lost my fire for TI for a just a minute b/c that cigarette in his mouth is soooooooo unattractive. It doesnt even look right..*sigh* Key Key me no likey that hair or the eye shadow Shar looks a mess. I am not feeling that shirt & belt thing. Her belt looks real chessy & cheap
TT's picture

Shar Jackson look like she is

Shar Jackson look like she is 18 years old.
cleo's picture

Ooooh.. if T.I. was only 5"

Ooooh.. if T.I. was only 5" taller from his (pseudo) 5'9" frame, he could get it! Still Sexy indeed though! Loving the Keyshia Cole promo pics! I missed the entire season 1, I have to play catch up!! Look at Trina looking like Rhiann's big sister. Moving On.. Halle will not be put under too much fire. She's Halle and she's pregnant. You know how some people get sensitive about that?!? Shar Jackson.. Moving On... Maybe J.Lo is saving for her baby's nursery! *shrugs shoulders* Y'all know Foxy has to rebuild her "Street Cred". There's a new album coming. Did we really expect a quiet jail time?
Elle.MO's picture

Oh yeah, big ups to Shar for

Oh yeah, big ups to Shar for finally overcoming the shadows of her baby daddy and his wack ass ex-wife.
HTown's picture

Shar is not fab. Get off the

Shar is not fab. Get off the bandwagon.
Rubes's picture

LOL@The Shar Big Toe comment.

LOL@The Shar Big Toe comment. 1.Never realized how pretty she was on Moesha, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT "Neicy" would be more popular than Brandy 10 years later. 2.Keyshia Cole's shape is just about the same as Shars. 3.Not feeling Keyshia Cole's hair/I see she used the Green Rod Rollers. 4. Maybe it's me but I see nothing FAB or HOT about that Trina album cover LOOK AT THE FACE only and she looks just like Wendy WIlliams.
Teena's picture

-T.I. is my second man after

-T.I. is my second man after Nellz, but I'd go visit him in jail if I could beat Tiny's oogly ass up there!!!! -KeKe I'ma have to say no to the blue eyeshadow. But everything else looks cute. -Why are they making it a big deal cause Halle said she looked like her Jewish cousin? It's not her damn fault Jews have big noses! -Trina looks cute, I ain't mad at her! -Please make sure you read the story about Foxy Brown....that whore is a HAM fa sho!
HTown's picture

Shar is by far the Cutest

Shar is by far the Cutest person on this particular post, why are yall giving a nice,attractive, young black woman a hard way to go. She has 4 kids and her body, face, hair, and skin probably look better than MOST of you people posting. I swear Black people, we are our own worst enemy. P.S. She looks better than most of the people yall call pretty or fab all damn day long.
Angel's picture

Us black folks are so fickle.

Us black folks are so fickle. Now if that had been a white actress and the picture had big lips or somethin, and she said "That looks like my black cousin," yall know good n' well Jesse, Al and e'erbody else woulda been marchin and boycottin like crazy. But we gon tell the Jewish community to "get over it." We gots to do better.
shae's picture

-OMG, Shar actually does look

-OMG, Shar actually does look fab. She must of gotten a big MTV check. -When Keisha gives up the blond, I’ll give her props. -I give it to Jewish folks. They don’t take insults from anybody. Say something bad about them and they will have you’re a$$!
lisa's picture

LMAO! SO true. It's the

LMAO! SO true. It's the truth. Jews have big noses, curly hair. Deal with it. And the original Jews were BLACK.
curiousmindswanttoknow's picture

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