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Alicia Keys' New Vid For "Like You'll Never See Me Again"+Chingy Used To Date Ciara & Trina?

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Alicia and Common did a fabulous job in this vid.  Loves it. Ms. Keys also hit up "Good Morning America" yesterday morning: Alicia Keys on Good Morning America

Alicia Keys on Good Morning America

Alicia Keys on Good Morning America

Alicia Keys on Good Morning America

And TRL later on: Alicia Keys on TRL

Alicia Keys on TRL

Alicia Keys on TRL

Alicia Keys on TRL

Fab chick indeed.  And if you haven't copped that As I Am cd yet....stop sleepin'. So Chingy hit up 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix Monday to pub his new album.  And dude dropped the info about him dating both Ciara and Trina.  I know they're mad that got out. He, of course, tried to clean it up saying it was just on a "we're cool" tip and it was only one date. Peep the audio. Mmhmm.
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tyra and ciara is not beefin

tyra and ciara is not beefin cuz if they was you know tyra wouldve been talkin about it on the show like she did wit nomi cryin n shit chingy cute n all but aint nobody gon fight over him. ciara too smart to be doing some dumbass fightin over a boy with tyra
yagirlree's picture

Hey Natasha....you always

Hey Natasha....you always have the hottest videos r us first..anyhoo...I need A Keys marketingteam/PR people becuz she has been EVERYWHERE the ast two weeks,I'm a GMA-head so I caught hr performance that morning and everytime Isee her perform she has this....glow.....and that Pr9o-Activ has her skin downright FLAWLESS!.....and Common?!....(Oh MY.....)....you just don't see that everyday.....among dirty-looking,blunt-holdin,ashy,yuk-mouth rappers,he definitely stands out from the crowd.....I love the video and the two singles out now.......i love....and I hope Gabby n 'nem weren't talking about you becuz u show all of them love......keep up the good work!
sassychik3's picture

if i ever see that alicia

if i ever see that alicia keys video again I think I might lose it! I cried the whole time I watched it! I guess its cuz I miss my man! damn that video was good!
shaw's picture

I've been hearing Keyshia

I've been hearing Keyshia give Ciara props since day one. There is an old picture of them together back when they first came out. When Keyshia was on Angie Martinez show during that time she was saying how only her and Ciara were doing well out of all the females. Plus when she was on 106 and Park hosting with Tigga she was saying how great of a dancer she is.
Mama's picture

I already did this video for

I already did this video for my smash single "I would do anything for love (but I won't do that)" shit was hot
MeatLoaf's picture

I'm so happy Alicia Keyes is

I'm so happy Alicia Keyes is back. I missed her in the game. Ciara & Tyra are lowering themselves by fighting over Chingy. I agree after reading the comments on Tyra's page I'd say Tyra is in need of a serious hug. That was very cold of her to allow people to say such things about Ciara. I think Ciara is too sweet for her own good. I also think Ciara should probably give Chingy a second try. Trina & Chingy? I thought Luda used to date Trina??? Natasha I like the new format too.
Kendra is Back!!'s picture

I finally watched the video.

I finally watched the video. Nice. I had to grab a tissue. This is a must buy for me. It will be on my list of things to buy after work.
Anna's picture

Men have double standards.

Men have double standards. They want someone young but then discourage women to get surgery. If cosmetic surgery makes Tyra feel better about herself she can bleach away & change whatever she wants. Tyra's not the only celebrity bleaching her skin look at Meghan Good & the picture of Golden Brooks. Black celebrities have been doing it for years. Chingy is stupid to pick Ciara over Tyra cause Tyra would have had him set for life. He wouldn't be on radio shows desperate for publicity.
Whatever...'s picture

I agree that Tyra shouldn't

I agree that Tyra shouldn't have bleached herself but Tyra doesn't look weird to me and I know many men who wouldn't mind dating her. I think Chingy is the one who was stupid to not date her since she basically threw every signal there was that she wanted him. As for Ciara I think she is too hot for a star for Chingy. I'd pick Ciara over Tyra anyday. People can say what they want about Tyra but she is rich, she may not be young or as pretty as Ciara but she's very bankable.
Keenan's picture

Akeys really did a great

Akeys really did a great video. I think she does have pure talent. Chingy seems to be in need of publicity, I'm sure Tyra will help him again with that. I agree with everyone else Tyra seemed like she was crazy about Chingy & tried her best to get him but I guess he's got something for Ciara. It seems Tyra has yet to win in the love department. Whatever happend to the banker she was braggin about? I agree she was cuter when she was brown-skinned & had that broader nose. It made her stand out. I don't know what made Tyra so ashamed of being brown-skinned that she had to change her complexion so drastically. I'm Latina but I'm darker skinned & I love it. Tyra seems like she's got some serious problems with who she is. She was beautiful as she was she's one person who didn't need surgery. I also think she has no business beefin with someone as young as Ciara. She needs to remove those negative comments about Ciara because she's only humiliating herself.
Pretty Boricua's picture

Lisa M I agree with you. I

Lisa M I agree with you. I also believe Tay Tay too. I think Tyra is jealous of Ciara because she is a very young & talented singer something Tyra always wanted to be. Ciara is also naturally pretty. Look at old pics of Tyra u'll see she's now bleached her skin, changed her nose & everything about her that once made her cute. Tyra looks weird now. I really liked her before. The comments on Tyra's blog are out of line too, I agree. I'm sure if people posted comments that mean about Tyra herself she wouldn't have approved it. Tyra is too old & should be too busy to be preoccupied with a young star like Ciara. I also agree with Anonymous that it does seem like Chingy is still interested in Ciara and I think they would be cute together too, more then Ciara & 50. Tyra's motives seem clear to me. I think Tyra is the one who was broken hearted by Chingy. Ciara is too grounded, too beautiful & too talented to start stuff with people. Tyra needs to stop hating & enjoy those millions she's making.
Renee's picture

I thought Alicia's video was

I thought Alicia's video was great. Im just glad to finally hear some real R&B music for once. It has been a long time coming. I think she has a great shape regardless of the comments folks have on her figure. It suits her. Common has a nice body..I had to put that in there lol Anyways like I said, great video and song.
Nisey's picture

hot damn that video is

hot damn that video is great!!! but she need to back up off my man...lol
Chelsea's picture

The more and more I see A.

The more and more I see A. Keys & Common together the more I'm convinced that they are a couple (Kerry Washington is just part of the cover up) they're "chemistry" is undeniable.
sha's picture

Keyshia just now starting

Keyshia just now starting giving Ci her props, She used to lil stupid ish but now. I guess they are cool. It is what is is
SHHHHH's picture

How did Keyshia Cole try to

How did Keyshia Cole try to start anything with Ciara when she is always giving her props? I tell ya...
Mama's picture

I am so confused. The way it

I am so confused. The way it seems is that Tyra's hating on Ciara, not the other way around. Celeberites like Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow tried to start conflicts with her on numerous occassions. She played it cool and never disrespected these artists. Ciara's dated alot of men since Chingy of whom it seems apperant she only went on a few dates if not only one with. Tyra seems to have more of a motive to try to humiliate Ciara. I think if anyone is starting a conflict, it's Tyra. That's not Ciara's style.
Lisa M.'s picture

[quote comment="12407"]Those

[quote comment="12407"]Those are peoples opinions not Tyra's, so next.....[/quote] Thank you. I don't get why people are always looking for negativity when there is none there.
Erica's picture

AK worked that video. Her

AK worked that video. Her acting skills are impeccable! Its interestin because they were together in Common's recent video, they make a nice looking couple. Love the fits too.
Pashin's picture

Ok, I have to be honest. Am

Ok, I have to be honest. Am I the only person who does not think that alicia keys music is THAT great? It really isn't, her music always sounds homemade; like she was in her basement and came up with a jimgle for some songs. They don't seem all of that. I mean I am not a Alicia Keys hater, but I struggle to like her music. I can only think of like 2 songs of hers that sound really good. You can tell that her success is 80% based on looks; because she can sing but.... it just dounds like she needs a new producer, or somebody who is more professional in the business to work on her songs. I mean she doesn't have to be mainstream, but folks like Jill Scott and even India Arie's music sound way better than hers,; they are just not as attractive to the media's idea of what beauty is. Ok, I had to get that out...sorry. Again I am not a hater; but deep down we all know if Alicia Keys wasn't as stunning as she is, she would not be as popular for real...
Ki's picture

Cara is 22, Chingy is 27. He

Cara is 22, Chingy is 27. He said he has known her beore she became the superstar she is now. I actually think they would make a cute couple. He put this out here to let her know he is still interested in dating her. He didn't even say anything bad about her or Trina. So it is what it is.
anonymous's picture

KI, I tend to agree with

KI, I tend to agree with you...Alicia is talented but she's also very mainstream. I think alot of female black artists have better voices but just aren't as well marketed.
YBF_OZ's picture

oh yeah!! that video was top

oh yeah!! that video was top rate excellent. a true video. kudos ms. keys and that fine brother common :-) ****and thumbs down to chingy. he is trying to get back in the game. he has to say something to get his name out there. how about appologizing to luda. that might help.
vizhen's picture

I love Akeys, Jessica Alba is

I love Akeys, Jessica Alba is adorable! I love the new look on the site Natasha. Anonymous at 1st I agreed with u but u said there were no negative things about Ciara on Tyra's blog but I just went on there too & besides that other comment posted there's a lot of negative things about Ciara so it seems u're the one whose cluless. I do believe that if ciara did date Chingy & then Tyra clearly posted bad things about Ciara they could be some truth their. I agree that its other people posting those comments but at the end of the day everyone knows the blog owner moderates the comments on the page. I love Tyra Banks but its clear there is some serious hatin goin on against Ciara on her part. She should not have allowed those comments on her page. I also don't think someone like Chingy is worth Ciara or Tyra's time. I l luv u Natasha!
Kita luvs YBF's picture

and another thing,

and another thing, concreteloop is not a Pro Ciara site so that person is clueless and so are u
anonymous's picture

Those are peoples opinions

Those are peoples opinions not Tyra's, so next.....
anonymous's picture

Anonymous said Tyra didn't

Anonymous said Tyra didn't diss Ciara on her blog??? Here, I cut & pasted this directly from Tyrashow.com like Tay Tay said Chingy is lyin. Ask anyone in St. Louis they'll tell you who comes in and out of the city. This comment about Ciara & other comments dissin Ciara are under the post "CIARA GETTIN FREAKY WITH 50. on Tyrashow.com Tyra didn't have to post all those comments about Ciara but like someone else said she chose to. Enough said. Posted by: yonas | September 30, 2007 11:46 AM Tyra,I love you! You are my idol. I want to see you! Why you don't write me??? :) I want to see you :( please write me Posted by: Dessy | September 30, 2007 10:42 AM Tyra forget all the talk on the radio down here in Atlanta & that HATER blog. I agree with Tion.IfCiara went on Oprah Oprah would've asked her the same things. Ciara never got over Chingy & I agree that I think Ciara is behind all this Tyra hatin thing because she's from here! If Ciara did a publicity stunt to sell records then own up to it. She had lunch AT THE IVY(Paparazzi land) with 50 cent. HHMM. During her publicity stunt it was reported that 50 was in Europe with pretty Jessica Alba look it up if you think I'm hatin & I think that embarassed Ciara. I'm glad its out there that Ciara dated Chingy when she first came out because it explains why she was being so unneccesarily mean. Chingy already said you & him were friends Tyra so Ciara stop having people spread false rumors about Tyra. Tyra is successful & hot. Shame on you for trying to bring up how men did her. Cause everyone know Tyra the one who break up with all her boyfriends. Everytime Ciara comes up she starts rumors she's with a rapper. Goodies she was with Chingy, then Bow Wow & now 50. Ciara you should rely on your talent to sell records not relationships. LEEEAAAVVVEEE TTTTYYYRRRAAA AAALLLOOONNNEEEE! STOP TELLING LIES ALL OVER ATLANTA. EVERYONE KNOWS YOU ARE NOT OVER CHINGY & YOU took it out on TYRA. Women don't hate another woman because of a guy. Ciara is pretty too just like you Tyra & she should focus on that not having evryone & their mama up on blogs doggin you!! So you didn't look perfect on that pic. SOOO WHAT!!!!!
Tasha Hunter's picture

Akeys is gorgeous now that a

Akeys is gorgeous now that a beautiful woman. I just went on tyrshow.com under the Ciara post & Tyra DOES have negative comments about Ciara. There's a comment that said "Tyra its not your fault Chingy dumped Ciara..." Obviously there has to be some bad blood between Tyra & Ciara because Tyra allowed people to say those negative things about Ciara & if thats not true Tyra shouldn't have allowed those comments on her blog because it makes Ciara look bad & it confirms the rumors about the two of them. I do remeber hearing about Tyra & Chingy a long time ago & that didn't make sense to me because Tyra could have done way better. It looks like Chingy is caught up in a whole lot of mess to me. I can't understand how he gets these women, because I think he is a has been. Ciara seems way too good for someone like Chingy & so does Keshia Knight. It seems like women like these rappers that are disrespectful & won't give decent guys like me a chance. I would love to say I dated Ciara or Tyra or Trina. Lucky ass Chingy.
Cortez's picture

Chingy and the radio people

Chingy and the radio people spoke highly of ciara and they said she has her stuff 2gether and is not easy
Xxxrated's picture

The man simply said he went

The man simply said he went out with those women on one date, that's it. Anyway who really cares, he can date 500 women as long as the man is taking care of his responsibilities, that's what's up!
ron's picture

[quote comment="12181"]OKAY

[quote comment="12181"]OKAY NATASHA YOU NEED TO CLEAR THAT WAY UP. AS PERTAINING TO CIARA HE SAID: 1. HE WENT ON ONE DATE WITH HER 2. THIS WAS BEFORE SHE BECAME A SUPERSTAR 3. SHE MADE IT CLEAR THAT NOTHING WAS GOING DOWN 4. SHE IS VERY FOCUSED AND NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL. LETS BE CLEAR. POST THE LINK OR ACCURATE STATEMENTS[/quote] This is the same thing I heard. He didn't talk bad about Ciara or Trina. He spoke very highly of Ciara. Also, Trya and Ciara did not fight on the show. Stop believing everything you read.
Erica's picture

That Video was the ish, I

That Video was the ish, I really want them to be together, they just look so darn cute together, Even though I have a huge crush on Common I'll let that happen :) LLL Kei
Kei's picture

that video had me tearing up

that video had me tearing up
Brown Eyes's picture

Tay Tay u are lieing she

Tay Tay u are lieing she never dissed Ci on the show or on the blog...
anonymous's picture

Yeah yeah, so did anyone

Yeah yeah, so did anyone really need a video and a raspy song to remind us about enjoying every single minute of our life? Personally I enjoy every minute of my life, sure it's not perfect as I cheated on my girl last night when I masturbate and was thinking about Halle Berry, but it doesn't mean that I don't Love her or my life. Overall I enjoy my life every day that I manage to wake up, then I recklessly hit the highway doing 90mph on my way to work.. get out the way bitchass chinaman, I'm running late.
MajorKnuckles's picture

hey have you checked out

hey have you checked out alicia key's song #9 on her new cd "as i am?" it is reminisent of an old school teena marie jam!
vlo's picture


Amber's picture


Ms. Moore's picture

Chingy is lyin everybody in

Chingy is lyin everybody in St. Louis knows he dated Ciara and they broke up after goodies. Thats part of the reason Tyra tried to front Ciara out on her show & then dissed Ciara about Chingy on her Tyrashow blog. Cause Tyra was with Chingy too. It was all over the radio when Tyra & Ciara got into it on her show. Chingy datin Ciara is all over Tyra blog under "Ciara gettin freaky with 50" if u think i'm lyin just go on their. He also forgot to mention a whole list of women. Chingy its your homegirl Tay Tay from the Southside. I went to McCluer North with you. You know my number. Your cousin Jenna whose on the B.E.T Intern show is my home girl too & so is your baby mama. You know u got with a whole lot of celebrity chicks & u been kickin it with Keshia Knight Pulliam for years. Yeah Chingy u my boy but I'm puttin u on blast cause u need to stop hittin everything & anything.
Tay Tay from STL's picture


LEXiPOO's picture

ooh, alicia keys does look

ooh, alicia keys does look really cute in these pix...i don't like any of the singles but i never do really but i'm glad it looks like a mega hit for her...i read what gabby and nem said about the blogs to essence--i mean i feel them and all but most of the talk about her and sanaa is good, they should be happy for the publicity and gab can stop muggin for the camera at every party, club, and fish fry if she wants to stay off the web-geeze.
kaykay's picture

Oooh y'all have me cracking

Oooh y'all have me cracking up over your comments about the host's outfit. Is that Jessica Alba or just someone who looks like her? That outfit is awful. I think AK's new album will do very well this first week. I went to Target to pick it up last night and they had already sold out. I had to pay full price at Walmart but it's sooo worth the few extra bucks! I'm in love with it already!
Jen's picture

another thing Chingy never

another thing Chingy never once said in this interview he dated Cara, he just said they went on a date and that he tried to holla but got rejected.
anonymous's picture

les923, You said every

les923, You said every freakin thing I was thinking! Thank you! I was like am I the only one out here frustrated with these silly azz songs and tacky azz, thoughtless videos! Thank goodness for Alicia Keys and Robyn Thick! That song he has with Faith is a heater!
luckycharm's picture

Curvaceous! MY BAD!

Curvaceous! MY BAD!
YBF_OZ's picture

Lalita, What did happen to

Lalita, What did happen to Alba's curvecous (spelling?) figure? Then again, she was the 'white' version of 'curvy' as in a tiny bit of meat on them bones and she was curvy. Like Scarlett Johnsen is considered 'curvy'? WTF? I'll show them curvy! LOL! Alicia is great but not feelin that dress.
YBF_OZ's picture

I loved the video and the

I loved the video and the album is amazing. I'm so glad I have it!!!!!
MW09's picture

chingy give it up, i'm glad

chingy give it up, i'm glad CIARA rejected ur ass
Xxxrated's picture

I am lovng Alicia's new CD,

I am lovng Alicia's new CD, especially this song!! This song is one of my faves off the CD. It has that ol school Prince feel and I am lovin' i!!
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

The blue leather is cute but

The blue leather is cute but i think she's just a bit too flat-chested for this dress!...
MzPurp's picture

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