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Kanye Breaks Down+Alicia Hits Up Tyra+New Ish From Kelly R. & Lil Kim

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Kanye breaks down during performance Kanye made his first stage appearance this weekend in Paris since his mother's death .  He was kicking off his European tour but had difficulty getting through the whole set. According to MTV news
"He said the word, 'Mother,' and just couldn't go any further," Le Parisien journalist Meddy Magloire told the magazine. "A back-up singer, the DJ and a guitar player came over to console him. It looked like he might collapse. He just couldn't continue. He just stood there in a spotlight, crying, while the band continued playing."
He reportedly left the stage for about 15 minutes after not being able to finish "Hey Mama", and came back out to finish with "Stronger".  Still such a sad situation.  Alicia Keys on The Tyra Banks Show Ms. Keys is going to be on the Tyra show next Monday (Nov 26th). Apparently they discuss Alicia's bra size (normal Tyra Show convo) and her playing the piano in the nude. Amerie and Kelly Rowland are covering the pages of Blag magazine: Amerie in Blag magazine Amerie in Blag magazine Kelly Rowland in Blag magazine Kelly Rowland in Blag magazine And speaking of Kelly, she has confirmed that she is re-releasing Ms. Kelly early '08. (Seriously?) Supposedly this new track "Daylight" ft. Gym Class Heroeshitting the Internet streetz is going to be added with a video as well: [audio:kellydaylight.mp3]
{Thanks Thatgrapejuice}
And judging from this snippet...I suggest she just takes an "L" on this whole album and go back to the drawing board. And I say this out of love. Lil Kim and Britney Spears remix Gimme More It's Britney b*tch...and Lil Kim ho: [audio:britneykimremix.mp3] Yeah Kim was serious.  She hopped on the remix to Britney's "Gimme More".  Still not sure how I feel about that one. The Randomness:
  1. I literally would have knocked down whoever was in my way for this ish.  It's not a game.
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Awwww! I couldn't even

Awwww! I couldn't even finish watching the video...my heart pains for Kanye. I think someone stated it earlier but maybe he just needs to take some time off and grieve. His fan base will be there when he returns.
PC in Tampa's picture

My heart goes out to

My heart goes out to Kanye.... Alicia is my girl, I will chek out that Tyra episode. Amerie and Kelly both look fab, too bad they can't sell any CDs....and I say that as a fan... Wow @ Lil Kim on Britney's wack ass song..I refuse to even listen...
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

...On another note - Kelly's

...On another note - Kelly's album is actually really good --- the only track I hate is "Ghetto" --- she should release next, either "Cold, cold world", (great lyrics) -- or "In love with my ex"---
Brownie's picture

My heart absolutely breaks

My heart absolutely breaks for Kanye. I am sitting at my desk crying with him...It pains me to see him (or anyone for that matter) in such a state of despair and trauma....I really admired her mom and all that she did to nurture, protect, teach, and guide her child. I just have no words to console Kanye. I know Ms. West is looking down on her son and her heart must be so sad -- I hope she sends angels his way to let him know she is still watching over him....After my greatgrandmother passed (I was very close to her, she watched me after school when I was growing up) -- I was devsatated. But whenever I went over her house to visit my great grandad - I could still feel her there - even for years after her passing --- I would feel her whisper in my ear about what to do/not do --- One time I was going to go to a store in midday at lunch --- my great grandmother started weighing so heavy on my mind - and I kept hearing "wait" - "don't go", then my mom called me out the blue to chit chat , then my grandmother called out the blue ---- by the time I finally left my office and got to the store - it was surrounded by swat teams and police --the store had been robbed about 1/2 hour earlier (when I would have been thre) and there were hostages (2 of them were shot later) -- that was nothing but GOD speaking to me through my great grandmother --- and even though I was determined to make it to the store - she just kept sending what seemed like "obstacles" to slow me down ----- now every time after that when I thought of her - instead of depair, I felt relieved and protected...she is truly a guardian angel..I say all this with the hope that Kanye can one day find a measure of relief from the pain, like I did --- b/c losing a mother (or mother figure) in your life is absolutely crushing.....RIP Dr. West.....and let's keep praying for Kanye and his family - because watching his pain is gut wrenching.....
Brownie's picture

Sapadilly, I know what you

Sapadilly, I know what you mean! My mother, who was a teacher for 35 yrs, passed away 12 yrs ago and it's still hard for me. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her, and how I would give up the world to have just 15mins with her! Kanye, do what's best for you and not your fans! We will still be here!
Kay's picture

You know I never comment on

You know I never comment on any blog, but I have been overcome by empathy for Kanye. I know what he is going through, as the one child of an educator who died unexpectedly recently. No disrespect to other Moms, but when your Mom's a teacher you have a special kind of Mom. You learn at an early age to share her with other kids, but somehow they find a way to make you feel special in way that you are proud to share her. As time goes on it will get better, but I still get teary each time I mention my mother, so I know exactly what he is going through at this time. I just wanted to express that. Kanye keep holding on to the strength your mom gave you, you will make it through the other side.
sapadilly's picture

awww R.I.P Donda west I feel

awww R.I.P Donda west I feel so bad for kanye =( He needs to be on the low key I know life goes on but she just passed last sat.. at least give it some time before u swing back... Aww A keys plays the piano in the nude? guys will love that lol...
rissa's picture

i guess most tragedies are

i guess most tragedies are unexpected...
LC's picture

That video is really hard for

That video is really hard for me to watch without getting a little teary eyed. i feel so bad for him. what an unexpected tragedy.
LC's picture

Lord I feel so sorry for

Lord I feel so sorry for Kanye. WHo knows what the right decision is at his point - isolate himself and be depressed or be out there and be depressed. He has to do what is right for him and will be in my prayers for a long time to come. On Kelly R - gimme less Nats - YOUR BLOG IS D BIBLE
Sandocutie's picture

I feel so bad for Kayne! I am

I feel so bad for Kayne! I am so close to my mom she's my best friend I couldn't imagine my life without my mom so i feel for him. I hope he can get through all of this lets pray!
Nicki's picture

I feel for Kanye.

I feel for Kanye.
Me Me's picture

I couldn't imagine what Kanye

I couldn't imagine what Kanye is going through. He was probably out there for the fans though. On another note, Amerie, stay away from Crenshaw; I will jack you for your Mius...
marleaux's picture

Kelly Rowland is hot, but a

Kelly Rowland is hot, but a hot album she is not... Can she even hold a note??? Ain't nobody tryna buy that wakness man. No disrespect to Sony marketing team but if it didn't work in 07, it damn sure ain't work'n in 08. I understand yall tryna recoupe dem dollazzz but, damn!!! sum shit u just gotta let go.
Red's picture

I agree, when a man cries

I agree, when a man cries it's over... Holding back the tears is NOT an option at that point... As for the Oprah's My Favorite Things debacle, I TOTALLY agree... Please believe that all sorts of knees AND bows would have been straight thrown up in someone's neck if I had the opportunity to get just ONE present from Oprah... Just one...
Toy's picture

hugs to you Kanye. my

hugs to you Kanye. my condolences to you family. You are a great artist and remember your mom will always be with you. Make her even more proud of you as you stay strong thru this.
katherine's picture

i know people wanna go on

i know people wanna go on with life, but kanye should take some time...the people that make money offa him were probably all "whatever you need, but your mother would want the show to go on..." um. no! but my prayers are with him. and bless kelly's heart. my prayers are with her too. oh, oprah, one day ONE DAY i will be in the audience to get some of your fave things.
charli skipper's picture

Its so hard to see a grown

Its so hard to see a grown man cry. Stay up Kanye. Nats ur blog rocks...all the way from Kingston Jamaica!
Dezzy's picture

Maybe next time Kelly

Maybe next time Kelly Rowland. Such a beautiful soul and person. She should have stayed away from that "ghetto" track being a single. Where you at Mr. Knowles?
Philly's picture

My heart goes out to Kanye &

My heart goes out to Kanye & his family, but one thing I don't understand. Why is he still in Europe touring? Why isn't he in the US with his family?
aav's picture

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