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  So nobody tapped her about that lipstick on her teeth?   Kelly R. sparked the rumor mill with the new look of her chi chi's.  Some folks are convinced they're fake...not taped.  But she looked fab either way at the European Music Awards. Hot. But then Mama Tina's Creole Creations took over the outfit change: I just can't co-sign on fitted hot pink velour suits.  I just can't. Will.I.Am was there. Shaggy came out of hiding: Clef made an appearance. And Snoop hosted: Typical. Check out Omarion and Bow Wow's album covers: Interesting. Michael's Ebony cover is here: Oh Michael. And Denzy and Na Na couldn't have looked more awkward at the American Gangster premiere in London: Mmmk. The Randomness:
  1. Dog's been leashed.  A&E yanked his show off the network indefinitely. In case you missed his racist rant, check it here .
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this is the most beautiful

this is the most beautiful kelly has ever looked. the older she gets the prettier she becomes. in my opinion she looks just as good as B. My only prob with kelly is that she needs to shave her armpits; for some reason or another this continues to be a problem for her.
DLS's picture

on god omrion and bow wow 1

on god omrion and bow wow 1 step from getting married lmao is it me or did tha gurls wit wil.i.am all look like tootie from facts of life lol
tazs_babygurl's picture

Shaggy should be stoned for

Shaggy should be stoned for wearing those shoes.. are those even shoes, they could easily pass for Diddy's shiny ass socks. ---------> Snoop is still the man.. I'll take one order of the white chick in the yellow bikini bottom please, if she's on her period it's ok.. that's just more lubrication for me. -----------> Wow.. So Omarion and BowWow are going after the stalker look with that cover huh.. it's kinda like if they are on the lookout, posted up to see if anyone will catch them in the act.. it's clear guys, no-one is looking, proceed to fuck each other silly. -------------> Denzel and Naomi look fishy in that pic, like two lovers trying to hide things.. you peeps should see the photo that I took with my art teacher in high school, now we didn't fuck or anything, I only ate her beaver.. but then she told my that my penis was too small for her so she broke it off.. fuckin whore. ----------------> It sucks that Dog got cancelled, I wanted to personally put him down but they beat me to it.. get it.. put him down.. no, then FUCK U!
MajorKnuckles's picture

Has Mr. Boombastic Always

Has Mr. Boombastic Always been that sexy damn I guess I was just too young to appreciate him the first time around
Amber's picture

In response to Nichole.... I

In response to Nichole.... I think that Kelly's cat suit looks good as welll. I also think that Natasha hates on Momma and Papa Knowles as well. Momma Knowles outfits are not always on point(I will admit), but sometimes they are cute. As far as Natash's comment about Mr. Knowles trying to make Beyonce achieve world domination, why wouldn't he? Every parent wnats the best for their child and wants to see their child utilize their gifts to the fullest. Am I right or wwong? PS- Just because someone disagrees with Natsha doesn't amke them a hater A Geezy. It just means that they havea brain that's capbale of forming opinions too.
Tiffany's picture

Ok, so if you think Kelly is

Ok, so if you think Kelly is cute (which she is) that's great. But why did you have to immeadiately go comparing her to Beyonce, which by the way I don't think she is fake. I think too many people get to hung up on comparing the two. They are two totally different peolple, with two totally different careers, and two totally different styles of dress and singing. Beyonce just happens to have been out longer, therefore she is more establish and her music is more happy and funny than Kelly's (you got to admit that Kelly's first cd was depressing garbage and her second one is border line besides the song with Eve). With that siad, Kelly is a talented young lady. Give her more time to develop her talent and a new producer and song writer and she will be the star that she is destned to be, but please don't try to discredit Beyonce's success and beauty. PS- These days, who doesn't have fake hair and tits? It's just all part of the Hollywood game. You have to look a certain way if you want to get ahead.
Tiffany's picture

Hey Natasha, I am a big fan

Hey Natasha, I am a big fan of your blog but I dont like your new setup. I really enjoyed reading your blog when each entry was not separate. Be original, I dont like it . Please chang it back. with love, Monica
Monica's picture

lol @ snoop's skinny @$$

lol @ snoop's skinny @$$ legs!!!!!!!!!
auragirl's picture

i just can't believe that dog

i just can't believe that dog (why does he call himself that?) and his family uses the n word in everyday life when describing a black person. doesn't he think there is something wrong with that? it would've been better if he had just said he didn't like anyone of color rather than saying about how he was afraid the girl would hear him say the n word. i think it takes hate or just ignorance to use words that describe anyone's heritage in a negative way. if hes ok with black people then refer to them as people, not the n word!
j's picture

Mike looks good...I mean as

Mike looks good...I mean as good as he's gonna get! Who cares how he looks...Bring back the music!
MrStyle's picture

umm bow weezy and omarion

umm bow weezy and omarion album covers look just like JAY AND R.KELZ BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CDs..seriously.. very original...NOT!
Cha's picture

Isla's comment about Michael

Isla's comment about Michael Jackson is killin me. Kelly's breasts aren't fake! Gimmie a break. There's no way in hell Armani would make a cheap ass lookin tacky pink velour suit like that. I agree with Natasha, that is some ol' nasty Mamma Tina creole shit for real!
jam's picture

Denzel needs to hit the

Denzel needs to hit the treadmill
mivida2k's picture

Ok, this race *hit has to

Ok, this race *hit has to stop somewhere!! It is totally out of control. In the past two months there have been so many racial issues that is it ridiculous!! Today in Atlanta another black teen has been arrested and charged with assault for shoving a teacher after she grab his arm for talking on his cell phone after school in the hall. Now this Dog comment. Who cares if he said it in an private conversation, like Innis said he is consider an public figure and someone with an flity mind and mouth should not be allow to be in public. Come on people lets stop worry about the last CD or video that is coming out and educate our minds and take an stand. As for Kelly, she is beautiful and has always been my pick of the group!!!
This has to stop's picture


Clmyu's picture

mike is so

mike is so airbrushed...Denzel probably just finished tapping that hence the awkwardness.......kelly how can i say this delicately.... get back in the studio ( if she had a glam squad like Beyonce someone would of told her that's what happens when you apply make up in your suv on the way to the show) and drop papa Knowles....... face off how unoriginal like teens need anymore over sexed tracks saw the g/f video bow wow laying up in the bed with a chick nice message ......to your fans premarital sex/relations is a ok !!! he is whack and so is his lover omarion
shar's picture

[quote comment="9430"]Michael

[quote comment="9430"]Michael Jackson is back. He paved the way for all these musicians trying to take his style. People need to leave Mike alone.[/quote] finally someone is standing up for him i personally don't understand why people treat him like *hit different strokes for different folks tell me what has he done that everybody is not doing now all them fake *ss stars in hollywood right now i think he fit in perfect
KEZ's picture

Kelly's pink suit is cute.

Kelly's pink suit is cute. Natasha, take anothe look.
ladyday's picture

Kelly's pink suit is cute.

Kelly's pink suit is cute. Don't hate.
ladyday's picture

Kelly's breasts are

Kelly's breasts are definitely fake. Not only the indent but the brand spankin new stretchmarks. They stretched from her ribcage, not inside the boob like natural growth, look at it! Kelly got implants for an A because she was AAA before. No hate, I am a proud member of the itty bitty titty commitee.
HoneyBesoul's picture

Kelly's pink suit piece is

Kelly's pink suit piece is Armani and I think it looked hot.
harlem dude's picture

[quote comment="9340"]Kelly's

[quote comment="9340"]Kelly's got implants because if you look at the 1st picture of her on the pink...the left breast has a buckle in it. quote] I totally agree. You can see definite implantage in the pink suite.
Meche's picture

Yup, the slight boob dent

Yup, the slight boob dent apparent in the pink jacket pic confirms that Miss Kelly bought herself some cleavage. But is anyone really surprised? Her nose gets smaller and smaller each day.
Akimbo's picture

Look at the indent in Kelly's

Look at the indent in Kelly's breast in the pic of the pink suit!!Hmmmm....suspect.
auragirl's picture

JAmarcus ur trippin.Kelly is

JAmarcus ur trippin.Kelly is gorgeous..how coud u say that?and she LOOKS LIKE A BLACK WOMAN..UNLIKE BEY-whos totally fake.JAMACUS u dont know wat black beauty is!
Christina_keys's picture

Kelly is WAY TOO UGLY to be

Kelly is WAY TOO UGLY to be relevant or a superstar, she will always be E-list. She'd need some double D's to make up for that mug..
Jamarcus's picture

i think kelly should wax her

i think kelly should wax her underarms instead of shaving. the visible underarm hair ruined the whole look
noni's picture

I agree, What is up with

I agree, What is up with Denzel? He is one of the most sexiest black men but lately he's been looking like a wash up. Please Denzel stop coming in public like that. Get back in the gym and work it. I always thing that K.Rowland looks good, I am glad she is not a Beyonce look a like and does her own thing. Too bad she can't get as much press as Beyonce though... Dog sucks! I can't believe now a days, people still have problems with interracial dating, big deal. Love is Love no matter the color. Those was some damn nasty things he said. I always feel like there is about to be a race war.
GLORIA's picture

Kellee looks cute, regardless

Kellee looks cute, regardless if she's had implants or not...the dress is nice...I absolutely HATE that HOT PINK velour suit....it just looks terrible!!! What the hell does Snoop have on? can someone explain??...lol...Look at those skinny a** legs...Michael's hair is flawless!
MzPurp's picture

Mike's hair is always on

Mike's hair is always on point!!!...
Sherry's picture

MJ's lacefront is the

MJ's lacefront is the bomb...Trina take note. I bet he's bald under there. Anyway Kelly doesn't have implants! Why would somebody get size A cup implants? And BOOOOOOO to the faceoff album cover.
nonayabizznizz's picture

Denzel and Naomi's body

Denzel and Naomi's body language is totally off, they seem to be hiding something or trying hard to, in any case they look very un-esy together!!!!HMMMM
Anthonia's picture

Denzel and Naomi's body

Denzel and Naomi's body language is totally off, they seem to be hiding somethig or tryig hard to, in any case they look ery un-esy together!!!!HMMMM
Anthonia's picture

I was actually shocked to see

I was actually shocked to see the Denzel picture.
AnOldieButaGoodie's picture

Kelly looks gorgeous. Hmm,

Kelly looks gorgeous. Hmm, Naomi and Denzel....interesting.
JJ's picture

make that - Gorgeous

make that - Gorgeous
cat4everrr's picture

kelly looks georgeos. well

kelly looks georgeos. well all right now
cat4everrr's picture

the pink outfit is hot. some

the pink outfit is hot. some can pull that off - she's one of them. and i seriously doubt their fake - obviously the dress is pushing them up, people. who gets a boob job to change into a B cup?
kisha's picture

Denzel has been losing sexy

Denzel has been losing sexy points lately. He looked good in the movie but here lately in public he beening looking like he gained a ton of weight while sporting a box curl. Eek! Denzel baby get it together.
JustSaying's picture

nichole On Nov 5, 2007 |

nichole On Nov 5, 2007 | Reply | Quote I think kelly in the pink suit looks good. I think natasha be hating on mrs tina too hard.OOh kelly boobs are fake. Wow. Come on Black people. Learn proper English.
shauna's picture

Sorry, Kelly boobs are fake.

Sorry, Kelly boobs are fake. I knew she was gone from the scene too long for a reason!!!The hot pink fit is bangin'but honestly what in the foolywang was Snoop thinkin'Let hope "Face Off" doesn't end like "The Best of Both Worlds", I'm still mad over that ish
TeTe's picture

who cares if Kelly got a boob

who cares if Kelly got a boob job? She looks great. Although, I can't say I'm feeling the pink suit. By the way...can someone send Bow Wow and Omarion the memo that R.Kelly and JAY-Z already did this album? Holographic album cover included.
Mz.Delilah's picture

I was really disappointed to

I was really disappointed to hear the garbage that spewed from Dog Chapman last week, because I watched his show often. I gave him credit for being a better man than that. Although I am glad the cat's out of the bag. I have to wonder though if it was worth it for his son to bring down his whole family like that? I hope the girl and the money both last forever because his relationship with his family is probably OVER. Dog is finished and A&E did the right thing, he is not a role model and should not be on television.
Bella's picture

M.Jackson has been looking

M.Jackson has been looking like a white woman for years... so, that's nothing new... but under his circumstances, I think that he looks refreshed. K.Rowland looks GREAT! She is working it in that DRESS!!! "Get It!"
1stLady's picture

Who would've noticed the

Who would've noticed the lipstick on Kelly's teeth?? Her outfit was HOTTT!!!
Glamity's picture

I'm so mad at Kelly for the

I'm so mad at Kelly for the new boobs. They look kind of painful... especially compared to what she had before. After the new nose thing, I'm not surprised.... still a cute girl though. She looked nice in the dress. I just hope she gets her self esteem together and doesn't get any more work done.
MP's picture




[quote comment="9328"]Congrats to Michael Jackson on becoming the 1st WHITE WOMAN to make the cover of Ebony magazine!!! Hooray![/quote] LMAO, that was too funny... and too true...
Marleaux's picture

mikes hair looks almost

mikes hair looks almost better than mine, his perm is laid.
Miss Abri's picture

Kelly's got implants because

Kelly's got implants because if you look at the 1st picture of her on the pink...the left breast has a buckle in it. With all the money these chicks have, you would think they would get some decent implants and have them implanted correctly. My working class butt got NICE implants, they look completely NATURAL...these girls, I don't know...SMH. Say what you want, Michael Jackson's wig game is on point!
Lisa's picture

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