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The 2007 American Music Awards Red Carpet

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The 2007 American Music Awards went down last night in L.A. And we all know the highlight of any award show...and the only reason I watch them...is to find out who held it down fabulously on the red carpet. And to kick things off right:  Beyonce at the American Music Awards Ashanti at the American Music Awards Beyonce and Ashanti are YBF's Best Dressed picks of the night. The dresses weren't anything atypical of these two, but the hair, makeup, skin, and accessories were flawless. The cuts of the dresses were hot (I typically hate mermaid style dresses but B pulled it off per usual) and the colors were hotter.  Beyonce at the American Music Awards Beyonce at the American Music Awards Loves the bangles and ring. Ashanti at the American Music Awards Ashanti at the American Music Awards Fab look indeed.  Solange at the American Music Awards Solo (surprisingly) copped the runner up position for Best Dressed.  Solange at the American Music Awards She went for the hot high fashion look and almost achieved it.  But there's just something off about this whole look...maybe that tinge of Mama Tina's Spicy Creole Creation thrown in here.  Who knows... Rihanna at the American Music Awards Can't say I was feeling Rih Rih's look this time around:  Rihanna at the American Music Awards Rihanna at the American Music Awards The Michael Jackson tendril is not the ish and I'm just not feeling this dress. It was a black velvet and Swarovski crystal-encrusted Armani Privé dress.  The Louboutins and makeup are simple and hot though. Nicole Scherzinger at the American Music Awards Nicole Scherzinger at the American Music Awards Nicole Scherzinger busted out with an interesting look.  Not really feeling it though. Monique Coleman at the American Music Awards Monique Coleman at the American Music Awards Monique Coleman looked cute.  I still can't believe this chick is 27. Mary J. Blige at the American Music Awards Mary J. Blige at the American Music Awards MJB showed off her fab bod in this one shoulder sequins number. Mary J. Blige at the American Music Awards It had the potential to look hella Forever 21ish...but she pulled it off per usual. And Ms. Keys looked pretty fab in this knee length sparkly black and gray Giorgio Armani dress:  Alicia Keys at the American Music Awards Alicia Keys at the American Music Awards Cute. Taye Diggs at the American Music Awards Taye Diggs was there. Queen Latifah at the American Music Awards The Queen tapped into her wild side:  Queen Latifah at the American Music Awards And Lenny Kravitz hit the carpet: Lenny Kravitz at the American Music Awards Lenny Kravitz at the American Music Awards With his sexy self. Jordin Sparks was there: Jordin Sparks at the American Music Awards Jordin Sparks at the American Music Awards Reppin for the A.I. folks. And Chris Breezy hit the carpet: Chris Brown at the American Music Awards Chris Brown at the American Music Awards In Omarion's Mr. Rogers sweater.  Boo. Stay tuned for flicks from the show...
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Smh @ ppl making it sound

Smh @ ppl making it sound wrong 4 jordin sparks to "dress like she's going to church"*so f yur covered up n can breath n what yur wearing that's supposed to b a bad thing?*its so sad to see the harlotry n whorish behavior of women nowadays and the fact that so many young women and older are approving of this disgusting ungodly behavior!*i see beyonce will push*shove*and throw her breast implants around every chance she gets!*such a shame when a women will surgically alter the body God gave herjust to sell records n whore themselves out!*im so proud of jordin sparks 4 staying modest n these slutty days where being/dressing/behaving like a harlot is the norm!*1 Timothy 2:9,10*people also need to stop defending this false idol known as beyonce and start worshipping the creator Jesus Christ because u and your queen b(vomit) will have to answer to Him when its all said and done!*i pray that u stans and beyonce humble your hearts and allow Jesus n your lives cause anybody that approves of this disgusting degrading immoral tacky classless behavior is damaging the minds n decisions of the future beautiful innocent minds of encourable girls and boys of tomorrow!*so sad!!*
taradani's picture

Beyonce looked fabulous for

Beyonce looked fabulous for real! And Beyonce has had NO plastic surgery. She's all NATURAL, and that goes for her body and her vocals. She is truly blessed, and to you HATERS, yes...that what you are if you didn't give Beyonce a good complement, go hide under a rock, because you're only wasting your time talking bad about B and her fam. They'll be on top until THEY decide otherwise. Get a life and stop bashing the best.
Dr. Enigmatic's picture

Beyonce ain't fooling nobody

Beyonce ain't fooling nobody with that butt bad...LMATFO Shanti, Alicia, and the Queen look hot...Not really feeling Mary's digs either but her hair and makeup are on point
HotStuff's picture

Boobonce, your veins popping

Boobonce, your veins popping out match lining of dress and eye shadow. If you had a bit more fabric up there, I would still wanna hate but couldn't. Like you better when make up, etc. is toned down = sweeter innocent look. Jewelry is hot though. Ashanti best dressed, not prom-like at all. Lose the yellow eyeliner though. Jewelry was the best, it popped but was still understated with the exception of the bubble ring. Love the cut outs in the dress and earrings. Love the train. So - Lo ...NO, NO. Lighten the locks, lose that color lipstick. Lengthen your dresses. New stylist, please. Soften up your look. Rhi Rhi.....nana, nono, nope. Just because you are pretty doesn't mean to show it all. Too much, I mean, too little up top. Are they real? UNO...U Know you shouldn't have...SKIP then draw Four Monique.....I wanna say something but ain't gonna Okay....MJB...can't hate. It works...No one can say you look bad..... A. Keys is looking better and better. Good job. I will skip the men Queen L. is looking more and more feminine. Rocked the house stole the show in her dress and song. J. Sparks looks sweet for her age. Classy, with some appeal, but age appropriate. Why are people saying she looks like she's going to Church? Could it be because she looks purer than most her age? Maybe we should all dress like we are going to church cause all this exposure may lead us elsewhere.
Dee's picture

i kinda liked Nicole

i kinda liked Nicole Scherzinger's dress. it looked casual and comfy. however, the way she was holding tight to will i am during her performance i got the feeling she was not trusting of her show balance or something. seemed a little timid. ****** looooooooove my girl mary forever and a day. she is totally hot. just goes to prove what hard work and determination can do. who needs nip and tuck. the gym trainers and the right nutrition....aaaaaaaaaand a loving man does the trick everytime. **** loved alicia's dress. that was cool. rhi rhi had too much goings on at that top. didnt look comfortable.
vizhen's picture

"Solange runner up for best

"Solange runner up for best dressed? Natasha,please stop!" I have to agree.....Beyonce and Ashanti looked hott!!!! I have to give it to Ashanti, she really stepped her game up. She looks absolutely fabulous in that dress...the cut is bangish! stunning!! As far as Solange, I don't think so. I would have given cutie Chris B. runner-up before that thang there! Everyone else needed the infamous "Andre"!
Solange: Hot Mess!'s picture

Why does ashanti always got

Why does ashanti always got her mouth open? ahhhhhhhhh, wide open all the time!! Girl close your mouth something is always funny to her can't stand her but she looked good. Beyonce looks nice but she overdoing it with the mermaid dresses evrybody know you got some hips b ok!! Rihanna....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nicole........jamaican flag anyone? lol Chris.......stupid as hell but can perform Latifah.......looks nice Monique go wash that blue eye shadow off you look ridiculous Alicia is really stepping her game up Mary not feelin it jORDIN LOOKS LIKE SHE GOING TO CHURCH
Nicole's picture

Well one thing's for damn

Well one thing's for damn sure - Rhianna did NOT get a boob job! And I thought the brown paper bag Solange wore was ri-damn-diculous. Mary's a bad chick!
lori's picture

American Idol was in that

American Idol was in that place so strong. Killing the awards too! Carrie Underwood, Daughtry than I saw Jordin Sparks and Kelli Pickler. Solo dress is SOOOOO ugly! My girl Queen put it down with her voice but that dress is awful. The black chick from High School Musical dress was terrible. She looked like a big box! Beyonce and Alicia Keys kilt yes KILT it. They both looked very beautiful.
MrStyle's picture

-Beyonce looked abosoluetly

-Beyonce looked abosoluetly FABULOUS in that dress! I mean the mermaid cut REALLY compliments her beautiful shape. and her breast looked amazing pushed up and brought out with the blue accent. They look deff look fuller these days. Like she may have had either a ReALLY good bra on or a very tasteful job. Either way thats her business and her body is BANGIN!!!The Blue eye shadow was the PERFECT makeup to go with the blue in the dress. REally brought attention to her breast and face. However, I was not feeling the hair so much. i am kind of (ok, VERY) tired or seeing the long, honey blonde wavy look on her. i really like her in dark hair and wish she would roch that more often. But over all a BEAUTIFUL, FAB CHICK! I love her pose. lol. she always has that looking over the sholder pose to show off that booty. lol. Too cute. Like she's thinkin "yeah, bitches hate me if you wanna. I"M HOTTT!" lol -Ashanti's dress was beautiful. Her skin gets prettier and prettier everytime i see her. The dress has a elegent flow to it on the bottom yet fits her perfectly on the top. Her hair is gret too. I would like to see her do a different color also. I LOVE THOSE BIG EARRINGS!!! What I love about her is that she STAYS smilling and happy looking. A good look for her. It's a shame she cant seem to really make a hit. at least she STAYS looking FAB and at events. she has not completely fallen off. Good thing. -Solonge's eyebrows, lipstick, and shoes are really cute. And I just adore her hair. I love big crazy hair. I hate her dress. It's too short to be that wide. Half dresses like that should always be fitted in my opinion. It looks like she has too much material bunched up there. I just dont like it. all around the bunchy material, size, and length is not a good look for her. I dont think she's a very cute girl. I mean, her skin is pretty but her bone structure makes her look funny to me. -Like rhianna's hair, skin and makeup. Hate that dress. I hate the style of it. I dont mind her pushing the envelope. But she could have done a better job at it. But i do like her performance dress. She looked like somthing from the 20's, not bad. - HATE Nicole first dress. all them damn colors gots to go! Not eles to say about that one. The makeup is pretty. -That girl Monique Coleman looks every bit of 17. She looks good for her age. The hair isnt the business though. Her dress is cute. I love the fact that she looks good for her age. -MLB looked her usual ghetto fab self. Emphasis on FAB! But her age is beginning to show. But she can perform her ass off! Keyshia Cole wishes she could be like her. -I love Alicia Keys' EVERYTHING! She's just blooming into all the other performers. lol. her singing style is beautiful and like no other. But she is beginning to look like everyone eles. I think she could have glamed up her soulfulness. Now she just looks like Beyonce and Ashanti. We already have those two women. Fab, but here already. But lemme shut up cause Alicia is beautiful and doing her damn glammed up thing. -Tay Diggs is boo Hum drum. He could have dresses alot better for this event. He looked like thats what her should wear ona date to the movies. -Dont really like Queen Latifah's look. I just dont like ANYTHING animal print. she's a bit too big for that print. She's a beautiful in all her bigness, but i dont like that print on her. Her hair, and makeup FAB!Love the cleavage too. -Lenny Kravitz is Oh so organically sexy! He makes me wanna go all "green" up in here. lol -Jordan Sparks is a cutie pie. -Now what is this mess Chris Brown is wearing? He looks like a country mess at times. I hate that damn sweater. But her can perform his ass off! -
KiKi's picture

I like Beyonce and Rihanna.

I like Beyonce and Rihanna. Why is it that people think Beyonce can do no wrong? She's a great entertainer. Give her that. But Rihanna has got to be doing something right cause she got B stepping her game up and a tad jealous if I might say so myself. Yes, Beyonce CAN be jealous of someone. She's by no means PERFECT!! Say what you want Rihanna is on point. When have you known her not to have a hit record? Never. Every single CD produces @ least three HIT singles. So let's get off hatin on Rih Rih and recognize.
thickyicky29's picture

Beyonce was beautiful as

Beyonce was beautiful as usual. Solange's dress was the BUSINESS, but the hair could have been alot better. I sooooo loved Rihanna's dress. I like "different" so I thought it was gorgeous. With a dress that dramatic, you ahve to go "simple" with accessories. Those bangles B rocked were hot. I thought she could have left the ring where she got it though because like I said with the dramatic bangles, the ring was over the top.Nicole's dress was awful. Ashanti was really cute with the yellow. She and B always pick things that really go with their body type. Good look. Wasn't feeling Latifah's look at all, but she sang that song. Until next time people, toodles.
thickyicky29's picture

Mary shoulve've worn her red

Mary shoulve've worn her red carpet outfit.She looked like a ghetto catwoman in that getup she had on. Rihana was cte but she almost could be Trina's little sister..And Monique Coleman looked Preggers in that moontent she wore..I'm not a fan of Ms Keys but she looked stunning and ripped the show last night.
ritanbk's picture

Beyonce's look = Thumbs up.

Beyonce's look = Thumbs up. She always delivers. Ashanti look = Hot, good look Ashanti Mary J = Do you thang!!!! Queen Latifah = Holding down for the big girls. That dress is nice. A. Keys = Stepping up her game. Rhi Rhi = Not so much. I can't beleive the stylist that let you look like that. But I guess everyone is entitled to an off day. (that was way off!)
Traere's picture

Solange seems to definitely

Solange seems to definitely have had some cosmetic touch-ups to the face because she almost looks Pretty & I wouldn't count out Beyonce, because she's all of sudden very, very proud of her ta-tas. Beyonce looked FAB as always. Despite the unexplainable couture potato sack she wore, Solange looked nice. I'm not really feeling Ashanti's dress & why does she always have her big mouth open like everything is sooo hilarious. A-Keys was beautiful. Rihanna looked ridiculous...from the front & the back (& she's usually always on point.) Mary J looked very nice. I can't wait until that Nicole Scherzinger's 15 minutes is up. Chris Brown looked silly.
Chyna's picture

[quote comment="13275"]Did

[quote comment="13275"]Did Solange get a nose job? If not for some reason her face is really looking good.[/quote] I agree
Chyna's picture

Rhi Rhi does look a mess, I

Rhi Rhi does look a mess, I must agree, the shoes are hott though. B could use a little more material over the breast area, but she always looks good. Solos dress is actually cute, she has a little Tracey Ellis Ross look going on though and the shoes look a little paylessish. And I agree Mary's dress is very Forever 21, sometimes I want her to stop trying to be so dayum trendy and keep it simple, but her body is fab these days.
Hmmm's picture

I don't get why RihRih gotta

I don't get why RihRih gotta show SO MUCH SKIN! I'm not feelin' her dress she came with nor her performance one! B Rocked it out tonight. Nicole Scherzinger dress is interesting.... everyone was basically hot. Is Chris's jacket and tie big or was it just me?
KRoc's picture

If King was going to put any

If King was going to put any banging females on the cover of thier mag. They should put Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Ashanti already been on it twice. I can't comment on the award show cause I didn't watch it. I forgot.
Shawn's picture


[quote comment="13289"]Solange's dress look like she was trying go Green and where a Paper brown bag as a dress...def not feelin'. Ashanti look the best, simple & Clean.[/quote] I'M OVER HERE IN TEARS LAUGHING AT YOUR COMMENT ABOUT SOLANGE GOING GREEN!
SHABON84's picture

Much respect to all the

Much respect to all the opinions. But Solange, that was a garbage bag/poodle mess! Ms B sorry not feeling it. It reminds me of Rihanna's dress at the MTV awards....love Alicia tho!
mrswindycity's picture

Thanks Nicole 4 agreeing with

Thanks Nicole 4 agreeing with me!!!I see there r some SMART people on this Site!!! Just Kidding!!!!
TriciaBoo's picture

Bey looked HOT as usual.

Bey looked HOT as usual.
blackmistressdiva's picture

I would really like to see

I would really like to see Bee switch her style up a bit. Chick ALWAYS looks the same to me. Is it me or did Ashanti look sleepy as hell on the red carpet?? Nice dress though! Solange looked very thrown together. Like she got dressed from a bunch of Beyonce's left overs. Left over wig, left over dress, belt and shoes. None of it matched to me. She looked a mess and very unfab. Rhi Rhi, I thought she killed it in that dress. She looked edgy, different and like she didn't care about playing it safe. She's got a style all her own and i'm feeling her individuality. Nicole S. looks scared. I don't get this chick at all but she is not where it's at. That dress was not hot. That hair and makeup was bottom line to me. Not cute Who is Monique Coleman???? MJB...man, the chick is just bad. I always love her edgy elegance. She looked very, very good! Alicia Keys looks fab. Completely fabulous. Nice fit on the dress, well coordinated...loved it! Taye Diggs, he could do so much better. He just wont! The Queen looked hot! Loved her red carpet fit and her performance fit. She is repping curvy girls well! Is it me or has Lenny Kravitz gotten skinny???? Whatever with the American Idol chick and Chris Brown is really testing me with his gear. He nees to work on that fashion sense with Usher pronto!
MyOpinion's picture

I loved Ashanti's look last

I loved Ashanti's look last night. She got my best dressed nod. Usually Beyonce' has that honor but her dress was off. The boobs were a bit much. Sometimes boob spillage can be pulled off but it wasn't last night. Her boobs looked much bigger, probably tape or a good padded push up. Alicia looked elegant not over done. I also have to give Alicia props for showing women how to rock a one piece without the camel toe showing. Kudos for that A.Keys. Solange looked nice, very high fashion. Nicole S, was so-so. I've seen her look better. I enjoyed Fergie's performance but she could scale back on the Gym visits girly is looking too hard.(dude hard, that is) A. Keys had the best performance to me. Chris B was great I just expected his performance to be longer.
Monica Ramona's picture


CABNBSW's picture

beyonce, ashanti,rihanna,

beyonce, ashanti,rihanna, nicole they all look hot specially b i love hr dress but doesnt it look the as the 1 rihanna wore n da vma awards mary-j i hate her dress chris brown is sooo damn hot i love him sooo much he looked cute!!!! alcia and queen latifa looked ok!!!!
**Queen**'s picture

I'm sorry, but am I missing

I'm sorry, but am I missing something? I am a big Bey fan, but I am absolutely NOT feeling her look here. She looks boring, worn out and I am really tired of that hair color on her! What about the black hair she had a little while back? Why not do something different, Bey? Why not cut it or something!? Anything...?!? LOL Natasha, at MJB keeping her look from being Forever 21ish. I can see that! Lenny Kravitz--yum. I love this site!
AnotherNatasha's picture

[quote comment="13374"]I'ma

[quote comment="13374"]I'ma need all the Beyonce's stans to stand up, cuz she looks good! All this "her boob area looks skank" is hate, cuz if Halle Berry, or 50-lb ago Patti, or anyone else did this, it would be A-ok. Ashanti looks nice... but always so high school prommish... Always. Ri-Ri looks like her boobies are sagging... guess all that running around bra-less is getting to the twins. A. Keys is my baby mama.[/quote] THAT MAYBE TRUE TO YOU BUT I'VE NEVER SEEN HALLE IN A DRESS THAT NERVE RACKIN WHERE WITH ONE STEP IT LOOKS LIKE HER SHIT ABOUT TO FALL OUT HALLE GIVES YOU NICE TUCKED CLEAVAGE NOT THE ILLUSION OF A NIPPLE ON THE LOOSE AND YES IT TOOK AWAY FROM THE DRESS!!! SO GET OVER IT
WHAT's picture

I wish Beyonce would switch

I wish Beyonce would switch up her look a bit. She looks the same at every award show. There are other dresses out there that aren't metallic. Loves Alicia's look. Rihanna's... not so much, but atleast she's not playing it save.
Erica's picture

Queen Latifah looks hot!

Queen Latifah looks hot! Solange looks cute in her dress, Mel B looked and sounded sexy as she spoke(not pictured here).Bey,let me tell you about Bey, that gold dress she wore was like BAM!!!!!!!!!!!
Ara's picture

Ashanti looked absolutely fab

Ashanti looked absolutely fab in that yellow dress! Loved it! A Keys tore it the fuck up with that gray ensemble on stage. I sorta liked her dress on the carpet too. Beyonce is simply fab, but honey please cover the boobs.. we are not trying to see ur nipples.. Thats all folks.. good day.
Divab's picture

Solange looks good Not

Solange looks good Not feeling B´s dress Ashanti looks normal Nicole I’m disappointed ma! Rihanna & MJB both look bizarre Akeys good looking Chris Brown looks just like Kanye
Down&Dirty's picture

Am I the only one that thinks

Am I the only one that thinks Queen Latifah rocked it during her performance? I didn't know the girl could sing. Yes, the song was a little boring, but it difenetly displayed her talent.
Tiffany's picture

Am I the only one that thinks

Am I the only one that thinks Queen Latifah rocked it during her performance? I didn't know the girl could sing. Yes, the song was a little boring, but it difenetly displayed her talent.
Tiffany's picture

MJB is beautiful even if her

MJB is beautiful even if her outfit had come from walmart.....If beyonce had it on you would have given her such a praise. Im sure
shay's picture


[quote comment="13297"]ASHANTI LOOKS FAB..... SHE HAS THE BEST DRESSED 4 ME... NOT FEELING BEYONCE, RHIANNA, AND SOLANGE DRESSES.... SPEAKING OF SOLANGE WHAT DOES SHE DO? 1ST SHE'S A SINGER, THEN SHE DANCING 4 BEYONCE, THEN SHE DOING MOVIES, WHAT ELSE.... HAS SHE NOT REALIZE THAT HER CAREER SUCKS BUT SHE STILL THINK SHE'S ON HER SISTER LEVEL.. SHE SHOULD BE GLAD SHE'S A KNOWLES CAUSE SHE WOULD BE STRUGGLING[/quote] Solange is a writer and producer she has gotten credit for both on B'Day (most notable writing was co-writing UPGRADE YOU) and Ms. Kelly's album she also works full time at Music world, she is working on her own albums, and she just created a toy line that is only sold in Wal-Mart, and she of course is a full time mom I know all of this because I must admit... I am a full time Sloange Stan There I said that made me feel to good to get that of my chest LOL
MissJay's picture

i loved rihannas look as well

i loved rihannas look as well a mary j bliges.......i would love to see a certain someone get on the red carpet themselves....but that will never happen
annawintour's picture

Beyonce is always beautiful,

Beyonce is always beautiful, but i dont like the top of her dress...it looks like her titties are about to fall out! Queen Latifah...sorry, try it again! Monique...ugh, not feeling the eyeshadow. the dress is just aight! Lenny Kravitz...YUM! Jordan is pretty! Nicole looks like a crayon box threw up on her. LOVE Alicia in the Armani dress! love MJB, but not really feeling her disco ball dress
auragirl's picture

Monique looks like she could

Monique looks like she could be 12, not 27.....where do you see 45?! Love the pictures!!
Tima baby's picture


pretti nikki's picture

oh yes and miss

oh yes and miss Rihanna..looks a mess..lol I hate her dress.. but the hair nd make up is fab..
Lina's picture

Ashanto shoulda took that #1

Ashanto shoulda took that #1 spot..she looks FAB/AMAZING.. all while Beyonce looks fab as well.. she looks recycled..the hair recycled..as well as the dress..we've all seen something similar on her b4.. nd wtf @ Solange coming..as runner up.. she looks A hot mess!!..4rm the hair..2 that tacky yess tacky dress to that make up.. just all wrong.. she looks like Diana Ross <<and thats not a compliment.. Alicia looks nice..cant say I'm feeling her look..she usually looks much betta.. Nicole S. dress is blah.. Monique Coleman...looks over 27..she has a muscular build like a man (or a woman body builder)..her face looks hard as well.. idk about ya'll but I could believe she is 27..if not older..
Lina's picture

I'm serious who is Ashanti? I

I'm serious who is Ashanti? I know who Beyonce is and she is much prettier and talented than that Ashanti chick that's for sure. She was honored as the first female to ever win an International Artist award. That's a HUGE honore. It's official she's a legend now. She can retire at 30 like she wants b/c she's already accomplished everything. Lead singer of best selling female group of all time and now first female to win an international artist award? What's left for her to do? Again Congrats Bey! I'm sure Rihanna was jealous as hell. LOL J/K But she will never be on her level. Beyonce wins best dressed hands down! Her curves are ridiculous. And her ass is huge! She looks like a gold coke bottle. I'mma start hitting the gym now she done pissed me off. LOL
Who is Ashanti?'s picture

Ashanti looked AMAZING in my

Ashanti looked AMAZING in my book. She is my pick for Best Dresses! Beyounce look her norm,PLASTIC-LIKE, but it works for her! Solo "No No" that hair makes her look manish! Sorry : ( Rih Rih Hmmm? she gets a -10. I understand what she was tryin to achive but it wasn't working. That dress was awful and the grove? Come on! Mary I just love her! She is so.....(whats the word I am looking for?) she's so "Mary" LOL! A.Keys Great look and preformance. She rocked it!!! Queen I am so proud of her. She has got to be one of the greatest role model for young girls! I have to get use to the new Jazz Diva tho! LOL I have to admit I was a lil mad that Chris was lip singing but he can make that up to me! : )
B's picture

solo looks just like tracey

solo looks just like tracey ellis ross- especially with that nose job.
naomi-grace's picture

I have to agree with

I have to agree with Triciaboo- Ashanti looked radiant, absolutely gorgeous! I love be some Beyonce, but there should have only be one best dressed and that was Ashanti! She looked better than everyone at the whole show. She was HOT! Mary is a bad girl, she can rock any damn song! To me best vocal perfomance of the night. I don't know what that country sh*t was Beyonce tried to pull off. My husband and I laughed our butts off. We both agreed that Jigga and B will probably do the same thing when they watch the video back. lol
nicole's picture

Nicole S. looked like an

Nicole S. looked like an African or Jamaican flag!!! she looks like Kim Kardashian. Beyonce looked Flyyy-i-i-i-i. Haters please shut up! Ashanti looked cute, she still has her mouth WIDE Open b/c everything is so DAMN funny to Ashanti 4 some odd reason, maybe she laughs like that when she is a lil uncomfortable, to kind of get through whatever she is doing at that moment. Solange looks like Mel B. Jordin Sparks needs a stylist and she needs to stop looking like her grandmother dressed her. Alicia is such a Dike I cant stand to look at her, I wish she would come out of the closet. Monique Coleman-please go sit yo a$s down somewhere the music industry is not a fit 4 u honey, unless you are gonna get plastic surgery. That's it! XOXO
lala's picture

don't beyonce get tired of

don't beyonce get tired of gold, though? and solange? really? i like her but that dress wasn't appealing for her body at all. she looked like a box. :(
franso's picture

solange's look is FABULOUS!

solange's look is FABULOUS! i want that. ashanti looks stunning!
kisha's picture

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