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YBF Celebs Get Gangster Again+Ashanti & Serena Still Stepping Their Fab Game Up+Keyshia Cole Gets Nekkid

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Ashanti's taking notes from somebody because chick has been looking hot lately. She hit up the 10th Year of The G&P Foundation At The 2007 Angel Ball event hosted by Denise Rich last night: ashanti-angel-ball-2.jpg ashanti-angel-ball-3.jpg Fabulous. ashanti-angel-ball1.jpg ahsanti-denise-rich-natalie.jpg And Deborah Lee, Denise of course, and Natalie Cole were there too. ahsantianddamedashangelball.jpg Dame came through sans the "wife". Oh Chudney: chudneyangelball1.jpg chudneyangelball21.jpg There's honestly nothing else this chick can do. So oh well... johnlegendangelball1.jpg Johnny boy performed. lldeborahleeangelball1.jpg LL and Deborah spoke on the mic. nataliecoleangelball1.jpg Natalie looked fab. And Mama Patti was there: pattiangelball1.jpg pattiangelball21.jpg Looking like she was about to go clean off on somebody's ass. robertaflackangelball1.jpg Roberta Flack was there. diddyandrandyjacksonangelba.jpg Diddy--whose suit was poppin--kicked it with Randy Jackson. And Star: starandkellangelball1.jpg starjonesangelball1.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Kambouris
Well you know... Serena stepped out at the Louis Vuitton event and the Audi event in Hollywood the other night: serenaataudi.jpg serenaataudi21.jpg serenaataudi41.jpg serenaataudi31.jpg serenaatlv1.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Parry and Aussenard
I swear that YBF prayer circle is working miracles one day at a time. joylv21.jpg joy-lv1.jpg
Pics: Celebutopia
And Joy Bryant was there looking like an Olsen twin from a different daddy. Not a good look. And over at the American Gangster Hollywood screening: michelleatagscreening1.jpg michelleatagscreening21.jpg Where you been Michelle? michelleatagscreening31.jpg michelleatagscreening41.jpg Glad to see somebody's keeping herself relevant. damonwayansatagscreening1.jpg Damon Wayans and his graying beard were there. Denzy and Pauletta hit the carpet: denzelandpaulettaatscreening.jpg denzelandpaulettaatscreenin.jpg denzelatscreening2.jpg denzelatscreening3.jpg Will it kill him to crack a real smile when he's with his wife? There is always something abut Pauletta that's just....not....quite....right. And let's leave the black suit and tennis shoe look to the white boy R&B artists shall we Denzy? Thanks. neicynashatagscreening1.jpg neicynashatagscreening21.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Cohen
1999 called...and they're demanding you give it back the dark stretch denim dress Neicy. I'm just the messenger... irvgottisuckerfree1.jpg
Pic: Wireimage//G. Gershoff
The Irv hit up MTV's Sucker free recently. And look who's pulling a Kim K. on the cover of December's VIBE: keyshiacolevibe1.jpg
Pic source: S2S via C&D
Keyshia Cole. At least the pic is pretty damn fabulous though. The Randomness:
  1. Congrats to YBF reader Oshina Jefferson from Greenville, RI for winning the YBF/Kevin Michael Pink Zune Giveaway!!  The new pink Zune is all yours chick.
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-Ashanti killed it.She looks

-Ashanti killed it.She looks fab. Finally. Sidebar, when is Nelly gonna stop playing and give that gyal a ring? -Roberta Flack is, like, in her early millions. The woman still looks stunning. Natasha, you couldn't shout your soror out a little better, lol? -Chudney's not so bad.I mean, I wouldn't wear it, and she clearly has enough money to hire someone to TELL her that she ought not wear it either, but...oh wait; I guess I kinda see your point. -Johnny Boy looks elderly and sweaty. Snaps for the kids, nonetheless. -No one is going to address the madness that is Star Jones? Ok then, fine. -Serena Williams is ,by far, one of the most attractive young men we have ever seen. Give him credit for that. -Keisha Cole's face looks ashy. Kinda like she borrowed foundation from her very light-skinned friend or like, Gwyneth Paltrow. -I too, really dislike the new format. Natasha, you provide an incredible service. It's more than just entertainment, it gives agency and voice to an entire community that Hollywood and, as a result, bloggers and media tend to marginalize. For that, we can't give you anything but applause. That said, your readers have systematically given you constructive criticism about this new layout. Yes, it is only one click, but not if you have like seven different entries, in which case, you have to keep going back. It's not a good look. Please consider what we are saying to you about the new format...perhaps it's something to think about.
Anastasia's picture

The problem with Denzel and

The problem with Denzel and Pauletta is that Denzel just keeps looking better and better. Right now there is a great grandmother, grandmother, mother and a daughter in the same family, that think Denzel is gorgeous. I'm 23 years old and I think that he is the sexiest black actor out there. However, Pauletta just gets older looking and not in a good way. She just gives of a mother vibe instead of a wife vibe. I hope they can stay together though because I do believe in the sanctity of marriage. Peace.
danielle's picture

wow, ashanti really looks

wow, ashanti really looks elegant. i dont' think i've seen her doing elegant before. nice switch up
cat4everrr's picture

[quote comment="7877"]damn

[quote comment="7877"]damn damn damn---------->serena fabulous indeed .i had to look at this pic 2x cos i cant believe.oh my arent u the hotness that was there.nice keyshia -i laways mix her with KELIS[/quote] Keyshia and Kelis...me too.
Napcity's picture

P.S Does Denzel age like once

P.S Does Denzel age like once every decade. And I'm sorry, I give props to all my black women of all age, when deserved. But who has a husband as fine as Denzel and wear that shiny synthetic lookin braided in, whateva the hell that is hair style. I don't care how old you are Paulette, honey, step it up, theres a hot young Fluzie somewhere (and it very well may be me(sorry)) right this minute going, "Umm, hmm, let me catch that ass slippin and I'm on you like a cheap suit on Easter Denzel"! Gorgeous, remember that thing he use to do with his lip in Mo' Better Blues. Ohhhhhh, okay, let me stop, too excited. I know he be creepin just a little bit tho. Just a little. I wouldn't take him away, just want a ride or two(or hundred) ok, yeah, I said it, I ain't no homewrecker, but I'm just sayin! Oh, shut up, at least 100 of yall was thinking the same thing.(smile)
ToiBaby's picture

Ashanti's dress is the

Ashanti's dress is the hotness....I think JLO did where that same dress. Leave Serena alone...Nowadays she's looking more and more fab...
mochacinnamon's picture

And also D and Pauletta

And also D and Pauletta relationship is a testament to the fact that looks ain't errythang. She stuck by him when he was making $250 a week. So, there you go and they have a relationship where there is communication and respect. This isn't about superficiality and shallowness. It's about respect and I'm down for you.
MOTHERSHIP's picture

Not the biggesest Keisha Cole

Not the biggesest Keisha Cole fan but her VIBE cover is beautiful. Airbrush works miracles for a second I forgot she had all those ghetto fab tattoos. This is a good look for her.
Mz.Delilah's picture

Whoa, just seem the "You will

Whoa, just seem the "You will be Banned" msg. Ok! On Keisha, her hair is layin', loves it. Go B*tch! I just wish she had a loosened up on the tet tas a little bit, they look a little smashed, but all in all, beautiful pic. Serena looks like she glossed down them feet before she stepped out, lol. At least she knows they get crusty, I saw a few pics where she was straight slippin!
ToiBaby's picture

Note to Chutney...pony tails

Note to Chutney...pony tails are not a good look on the red carpet...in a formal gown...with all that black eyeliner. You look like a raccoon. Do better.
downwithbangs.'s picture

I am so not an Ashanti fan,

I am so not an Ashanti fan, but (GASP!) she looks fabulous! The prize goes to Serena, though. Hair, dress, makeup... she was so on point!
Pretty Primadonna's picture

Chudney looks like a damned

Chudney looks like a damned scare crow. Ashanti is fly as usual, D and Pauletta been together since Hector as a pup, if you didn't think she's was pretty now you should have seen her back in the day. It's a huge improvement now. I knew D and Sam before they blew up. Keyisha looks a hella lot more tasteful than Kim K, I'll tell you that much! This month's Vibe looks interesting, I think I will peep it.
MOTHERSHIP's picture

Denzel has been doing movies

Denzel has been doing movies for years. The look on his face says "This -ish is nothing new to me". I admire him so much for being as big a star as he is and not leaving his black queen.
real1's picture

Oh my! Is that Serena

Oh my! Is that Serena Williams looking (gasp!) dare I say fabulous?! She has definitely stepped up her style game. I've been taught to respect my elders, but damn it who the hell told Roberta Flack to come out the house looking like Sideshow Bob?! Kim Kardashian should really be taking notes from Keyshia Cole on how to do a nude pictorial and still look classy.
Yes I Said It's picture

first things first for those

first things first for those who don't like the site go to a site that you like- i'm just saying. change is hard but deal w/ it. justs cause you say oh my no likey doesn't mean natasha is going to change it for you. we all had to get used to this new format & I can dig it...ya dig! ANYWAYZ...ashanti really came up! like boo guess you need to stick to those movie roles & not the studio. cause when is her album dropping again? lol chudney...boo please what is your occupation again?- living off of...? idk i'm just sayn. Denzi- please show the teeth, chicklets please come out & grace us :-) I must agree there is just something about his wife that doesn't seem right. At least he brings her out the house. But the one thing with them they have stood the test of time..don't they have like 10+ of marraige? I just wanna see the pic of his son in that global email about him paying for the hospital, I'm sure ya'll have all seen it. Michelle looks like she's been on that Thandie diet. I hope she stopped & got a $1 cheeseburger @ mickey D's after. Can Star please do some arm curls to get rid of that tiny piece of big star? not being rude cus she does look nice, BUT tighten up boo. K.Cole is doing the dam thing. I'll be watching tonight! BET @ 10:30 the way it is, fyi in case ya'll 4got.
Q's picture

LOL @ Olsen twin from a

LOL @ Olsen twin from a different daddy... I don't really like that look on her either. And I would have never expected Denzel to wear all black and white tennis shoes.
Snoopy's picture

Ashanti looks gorgeous.

Ashanti looks gorgeous. Serena, an improvement. Joy, is always fab to me. She can pull off 'quirky'. Niecy, ummm, denim comes best in 'jean' form, not in 'dresses, vests, gloves, bags, shirts'. I think denim works best when it's the way it was intended to: jeans and by default shorts. :lol: Michelle looks skeletal and that dress is bagging on her; but it's good to see her again. Keyshia Cole: is very pretty in that God-awful, awkward as hell, image/pose. VIBE magazine is sooo falling off. She looks uncomfortable! I don't like it, but she does have great skin! :lol:
Kanyade's picture

Ashanti looks gorgeous. I

Ashanti looks gorgeous. I don't like the Keyshia cover. They could have least Photoshoppped her teeth or something...I always thought she had enough talent not to resort to that sort of thing.
JJ's picture

Serena!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so

Serena!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud. Black is definitely her color. It smooths out the mannish contours on her body. Her make-up??? Girl finally figured out that everybody else has a make up artist and she aint all that good with make up. Loveeeeeee her. Ashanti looks good, but i can still smell the BITCH from way over here... Keyshia is real nice, i met her at red lobster couple weeks ago, she just came in to officially quit her job. she's so polite n all
Tay-Xeauneae's picture

You guys are so funny. I

You guys are so funny. I agree that Serena will always look like a man. Ashanti's dress is nice, but I am not digging her face. I am mad as hell at Denzel, he looks too stress at this premiere, and his wife looks like his momma, lol..
GLORIA's picture

Keyshia is

Keyshia is banging!!!!!!! Serena and Shanti look lovely and so does natalie Cole.... MICHELLE!!!! It's so good to see her
HOTSTUFF's picture

oops, and yes, keisha looks

oops, and yes, keisha looks great on Vibe-one of their better covers period actually.
kaykay's picture

*tears streaming down my

*tears streaming down my face, blowing snot bubbles* Serena! Girl, you did it!
Grit n' Pearls Girl's picture

ooh wee my boo Ashanit looks

ooh wee my boo Ashanit looks great in the dress that jlo wore earlier this year or the end of last year. looks fantastic on both of them! kelly ripa and roberta flack at the same event, wish i could have been there :( patti's hair looks nice, healthy and almost real-that's a change. neither michelle or joy (who's okay looking not to try harder) look good...
kaykay's picture

Didn't Beyonce also wear the

Didn't Beyonce also wear the dress Ashanti has on?!!?!?
uknow's picture

Ashanti is stepping her game

Ashanti is stepping her game up...but she still looks a lil' "off" to me?? dunno. Denzel and Pauletta have been together FOREVER! Don't be surprised...this is what marriage can do to you after 20-30 years...look at ya parents! Michelle looks fab...I have that Marc Jacob's dress too! But ya know, my curves be killin'em....Michelle, where your curves go??? You did have a lil' sumpin' to work with in your DC dayz! And somebody please tell Niecey Nash that her whole look needs to "Clean House"!!!! Dammit...FABOO indeed.
Ms.Amala's picture


GreyFox's picture

The Ashanti is wearing,I

The Ashanti is wearing,I think J-Lo ran it first, check on it!
GreyFox's picture

Serena looks fab and actually

Serena looks fab and actually look feminine. Ashanti looks amazing and Natalie Cole is showing Patti and Roberta Flack how to do it at their age. Please, Roberta invest in a mirror. Denzel never smile for the paps because he's established in Hollywood. Diane Ross's kids are butt ugly.
Ivygirl's picture

Ashantis lackuster

Ashantis lackuster personality takes away from her beauty (although she does look nice, looking at her makes me YAWWWWN). Serena has definitely stepped it up a notch or two, I am not mad at her! The BIG eyes work for Diana and Tracee Ellis, but on Chudney...NO! She should squint, permanently. Denzel and Paula, I love these two and although I am in no way, shape, or form feeling the get ups, I will keep all negative comments between me and the friends in my head. Stay Fab everyone! I love the new format Natasha!
FabAtItsBest's picture

Damon Wayans and his graying

Damon Wayans and his graying beard were there. IMO, I think that is soooo sexy on a man!!
Good 'n Thick's picture

Wow Serena looks FAB!!!! Her

Wow Serena looks FAB!!!! Her dress, make-up, and hair compliment her so well and she looks so sophisticated. I am glad she left the blond hair and too tight and short dresses ALONE it was so not her. Actually if you pay attention I think she is getting fashion advice from Kelly Rowland (Her BFF) Kelly dresses with that type of sophistication as well. That Keshia Cole cover of VIBE is GORGEOUS....I love her hair cut and color it looks so good on her, much better than that wierd orange she used to wear. I LOVE it...she reminds me so much of a young and raw Mary J. Blige!!!
Dani's picture

First things first, Ashanti

First things first, Ashanti looks absolutely STUNNING! Natalie, Patti, Roberta, Chutney and everybody looks fabulous! Second..WTF is up with Keyshia cole being AIRBRUSHED to a nothing! Lookin like EVA PIGFORD! VIBE..Please do better. Third, Michelle Williams is looking alot better.. although she still skinny as a chicken.. haha! Let me stop.
DivaB's picture

Serena Williams needs to step

Serena Williams needs to step up her feet game cause they look a hot ass mess! On a good note Ashanti is really looking fab these days!
IT'sME's picture

serena williams looks

serena williams looks AMAZING!
lovey's picture

Love the new site...natasha

Love the new site...natasha please don't switch back just because these fool can't take an upgrade. I love not having to scroll down through the whole damn web page and wait for everything to load. Now it's just a click of a button.I would not be mad if Chudney got plastic surgery done to her face, it can't get any worse than it already is.Damn that was mean of me to say...but hey it's the truth...maybe they can push her eyes further into her sockets. She must get a lot of shit up in her eyes.
ladyinred's picture

I second Lola This new

I second Lola This new formatting is wack
Keesha's picture

Ashanti looks amazing! I hope

Ashanti looks amazing! I hope the ice skater-esque dresses are a thing of the past. And Serena, wow! Please keep it up for '08!
FlyGirlfromDC's picture

Ashanti does look

Ashanti does look cute!! Glad to see Serena looking less masculine....must have laid off the steroids. I'm upsset with Denzel's outfit....at least he could have worn black tennis shoes. And why is Pauletta carrying around that huge green bag...clutches are supposed to be small.
Angeleyes528's picture

Ashanti and Serena, oh so

Ashanti and Serena, oh so fabulous!!!
shay's picture

I miss the old format too but

I miss the old format too but Natasha has upgraded herself! And this new format will not stop me from visiting!! Go YBF!
maylady's picture

I think I saw Jennifer Lopez

I think I saw Jennifer Lopez in that dress! She ran it!
maylady's picture

Everyone looks nice. However,

Everyone looks nice. However, God knows I am trying to admire Serena for stepping her game up, but she will always look like a man to me. Also, could she lay of that Crisco on her body. Black skin is supposed to be smooth and glossy. Not greasy and buttery, Serena looks like she just stepped out of somebody's frying pan!!
Mel-Mel's picture

I'll be honest. I also don't

I'll be honest. I also don't like this new site format at all. It has kept me from visiting the site as often. Yes, it's just one click. But it's no longer the easy blog format and takes more time to load. Smile people and don't bash me b/c I express my opinion. Also, can you check on the Ashanti dress? I think someone else wore that. Who ran it?
YBF fan's picture

Angela, You're a bitch.

Angela, You're a bitch.
Lola's picture

Ashanti and Serena both look

Ashanti and Serena both look really pretty. What's eating Denzel these days. He looks like he could care less about this movie. Keyshia looks very well photo shopped.
Beeyah!'s picture

Lola I agree. I don't like

Lola I agree. I don't like this new ish either.
Kylie's picture

Ashanti is killing it! She

Ashanti is killing it! She looks really pretty. I won't touch the Washingtons...how long have they been married? My dad has that same look on his face.lol What is wrong with Roberta Flack? Nobody gonna say nothing? Patti Labelle always looks a hot mess! Natalie looks fly! She looks really good!
MrStyle's picture

damn damn

damn damn damn---------->serena fabulous indeed .i had to look at this pic 2x cos i cant believe.oh my arent u the hotness that was there.nice keyshia -i laways mix her with KELIS
ande's picture

did kelis really get dropped

did kelis really get dropped by Jive? neways, thumbs up for damon embracing his grey beard...must of took alot of courage.
kelis's picture

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