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Nelly Talking Ish About Halle B.+Christina & Alicia Make Appearances+ Lil Kim Is "Chillin Tonight"

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Nelly says Tip Drill isn't as bad as Monster's Ball So Nelly talked to the folks over at SOHH.com about why Essence will never put him on the cover.  He says there's a double standard of hip hop acts v. TV acts:
You look at Essence magazine, and they wouldn't put a rapper on the cover...They wouldn't put Nelly on the cover of Essence. Why? I don't know. Would I like to do it? Of course I would. Why not? You wouldn't put me on the cover because of the 'Tip Drill' video ... that's probably your main focus," he added. "But yet still, you put Halle Berry on the cover. She's had a 15-minute sex scene with some white guy in front of a couch ... I mean you can't tell me that 'Tip Drill' was worse than watching that sex scene between Billy Bob (Thornton) and Halle Berry. You can't tell me that. That was longer than four or five minutes. You feel what I'm sayin'?
Boy stop. Alicia Keys performed for Hot 97 listeners for their in-studio series. And she was rocking a cute Akademiks sequin hoody. Me likey. Christina Milian's fab self hit up the House of Taylor Jewels event this weekend: Christina Milian at House of Taylor Jewels Christina Milian at House of Taylor Jewels Christina Milian at House of Taylor Jewels Christina Milian at House of Taylor Jewels
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Almost had some embarrasing slippage footage too. Dress is clearly about a size too big...but still cute. Lil Kim Chillin tonight And check out Lil Kim's new leaked track "Chillin Tonight": [audio:Lil_Kim-Chillin_Tonight.mp3]
{Thanks Nile}
Who's feeling it?
The Randomness:
  1. TMZ has an update about the death of Dr. Donda West.
  2. Poor Brandy.
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The topic of 'hoes' have been

The topic of 'hoes' have been discussed numerous times and is especially afiliated withe w/ the Hip Hop culture. And recently, Hip Hop has been used as a scapegoat for society's ill paricularly the explotation of women's sexuality. A lot of social experts and the media, and parents, etc, etc blame Hip Hop for stereotyping black women as whores and bitches. In my opinions, it's not something to be offended by if you don't fit in that category. The Def. of Bitches and Hoes are women who sleep w/ men for $$$, women who sleep around, women who you can 'hit' on the 1st night and forget, women you can pass around to your boys, basically a women who has a lack of respect for herself. Great Example:Karrine Steffans. I brought this topic to attention because I read the recent quote of Nelly: “You look at Essence magazine, and they wouldn’t put a rapper on the cover. They wouldn’t put Nelly on the cover of Essence. Why? I don’t know. Would I like to do it? Of course I would. Why not? You wouldn’t put me on the cover because of the ‘Tip Drill’ video … that’s probably your main focus. But yet still, you put Halle Berry on the cover. She’s had a 15-minute sex scene with some white guy in front of a couch … I mean you can’t tell me that ‘Tip Drill’ was worse than watching that sex scene between Billy Bob (Thornton) and Halle Berry. You can’t tell me that. That was longer than four or five minutes. You feel what I’m sayin’?” This quote has been posted on some black blogs and most bloggers replied that Nelly degrades women. How so? I can't believe this topic is so debatable as if these rappers are responsible for the degration of women; these 'men' are not talking about hard working women, classy women or women who have self respect. They are talking about groupies, golddiiggers, strippers, whores. So why are people, especialy women offended by these rappers' video, song, mentality? Why do us as general black females let society or whoever define who we must be or how we are supposed to act? Why can't we BE who we want to be? Just to be defined as individuals, not as a group. So if it don't apply, LET IT FLY.
say2's picture

Nelly Nelly Nelly! Damn let

Nelly Nelly Nelly! Damn let it go! Ever since he was on the Hip-Hop vs America on BET he's just been speakin his damn mind wherever he goes huh? Alicia always looks FAB wherever she's at. Im feelin Christina's dress. Its really nice.Im not feelin that Lil Kim song! Call it hatin if u want but i know she can do better.
Janae's picture

not really a leak if it was

not really a leak if it was on "The Game" tonight
Tessa's picture

Life is about choices.

Life is about choices. Regardless of the excuses Nelly makes as to why he chooses to be disgusting in his videos, it's his choice and his right to do so. I think, however, that playing a role in a movie, is different from choosing to exploit women in music videos. Two totally different issues. Halle is the captain of her ship. She is in control of the roles she portrays. She is established in the industry. The same is true for Nelly he is established in the industry, and he can conduct his videos in the way that HE chooses. The "video girls" are a dime a dozen, and are not established, just trying to "get out there". So I say to Nelly, stop comparing yourself to people that are not doing the same thing as you are. Some may see Halle as exploiting herself in that movie, but no one has claimed that Nelly is exploiting himself, only others...and that's my humble opinion...
pinkgurlie's picture

1st off, I'm a dude who has

1st off, I'm a dude who has grown up in-love w/ Halle Berry. She's freakin gorgeous & always has been. But damn! I can't stand the fact she chose to do that rotten scene & instantly degraded herself (in my eyes). Its not that it was w/ a white guy. If it were w/ any guy or girl, it would still be uncalled for. I can't look @ her w/ the same respect any more, it pisses me off. I also think that it was in poor taste & made OUR women look f_ckin slutty & like sex monsters to other races who don't know ish bout us (especially w/ her dumb azz sounding like a f_ckin slave). I agree w/ Nelly. He didn't pop his azz in the camera, these women did. Y is every1 on HIS case? He slid a credit card down some girls butt...SO F_CKIN WHAT? That sybolized the fact that the girl is for hire, right? Well duh, she is for hire cuz she getting paid. I doubt any of u r paying her bills. Y r all u women acting like Nelly's enslaved these ladies? It's a business, if they want to b video girls they have the right to do it. It aint against the law right? If u wanna get mad, get mad @ the girls. I don't hear any1 complaining about Nelly taking his shirt off in videos...is he not exploiting men? I'm a man...I could care less. I don't hear any1 talkin ish about Beyonce or Mariah for exploiting themselves & black women. I'm tired of hearing Nelly take all this heat for sliding a card down a crack. He made a statement...I can buy my women. & he can because many women r for sale. That's life. Women need 2 be more independent so men don't look @ u as something to buy, or get over it. & I don't even like Nelly (mainly chicks buy his music), but an injustice to 1 is an injustice to all. Chicks b the main 1's requesting this kind of degrading music from the radios. Its something to bounce your azz to. Or is that something u don't do any longer? If u do something, u shouldn't b ashamed of it. Chicks bounce it up & down, left to right all the time. Y get mad cuz u c chicks do it in a video that comes on late @ night?
Stay Black's picture

TIMMYD02, You may be

TIMMYD02, You may be color-blind, but America is not. Is is not unintentional the media play Halle Berry gets. Neither is it accidental that she is held as the epitome of beauty. Whites are subconsciously(hell, they know it) inferior and understand actual beauty but will not allow it come in the form of pure blackness. So they taint it and mix the features they like to “whiten” what they don’t, but secretly envy (evidence: plastic surgery, collagen). What you get is a mixed woman held as the quintessence of black, when she is not. Yes, she’s is absolutely gorgeous. But you have to understand her for what she is. Black (for lack of better word) is beautiful in whatever context or quantity. There is no one single woman (other than Eve, perhaps) who is the epitome of beauty for black women. We all are.
Fez's picture

[quote comment="11878"]But

[quote comment="11878"]But halle played massas's cocubine whore in monster's ball. To me that's even worst.[/quote] Sounds like "Roots" to me!
CCofSF's picture

Lil Kim doesn't know any

Lil Kim doesn't know any other way to make a living except to talk all that "****" Old habits are hard to break. She's trying, but the public doesn't want to accept the changed girl. Don't know the solution for her? Hope she invested well or saved some of the $$$$. How long will she be able to sell the nasty? They say to diversify.
CCofSF's picture

TIMMYD02, you obviously

TIMMYD02, you obviously misunderstood me. I am not mad, nor hating; just stating facts. Also, what I meant was, Whites don't claim her as being one of the most beautiful white women. The woman is mixed, not black, not white. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as white or black, they're both neutral.
Fez's picture

Actually, you are right. That

Actually, you are right. That pale thing does get in the way of things. But you can't deny that throughout all of history this has been an issue. I wanna see the reverse happen in a movie and see the comments that come from that. They'd sound like they were coming from Dog Chapman. Nelly's feelings are hurt cause of the Spellman issue. And think, how many people have the ability to admit they're wrong or made a mistake. Now a days that's considered a punk, right? So of course he has some regret, but doesn't feel the ability to say it. We all like to say one must "man up", well we all could learn to do that in one form or another, right? Halle has caught enough hell for the day, but I still didn't like the scene. Can't get used to seeing that. Actually reminded me of " Roots " for a split second.
CCofSF's picture


lacosteboi79's picture

I saw the whole tape on a

I saw the whole tape on a site other than TMZ. The girl (BRANDY) can sang!!
Nia's picture

But halle played massas's

But halle played massas's cocubine whore in monster's ball. To me that's even worst.
lacosteboi79's picture


Lane's picture

I just want to say to

I just want to say to everyone that is so quick to point out that Halle Berry is half-white and hate on her for it, that when white America sees her all they see is BLACK!!! She represents us black people and has done a damn fine job of it. Why are we still talking about Monster's Ball? But if we must, I never thought we were being degraded in that movie. As a black woman, I never thought that Halle played a "sex-crazed" person. I didn't exactly agree with the casting of Billy Bob Thornton (he is disgusting) and the scene wasn't that necessary, but at no point did I feel degraded. It's obvious we are hating because he was white! For those of you that think the only reason Halle gets praise is because she is bi-racial get a damn clue! The ONE DROP RULE still exists in white America and they do not view Halle as white. Besides she looks completely black! And Nelly, you are not what the target audience wants, when was the last time BET featured Halle Berry on 106 and Park? Nelly go make an album (a good one) to occupy your damn time! Or better yet make a Nelly magazine and put yourself on the cover, no one would buy that crap!
Danni's picture

How we forget about the rough

How we forget about the rough sex scenes that are portrayed in Black movies. Halle and Billy Bob, did nothing wrong.Nelly is part of the reason, why i won't watch music videos. If Nelly is feeling the blacklash of that video, tha's what He DESERVES.Some of these stars don't even make these videos to fit their songs anymore. They don't respect women/children I don't respect them. LONG LIVE Illegal DOWNLOADING. I use to feel bad, but i don't care any longer. Let's keep it real Nelly has never had anything inteligent to say.This is no surprise,he doesn't get what the difference is about a video marked to kids compared to a movie for adults. Tha fool can say what he wants, HALLE doesn't make me ashamed she's BLACK, only he does. I hate to see him open his mouth or hear the way he speaks.
nichole's picture

Nelly needs to sit down

Nelly needs to sit down somewhere. I wonder how he would feel if Adina Howard made a video and showed herself swiping a credit card down his crack. For him to misrepresent what Halle did as an ACTRESS in "Monster's Ball" is crazy. The scene with BBT was not about sex; it was about two lost people needing a connection, and finding one in each other. It had nothing to do with the fact that she's biracial, and he's white. It could have been any actress. And please - does Nelly really want to be on the cover of Essence magazine?? Come on, now...
sbaglio's picture

Question... would any of you

Question... would any of you all have a problem if the woman in Monsters Ball was white? Well Halle is half white. The roles that Halle Berry usually take are roles that any race could play. Nelly's video was just plain disrespectful and the more he tries to justify it the more I dislike him. On a lighter note did anyone notice that Lil Kim and Christina Milian have on the same shoes?
QueenLexx's picture

christina and alicia looking

christina and alicia looking fab
Mila T's picture


Femme's picture

...And for the record black

...And for the record black women, I beleive that beautiful woman come in all shapes and shades of black. Halle Berry is not the only beautiful BLACK woman out there. But I think it's real sad that people attack people like her, when she's trying to do good. Like I said, it just goes to show where black communities mantality is. I have yet to hear of Halle say anything negative towards anyone in that business, she seems like a decent person just trying to live her life. Try living yours. Try focusing all that negative energy towards the REAL assholes in that business. I do beleive though that a lot of her negative critisism is based on the way she looks and the success she's had. If she wasn't as successful as she is, and as fly as she is, some women wouldn't care. Fight it if you want, that's the truth of the matter.
TIMMYD02's picture


RUSSELL's picture

[quote comment="11729"]To all

[quote comment="11729"]To all the people not feeling what Nelly said---yall kill me! Nelly is a business man, well should I say a rapper first and maybe the video wasn't a good business move, nonetheless, it's to late to take it back. Furthermore, he is right, sex in movies, television or videos are all the same. All of you want to always criticize these rappers for depicting women in a certain manner, when the women need to be held accountable. As a black professional woman, with a nice body, I'm not trying to be a video hoe or take that path---those women in the videos CHOOSE to be in those videos. If they wouldn't agree to it, then there would be no videos. He's not wrong for making that video, quite frankly, I was disgusted by it yet, it was hilarious at the same time to think that women would stoop so low to be in a video---like the late great Tupac "You wonder why they call you bitch!" or should I say "hoe" Moving forward, I don't understand why Essence ban Nelly but exploit, P Diddy & Kim's lifestyle... I tell ya!!!!!!![/quote] squeekbox what the hell are you talkng about?? are you tryin to say our sisters deserve to be treated like animals because they made bad choices? those are the exact thoughts that perpetuate the bad treatment of black women. And sorry to break the news to you, Miss, but if Nelly were to see u in the club, he wouldnt see a black profssional, he would see some more ass and titties. in Nelly’s eyes, you are no dfferent than a video girl, a stripper, or a whore. CUZ IT MUST BE YO AZZ, not your face, not your personality, your degree or your job.
Let'sGoLilKittyKat's picture

I completely agree with Nelly

I completely agree with Nelly ESsENCE MAGAZINE does have a tendency to contradict themselves for example when Nelly compares Halle Berry in Monsters Ball to Tip Drill is comparable Halle played a sex crazed women in the movie just like the half naked video girls are portrayed in the rappers videos wich fits the streotype of black women .Halle could have said NO!,BUT it was glorified when she won an Oscar also when Kim Porter was on the cover of Essence she's having babies by a man that doesn't want to marry her, just like majority of black women who let their men do "the man thing"(submit) or stay in reltionships that are going nowhere that's a streotype.and Deborah lee since she has been in charge things haven't changed.
capricorn's picture

@ Fez, When you look at

@ Fez, When you look at Halle Berry what do see? Do you see a black woman or not? Or would you rather people say she's one of the prettiest bi-racial woman they've ever seen? Would that make you happy? If I didn't know her mother was white I wouldn't even have known she was mixed. I also find it really sad that some black people can't let that whole bi-racial thing go. White people are the main ones that talk about Halle Berry when it comes to beauty (blacks are not the only ones), she's at the top of all their beautiful lists, she's been in People's magazine for '50 most beautiful people' 11 times, tied with Julia Roberts, and just got named by them people, all time most beautiful woman. What world do you live in that white's don't hold her in those regards? She damn near owns Revelon, she's been the face of it for I don't know how long now, Revelon is owned by a WHITE person. She's probably one of the only black woman that get's talked about in that business when it comes to white folks. Which is why some of you have such a problem with it. Whenever I see a white guy in that business open their mouths Halle is one of the first names that comes out of their mouths. I'm still trying to figure out what world you live in or where have you been for the past 15 years? Lol! Just like you have a right to "hate" on Halle, I have a right to voice my opinion about the issue. If your not one of those black woman I was talking about, then why the fuss? Exactly. Like I said before, some of you hate the fact that woman been on top for long. You being mad about it, talking about it on a blog site isn't going to change anything. Envy is not a pretty color. Deal with it already. You would think some would be happy that white Hollywood would hold a classy black woman in that business so high and in such regards then some of those other rats that have no respect for themselves. Hell, at least Halle carries herself in a respectible manner while in public and is trying to do good things in that business, even while under fire by some of you. Wether you like it or not, what she is doing is helping break down doors for the future. Her making as much money per film as she does is only going to make it eisier for the next. Same with her winning that Oscar. When will people ever be satisfied? Damn, wake up.
TIMMYD02's picture

squeekbox what the hell are

squeekbox what the hell are you talkng about?? are you tryin to say our sisters deserve to be treated like animals because they made bad choices? those are the exact thoughts that perpetute the bad treatment black women. And sorry to break the news to you miss but if nelly were to see u in the club, he wouldnt see a black profssional, he would see some more ass and titties. in Nelly's eyes, you are no dfferent than a video girl, a stripper, or a whore. CUZ IT MUST BE YO AZZ, not your face, not your persnality, your degree or your job.
Let'sGoLilKittyKat's picture

Oh please. Halle was in a

Oh please. Halle was in a movie that had a story line. Nelly's video was nothing more than him trying to supply entertainment for the male eye. Christina and Alicia look great.
Erica's picture

His sister died from Lupus my

His sister died from Lupus my love..
Tahira's picture

Nelly has no point. He's

Nelly has no point. He's just talkin ish beacuse he actually thinks that the sex scene from monsters ball and his degrading video tip drill are equivelent. They surely aren't. halle was acting and she wasn't shaking her ass or poppin her stuff for the camera for little or no money. Nor was she degraded for that scene. Other films have had similar raunchy scenes but these women aren't degraded at all!! Whoever agrees with him must also think that Nigger and nigga are different. That's the type of BLATANT ignorance I can't stand. And black women, the women mainly disrespected in this and other videos, support him. Very funny indeed. I really do commend the women from spelman for recognizing his ignorance. And..who is nelly. No balck leader. He's nothing but another rapper. Peace.
Bleu_jade's picture

Funny....My brother said the

Funny....My brother said the EXACT same thing that Nelly said before!!!!
M.Love's picture

Timmydo2, women of color can

Timmydo2, women of color can hate on Halle if they want, to each is own. However, she should not be held (why so-called Whites and so-called Blacks) as the epitome of "Black" beauty. She is half-white. "Whites" don't hold her at such a high regard. She's fierce, indeed, but doesn't embody the essense of "Black" divinity.
Fez's picture

^^ Uh YBF_OZ, I seen the

^^ Uh YBF_OZ, I seen the movie in theaters and I wasn't checking for any stretch marks. Are you really that angry? And no Kerry Washington is not a far better actor then Halle. That's what i'm talking about. Some people get blinded at how pretty Halle is and forget the fact that she can act with the best of them. Did you see "Losing Isaih"? Some of you are so busy being mad at Halle's physical apperence that you would rather support a lesser actress (as far as acting skills) because you can relate to them. With all due respect, I like Kerry, Nia Long, Gabrielle Union, but the fact is their acting is limited. And I think some black women are quicker to support them then someone like Halle because they are more relatible. If you don't know someone that looks like them, then YOU look like them. A lot of women can't relate to Halle, so why not just HATE right? I mean say what you want, but people can't take away from the fact that Halle is great at what she does. Denzel said she was his favorite actress, so I guess he doesn't know what he's talking about as well? LOL! Please. How exactly did she stoop low for playing a role in a movie? Smh, black folks have a long way to go. Oh yeah and as much as I like Jennifer Hudson, there's a lot of people that think that her role wasn't exactly "Academy Award" worthy either, and she's not on Halle's level, so the comparison is more then hilarious. Better luck next time :)
ANON's picture

I couldn't get past her

I couldn't get past her ignorant use of the n-word. I mean seriously! Come on people! It's time for her to put in an application somewhere.
fitmomma's picture

Anon, I wasn't starin at her

Anon, I wasn't starin at her boobs...you can see the damn stretch marks magnified on the big screen. In fact I cringed through the whole scene. It was the most awful love scene I've ever seen and Halle had to stoop that low to win an Oscar? Please! Kerry Washington is a better actor than Halle hands down! Monsters Ball was a terrible movie and that scene made it look as though "black" female actors gotta degrade themselves before the Academy can notice them! J-Hud showed them didn't she? And it was only her first movie! Oh and didn't halle say she didn't like being black? Girl has identity issues! And Miss Ga JAzzy has a point. When are the women in those videos going to be held accountable?
YBF_OZ's picture

nelly's shit is played out.

nelly's shit is played out. booty and champagne in a club scene...Played. next.
empress's picture

Nelly needs to shut his

Nelly needs to shut his mouth! First of all, I don't even consider him hip-hop....he's way too commercial to be called real hip hop. And second there is a difference between what he did (exploitation) and what Halle did (art). The intentions behind their acts were not the same!
Lane's picture

...And wtf does Nelly need to

...And wtf does Nelly need to be on the cover of Essence anyway? Why don't he just critisize Vogue magazine while he's at it. Lol!! Out of everybody those rappers make the biggest asses out of themselves. Didn't he see what they said about Diddy being on the front of Essence on some bs? Those women got on Diddys ass. Nelly move on, your fighting the wrong battle.
TIMMYD02's picture

I must admit that I like the

I must admit that I like the new Lil Kim's new song
Me Likey Kimmy's picture

Top three things black folks

Top three things black folks can't wait to hate on Halle Berry about; 1.) She's mixed (as if it's a sin) 2.) She's dating a white man (as if she hasn't been married to two black men and dated black men for as long as we've known of her) and... 3.) That dumb Monstars Ball sex scene (as if she's the only person in the world that has done one) I mean it has seriously gotten so redundent it's funny now. Some black women will continue to hate on Halle nomatter what she does, so a lot of these comments don't really surprise me. Some of you just hate the fact that she is held up as the standared of beauty. I swear Halle intemidates the hell out of some black women and she's not even trying to. I bet you she keep some of you up at night. If she didn't do the sex scene then you would still be talking shit. It's more then obvious in some of your comments that you have more of a problem with Halle Berry then that sex scene. Bringing up her being mixed (which black people on these blogs love to do) when if we didn't see her mother you wouldn't even know that woman was mixed. Bringing up the fact that the sex scene was with a white man, which only goes to show that you are more mad that she did a sex scene with a white man and not at the actual sex scene itself. The same way people need to get over Nelly's tip drill video, is the same way you people need to get over Monstars Ball. You take away that sex scene and it is still the same movie, it has an important message in it, if some of you would stop worrying about trivial things you would have seen it. Halle wasn't potraying a ho, she was playing a down-trodden southern women in search of unconditional love. I seen her on Inside the Actors Studio and she talked about the sex scene, she know ya'll talk shit. She said," I will never live that scene down", and James Lipton (the host) said, "why would you want to live it down, it was sensational", then she said "because nomatter where I go, there is always somebody saying 'make me feel good'", and everyone started laughing along with her. So she knows that black people are especially sensitive to it. And I say so what!! Halle has the respect of her fellow actors like Denzel and Samuel L. Jackson, who know what acting is all about. So if she somehow lost yours as a result of a sex scene then oh well, i'm sure she's not losing any sleep. To the person that said Halle hasn't had any good movies since Monstars Ball, try checking out her latest "things we lost in the fire", she did a great job in it and she's getting Oscar Buzz. There you go. The fact is it takes a lot of guts to do a scene like that, even knowing that you might receive critisism for it. I give her props for having the guts and the acting chops to pull that entire role off. I wish people will leave Nelly alone about that video as well. Because those women that were in it are grown and should take responsibility for themselves. Nelly needs to stop calling people out though, just because he's mad about his situation. The thing that gets me so bothered about this is because I have never heard of Halle talking crazy about anyone in that business, she actually seems like a nice person, and people always find something to attack her about. It's really sad to watch, just goes to show that blacks can't wait to tear eachother down. You see it on these blog sites all the time. Whenever people talk about celebs around me, I have not ever heard of anyone saying anything negative about Halle (even about Monstars Ball), it wasn't untill I started visiting these sites and reading the comments that I have seen how much hating goes on. People feel comfortible sitting behind a computer talking crazy. Again, it's sad. All the complaining you're doing is not going to make her lose that Oscar. In the words of T.I "you can hate if you want to, but your wasting your time".
TIMMYD02's picture

When did rappers...celeb....

When did rappers...celeb.... start calling out magazines and talk show host b/c they want to be on their show. Stick to your game Nelly and all rest that want to famous. And we know a lot of black men have a problems with Halle sex scene in Monsters ball.
Jada's picture

Actually, Natasaha, I feel

Actually, Natasaha, I feel Nelly and he doesn't need to stop (well, maybe stop the ignorant stuff all together). I read your site. I like it a lot. I told all my sisters about it. They like it too. But, I actually feel Nelly. Not just Halle, but many of the people that grace the cover of Essence do some pretty disgraceful things. It's just a shame that we're pit against one another like that, as to where it's okay from Halle or Beyonce, but not for Nelly or Ludacris, then we're forced to recognize it and fight over it. And on the Halle tip...she's gorgeous, she's got style; we glorify her. But why is the epitome of Black beauty a half-white woman? Please respond (anyone), I'm interested in the answer to that last question.
Fez's picture

As a young blaxk woman of

As a young blaxk woman of color who loves rap music and is also raising a young child i do agree, yes rappers do take it a bit far. But when are we going to hold the women in these videos accountable for appearing in these videos? I feel that if you find yourself being asked to do something that you would not feel comfortable doing or will later be ashamed of DONT DO IT !!!! I saw the tip drill video and none of those girls seemed to be torn up about the choice they made to be shot in those positions, so do i feel nelly yeah because we are villifying him. It is sooo much bigger than one one rapper and one video. We have to find out why us as women only find our azz,hips,and chest the only things of value about ourselves.
mizz_ga_jazzy's picture

negro please

negro please
Tell me diane..Do you know?'s picture

I wonder if Nelly had to do

I wonder if Nelly had to do it all over, would he make that video again. He went too far with it and now he's paying the price. He needs to man up and say that it was wrong, and in retrospect, he sees why it offended so many people, instead of trying to make excuses. You don't hear Halle or Denzel hollering about not being on the cover XXL or Vibe! C'mon Nelly! Stay in your lane.
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Some of these rappers get on

Some of these rappers get on my damn nerves whining like little bitches about being on Oprah Show or Essence- grown women shit that has nothing to do with hip-hop and it's culture. Now sure, he could be on the cover with Ashanti and they could discuss their relationship and the future of it, that's about all I'd be interested in reading when it comes to Nelly on the cover of or inside Essence magazine but seriously- is this negro really smacking his yap like a little bitch about not being asked to be on the cover of this mag??? I mean, relax nigga!! They may ask you one day but stop sounding like you on your period and all emotional over this shit!!! I'm beginning to believe rap/hip-hop is gay!! If they ain't bitchin about shit, they talking about shopping and designer clothes and shoes. A real man wouldn't give two fucks about a woman wearing Manolo Blahnik or Payless, long as he tappin (gettin some) but not these rappers!! They can tell you what kind of shoes you got on when you got them on- GAY ASSES!
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Women degrade themselves.

Women degrade themselves. "The man" don't and certainly Nelly didn't degrade them. They got their grown asses up and took off their clothes. Stop putting the blame on the wrong people. Point it towards those women. If they didn't want to shake their ass in a video then they wouldn't. No one has a gun to their heads screaming "Shake your ass now!" They have choices. And if those women didn't come out for it there wouldn't be a tip drill video. I completely agree with Nelly. Halle's sex scene was just distasteful! Why the double standard?
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I LOVE BRANDY. I have all of

I LOVE BRANDY. I have all of her CDs. I know she has had her share of ups and downs over the years, but she is amazing!Did you hear her singing?!!?Who of these new "rnb" artist could pull off singing like that, with no music?!?!!?
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There will always be a double

There will always be a double standard that the higher ups will approve of that can do things that you and me can not do because we are not in the public eye, nelly is considered ghetto if he was one of the chosen negros that the higher's that be like this would not be a issue this would be OK but he isn't, don't get me wrong I don't approve of any women being disrespected in any way or form but you can not sit here and tell me that what Mrs. Berry did in that movie is OK and she should be awarded for it, why do we as people praise celeberties when they play pimps, killers, hoes in movies these are the people if we see them walking down the street we would look down on or call the police on explain that to me people I'm Hot right now this is realy making me mad!!!!!!!!!!
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Yo Madame B, “If Nelly does

Yo Madame B, “If Nelly does more for the community, he will have earned the right to be featured, but not at the moment. Halle has paid her dues, not agreeing with all of her work, but she has been respectable for the most part.” That's my comment. I am aware of his organization & also what happened down at Spellman U & how the women there reacted to him. Yes, he has tried to do some good, but for all of us, there's so much more to be done. I'm not lazy & work in the community everyday. Since you seem to have depth to you, I'm sure you do or will do the same in your own way, right? Appreciate the response, cause it shows that with all the negative happening around us, we still care about each other. Let's both do our part. As for the magazine, it used to be Jet & Ebony were the bomb, but Essence has come up bigtime.
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Okay, I hate to agree but

Okay, I hate to agree but Nelly is telling the truth. I'm so sick of the media hating on the rapper for their videos and praising Halle for her sex scene. The chick hasn't had a good movie since..please. For anyone that peeped the Brandy link..this chick can really sing. If you can blow without the music...sign of a true singer and not like these other chicks out here that can just hold a note and shake their asses.
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