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YBF Celebs Get Gangster Again+Ashanti & Serena Still Stepping Their Fab Game Up+Keyshia Cole Gets Nekkid

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Ashanti's taking notes from somebody because chick has been looking hot lately. She hit up the 10th Year of The G&P Foundation At The 2007 Angel Ball event hosted by Denise Rich last night: ashanti-angel-ball-2.jpg ashanti-angel-ball-3.jpg Fabulous. ashanti-angel-ball1.jpg ahsanti-denise-rich-natalie.jpg And Deborah Lee, Denise of course, and Natalie Cole were there too. ahsantianddamedashangelball.jpg Dame came through sans the "wife". Oh Chudney: chudneyangelball1.jpg chudneyangelball21.jpg There's honestly nothing else this chick can do. So oh well... johnlegendangelball1.jpg Johnny boy performed. lldeborahleeangelball1.jpg LL and Deborah spoke on the mic. nataliecoleangelball1.jpg Natalie looked fab. And Mama Patti was there: pattiangelball1.jpg pattiangelball21.jpg Looking like she was about to go clean off on somebody's ass. robertaflackangelball1.jpg Roberta Flack was there. diddyandrandyjacksonangelba.jpg Diddy--whose suit was poppin--kicked it with Randy Jackson. And Star: starandkellangelball1.jpg starjonesangelball1.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Kambouris
Well you know... Serena stepped out at the Louis Vuitton event and the Audi event in Hollywood the other night: serenaataudi.jpg serenaataudi21.jpg serenaataudi41.jpg serenaataudi31.jpg serenaatlv1.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Parry and Aussenard
I swear that YBF prayer circle is working miracles one day at a time. joylv21.jpg joy-lv1.jpg
Pics: Celebutopia
And Joy Bryant was there looking like an Olsen twin from a different daddy. Not a good look. And over at the American Gangster Hollywood screening: michelleatagscreening1.jpg michelleatagscreening21.jpg Where you been Michelle? michelleatagscreening31.jpg michelleatagscreening41.jpg Glad to see somebody's keeping herself relevant. damonwayansatagscreening1.jpg Damon Wayans and his graying beard were there. Denzy and Pauletta hit the carpet: denzelandpaulettaatscreening.jpg denzelandpaulettaatscreenin.jpg denzelatscreening2.jpg denzelatscreening3.jpg Will it kill him to crack a real smile when he's with his wife? There is always something abut Pauletta that's just....not....quite....right. And let's leave the black suit and tennis shoe look to the white boy R&B artists shall we Denzy? Thanks. neicynashatagscreening1.jpg neicynashatagscreening21.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Cohen
1999 called...and they're demanding you give it back the dark stretch denim dress Neicy. I'm just the messenger... irvgottisuckerfree1.jpg
Pic: Wireimage//G. Gershoff
The Irv hit up MTV's Sucker free recently. And look who's pulling a Kim K. on the cover of December's VIBE: keyshiacolevibe1.jpg
Pic source: S2S via C&D
Keyshia Cole. At least the pic is pretty damn fabulous though. The Randomness:
  1. Congrats to YBF reader Oshina Jefferson from Greenville, RI for winning the YBF/Kevin Michael Pink Zune Giveaway!!  The new pink Zune is all yours chick.
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Samelretur's picture

Where can I purchase

Where can I purchase Ashanti's gingham dress that she wore on 106 and park this year (08?
Anita Taylor's picture

I live for MajorKnuckles'

I live for MajorKnuckles' comments...hilarious, lmao!
~Nic Nac~'s picture

Hello-- we are here to read

Hello-- we are here to read about celebs, not bitch and complain about how the formatting of the website is. Yall should even be glad, you get to be on the haps of what goes on, in the celeb life. Stop hatin' and just enjoy the show. Anyhooo, hey Keish-Keish, you go girl!!
hotmixx's picture

Michelle Williams has

Michelle Williams has actually been working hard. I was blessed with the oppurtunity to see the Oprah Winfrey Production of The Color Purple, in San Francisco, CA. See plays the role of Shug Avery, and was excellent. If you get the chance to come out, check out the show.
ponkinpi's picture

Hi natasha the site looks fly

Hi natasha the site looks fly and all but this multiple clicking shit is bogus. Its so much more better just staying on the same page and reading the news (like before) as opposed to clicking back and forth. The new format is tedious and a bore.
Nicky's picture

LOLOLOLOL@ YBF pray circles

LOLOLOLOL@ YBF pray circles workin one miracle @ a time
ElleMF's picture

First off...and I MUST begin

First off...and I MUST begin with Keyshia...lay off her! Who doesnt add a little touchup for cover shoots so screw the "airbrush" and "photoshop" comments cuz yall only wishing u could grace the cover urselves. She's talented, doing her thang and keepin it real. Doesnt hurt to step out the box once in awhile..its an entertainment industry idiots!. Second, yall clearly HATIN on Denzel and his wife..REMINDER..yall waste time bloggin and critiquing and aint got NAN spouse to support you with incoming millions, so Paulette doesnt need to get a smaller clutch and he doesnt need 2 smile nor match his clothing...he has the money to please himself, not U guys! Ashanti looks FAB...always will.If you gonna criticize the black ppl that are doin sumthin successful for the amusement of the black community, then you dont need to watch tv or make comments at all...nor scorn these same blks that are hustlin, robbin, killin, etc...CRITIQUE their BAD choices, behavior, etc. Let it go....*in the words of my gurl Keyshia* and get it togetha folks! Im out!
Mooki3's picture

the vibe cover was on crunk

the vibe cover was on crunk and disorderly WAY WAY WAY before it was here OR on concreteloop. now what?
I think not's picture

I never noticed this before,

I never noticed this before, but Pauletta and New York's manish mama are damn near identical twins. That's ill.
Swervin's picture

Natasha, Can you tell me who

Natasha, Can you tell me who made the dress that Ashanti wore at the G&P Foundation? I would really appreciate it....Thanks a bunch, doing a fab job.
Sha's picture

Serena is stunning these

Serena is stunning these days, Natalie Cole is timeless. And I like the Vibe cover with Keyshia, it was tasteful. But tell me what the hell is going on with Joy Bryant and her hobo look? P.S. Can someone PLEASE pass Michlle Williams a samich before she disappears?
stacy's picture

i love that key cole pic she

i love that key cole pic she looks great. and who is chudney? is she one of those wannabe h-list people or something?
lil miss's picture

We were all born naked. In

We were all born naked. In Africa women walk around with their breat revealed. There is nothing wrong with showing the human body in a classy way. Keyshia Cole took a very classy picture, any adult should be able to respect it.
Damon's picture

Chudney o Chudney....she just

Chudney o Chudney....she just can't get it right I see... Keyshia looks so pretty in her pic...a lil cross-eyed, but pretty!...LOL!
MzPurp's picture

I just have to say it, "leave

I just have to say it, "leave Denzel and Pauletta alone". Clearly they are content with each other. Ashanti is cute, but that's about it. She looks like a kid trying on her big sisters dress. She is not ready for the classy look. Ok haven't you all heard of an "athletic body". That is what Serena has, and that doesn't make her look like a man. Natalie Cole is still fab. You go girl! All I can say for Roberta Flack is, "Hell and Naw". As for Star Jones, she better get those papers drawn up for the lawsuit, because she needs to be compensated for the medical malfunction that has taken place. (LOL)
SB's picture

NaTasha, can we get a "Who

NaTasha, can we get a "Who Ran It" There is a picture of Beyonce in this weeks USWeekly with a dress that looks just like the one Ashanti has one. Hook it up! Loves the blog, keep it up!
Minni's picture

Ybf rocks!!! what more can i

Ybf rocks!!! what more can i say, i read it everyday religious all the way in Kenya,Africa.Fab work
Bree's picture

You can see J-Lo's dress

You can see J-Lo's dress here: http://tinyurl.com/2q6c3o
nubia's picture

Ashanti is not wearing the

Ashanti is not wearing the same dress as J-Lo - they're just similar. And J-Lo's dress is prettier. J-Lo's dress.
nubia's picture

@ divine who cares about

@ divine who cares about your so-called "credentials." websites are supposed to be USER FRIENDLY. and if the mass majority of users say it ain't friendly - your degree don't make it so. the new format is tedious unless you visit the site every day or however often new posts are added.
nubia's picture

Stop Hating on Keyshia i bet

Stop Hating on Keyshia i bet five and two now & laters that wont non of yall say that ish to her face, yall think foxy bad keyshia cole uckf wit it. East OAkland in this thang and we on like ish...cooler than aligator eating now laters.......
east oakland 83 and holly round the corner frm k.cole's picture

serena is so hot. stop hating

serena is so hot. stop hating i'm so happy she finally got it together. i kept looking at the pics over and over again. her make up is flawless.fly little grasshopper. don't forget about the blackout this friday 11-2-07. don't buy nothing from the white folks.
rock the boat's picture

[quote comment="8181"]Okay

[quote comment="8181"]Okay being half naked and being completely naked are two different things. Whenever Beyonce does a cover she always looks classy. Keyshia does not look classy to me on this cover. Like someone said this is more of a KING magazine cover than a VIBE magazine cover. Come on KeyKey you can do better. U don't have to be naked to sale. Why can't some of these chicks let their talent do the talking.[/quote] Was she "classy" when she showed her nipples in Honey? lol Ya'll need to stop being hypocrits! I'm just skimming this post, I have yet to read the entire thing...and I doubt I will, now, cause people are showing out with these replies... ya'll got me all over the place!
Mardou Fox's picture

Star looks horrible with her

Star looks horrible with her ol' bobble-headed skin sagging ass.
JerseyBred's picture

[quote comment="8245"]WHY DO

[quote comment="8245"]WHY DO I READ THE SAME SHIT EVERYDAY ON CONCRETELOOP 5HOURS EARLIER THAT IS POSTED ON THIS SHIOTTY SITE? I CLOWN NATHAAASHA BECAUSE SHE IS ALWAYS HATIN ON PRETTY CELEBRITIES ESPECIALLY KEYSHIA COLE!! ONLY LATELY HAS SHE BEEN GIVING KEYSHIA PROPS.....THIS SITE'S FORMAT AND RECYCLED NEWS SUCK[/quote] You are sooo wrong about this one...because I've seen several stories in the last couple of weeks that were here HOURS before concreteloop posted them up... Even the "Who ran it" with Ciara and Trina was here for hours and then POOF it pops up on concrete loop. But, I visit Perez Hilton and I will say that it annoys me that both CONCRETELOOP and YBF take his stuff, not a lot, but I don't see that there's any need to post stories on a black site using a non-black person's angle...Not racist, just saying black bloggers ought to be able to come up with their own angles, it's their people, afterall... But, yeah...you're SOOOOO wrong about Natasha taking stories from concreteloop...I did see this vibe cover there yesterday BUT MANY times there have been stories and pictures here all day that have popped up on concrete loop around 3:00 or 4:00 pm...so, yeah...that's not true... And, it's crazy to try to contextualize a blogger's comment...who cares how Natasha looks? Have you ever seen the people who run the fashion industry? ummm yeah, none of them are modelesque lol Stop hating, for real...if you don't like her blog, stay at concreteloop but I promise you'll be back here because, as I said, they take a LOT from this site... They're site is great too, I love it too...everything is easier to read against the black background so I'm not dogging them, but you can't accuse Natasha of regurgitating their stuff when it just isn't true. In fact, the only exclusives they ever have are interviews with musicians...not gossip...
Mardou Fox's picture

I was in that prayer circle

I was in that prayer circle with you too!!! KeKe Cole is doing her thing, I love it. Now if we could pray some of these other folks on the ball, we'll be good for at least a week.
DeAndre's picture

I think Keyshia looks

I think Keyshia looks fabulous!!!!! Honestly I think you are very negative Natasha. I'm getting to the point where I don't even like to read your posts anymore. Sister please get on a more positive vibe! I also saw you in the magazine, you're not that hot either honey.
Sheena's picture

I got mad YBF love, but ... I

I got mad YBF love, but ... I agree with Lola and Keesha. You need to ditch the new format, boo.
Jackie O's picture

Mika, I'm with you girl!!

Mika, I'm with you girl!! Y'all need to stop hating. Give Serena some love, she looks fabulous. All I can do is shake my head. Are our folks that full of self-hate, that they cannot appreciate a brown skin sistah. I would love to see what some of you haters look like.
Promise's picture

Serena's lookin' sweet, as

Serena's lookin' sweet, as usual. What it do, kaykay.
Goliano's picture

luv da new site...it jus

luv da new site...it jus takes a min 2get used 2..Serena an Ashanti iz killin it...keyshia..dnt like da hair or da cover but i will b picking up dat VIBE and watching her show 2nite @ 10:30
Jas's picture

althought she is airbrushed

althought she is airbrushed to DEATH, this is the best i've ever seen Keisha. Now, Joy Bryant makes me YAWWWWNNNNN....
empress's picture

I don't really care for the

I don't really care for the sites new layout. It's better to just click to the next page. Rather than click to a whole other page in the middle of the page, and then have to go back the original page. If that changes then I will look at it every day like I used to. I have several clients that feel the same way.
Brandye's picture


candi in cali's picture


candi in cali's picture

damon wayans is still sexy as

damon wayans is still sexy as hell, even with the grey beard!!
dana's picture

JLo wore a similar dress to

JLo wore a similar dress to the oscar this year (07) not 2 years ago...its not the same dress as Ashanti...there is nothing wrong with Denzel wife IMO and Keyshia Cole cover is ok...its just not right for a Vibe Magazine
Nasia's picture

WOW to Serena she actually

WOW to Serena she actually looked nice. Denzel with those gym shoes not a good look.
SHEREE's picture


candi in cali's picture

Go Ke Ke! I just watched your

Go Ke Ke! I just watched your show I'm hooked. Serena, send us your new stylist info we want to send her flowers.
Empress9's picture

I CANNOT believe you dissed

I CANNOT believe you dissed Denzel's wife, Natasha! I haven't read all the replies , but I read some other people dissing her, too... Mannnn ya'll are being so fake...you know that's exactly how our Mothers and Aunts dress and wear their hair...she looks no different than any other black woman! I just don't get the "something about her just isn't right" comment... And, to the wanna be fashionistas lol NO clutches ARE NOT supposed to be "small"...they come in all sizes, and she's carrying an oversized clutch and it's gorgeous.... And, as for Joy looking like an "Olsen"...yeah, she wishes she did, that's why she hired a stylist, Racheal Zoe who does little more than copy Mary-Kate's style... The Olsens are IT as far as the new generation of fashion icons go...People are quick to hate on them because they're jealous that their own style of dress isn't as smart...
Mardou Fox's picture

Oh and Natasha, NONE and I

Oh and Natasha, NONE and I mean NONE of these haters can ever beat what you do on this blog so don't listen to the hate, girl!
YBF_OZ's picture

DAMN!! You Americans are the

DAMN!! You Americans are the most critical people I have ever met!! I wonder if any of you look as good as the people you diss on a regular basis!
YBF_OZ's picture

Get your facts straight

Get your facts straight before posting. Ashanti is not wearing the same dress J.Lo wore 2 years ago. She is wearing a Marchesa 2008 gown.
Nita's picture

Yall bitches are some real

Yall bitches are some real haters. Damn. I know its just jealousy, but I feel really bad for you guys. If you get ur fat asses away from the blogs for a few moments, maybe you can look half as decent as the people posted here.
Living The Good Life's picture

Keisha Cole is so effing

Keisha Cole is so effing fierce. Pauletta let my people go. Serena you go gurl and Ashanti I love the new you keep it up.
QueenLexx's picture

they don't all have this

they don't all have this format.
YBF fan's picture

- Ooooh.. Ashanti really has

- Ooooh.. Ashanti really has been stepping it up! Loving the make up. Not the ususal "Caked On" Look.. - As for Dame, *yawm* I heard his wife was in Oprah today. - Poor Chudney, she tries so hard! - John Legend's been looking a little rough these days. - LL and Deborah *yawn* - Nat does look pretty FAB for her age. - Hmm.. I have a bath robe with the same motif as Patti's outfit. Interesting... - Ohhh Roberta! *SMH* Killing ME softly indeed chile! - Both Diddy and Randy looked nice IMO. Except for Randy's milkshake tie. - Poor Star. *SMH* In that first pic, she looks sick. - WOWWWWWWWW @ Serena. Chick has been killing it lately. From the clothes, to the hair, to the makeup! I guess "Esquire" really isn't playing that ish! - Shame on Joy. I've seen her look better! - Someone hand Michelle a sandwich and a smaller slip. PLEASE! - I think the graying beard is kinda sexy. Hmm... maybe it's just me. - What's up with the Tennis shoes and the tux? Damn.. I know he's not trying to be with Pauletta like that, but if you're going to act, act all the way!! - LOL.. leave Neicy alone. You know everything seems to be coming back into style now. Let her reinvent her wardrobe! - Why did I think Irv was in jail? Hmm.. - Oooh.. I am sooo loving this cover. Keyshia looks Gawgeous!! I almost mistook her for Eva! - Congrats on your victory Oshina!! Zune it out chick!!
Elle.MO's picture

Oh Chudney - "There’s

Oh Chudney - "There’s honestly nothing else this chick can do." Lies.. she could do porn, she may have a super buttaface but the body is still salvageable. I would put her in a little japanese schoolgirl outfit and spank her until her buttocks bleed... when your career is in doubt, wait a sec, let me whip it out out. ------------> John Legend looks just like my 4yr old nephew, the only difference is that JL would probably fight back after being kicked to the ground.. now stay outta my oreo jar you little fucker. --------------> Yet another reason never to buy an Audi.. look at Serena in the pic, is that oil from the car or did she piss herself again.. nope, I'm leaning towards it being oil leaking from the Audi, even when they are standing still they still leak oil.. damn shame. That final headshot pic of Serena looks *gulp* nice. -----------------> How can any of you blame Denzel for not being happy when he is out in public with his wife, what guy is ever happy when his wife is around? Seriously, if a guy is not having sex with the wife at the given moment then there is nothing to be happy about, it's either sex or the other thought.. the What Did I Get Myself into Thought. -------------------> I would give Neicy an award for Best Supporting Actress, I would give that award to her lips.. talk about DSL. ---------------------> Without a doubt we all know that Keyshia Cole is hot, like I'd cut any of your family members just to be with her hot.. but yeah they should have had her close her mouth for that photo.. nice body, great tits, nice face, all ruined by some middle school teeth.
MajorKnuckles's picture

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