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YBF Celebs Get Gangster Again+Ashanti & Serena Still Stepping Their Fab Game Up+Keyshia Cole Gets Nekkid

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Ashanti's taking notes from somebody because chick has been looking hot lately. She hit up the 10th Year of The G&P Foundation At The 2007 Angel Ball event hosted by Denise Rich last night: ashanti-angel-ball-2.jpg ashanti-angel-ball-3.jpg Fabulous. ashanti-angel-ball1.jpg ahsanti-denise-rich-natalie.jpg And Deborah Lee, Denise of course, and Natalie Cole were there too. ahsantianddamedashangelball.jpg Dame came through sans the "wife". Oh Chudney: chudneyangelball1.jpg chudneyangelball21.jpg There's honestly nothing else this chick can do. So oh well... johnlegendangelball1.jpg Johnny boy performed. lldeborahleeangelball1.jpg LL and Deborah spoke on the mic. nataliecoleangelball1.jpg Natalie looked fab. And Mama Patti was there: pattiangelball1.jpg pattiangelball21.jpg Looking like she was about to go clean off on somebody's ass. robertaflackangelball1.jpg Roberta Flack was there. diddyandrandyjacksonangelba.jpg Diddy--whose suit was poppin--kicked it with Randy Jackson. And Star: starandkellangelball1.jpg starjonesangelball1.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Kambouris
Well you know... Serena stepped out at the Louis Vuitton event and the Audi event in Hollywood the other night: serenaataudi.jpg serenaataudi21.jpg serenaataudi41.jpg serenaataudi31.jpg serenaatlv1.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Parry and Aussenard
I swear that YBF prayer circle is working miracles one day at a time. joylv21.jpg joy-lv1.jpg
Pics: Celebutopia
And Joy Bryant was there looking like an Olsen twin from a different daddy. Not a good look. And over at the American Gangster Hollywood screening: michelleatagscreening1.jpg michelleatagscreening21.jpg Where you been Michelle? michelleatagscreening31.jpg michelleatagscreening41.jpg Glad to see somebody's keeping herself relevant. damonwayansatagscreening1.jpg Damon Wayans and his graying beard were there. Denzy and Pauletta hit the carpet: denzelandpaulettaatscreening.jpg denzelandpaulettaatscreenin.jpg denzelatscreening2.jpg denzelatscreening3.jpg Will it kill him to crack a real smile when he's with his wife? There is always something abut Pauletta that's just....not....quite....right. And let's leave the black suit and tennis shoe look to the white boy R&B artists shall we Denzy? Thanks. neicynashatagscreening1.jpg neicynashatagscreening21.jpg
Pics: Wireimage//Cohen
1999 called...and they're demanding you give it back the dark stretch denim dress Neicy. I'm just the messenger... irvgottisuckerfree1.jpg
Pic: Wireimage//G. Gershoff
The Irv hit up MTV's Sucker free recently. And look who's pulling a Kim K. on the cover of December's VIBE: keyshiacolevibe1.jpg
Pic source: S2S via C&D
Keyshia Cole. At least the pic is pretty damn fabulous though. The Randomness:
  1. Congrats to YBF reader Oshina Jefferson from Greenville, RI for winning the YBF/Kevin Michael Pink Zune Giveaway!!  The new pink Zune is all yours chick.
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denzel & pauletta is why i

denzel & pauletta is why i will never marry a boy that's better looking than me. natasha, you posted on kelly in that damn cat suit yet?? you know your days are over when you're on stage perfmorning as cat woman to bring the $$$ in. sad. Lola i dislike the new set-up too but hey...
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it really is just ONE click.

it really is just ONE click. If your internet connection or browser isn't current enough to support an extra click or two then maybe you should stay off the internet til you can do better, K?
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[quote comment="7872"]HEY

[quote comment="7872"]HEY NATASHA. STOP POSTING WITH EVERYTHING IN A NEW LINK! This formatting is NOT the ish.[/quote] It's one fvckin click. Deal with it.
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Hate it or Love it Keyshia

Hate it or Love it Keyshia looks gorgeous on that cover.. natural beauty in full effect.. not too much make up..she looks real clean cut..work it out Keyshia.. Serena looks much betta.. work on the feet tho..
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