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YBF Exclusive: Shaq's A Deadbeat & Is Lying About Shaunie?

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Shaq and Shaunie o’Neal A reliable source very close to both Shaq and Shaunie O'Nealtells YBF that Shaq is feeding the media and his lawyers lies about his estranged wife Shaunie. All the drama and rumors surrounding their divorce are not only one-sided, but are very untrue. Several weeks ago the rumor mill was spinning with word that the couple's split was due to Shaunie living a secret life...including a secret lover. Reports stated that Shaunie was secretly stashing money and buying gifts and a house for her lover/trainer. But this source, who works closely with the O'Neal family, tells YBF that Shaq is lying to cover his own mid-life crisis. There is no male trainer in Shaunie's life. Actually, the trainer (if Shaq ever allows her to hit the gym without him) is a female named Lisa. According to the source:
...there is no way in hell she would cheat on him because he is very insecure and wouldn't even allow her to go to the gym let alone have a male trainer. Her trainer LISA, who works at Crunch in MIA, trains him and her.
The source has also spilled that the whole "Shaunie is stealing my money" story is completely fabricated:
He made up all the crap about Shaunie stealing money–there is no way she could do that because they both have the same accountant which is Boulevard Management. She has very limited access to the money they have.
The source, who feels closest to Shaunie right now because of the bad rap and horrible treatment she's getting, feels like the air definitely needs to be cleared. And Shaunie wouldn't dare air the true reasons Shaq is lying strictly because she wants to protect her kids and wouldn't want them to hate their father . Sadly, Shaq is having midlife issues with the responsibilities of being a daddy and a husband. So copping out and blaming it on Shaunie is way of coping. The saddest part of all this is his deadbeat status. Just as reported several weeks ago Shaq said Shaunie could have full custody of the children and he wouldn't contest it. But according to YBF's source, all 5 children are not being taken care of like they should be. Shaq went behind her back and is selling their MIA mansion to Alex Rodriguez (who grew up in Miami and still spends much of his time there) for $25 mill:
They sold it for $25mil and she had to find out when A-Rod's people came to take measurements and pictures. They have to be out the house by the second week in January and this fool didn't even make arrangements for his children. That is morally criminal.
And according to the source, the rumors about Shaq having a pregnant mistress in Miami are indeed false, but he definitely is not a stranger to stepping out on his wife/soon to be ex wife. Apparently, he still calls Shaunie everyday wondering if she has moved on (because he is insecure), but doesn't even take the kids to get some ice cream or visit the school. I do know about some dirty ish Mr. Oneal was up to with some ladies while he partied it up here in DC two months ago. Mmhmm.
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Hey Shaunie...don't worry...I

Hey Shaunie...don't worry...I am sure looking at Shaqs financials...you will find some unusual apartments set up for women you may not know on Sunset and Larrabee...maybe even under a girl named Vatecia...back in 2002 or 2003. Hope that helps...
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that was ignorant not

that was ignorant not
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Ladies Ladies stop it are any

Ladies Ladies stop it are any of you speaking without putting your emotions into this? The man is just that a man he's not perfect or is he a God. I swear all someone has to say in a article is that a close friends says"" then we all go and believe what is being said. Instead of giving you biasis input how about pray for this man and woman and their children for restoration. I'm soo tired of Black women and men tearing each other down. No other race of people partakes in that type of activity except black folks.
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I am so with you on the fact

I am so with you on the fact we have no idea what is going on behind the O'neals closed doors and a true friend of either party would not rat them out on behalf of those children.
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Who are we to juge what is

Who are we to juge what is going on in someone elses life? Why, if there where problems in that marriage would we want to now exploit? If that man is trying to bring harm to his childrens mother than he will one day have to explan that to his maker.I feel bad that all this drama is going on weather true or not.I feel that if all that Shaq is doing is not true then his wife shouldn't feed into anything because silence will make you look like a complete fool.Shaunie is putting her children first by respecting her childrens father and it takes a real woman to do that!!!!!!
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This sounds like some made up

This sounds like some made up bullshit. I ran across this story as I was searching the web for legitimate stories on Shaq. In any event, any broad stupid enough to marry an athlete should just shut the fuck up, take the money and be happy she's living large. WIthout Shaq this chick would be working the take out window at Taco Bell. Women who marry athletes are stupid, play your position and take the money. She probably met him after he had already fucked everything moving, but she probably thought her pussy was goldplated and he'd retire from the game. Stupid.
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No one know what went on

No one know what went on behind the Oneal's closed doors. I do know anyone shooting off at their mouth without being able to put their name on it aint all that much anyway.Women cheat as much as men so why it would be surprising I don't know. We all should hope and pray for the best for those children and not be so quick to take sides. Repeating what some unnamed source could have you telling lies.
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I am not here to bash anyone

I am not here to bash anyone but it takes two too tangle. It's such a sad situation for the children. We have to be very careful in taking our vows and not being steadfast in our belief. Playing games with peoples livelyhood is foolish. My prayers are with the family. Hope they are seeking God's guidance and direction.
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[quote comment="8223"]You

[quote comment="8223"]You hoes are crazy, Shaq caught his bitch fuckin' around, stealin' money and now you wanna take her side in the pre-nup. Shaq give this bitch the $500,000 that your pre-nup states, pay your child support then move the fuck on to finer slimmer younger bitches with no kids.......YOURE IN THE NBA NIGGA, THAT MEANS NEW PUSSY IN EVERY CITY![/quote] my previous 2 comments were in response to ignorance like this, smh
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again, precisely why black

again, precisely why black marraiges so often result in divorce!!! When will blk men learn that life and living doesnt revolve around coochie??? When will yall let go of this crazy, animalistic, f*ck everything that moves mentality??? i mean damn, how long do ur women have to suffer??
*pure sophistication*'s picture

I have been living on palm

I have been living on palm island for about a year now and personally have 3 friends that have had sex with him. He steps out ALL THE TIME!!! He used to keep a mistress at the Flamingo where his cousin lives and he is known to play basketball and work out at the gym there. Both of my friends are Fake Hood White Chicks which seems to be his type. The House is super hot and I can't wait for A-rod to move in. Doesn't he cheat on his wife too? Such bad karma in that house.
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Sure wish that story about

Sure wish that story about Shaunie stashing ish was correct. Shaq needs a wake-up call, which he most likely won't get until his kids grow up and figure out what he's been doing to their mother.
ohnoudient's picture

LOL shaq came onto me at a

LOL shaq came onto me at a boat party we were on in DC ...clearly he was still married.. so he is mos. def. a dog
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You hoes are crazy, Shaq

You hoes are crazy, Shaq caught his bitch fuckin' around, stealin' money and now you wanna take her side in the pre-nup. Shaq give this bitch the $500,000 that your pre-nup states, pay your child support then move the fuck on to finer slimmer younger bitches with no kids.......YOURE IN THE NBA NIGGA, THAT MEANS NEW PUSSY IN EVERY CITY!
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Y is this so called close

Y is this so called close source putting out their business? It is Shaunie's place to take up for herself not the close source. And y is she speaking after all this time and y once the news hit the fan about the "break-up" did Shaunie start acting weird and backing out of public appearances? Oh, did u all forget that b4 it was Shaq and Shaunie it was Shaunie and Shaq's best friend (ir maybe he was just a friend of Shaq). Not saying the situation is right, but these celebrity relationships for the most part seem to be all about money. But, that's just my opinion.
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Its funny that a friend is

Its funny that a friend is coming out and saying this for Shaunie cause Shaunie cant bad mouth her soon to to be ex-husband. It may be true that they had the same management people handleing their money but once Shaunie gets it in her hand she can spend,invest etc......on her own out side the management company ,and that house been up for sale for a long time ,she had to know the house was sold cause the girl gets 1/2 of the sale anyway .and Shaquille being a deadbeat I just dont buy your kids are a refection of you they will always be take care of without fail
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I believe it, Shaq is selfish

I believe it, Shaq is selfish and self-centered. I believe when he wanted to change his image and become more of the (Michael Jordan family man ---before his divorce of course) then Shaunie fit that profile being the mother of his kids. Once that novelty wore off I do believe he went through a mid-life crisis. I do not believe for one minute that Shaunie had access to any of Shaq's money without his knowing-his accountant and agent would not let that mess fly, so that totally does not make sense. I believe he is doing that to slander her name, knowing nothing will be found, but as with everything else its been said and the damage is done all I hear people talk about is Shaq's wife was taking his money. The rumor did what Shaq wanted it to do, discredit her. I believe he is trying to destroy her reputation so she won't be able to continue on with a career in broadcasting or similar which is what she was doing on the side recently. I think that is foul that he would stoop to degrading his wife in order to make himself look better, not even caring how it affects the kids. I have no respect for Shaq, I have never been a Shaq fan and this is another reason why...but what goes around comes around and Shaunie and her children will bounce back. What makes it so bad is he is already starting to be the type of dad that he swore he would never be...
Dani's picture

We all know that in marriage

We all know that in marriage there is more than enough blame to go around. You can cool believe that man did not let her have access to his money. She is not his accountant. However, I will say this,"Give me a working man over a rich man any day." You can truly believe that if a man has that much money he feels as if he can buy and sell a woman because he is rich. If she was so trifling, dishonest, and such a bad person, why would he be okay with her having full custody?
it takes two's picture

i think its impossible for a

i think its impossible for a marriage to last in south beach. period. TOO MANY LOOSE CHICS. let alone the issues u already have if you marry a man w/ $, fame and status. there's always a chic ready to take your place. never think there's not.
southbeach=divorce's picture



so what he makes the money,

so what he makes the money, it's just as hard to raise kids by yourself. But maybe you don't have any or had your father in your life. Taken care you. She is not the one out their doing her thing he is I know of a person that he want to be with, but it did't happen so he went on to the next one.
denise's picture

Shaq needs to get in where he

Shaq needs to get in where he fits in right now...cause his ass is only bein' stalked (by groupies) cause he got a lotta cash...he is NOT one of the easy on your eyes boyz... Lookin' like a Big Goofy Lurch! And his homeboy DWade (YIKES)!...he needs to take stock in PROACTIVE! like Shug would say: "YOU SHOL IS UGLY!!"
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Wow...5 kids huh. The kids

Wow...5 kids huh. The kids are always the ones to suffer - and I don't mean material wise either. I truly thought they were happy. A marriage takes a lot of work and when people start to smell too much of themselves it's sure to crumble. I hope they can work it out.
Tai Reppin BK's picture

Those two links posted above

Those two links posted above don't lead to anything related to this thread. Y'all need to stop with the silly stuff. Shaq is a dog and Shaunie is alley. She thought that having baby after baby would lock him in; still he wouldn't marry her for years, despite their living together for the bulk of the time he played for the Lakers. If Shaq hadn't been a professional athlete, she would never have looked at him as worthy of being a mate. That said, I have to say that I didn't believe the lie he had his peeps report on his filing for divorce. I know black men well and they ain't giving up a whole lot when it comes to black women, especially in terms of money. I'd be willing to wager that he was nickel and diming her the whole time they were together. Ain't no nouveau riche black man handing out lots of money to his woman. I'll bet he hasn't given her more than a few thousand dollars at a time since they hooked up. Shaq seems like a thousand dollar type man. No matter who the woman is, be it prostitute or wifey, that's all he's giving her at one time. IF she diverted funds (and I'm not convinced she did), I'll bet the funds total at most a $100K. I promise you we ain't talking about no million or millions. I'll bet he ain't never gave her more than $100K over the life of their relationship.
99.44% Pure's picture

You know, the only person I

You know, the only person I feel sorry for are the kids. I don't know why ppl make such a big deal out of these celebrity/athlete's relationship. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DATE PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES/Industry ppl. Is anyone surprised? Let's take Kimora Lee, that woman made sure she built an empire on Russell's foundation, THEN she had kids. That's playing it smart, chasing men, raw-dawging, and having babies aint the business. This is what happens when you focus all your attention to a man instead of trying to build something w/ him or for yourself. Becuz even a fool knows a good thing dosen't last forever. Love has put the black woman in a bad positions, wake the f*ck up and be about your business. THERE IS NOTHING MORE APPEALING TO A MAN, THAN A WOMAN WHO IS TRYING TO DO SOMETHING W/ HERSELF OTHER THAN FOLLOWING HIM AROUND.
This is what Happens to goldiggers not about their business's picture

its this dum *coochie galore*

its this dum *coochie galore* mentality that effs up black relationships to begin with!!!! blk men have such growing up to do and need to start by appreciatin their women!! smh
*pure sophistication*'s picture

How do you f*cking idiots

How do you f*cking idiots know WHAT Shaq did??? Idiots! You're probably all fat and single!
Jake The Snitch's picture

I really hate to see such a

I really hate to see such a powerful black couple seperate and most of all I hate it for those kids and what they have been through and what has yet to come. My prayers are with them!
Tee's picture

Funny how everybody actin

Funny how everybody actin like they know whats really going on. How many know, raise ya hand?! Come on....this story is one sided too, so whats difference between this and shaq's side. Pluzzz. If anyone knows anything about shaq, and the type of family he comes from, i have a hard time believing he would be a deadbeat dad. Y'all shouting support for shaunie, when y'all don't really know wats up....i wish da both of em good luck and dats it, but i ain't takiin no sides. people get divorce everyday, so watever. good luck to both of em anyways!!!
serene's picture

SupaHead Told yall best! Shaq

SupaHead Told yall best! Shaq Is a Hoe!
Ceci's picture

How long before we see Shaq

How long before we see Shaq and his blonde BIMBO on his arm???
HOTSTUFF's picture

She was wrong for leaving her

She was wrong for leaving her husband for Shaq, but if her ex-husband is boo-hoo crying about her not letting him see his kid, he just did not try hard enough. i don't care how much money Shaq has. If the biological father really wanted to be in his son's life, the judge would have granted him part custody or visitation rights. The ex husband seems like he was happy to get out of taking care of his kid while being able to play the victim and get sympathy.
alanco's picture

Who cares, take your millions

Who cares, take your millions and move on Shaq.. there is more couchie for the taking on this planet.
MajorKnuckles's picture

KOBE told yall his Big

KOBE told yall his Big Brother was "Doing it too" SHAQ got caught cheatin and made all this up because he new Shaunie was FED UP with it this time... so he came out first and filed for divorce and is trying to make it seem like she did all this stuff to make it easier for him to get out.. HOW many times have we heard that SHAQ IS A HOE!
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[quote comment="7146"]Okay,

[quote comment="7146"]Okay, WTH? Why is this source painting Shaq as "morally criminal" when everyone knows SHE was married when she got with HIM and not only did she take up with Shaq, despite her husband's doing everything she wanted, word is she also, in efforts to assimilate completely into a new life with Shaq, amde it so that the man couldn't see his son. The man, supposedly, saw his son for the first time after the new marriage, when Shaq was playing with the boy on MTV cribs. Now, maybe Shaq is having a midlife crisis, it sounds about right BUT neither of them are moral giants... WHT?[/quote] You are right about Shaunie's past. She was married and left that man high and dry for Shaq and took their son with her. I know someone who was good friends with the ex-husband, and everyone knew about it. He was hurt but felt powerless to Shaq's power and money. I don't think we will ever truly know what happened with these too. They have both had morally questionable behavior. He sounds like he is having one of those male midlife crisis things where he just wants to be free of his responsibilties and wants to plant blame to save his image. She may be innocent in this but due to her past behaviors, people may not believe she is. This could surely be nothing more than Karma biting her in the ass. Either way, it's dad for the kids.
MrsJH's picture

if this is all true, then

if this is all true, then Shaq needs his ass whooped...focus on the kids Shaq...according to Kerrin steffans, you aint "packing" so there's no need to worry who Shaunie is with...hopefully someone bigger and better...
ms ann's picture

u guys r retarded, Shaq

u guys r retarded, Shaq blames it on his wife, evry1 feels bad for him, shaunie blames it on Shaq and now evry1 hates him lol i love ppl and drama
Deyshawn's picture

SHAQ IS WACK!!!!!! The end.

SHAQ IS WACK!!!!!! The end.
Melody's picture

that bleeped out word is

that bleeped out word is p.u.s.s.y.
Mo's picture

i never comment but this shit

i never comment but this shit has got to be said. Shaq is a bitch made nigga if this is true then he needs his big magilla ass whooped on the real. Especially when he had a dead beat biological father. What a punk ass pussy ass dude.
Mo's picture

Didn't Shaunie cheat on her

Didn't Shaunie cheat on her 1st husband to get at Shaq? She had a marriage and a child. So it stands to reason bitch ain't no angel, she lived with Shaq for a long time having babies before he would marry her. Shaq is grimy, but Shaunie has always been a ho, So what makes her innocent now?
wildernetii's picture

To Eva, I loved your post.

To Eva, I loved your post. Great point. Does a non involved parent know his teachers name or when parent teacher conferecne is. Money does not reaplace participatiion, beit in a marriage or in a class room. Children want acceptance and our support. To buy a kid with money and other material things only breeds spoiled brats. Example: Paris Hilton. BTW, I read every comment before posting. I get more info on those who comment. Yes a comment is sometimes just an opinion, but I appreciate those who take the time to post and are real about their statements. This site is FAB with ppl who have something to say. I do not always agree with what is said, but do encougae all to not just look at the head line but to keep an open mind. Ppl r ppl and I would not want to be the head line of the day. Unless GOD personally visited me and I want to show him off. lol. It is Sunday and GOD is good to me and my family.
Tina's picture

This is so out of character

This is so out of character for me to comment on this type of ish!! I know Shaq thru my ex-hubby (former NBA palyer)I met Shaun years ago and when I tell you people "don't believe everything you read"...DON'T DO IT...but BELIEVE THIS!!! HE IS A CHEATER AND A LIAR AND THEY BELIEVE THAT THEIR WAY OF BEHAVING IS ACCEPTABLE BECAUSE OF THEIR STATUS...This is what most of them gravitate to, it is the normal for atheletes. Praying for the children and both Shaq and Shaun...keep in mind Shaun had her own career going on before she met Mr. O'Neal and trust when I say that she is classy. Morals and respect are deleted once they (Professional Atheletes) cash that first CHECK...Now that my ex-hubby is not working and I am working in the field that I acquired my degree in he and I are very very close. TOO LATE NOW PAPI..CHEATERS BEWARE!!!DIG TWO DITCHES WHEN YOUR DIGGING..KARMA IS A ITCH
plstellthetruth's picture

Sorry for the bad grammer in

Sorry for the bad grammer in my last post.
eva's picture

jamrock said: "Those kids are

jamrock said: "Those kids are eating and sleeping better than most lof us on this board". They may be eating cavier and sleeping on Gucci sheets, but there may be a big hole in their hearts. So many children are taught that BLING replaces what makes them special. They see little genuine affection and true care. (I wonder if you ask Shaq what is the name of his children's teacher; what are their favourite stories; what is their last homework assignment; ;;what is their favorite subject, favorite animal etc. if her can answer). When you are a child NOTHING replaces the fact you are the most loved person to your parent or parent-figure. That they love you enough to discipline you when necessay and spen TIME with you. T thank God that my husband and I were able, without a great deal of money, to raise our children with love and dicipline. They are now two,decent well adjusted adults with well balanced live. My husband and I now have the time and money to spend doing the things the things we like and getting FUNKY (smile)We've being married 31 years and still going strong.
eva's picture

How do we know that this

How do we know that this source isn't lying???
greezy's picture

men love women an will never

men love women an will never be faithful...
deepinher's picture

re: post above...that should

re: post above...that should have read "literally"
escaro's picture

Don’t know anything about

Don’t know anything about Shaunie but no surprise about Shaq. He was in Toronto over a year ago being a straight up perv in the club...literly grabbing the ass of every other woman who walked by him. Took several ladies back to his hotel with him. Standard athlete behaviour...Sad for his kids though. What/how do these dudes teach their sons? Or their daughters? I wonder.
escaro's picture

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