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Glamour Girls: Kerry, Iman, Mariah, Michael, & Others

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Kerry Washington was spotted hitting up the ACE Awards (honoring achievements in fashion accessories) at Cipriani's in the NYC last night: Kerry Washington Kerry Washington
Pics: Wireimage//Devaney
I'm officially on the hunt for those Louboutins. Fab chick indeed. And inside the awards:
Pics: Wireimage//J. McCarthy
Gotta love this chick's style game. And other YBF chicks hit up the Glamour Magazine 2007 Women of the Year Awards at the Lincoln Center in NY last night: Shonda Rhimes got bold with it. Rashida Jones looked cute: And Mimi performed with more material on than she's worn in years: Iman was there looking stunning as usual: I swear Andre Leon looks dapper as all hell when he's not rocking that cape. It's the small things that can change a person...
Pics: Wireimage//Busacca
And Aisha Tyler looked cute too...sans that big country flower. Ummm Jenny:
Pics: Celebutopia.net
That water bottle cover up tactic is not making that baby bump look any smaller. Seriously. Loves the YSL bag though. Check out the whole 20+ page spread of Michael Jackson's for EBONY mag hitting magazine stands soon:
Pics: This is the Diaspora
You know what....I think I'm feeling Mike again. We all have a lil crazy in us right? The Randomness:
  1. Why is VH-1 giving Chance and Real from I Love NY 1 their own reality show? When will the foolishness stop peoples?!
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Hey Oakland and Kay Kay...I'm

Hey Oakland and Kay Kay...I'm from the town as well! Seminary exit is where I get off :) Re: Michael...i've never turned my back on that dude and it's good to see him looking healthy and confident in those pics! Invincible was a slept on album... Re: Fashion....Natasha, just curious, how do you stay up on all the names...i would have never known that those shoes were Louboutins or that the purse was Yves Saint Laraunt...you amaze me everytime w/ the designer knowledge...
It'smesuprise's picture

[quote comment="9838"]Michael

[quote comment="9838"]Michael is....pretty.[/quote] Surprisingly, I have to agree. Photoshop and editing does wonders for celebrities. This is the best I have seen Michael since he was a black man--now he is a white woman. He was born a black man but will die a white woman. He still has fans though! :o)
StarBaby's picture

@ cat4evrrr Kerry is wearing

@ cat4evrrr Kerry is wearing a Tory Burch dress from her2008 RTW line
columbussocialites's picture

~~Kerry's dress and shoes are

~~Kerry's dress and shoes are absolutely FAB! ~~I think I might actually read that MJ Ebony article. ~~I'm so over J-Lo and her baby bump. She is never going to talk about it. But I guess that's a good thing. ~~I don't know about that CHANCE and REAL reality show. Both of those dudes are WHACK--especially CHANCE. Real is a dude that is kind of weird---and he is short...thats never a good look for a guy. And Chance is a WANKSTA!!!! He tries so hard to be gangsta and from the hood but I see right through that fake sh**.
StarBaby's picture

I have always been a Michael

I have always been a Michael fan, I am glad he is exiting his hermitical ways. The reality show epidimic is sicking, some are fine but everything now is reality tv. It seems as if you get 1 minute of face time on television you are guaranteed a reality show.
Southern Homegirl N MD's picture

Mike had a lot to say,

Mike had a lot to say, interesting.
Lisa's picture

[quote comment="9828"]-BTW

[quote comment="9828"]-BTW MiMi looks uncomfortable in that much clothing![/quote] LOL She does!!! All the ladies look fab!!! I LOVE Kerry!! She can do no wrong (well at least style-wise)!!! Never been a huge Mike fan, so I won't be reading. The foolishness cycle will never end at VH-1. Bet 5 that a girl on their show will get her own show. I like reality shows and all, but this is getting ridiculous.
Angeleyes528's picture

-Kerry Washington and Iman

-Kerry Washington and Iman are too fab. They out style everyone at any party. -I bet as soon as Mariah finished singing she went to put on something too small and too low cute. Michael is just too sad.
Ivygirl's picture

Kerry & Iman looks

Kerry & Iman looks good! That dress looks terrible on Aisha...and I think she agrees...look @ her face on the second pic! All of Michael's pics look fake or photoshopped or something!!
MzPurp's picture

Michael is....pretty.

Michael is....pretty.
Lace's picture

Most of us really want

Most of us really want Michael to get it together and put some good music. We'll forgive craziness if you put out some good stuff Mike.
Martinique_fr's picture

Please stop with the reality

Please stop with the reality shows! This is out of control.
Sistergal's picture

iman looks super fab!! & oh

iman looks super fab!! & oh mikey mike...i am happy that he's not looking too crazy. Ebony needs to step it up a bit cus maybe its just me but their mag is a tad boring. =/
Q's picture



-BTW MiMi looks uncomfortable

-BTW MiMi looks uncomfortable in that much clothing!
HTown's picture

Kerry will always have a

Kerry will always have a place to sit... As long as I have a face.
R Kelly's picture

-OMG Kerry looks great and

-OMG Kerry looks great and her shoes look even greater!! Where did she come from? -Every at the Award Show looked FAB! -DAYUM Michael...that's all I got to say about that one. -I'm sure Chance and Real are getting their own show...it's part of VH1's plot. Chance is gonns get dumped by New York a second time then him and Real will have their own show. Who ever New York picks...it won't work out then she'll have a ILoveNY III Just like FOL III.
HTown's picture

I love me some MJ but damn if

I love me some MJ but damn if he doesn't look like Johnny Depp in Charlie & The Choclate Factory.
Soul~Flower's picture

LOVES Kerry Washingtonm all

LOVES Kerry Washingtonm all the time!!! I read an article recently about Andre, and he seems to have lost quite a bit of weight, which is a DEFINITE upgrade.
keiranzma's picture

Chance and Real yeah!! Can't

Chance and Real yeah!! Can't wait. lol
aprilshowers's picture

I hate to admit it, but a

I hate to admit it, but a little part of me still loves Michael.
FlyGirlfromDC's picture

hey Oakland! i'm from Oakland

hey Oakland! i'm from Oakland too, east to be exact, dirty thirties biotches! LMAO...oh and I also heart Mariah's bedazzled mic and mic stand :)
kaykay's picture

I heart Micheal Jackson

I heart Micheal Jackson forever!...I heart that Chris Webber Avatar almost as much!...Kerry looks good and typical for her...Aisha's face looks tired to me...sigh, Chris when will you propse to ME?!
kaykay's picture

Why is everyone so concerned

Why is everyone so concerned about J-Lo's pregnancy? It's not as if you can hide a pregnancy indefinitely, unless she plans to go into hiding. We will find out soon enough if she is pregnant...maybe when the pictures of the baby(ies) appears on a magazine cover. In the meantime, she has no obligation to tell the media anything. My .02.
MeThatsWho's picture

auragirl On Nov 6, 2007 |

auragirl On Nov 6, 2007 | Reply | Quote I am surprised seeing Mariah’s outfit…you CAN look good without being half naked! --- your right..lol
cat4everrr's picture

i'm really feeling that dress

i'm really feeling that dress kerry has on. i'm wondering if we can get the info on who put out that dress
cat4everrr's picture

I am surprised seeing

I am surprised seeing Mariah's outfit...you CAN look good without being half naked! Michael is back! Hopefully he'll crank out some HITS! Iman and Kerry look amazing!
auragirl's picture

Kerry Washington is soooo fab

Kerry Washington is soooo fab its ridiculous. Jenny from the block is such a cute mommy to be, I love her. And I never stopped loving Michael, now he kinda lost me for a minute when he was in that tree talkin about how he was Peter Pan, but I still got love for him.
Brittany Renee's picture

Am I second for real???

Am I second for real???
ChiTownDiva's picture

#1 oh michael

#1 oh michael
Oakland's picture

Does anyone know if that is

Does anyone know if that is the dress designed for Iman from Project Runway? I remember a challenge where the winning design would be worn by Iman to a red carpet event.
Phattale's picture

JUST NIKKI is gettin on

JUST NIKKI is gettin on Michael HARD BODY!!!!!! LOLOLOL But i gotta say, i really am stil feelin Michael. Dont call it a comeback lol
Let'sGoLilKittyKat's picture

Of all the Black influential

Of all the Black influential people to get an exclusive interview, Ebony choose MJJ to interview, yawn!. What about talking to the First Woman President of Liberia, or Obama, and ask him how it feels to be black , and yet silly negroes would rather have Clinton, thinking they are going to get an invite to a party. Why not talk to Black Astronaunts or a famous arthur, but to have MJJ , and have him basically give a fluff piece is a joke. Now, I can see why my mother never bought or subscribe to Ebony Magazine.
Bohwe's picture

I never left MJ's side...but

I never left MJ's side...but I think im feeling him again too!!
Oakstar's picture

Michael insist on being that

Michael insist on being that BAD brotha that he is. Aside from all OFF THE WALL craziness these flicks prove he can still be called on to present himself the way his fans remember him best. Dude is hot in these pictures.
actright's picture

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