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Kim Kardashian Nekkid Without A Sex Tape?+Kelis Gets Dropped+CiCi, J-Hud, and Eve Party It Up

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And now for the chick Black folks love to hate...Kim "I'm more than just a sex pot" Kardashian is gracing the pages of December's issue of Playboy: kim-kardashian-on-playboy.jpg kim-k-5.jpg
Source: Faded Youth
I'm not a Playboy reading type chick, but I do know when those pics of Garcelle and Stacy Dash all leaked out they were more tasteful than these. But does it really matter when all of y'all are banking the same paper from it and you're still trying to make people believe you don't like being looked at as a vixen? Me thinks not. All the uncensored pics from the shoot are over at The Forums. Kelis dropped fom JIVE So JIVE records has officially dropped Kelis. Clearly her milkshake just wasn't cuttin' it. Bossy my ass. Good luck with that KeKe. Naomi and Damon Dash hit up the 37th Annual Black Retail Action Group Inc. Scholarship and Awards Dinner: naomi-2.jpg naomi-and-damon-dash.jpg
Pics source: Wireimage//Spellman
And CiCi partied it up at NYC's Runway for her 22nd b-day party Friday night: ciara4a.jpg ciara-11.jpg ciara-32.jpg ciara-24.jpg
Pics source: Ciara-Harris.net
Fun times. Beyonce was spotted leaving NY for India to continue her World Domination Tour yesterday: beyonce-to-india-from-ny.jpg
Pic source: People.com
Cute and casual. Ms. Diana and Jennifer Hudson hit up the American Museum of Natural History in NY for Tiffany's Launch of The 2008 Blue Book Collection Friday night: diana-ross-2.jpg diana-ross-3.jpg diana-ross-4.jpg Oh really Diana? Still preserving our sexy are we? jennifer-hudson-1.jpg jennifer-hudson1.jpg jennifer-hudson-2.jpg jennifer-hudson-3.jpg J-Hud rocked a silvery fabulous look. nicole-fiscella.jpg nicole-fiscella-2.jpg nicole-fiscella-3.jpg
Pics source: Wireimage//Busacca
And actress Nicole Fiscella was there too. Eve was spotted partying it up in Miami at Mansion nightclub: eve-12.jpg eve-and-scott-storch-mansio.jpg
Pics source: Wireimage//Browarnik
Whoa. I never thought I'd say this but Eve and Scott are looking frighteningly similar with the scary scruffy look. And another check in on the globe trotting mommy to be: halle-in-rome.jpg
Pic source: People.com
Halle B. was in Rome this weekend for the Film Festival. The baby bump is growing...
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your right vania, your not

your right vania, your not black.
lovely yellow's picture

Your right, alot of black

Your right, alot of black people love to hate on Kim Kardshian & i may not be black, but i don't see why you should hate! she's a beautiful woman with a tape that caused her to be this "whore"? it's not like she's sleeping around, get a fucking life people! anyways, B looks nice but always predictable lol, Ciara is just doing random things to get her popularity back which isn't going so well:(
Vania's picture

fuck people leave the girl

fuck people leave the girl alone kim! whatever she wants to do with her life is her choise. god gave as all one life and a'nt nobody's responsable for it but ur self so fuck off everybody.
yasmin's picture

Just wanted to say I don't

Just wanted to say I don't see the big deal with Kim. Just picture that body on a dark skinned woman. A black woman would never get away with that wide waist, funny shaped square ass, dimples and dents for days and overall soft, untoned look. Black women are held to much higher standards. Playboy knows they had a lot to hide, hence the airbrushing and covering. You guys know you've seen those cottage cheese thighs. A black woman would never make it in Playboy lookin like that. Be real. She's average. No muscle tone, tons of makeup, car acci-dent thighs and overall too soft for 26. And anyway, Playboy really only puts celebs on the cover anyway. As an everyday person, she would have been rejected. She's much too fat for what they pick in an everyday woman.
mikki's picture

ok granted im not a hater,

ok granted im not a hater, but yes kim is beautiful, but does she really need to put herself out there like that?.... btw thats her mothers store not hers, but i personally think that she is a hypocrite, the way she wants to be a role model for her sisters, but yet her sisters know how to use a stripper pole and to actually have one in ur house? How trife for a family oriented home. Halle can date white men she is mixed, and whats wrong with her dating a white man?... her mom is white, and her dad is white and black, so im a lil confused, but i feel kim can be a model because she is gorgeous, but putting ur coochie all over the net, and on sex tapes that they obviously made to gets some money sucks! So i guess that means she is telling her lil sisters to have sex and make a sex tape and then do booty and coochie shots and get famous, she didnt needto her dad was one of oj's lawyers
jaycee's picture

ok i thought kim was hot but

ok i thought kim was hot but apparently not in those photos..... i though t she was trying to be a role model for her lil sisters according to the interview with tyra such a fing liar
jaycee's picture

she always looks trashy !!!!

she always looks trashy !!!! one minute she says she doesnt want people to think shes a whore but everytime you see her shes showing off her obvious fake ass-ets if you all know what i mean.. shes fake.. i know people, perferably black men want her ass-ets to be real but its not!!!!!!! her pics were done in very poor taste.. her pics look like they belong in hustler instead... stacy dash and garcelle took tasteful beautiful pics they were classy and beautiful and showed them true to form ,not over-airbrushing like her pics.. and no im not a hater either no need to be i have more body than kim ,i didnt have to pay the surgeon for mines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im 100,000,000 real ,all day everyday.. people are always saying we black females are hating or are jealous of her WHERE NOT!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE THESE WHITE/NON- BLACK WOMAN RUNNING AS FAST AS THEY FEET CAN GET THEM TO THE SURGEONS OFFICE TO PAY/BUY WHAT WE BLACK WOMAN ARE BORN WITH NATURALLY GIVEN TO US BY OUR MAKER HIMSELF!!!!!!! WE'VE BEEN BLESSED WITH OUR MOST "COPIED" AND "ENVIED" UNDENIABLE UNIQUE BEAUTY THAT IS CALLED " THE BLACK WOMAN" our looks are what these other females are trying to be and look like- ME !!!!!!!!!! INCLUDING OUR SENSUAL FULL LIPS THEY ALL MADE FUN OF US FOR HAVING BEEN BORN WITH THEM NATURALLY ,OUR "BROWN" "CHOCOLATE" SKINTONES,STYLE, COOKING,SINGING, JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT US IS "COPIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! MAKES ME PROUD TO BE A BEAUTIFUL BLACK/INDIAN FEMALE... CICI LOOKS CUTE AS USUAL, BEYONCE IS FLAWLESS AS ALWAYS HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE HER UP CLOSE AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU SHES GORGEOUS IN PERSON,EVE IS PRETTY BUT I THINK SHE SHOULD LOSE THE BLOND HAIR AND GO FOR A NICE CHOCOLATE SHADE , J-HUD LOOKS CUTE AS WELL AND NOAMI IS FAB AS ALWAYS .. KIM K GET IT TOGETHER ,START USING YOUR "BRAIN " IN YOUR HEAD NOT "BRAIN", WHAT YOUR KNOWN FOR GIVING EVERY BLACK MAN IN HOLLYWOOD,YOUR JUST A PIECE OF TAIL to them THEN AFTERWARDS ITS -NEXT!!!!! BY THE TIME THIS HO-BAG IS 30 SHES GOING TO HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO OFFER BECAUSE HER STUFF IS GOING TO BE WORN OUT ,SHS ALMOST THERE NOW!!!!!!!!!! YUCK
nelly's picture

Beyonce looks pretty! So

Beyonce looks pretty! So does Ciara. Everybody looks good to me.
Tessa's picture

I love you Kim! Thanks for

I love you Kim! Thanks for the pics Natasha!
Nola2Chi's picture

Kim K. is a stunning girl who

Kim K. is a stunning girl who is inexplicably hoeing herself out. She is out there in that magazine, vagina first. Boo. Seriously. Kelis lost her record deal. huh. How she found one to begin with is still a mystery. Jenny Hudson needs to accept some key facts: #1 she is a plus-size woman. #1a- she is a plus size woman with large breasts. That said, if she could just get with a pair of Spanx and strong push-up bra she might kill the game. P S. If Na Na Campbell wears one more bias-cut long dress, I am boycotting.
Ane's picture

this is the perfect dress

this is the perfect dress
bg's picture

Sorry for the three posts in

Sorry for the three posts in a row thing BUT Natasha if you also read all this: "Kelis has been working on an indie dance record with Cee-Lo. A full-on pop effort with Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) will be shopped around soon. "We're not opposed to another major label deal, but it would have to be non-traditional," adds Rabhan. Kelis is also in talks to host a Project Runway-like show on VH1 and is auditioning for numerous TV and film roles" why are you acting as if her life is over? I should have read the source before commenting, my bad, but you painted a picture that was somewhat false...
Mardou Fox's picture

About the Kim K thing, why

About the Kim K thing, why not post her on this board? Why not have her in the limelight? We've been celebrating ludeness for years now, you don't get far in either the music or movie industry withput showing a bit of skin... I think it's hypocritical not to pay attention to Kim, when every other celebrity we discuss on this blog has made her fortune off her body... And, then it's hypocritical of you to diss Kim K, saying she has an ego and NEEDS attention BUT when someone seems to be a real, everywoman like JHUd, you're dissing her for being the opposite of Kim, for being what you seem to want... It's crazy, frankly, that you can't see that you very much want salacious figures like Kim K and not at all real, down-home folks like J Hud... I don't know why you don't, but you don't...
Mardou Fox's picture

Well, I'm afraid that's it

Well, I'm afraid that's it for my girl Kelis...she won't be back...she has this thing about the music industry (maybe it's just the American music scene, as she's a hit overseas)... I doubt she'll come out with anything in the future... And, someone said on another blog that her reality show with Nas was dropped, too... I honestly don't think Nas or Kelis will come out with anything else, they'll be like apparitions, skulking sometimes in the shadows at black events...okay, I'm taking it too far...but I'll miss my girl....I could tell she was extra jaded recently, she seemed to wear it, always looking bored...
Mardou Fox's picture

I'm over J-Hud.... She's very

I'm over J-Hud.... She's very ordinary to me, I'm happy for her, but over it... Halle & Diana are the business. I'm kinda over Ciara too, but she does look cute. If we all ignore Kim K. she will go away. Now let's close our eyes and stay reeeaaaal quiet....
missy's picture

Jennifer Hudson is FAT...yall

Jennifer Hudson is FAT...yall need to quit tryna sugarcoat it! She can do better.
Picture Perfect1913's picture

I think Kim is so desparate.

I think Kim is so desparate. To me, she is trying so hard to follow in her BFF Skaris's footsteps with a sex tape, that nobody cared about and reality show that no one watches. I think she thinks she's blow up like Pam Anderson ater posing for Playboy, but the only thing blowin up is her ass and ego.
jam's picture

Iam annoyed that this site

Iam annoyed that this site would Kim ANY type of exposure...
Tealeaf's picture

ok now ppl the kim k comments

ok now ppl the kim k comments are getting old...first of all it's YOU ppl that put poeple on the pedistove either bad comments could be as good aswell as long as it's any attention. Your right she's fine looking but dumb, it's pretty sad how some hollywod woman at times sell themselves over money. why don't we find something more interesting and educated topics to talk about. by the way waching these reality TV shows just gives them an advantage of us puting money in there pockets. Don't waste your time talking about low life ppl, i know it's tempting not to, we just cant get enough can we...
Haizel's picture

Oh, J-Hud...always a

Oh, J-Hud...always a bridesmaid, never a bride *le sigh*
G$'s picture

Everytime I see Kim I'm like,

Everytime I see Kim I'm like, Reggie B., Why?
Stephane's picture

J Hud needs a new hairstyle.

J Hud needs a new hairstyle. I'm sick of seeing her with that tired a@@ curly weave all the time!
Nicole's picture

Damn....Halle is so cute

Damn....Halle is so cute preggo. And I loooove J.Hud. Diana Ross looks fab still. Still a diva, mayn! Beyonce? Neeeext. And does anyone remember Kelis before she was mainstream? Those were the days?
D.Blac's picture

Come on now - Kim looks

Come on now - Kim looks great. But those who've said it are right, don't do playboy, a sex tape, and sexy men mags and then turn around and say you're not a sex pot, or you're not all about sex. That's all you're showing the world...at least keep it real.
Butterfly's picture

Kim K is gross...your father

Kim K is gross...your father must be ashamed!
mondy's picture

If you look at Kim K's cover

If you look at Kim K's cover shot those are plastic strips on the side of her suit. Not stretch marks. It kills me how people hate on her so much. Is the main reason because she dates black men? Who the hell cares. It's not a big deal if Halle dates a white guy... I don't know the chick made a sex tape and im sure some of you did some things you shouldnt of done. Honestly I think she's a pretty girl and she's doing something right. TV show, Playboy, Owns her own store... If you had money, and were able to selp promote im sure you all would do.
Cali2ct's picture

Ci Ci's dress is wearing her

Ci Ci's dress is wearing her instead of the other way around. J-hud needs a new stylist, I'm convinced that Andre is sabotaging her. She needs to wear clothes that flatter her body type. And she needs a push up bra! Eve is looking real suspect in that pic with ole' girl...HMMM...
Tonya Renee's picture

[quote comment="7334"]Kim's

[quote comment="7334"]Kim's ass looks riDAMNdiculous, its soooo fake and egg shaped. In some pics she looks husky, and some real small--terrible airbrushing. Eve knows half her fans belive she's lesbian, and she's too closes for comfort to old girl. Nicoles eyes are wandering, instead of blowing a kiss, she should blow her left eye in the right direction. Halle looks... pregnant.[/quote]<---LOL about her eye! CiCi's hair looks stupid! I could have did that sling-back nasty lookin pony...Jhud just doens't look good in these pics...I mean look at her feet in those shoes!!...Nicole Fiscella's dress is very cute!Halle you go gurl! I wish we could have seen a pic of her dress from the front...but yea she looks great!
MzPurp's picture

[quote comment="7348"]No

[quote comment="7348"]No cimmnet on KIm K, she loves getting nekkid, and Blacm men love her for it. No surprise @ Kelis being dropped. She only gets one hit per CD. Go head Ciara drop down low and sweep the floor with it, lol Miss Ross looks fab for over 60. I see you Jenny, work that dress... Eve, the white chick, and Scott Storch all look as though they just sniffed a shitload of coke......[/quote] yes they look extremely coked out. especially scott storch, thats just how he gets down.
Angela's picture

The picture of Kim in the

The picture of Kim in the necklaces is the only nice one. The rest of the photos look pretty substandard for PlayBoy. They also should've did a better job on the airbrushing. You can see her stretch marks on the cover.
Brittany's picture

Kim K's little girly bits

Kim K's little girly bits look like that of a post operative transexual. Are you sure she was born a girl?!
tooty's picture

I think Halle looks so cute

I think Halle looks so cute with her little baby bump and her little face filling out:) I see Kim is still milking her few minutes of fame with sex as usual, so now she f*cking for cover pages. Stay Fab Diana Ross! Looks like CiCi had a good time for her B-Day.
Tee's picture

Diana is still the Boss 2 U.

Diana is still the Boss 2 U. J-Hud does not look good in the dress, but the dress is cute. I wonder if Diana smacked her in the head as she left the museum. LOL
kimmie's picture

What is wrong with Eve? She

What is wrong with Eve? She never looks...together. I think Halle and Beyonce are beautiful.. Kim...did anyone see her sister swinging on the stripper pole on their reality show...that should answer the questions about what kinda of role model she will be...
GLORIA's picture

I love Jennifer Hudson, but

I love Jennifer Hudson, but boo work your legs out first, build some calves, then show legs. She needs a new stylist pronto. Ciara has not looked right ever since fucking with 50.
real1's picture

love the news..CICI ran it

houstontxdiva's picture

-I love the reaction of the

-I love the reaction of the two people looking at Ciara while she dancing on the runaway. The looks say “Who are you, again” -Sorry to hear about Kelis but at the end of the day musis biz is about numbers not style. -Kim K: What else can she do? -Eve, Scott and lady friend are on something -Diana R: after all these years, she still can’t find a decent wig. -Jennifer Hud: Please buy spanx and stop the fake-a## blowing kisses.
lisa's picture

I saw Jennifer's profile on

I saw Jennifer's profile on millionaire dating site WealthyRomance.com where Charlie Sheen just found his match! I head that she is dating a young billionaire now on that site! But I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site!
bigtoe's picture

and...Halle is gorgeous!!!!

and...Halle is gorgeous!!!!
Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel's picture

Kim..is a beautiful woman..I

Kim..is a beautiful woman..I think the pictures are tacky though..Playboy didn't really hook her up like they should have.. Poor Kelis..All the ppl that think she's a certified bad bitch needs to buy her fuckin abulms..because no one else does..and that's why she got dropped.. Her look lately has been borderline wierd. Jive must have got tired of her shit. Why does scott scare me?? Eve looks right at home in that pic..
Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel's picture

jennifer hudson's shoter

jennifer hudson's shoter curly wave hair looks really cute as does her outfit, this is one of her best looks for me. non skinny women often have nice ass legs, she should show hers more instead of always wearing fancy sating evening gowns.
kaykay's picture

[quote comment="7411"]u kno

[quote comment="7411"]u kno wut.. Kim.. i dont like this .. its porn.. flat out. her coochie is the hell out.. these pics r not erotic they r straight porn and not tastefully done.. umm jhud. that dress is soo sloppy on you.. and that make up was done by.. ME.. or somebody else who dont kno how to do make up professionally.. get it togeva mama.. ciara;s hair looks cheap.. eve looks like a dike.. OH LAWD!!! we in our last days[/quote] Very funny lol :))
Empress9's picture

[quote comment="7382"]So what

[quote comment="7382"]So what Kelis got dropped? Even the Greatest Of All Times Patti Labelle got dropped. Now I know ain't nothing wrong with her singing! Record companies are in it to make money. They drop artists, and push back albums all of the time. Kelis is an acquired taste, but I dig her. She can get a new deal whenever she wants.[/quote] The Greatest of all times? Her singing is the same but it's something wrong with her selling. Record company can't stay in business if you're singing and and nobody's buying. So than again maybe something is wrong with both of their singing because nobody is buying.
MrStyle's picture

Kim looks like one of those

Kim looks like one of those chicks you'd see in brothels back in the day. JHud rarely ever looks good and damn, putting saggy breasts in bra-less spaghetti straps...she wasnt thinking! Halle! Awwwwwww Diana Ross. she's in her 60s so I'll say she looks good. Naomi looks damn good, as always. Beyonce looks cute...just in another predictable outfit. Kelis's boot isnt surprising. Bossy wasnt really my cup of tea.
babyd0ll's picture

She is

She is hot! http://www.mactanque.com
mactank's picture

u kno wut.. Kim.. i dont like

u kno wut.. Kim.. i dont like this .. its porn.. flat out. her coochie is the hell out.. these pics r not erotic they r straight porn and not tastefully done.. umm jhud. that dress is soo sloppy on you.. and that make up was done by.. ME.. or somebody else who dont kno how to do make up professionally.. get it togeva mama.. ciara;s hair looks cheap.. eve looks like a dike.. OH LAWD!!! we in our last days
kbaby's picture

Kim K is a whore, already

Kim K is a whore, already established, so moving on: She has a really pretty face normally but her face does not even look pretty in these pictures. Her neck is all stiff in the cover picture and she just looks uncute. Maybe she wasnt so comfortable doing Playboy after all. It's sad when that's all you have...
MsLady's picture

Hopefully this pics are ROUGH

Hopefully this pics are ROUGH DRAFTS b/c they look VERY ameture....Hef must be out of the office or Holly has taken over the photoshoots....yeah I watch GND Namoi looks FAB Damon Dash looks OLD & ROUND Kelis....it happens to the best of us CiCi....that hair is NOT the business esp. on your birthday J.Hud....your feet r on the carpet....ewwww they look scary & she needs to get braces Beyonce.....purpose of pic???? Eve & her guest looks really high Scott.... OMG is that a Halloween custome???
TT's picture

@LeLe i agree Kim is pretty

@LeLe i agree Kim is pretty but these pictures do nothing for her she looks better in candid shots Jennifer Hudson looks good but I hate when they put the "curly" bushy hair on plus size women
Teena's picture

Well i know Im in the

Well i know Im in the minority here but i actally like Kim k. i met here at her store DASH in LA and she was really cool and the show is cool too. Ciara look like she was having alot of fun ad Beyonce looks very cute and casual oh yea and that sucks for Kelis but i never liked her so i dont care she does have a great style though she should try designing k im out..........PEACE
allie's picture

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