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Common & Kerry Get Cutesy At TRL+The Simmons Fam & Other Celebs Make Appearances

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Ummm note to Common and Kerry: Kerry and Common common-and-kerry-washington.jpg kerry-washington-and-common.jpg kerry-washington-and-common-2.jpg Y'all aint fooling nobody. Lookin' all cute and stuff with the obvious couple body language all up on TRL a couple days ago. I mean...since when does the director/co star of a video hit up TRL or 106 and Park when they don't even have a verse on the track? Looks like two certain somebodies just couldn't keep themselves from making appearances together. Loves it! common-11.jpg Sexy. kerry-washington1.jpg kerry-washington-21.jpg And y'all know Ms. Kerry brought the fabulousness. Rev. Run, Justine and co. all hit up TRL today too: runs-house-and-common-and-k.jpg Run’s House Angela and Vanessa looked cute as usual in their own Pastry line gear: angela-and-bvanessa-simmons.jpg angela-and-vanessa-simmons.jpg
Pics source: Wireimage//Watts
Cute. Lil Mama and Tiffany Evans held it down for the younger YBF chicks at the Power Summit in Vegas yesterday: lil-mama1.jpg tiffany-evans.jpg tiffany-evans-2.jpg tiffany-evans-3.jpgAnd it's good to see Lyfe Jennings out and about after the recent death of his protege Yolanda Brown: lyfe-1.jpg lyfe-and-tiffany-evans.jpg And Xzibit has shaved off the braids: xzibit-1.jpg xzibit-2.jpg My private crush on Xzibit is so still there. I probably should have kept that one to myself.... xzibit-and-sean-paul.jpg
Pics source: Wireimage//Nunez
And Sean Paul from the Youngbloods was there too.
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Common and Kerry......FAB!

Common and Kerry......FAB! He is so damn sexy! Love the Simmons Fam. Tasha I am with you on Xzibit.
Southern Homegirl N MD's picture

*yawn* Funny how I saw the

*yawn* Funny how I saw the Simmons family outside the TRL building on Tuesday (Justine had that jacket on in the pic) yet here it is as if it happened today. In TV land, they tape ahead at times...yes, it's called TRL, but it isn't always quite...live ;) But do I dare say get your facts straight? Naaaaaaaa.... And yes, Common and Kerry are a hot item on the low...I was backstage at Common's concert back in the beginning of the month, and I saw some things...but unfortunately you'll have to find my blog to see the "True Hip Hop Hollywood" story... Gonna hit the snooze button...now.
test's picture

1. Damn I thought I was the

1. Damn I thought I was the only one with the secret Xzibit crush!!! He just has so much personality and seems like a really nice guy! Nice smile also. 2.Kerry and Common are SO together, no need in trying to hide that one. 3.Run has a beautiful family! 4. Lil Mama looks like....I'll just keep that to myself!
HOTSTUFF's picture

Hmm Kerry is lookin

Hmm Kerry is lookin extra-pouty!
YBF_OZ's picture

Nah.. u shuldnt have.. my

Nah.. u shuldnt have.. my Crush on X to tha Z is still there too.. Stronger than ever now.. im tired of dudes in braids.. so 2001-03
kbaby's picture

Vanessa always have that

Vanessa always have that "POOh" look like she gotta fart or something- somebody tell her the pooh look isnt cute in pics. Lovely family though
Deshandra's picture

1.@Ribbon I concur Angela

1.@Ribbon I concur Angela looks 40+ with her hair like that 2.Yall got good eyes if yall noticed Tiffany's nails
Teena's picture

Xzibit=sexy. Even with the

Xzibit=sexy. Even with the low cut.
STLchic's picture

Damn that Kerry

Damn that Kerry
Uptown Chick's picture

@ Nnenna, you read my mind,

@ Nnenna, you read my mind, I'm not even in the limelight and I keep my nails done ( I'm a broke college student)...chipped nail polish is not tha business
AB's picture

wow i love tiffany, but dang

wow i love tiffany, but dang ,your a celebrity boo. pay thiry dollars to get yo nails done. still fab
nnenna's picture

Damn X look fine......even

Damn X look fine......even without the braids. i love tiffany evans.......lil mama 2. and oh common and kerry know they've been knockin boots...lol....or at least just together.....and oh i love the hip hop version of the cosby's!
DeNEE''s picture

Kerry has some weird looking

Kerry has some weird looking lips, Vanessa and Angela look cute
Tealeaf's picture

Common and Kerry look good

Common and Kerry look good together.
Shy's picture

Tiffany Evans is young!

Tiffany Evans is young! Homegirl looks my age, can't knock her hustle...or her stylist! I love Vanessa and Angela Simmons! They are absolutely FAB!
Me Me's picture

Kerry washington is so hoy no

Kerry washington is so hoy no dubt....but has anyone lately noticed how something just does not look right about her face recently??? She looks very tightand plastic in the face now....botox much??? Look at her in Ray and then look at her now....I'm just sayin....BE CAREFUL KERRY STAY AWAY FROM THE SIRENGES YOU DON'T NEED IT....EVEN IF YOU ARE GETTING OLD IN THE YOUTH OBSESSED HOLLYWOOD
Tooo much botox's picture

Tasha you having a crush on X

Tasha you having a crush on X would be like me wanting to get with snuffleluffagus.
MajorKnuckles's picture

I don't like Angela's hair

I don't like Angela's hair like that, it makes her look old.
Ribbon's picture

I so love Common and Kerry

I so love Common and Kerry together! They're so cute and sexxy together. I'm not feeling 'Nessa's high water straight legged jeans with the chunky shoes. *Natasha, I too have had a strong crush on Xzibit...That is one fine Negro right there!*
Kay's picture

The simmons are the hip hop

The simmons are the hip hop family of the century! And Tiffany Evans is so adorable.. I remember her from back when she made it on star search with arsenio hall!
tina's picture

why is that white girl

why is that white girl looking at tiffany like that hilarious!!
sheezie's picture

I love Common so much. Im not

I love Common so much. Im not even mad at Kerry! Woo! Angela looks so cute. Im glad she gave that ugly bob the boot.
babyd0ll's picture

Kerry's with Common? What

Kerry's with Common? What happened to her white man? I love the Simmons family. They are like the hip-hop Cosby's. It's a good look for X to let the braids go. Lil Mama and Tif Evans are good role models for young teen girls. They keep their clothes on!
Chelly's picture

Yeah somehow Xzibit seems

Yeah somehow Xzibit seems like he is actually a nice guy! Common n Kerry ..but to be fair, Kanye, Akeys, also made cameos in the video.
K-'s picture

Angela and Venessa are

Angela and Venessa are soooooooo SEXY!!!
Bran"DON"'s picture

loving Tiffany's fit. Colored

loving Tiffany's fit. Colored Reeboks are BACK!
hummingbirdee's picture

tiffany evans is fine and

tiffany evans is fine and talented. Vanessa seems to have put on a few pounds
t-RAD's picture

kerry and common are sooo

kerry and common are sooo cute. her dress is nice. can't wait to see the new season of run's house!
megan's picture

Common has certainly grown on

Common has certainly grown on me. He's sexy. I think that he and Kerry make a very cute couple.
FlyWifey's picture

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