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The AMA Show

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One of my fave performances of the night was of course Ms. Keys: Maybe it was the whole reggae set that did it but the ish was hot.  Chick brought out peeps like Beenie Man and other folks.  Hotness. There's the video in case you missed it: Mel B. hit up the press room looking fabulous as usual. Beyonce and Ursh kicked it back there too: And congrats to her for copping the AMA International Award. Jimmy Kimmel acted the fool with the Solja Boy dance and decided to bring up Jordin Sparks and country chick Kelli Pickler to do it too: Boo. Queen Latifah performed. Will.I.Am, Fergie, and Nicole S. opened the show: She definitely should have worn that on the red carpet. Rih Rih and Ne-Yo performed "Hate That I Love You": She copped the "Favorite Female Artist" Award for Soul/Rhythm and Blues.  She wore a Zac Posen dress but the performance was blah though. MJB performed looking hot in all black: Work it out then Mrs. Blige. Lenny performed. Alicia hit up the press room too. Chris Brown had my other fave performance of the night for "Kiss Kiss": Dude really performed upside down on the ceiling.  Hot. Akon won the Favorite Male Artist award for Soul/Rhythm and Blues. Bone came out of hiding and won for Favorite hip Hop Duo, Group, or Band for Rap/Hip Hop.  T.I. won for Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album for the same category. Blair Underwood presented.  Is anybody else watching Dirty Sexy Money?  So one of the best shows on tv right now.  Loves it. Beyonce did an interesting performance.  Country style "Irreplaceable" with Sugarland: Those shoes... John Jackson made my night and presented. Snoop hit up the press room...probably to promo his new reality show. And Nicole did a cute wardrobe change. That's a wrap.
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Somebody needs to wipe Akon

Somebody needs to wipe Akon down.
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I agree Alicia Keys had the

I agree Alicia Keys had the best performance that night! I love Chris Brown and all BUT i hate the fact that he was lip singing the whole song man very disappointed, and it was cool that Beyonce is the first African American woman to win that award congrats to her!
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Shelly D & Tiffany: Ladies

Shelly D & Tiffany: Ladies it "ain't" about speaking grammatically correct or even speaking like we are INTELLIGENT. Yes, my Soror is intelligent and savvy with her site AND she does so in her own skin/manner. She has her own diverse slang terms she use that are NOT of the grammatically-correct society. We all who visit this site KNOWS from day-to-day that Tasha does her thing HER way not to the likings of us (AND I "LOVES" IT!). I am not getting angry with you, Shelly OR Tiffany, I was just saying that we shouldn't have to correct her with what she MEANT to put in the first place. AND WE FOUND OUT THAT IT WASN'T EVEN SHABBA! I am pretty sure I, too, speak for MOST when it is said that conjugating verbs, correct spellings, etc. are the LEAST bit of our concerns when we are peeping out a site of THIS magnitude. We are coming to get away from the rhetoric and just "chill". There is NOTHING wrong with Ebonics WHEN you know from whence you came. There is NOTHING wrong with speaking in CORRECT grammar. There is just nothing wrong....we have our way of doing our own things...and bottom line...Natasha (my Soror) doesn't frankly do them like you may THINK she should! No one goes around correcting any artists for taking the "-ing" off of a word and replacing it with ..-'n!! I mean....Wow! And we as People of Color CAN speak Ebonics (a form of grammatical expression) and STILL be educated. You better speak on it, shawty! So, I ask each of US (including myself) to ease up..enjoy the Blog Ride and be who you wanna be AND speak/type how you wanna! After all, it IS for information and entertainment purposes ONLY, right???! I DIGRESS!!! **Shelly, I didn't think you were insulting her at all. Sorry if you thought that...my bad!**
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yes i thought i was the only

yes i thought i was the only one! they be trynna put her on the same level as beyonce. hell no!beyonce is the best singer of thi time.i mean its natural for us houstoians. alica keys is a talented SONG WRITER,BUT SHE CAnT SING FOR SHIT. she be singing like she got a permenant sore throat! im just sayin!lol
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omg i love Beyonce's

omg i love Beyonce's shoes! and Mary J. looks fierce
redbonekrissy's picture

Can someone...anyone...tell

Can someone...anyone...tell me what kind of shoes those r that Beyonce' is rocking?? PLEASE?!?!
FabAtItsBest's picture

u kno...i saw pictures of

u kno...i saw pictures of those balenciaga shoes that beyonce wore in a magazine about 2 months ago, and i thought they were the ugliest things i have ever seen in my life...but she actually rocked them perfectly...they look great on her!
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I actually like Beyonce's

I actually like Beyonce's performance. Just shows how mainstream she can be wihout losin her edge. ALso LOVED the shoes!! And props to AK for dancing! She looked fab!
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WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!! yeah i watched the AMA's & by far Alicia Keys was the best performance hands down... but as a whole, the show was WHATEVER!!! In my openion, Black Entertainers r at an all time low. Is this is what we want & is this all we have to look forward to??? Lip-sinkers & boody shakers??? GIVE ME A FUCK'N BREAK & then they wonder why Black artist aren't put'n up the numbers... LOOK AT THE STOCK, IT'S PLUMMETING!!! The industry try 2 sell us any'damn'thing cuz they think we stupid. Put a platinum chain around their neck, some grillz in their mouth, a rag on their head, say sum stupid shit & monkey them around the stage... Or better yet, dress umm up like whores & strip'az, make umm do lap dances to sell records. They clown'n us, play'n us out like damn fools! Got us buy'n n2 that dumn shit!!! U don't c them Rock & Country people buffoon'n around clown'n themselves. JUST CUZ U N THE CIRCUS DON'T MEAN U HAVE 2 B A CLOWN!!! Expect the best & don't settle 4 less...
Red's picture

beyonce killed it,the

beyonce killed it,the perfomance and outfit.
aiginter's picture

Alicia Keys did PERFECT...as

Alicia Keys did PERFECT...as usual....expect nothing less from her. Beyonce's shoes were in one of Kayne's blog entries....
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CLF's picture

Alicia Keys' performance made

Alicia Keys' performance made my day. It convinced me to buy her album today. Is she half Jamaican, or?
antoine's picture

well Um Chrises voice iz

well Um Chrises voice iz realli realli REALLi hoarse right now he wus sayin he been ordered 2 go on vocal rest cuz of havin da big tour comin up n so he have 2 save his voice 4 it, u can hear when he talk its like really raspy n stuff, n so, u kno, dass prolly y. n, he krumpin n he UPSIDE down n stuff, 4 gudness sake lol wu yall want, dang n, yea it wus bananas but CB u will need 2 fire ur stylist (red carpet i mean) lol Cuz he nevr use 2 lipsync at ALL, ppl usually r jus amazed at how good he sing live, he jus be httin notes like, wutt! but Uh ur stylist gotta go :-)
michelle's picture

Chris Brown.... Great

Chris Brown.... Great Performance Rihanna & Ne-Yo..... Did well ( Loved Rihanna's look ) Queen Latifah .... Beautiful voice and wonderful performance Alicia Keys ...... PURE FIYAHHHHHHHHHHHH Beyonce and Sugaland................. CAN WE SAY HOT ASS MESS !!!!!!!!!! Daugherty............... Great The overall show was okay
CLF's picture

Alica Keys is fugly to me and

Alica Keys is fugly to me and i wish beyonce gon on get married and retire
deshandra's picture

@ Lil Beyonce and

@ Lil Beyonce and Sunshine... LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CJ's picture

i actually thought rihanna

i actually thought rihanna did a good job
Idyllminds01's picture

On third thought Lil Beyonce

On third thought Lil Beyonce are you a man. Most women just don't say stuff like that. That's a little too, two snaps and a twist for us women.
sunshine's picture

On second thought. Girl you

On second thought. Girl you have to be playin. How about a blow pop. That has good flavor and it has to be cleaner!!!
sunshine's picture

Umm Lil beyonce I cannot hate

Umm Lil beyonce I cannot hate on ya for that, I guess somebody has to do it. That Is one job you can HAVE!
sunshine's picture

instead of a kiss kiss form

instead of a kiss kiss form chris i want his d**k d**k right in my mouth he is so fine and im not shame to say i would suck his d**k. just keeping it real girlz so plz dont try to hate on me im just being me.
lil beyonce's picture

i never knew the queen could

i never knew the queen could blow like that. wow! licia looked beautiful as did bey and ashanti. mjb is pure hotness loved her outfit!
YNV-ME's picture

[quote comment="13464"]Firts

[quote comment="13464"]Firts of all to QC, we know that this is not a literary site, but I think I speak for most when I say that we should try to be correct at all times. That's jut like people saying that just because a black person talks proper they sound white, no they just sound educated- duh. Anyways... Beyonce deserved the award that she won, despite what her haters might think. Normally, I love what she wears, but I'm alomost sick of the fan tail dresses. Rhianna looked good, but we all know that in person she can't sing and lacks stage presence, so hopefully she was looking at B taking notes. Alicia Keys rocked it as usual and her shape is banging. Mary lokked good, sounded good, and is just fyne. Chris Brown just might be the new Micahel Jackson. I'm talking about the normal Michael of the 70's and 80's.- lol[/quote] You're right about Chris Brown. But he may just turn into 90's Michael if he continues to dress like he's 12 and bringing little boys with him to parties.l Does he have a girlfriend?
squeaky clean's picture

I love Beyonce myself, but I

I love Beyonce myself, but I do feel she is a bit overexposed. Chris Brown's performance was great so whoever said it wasn't, stop the hate. And... he can sing. Someone's been living under a rock! Rihanna deserved that award as much as anyone else. Face it people, she CAN sing and she's selling the hell out of her cd's. More than B did with B-day. Please stop hating on Rih Rih.
thickyicky29's picture

Sweetie...beyonce already

Sweetie...beyonce already danced upside down on her first tour...get it together...she doesn't have to copy anyone...Thanks
Kandi Lycker's picture

Rihanna did a great job!

Rihanna did a great job! Chris Brown was soooo hot! Didn't care for the whole Beyonce goes country thing.Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls sucked. She sounded as if she was nervous. Not a good look.
thickyicky29's picture


Amber's picture

first of all hot girls rock

first of all hot girls rock balenciaga. you go bee. i think she's kinda nuff but she's accomplished alot in her 26 years so i can't even hate on her. Alicia keys' performance wouldn't have been good withought the old school reggae artists. i know all my jamaican people had flashbacks to the old school days. before hot wuk and dutty wine. when things were simpler. lol. yall know what i'm talkin about. too bad 90% of the audience didn't know who the hell was on stage. that performance went over alot of heads. other than that the show was kinda boring except for my girl mjb and that chris brown dude i'm stalking.... and yea dirty sexy money is great!
miss j's picture

i LOVE Dirty, Sexy, Money...

i LOVE Dirty, Sexy, Money...
Jonesy's picture

[quote comment="13590"]I

[quote comment="13590"]I thought the "Irreplaceable" performance was great. (Ne-yo did say he wanted to write a "Ghetto Country Song".) I am sick of the talentless and formulaic performances. Alicia Keys and the Beenie, Chaka Demus & Pliers and Junior Reid were Faublous. Mary was good and Lenny was good, too.[/quote] Irreplaceable performance was funny as hell! I love country, pop, rock, r&B and jazz. That song was not good and Beyonce did not make it any better. I know "B" and Jay are still laughing at that folk country hick sounding song! I almost turned the channel. It is one thing for Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, or Garth Brooks, to have sang the song. It probably would have been much better, but that was comical!
Ms. Fletcher's picture

[quote comment="13459"]Well I

[quote comment="13459"]Well I thought that the Rih Rih and Ne-Yo preformance was nice, it was innocent and cute......What exactly did you want??........A dance number, leather and sex personally I didnt think the song called for it.[/quote] I agree with this. And even though he's not quite YBF material... Chris Daughtry is hot, and Daughtry's performance was wonderful. :-)
djd's picture

[quote comment="13468"]Mary

[quote comment="13468"]Mary did the damn thing!! Alicia is overrated, the performance sounded a little messy, her and Junior Ried singing the song would have been just fine. Who knew you could dance to reggae and not move your hips[/quote] I totally agree! Mary had the best performance!
Ms. Fletcher's picture

1. love alicia... did not

1. love alicia... did not love her performance... wanted to hear more of her... less of the reggae. 2. Latifah was wonderful.... probably my favorite of the night. 3. that might have been the best Rihanna has sounded in a long time. i was actually impressed with her performance singing with Neyo. 4. Loved Lenny Kravitz & Mary J. That's longevity right there. 5. Chris Brown... loses points with me every time he doesn't sing. He needs to figure out how to dance less and sing live. Any dancer can do what he does if they know the words to his song. He's killing me with that.
djd's picture

Beyonce starting to look like

Beyonce starting to look like a white girl to me!
omy's picture

Beyonce won the employee of

Beyonce won the employee of the month award, alicia keys will be next!Mary j please!
v's picture

Nicole S is a stunner,

Nicole S is a stunner, perfect from head to toe.. I don't even care that chick has size 12 feet, that's what socks are for. WIll I AM a Retard is looking at her like she is a piece of meat in that photo, oh wait. ---------> Look at those deliciously thick legs on Alicia Keys, I would love for her to kick me down a flight of stairs with those strong legs then straddle them around my neck as we make sweet Wreckless Love. ----------> "The Queen tapped into her wild side: " That's not the Queen, she's small and white.. that's a new species, half Tiger half Rhino - all scary.
MajorKnuckles's picture

I thought the "Irreplaceable"

I thought the "Irreplaceable" performance was great. (Ne-yo did say he wanted to write a "Ghetto Country Song".) I am sick of the talentless and formulaic performances. Alicia Keys and the Beenie, Chaka Demus & Pliers and Junior Reid were Faublous. Mary was good and Lenny was good, too.
Anonymous1's picture

First I am an Alicia Keys

First I am an Alicia Keys fan, she’s a true artist BUT Alicia’s performance was lack luster to me, thank GOD For the Reggae All Stars, and the dancers, without them LACK LUSTER performance. I AM SOO TIRED OF THAT DAMN “NO ONE” SONG. Secondly Chris Brown – Who gives a ***k, he is soo overrated, big freakin deal he was dancing upside down, the kid can’t sing, maybe if I was 12 year old I’d be impressed with the upside down dancing but not at 36, just another dancing, good looking lip syncing, talent less youngster with a record deal soo not impressed, but hey better him than Nick Carter and his younger brother or Brook Hogan. I loved Sugerland’s and Beyonce’s country version of Irreplaceable, I myself like all genres of music and country music is no exception, Lenny Kravitz LOVE this man, his performance was great as well, he did not disappoint, Kanyade – we see eye 2 eye. Thirdly Fergie – Can’t stand her, I was soo mad she was the opening act, chick performed way longer than needed, and I’m still mad she won the award for Favorite Female Artist; I was just mad to ALL the opening acts, Wil I Am(I loved the music/sampling of his song) and Nicole. Lastly – Mary J. Blige took us back to Real Love Mary loves it loves it! Mary Rock It!!! Queen Latifah – BEAUTIFUL, ELLEGANT, CLASSY, A LADY I wish she would have performed Poetry Man instead. Beyonce, Ashanti, Mary, Rhianna, Queen Latifah - All the ladies looked beautiful last night.. Blaqcurrant aka Mad Commentator…
Blaqcurrant's picture

I loved B's outfit! It's

I loved B's outfit! It's cute, don't act like yall wouldn't be coppin' that leather jacket with matching shoes!! And that Alicia Keys performance was hot!! So was Rih Rih's. I love that song! And Latifah hair was pretty.
D-Ash's picture

[quote comment="13420"]How

[quote comment="13420"]How are you hating just because you don't think Beyonce is all like? Gosh, can we have our opinion? Anyway, Alicia and Chris were the highlights for me. Mary did good too. Overall, the show was boring as hell.[/quote] I agree with you. Just because we dont all worship the ground that Beyonce walks on does not make us haters!! We have an opinion just like everybody else. Besides most of the people who are praising Beyonce say a bunch of negative stuff about all the other perfomers. .Doesnt that make you a hater too? Im just sayin........
Kiki's picture

Goodness. Beyonce is cool but

Goodness. Beyonce is cool but I just don't understand why so many people ride her!! I don't understand it. You say one thing fowl about "BEE" and folks are straight up ready to cut you! Her shoes were NOT the business. Y'all like them because your precious "BEE" is wearing them but they are not hot. If Brandy had shown up wearing them, y'all probably wouldn't have even noticed but, just cause Queen Bee can do know wrong, you guys are all over it! Another thing, why is everyone that is not breast fed by the Beyonce machine a "hater". Bee is ok with me but I don't live and breath her and I don't think her sh*t don't stink. Guess I'm a hater then....Oh well. Bee and her lace fronts are so grossly over exposed but shame on me and everyone else for getting sick to damn death of seeing her face. This is probably meaner than I want it to be. I dig Bee's music but I am sick of her and I'm sick of every one on every site attacking the few of us that don't feel the need to worship the ground the broad walks on. I've got a right to my opinion and in my opinion, those shoes were not hot and that country chick going "to da left to da left" was just wrong. PERIOD! Rhi Rhi, I thought the performance was kinda blah but, I thought she looked really good. No words for Mary J and Alicia. Alicia tends to over perform to me sometimes but, I definitely think these two ladies had the best performance of the night!
MyOpinion's picture

Beyonce's shoes are

Beyonce's shoes are definitely the hotness....don't hate....and Nicole's dress is what that is!!!
Kandi Lycker's picture

Why is my Bey looking whiter

Why is my Bey looking whiter by the day? What's going on here?
AnotherNatasha's picture

Why do people say Alicia is

Why do people say Alicia is so pretty, is she slightly cross eyed. I NEVER WANT TO SEE A CONCERT/SHOW WHEN A SINGER IS NOT SINGING, STOP THE LIPSYNCI
dc all day's picture

I beg to differ. It was

I beg to differ. It was great that Beyonce' won the international award other than that she didn't really do anything special last night. I don't like it when people refer to someone as "irrelevant." Ashanti doesn't have any new music out right now but to call her contributions to music irrelevant is harsh. She has earned at least respect. Rihanna's performance was good, not great, but good.
Monica Ramona's picture

I beg to differ. It was

I beg to differ. It was great that Beyonce' won the international award other than that she didn't really do anything special last night. I don't like it when people refer to someone as "irrelevant." Ashanti doesn't have any new music out right now but to call her contributions to music irrelevant is harsh. She has earned at least respect. Rihanna's performance was good, not great but good.
Monica Ramona's picture

Riahanna can sing..Stop

Riahanna can sing..Stop Hating..
brinany's picture

I think Beyonce has had the

I think Beyonce has had the best years so far, non stop. And yes she is an International super star. The girl is on fire. You know I loved the country version. Houston in the house. Maybe us southerners are the only ones that understand. Hate her or love her, she is a force. Even with Destinys Child she stood out, she has always stood out. One more thing, How in the hell does Chris Brown dance on the ceiling. Major props. I don't mind that he lip synced, I hate to see singers that are out of breath from dancing, I like to see a show. He is only 18. Steps of my soap box Now***
kesha's picture

The AMA's were pretty good. I

The AMA's were pretty good. I loved Alicia,Mary J.,and Queen Latifah! My boo Chris Brown did his thang again, very creative performer. People cannot get mad at him for lip synching because of his routines. Thats what he do is complex performance and he uses the resources to do so. But he definitely can sing. More performers should try it. Usher tried to sing and dance at the bet awards in 04 and sounded horrible because he was out of breath.
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