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Go To Work Fanny+Erykah Badu Talks Honey+Naomi & Alicia Make Appearances


This is beyond CP time Fanny.  The folks at Browadway are pissy that Fantasia is causing havoc at their box offices since she's missed 50 shows since her summer debut.  Their policy is to refund a patron's cash or re-ticket them for another day if the star is out.  And it's been happening way more often than it should.  According to the NY Post

Since the American Idol began dropping performances, producers have refunded tens of thousands of dollars worth of tickets. Fantasia did show up for work the day the strike hit and sang for disappointed fans outside the theater. News of her impromptu concert reached Sardi's, where a group of Shubert executives were lunching. Said one, acidly: "There's no show, and she's out there singing. Now if we could get her to perform when there is a show, we'd be in business." Sources say Fantasia's out a lot because she's simply not up to the grueling Broadway schedule.

Damn Fanny.  I never believed those pregnancy rumors before, but ummm....

Erykah B. is talking about her new single "Honey".  Check it:

Her nu amerykah album drops February 26th.  Can't wait.

Alicia K. looked fabulous in her bluish purple HL dress and matching shoes last night:

She performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert and looked like she tore it down.

And Naomi Campbell just learned that karma's a b*tch:

She hit up the Led Zepplin reunion concert last night and got her cell phone jacked.  Somebody stole the phone with everybody's number in it--Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nelson Mandela, Claudia Shiffer, and tons of other folks.  Stop throwing your sh*t and this wouldn't happen Na Na.

The Randomness:
    1. In the Who Cares? news of the day...Solange Knowleshas officially left from under Papa Knowles' thumb and has signed with Geffen Records. Her new album Hadley Street Dreams drops the second quarter of '08.



All of these people saying

All of these people saying all of these things based on unfounded information "reportedly" given to the media about Fantasia! Oprah and the producers of the play would have NEVER asked her to extend her stay (which she did) if she was missing so many shows and it was not a part of her agreed contract...Fantasia has done show after show after show...you don't think she deserves a break every now and then...and besided she is the big money draw for the play since she has arrived so yes the box office should refund the patrons money because yes they came to see the show but mainly they come to see Fantasia in a role that she was born to play...i just say think before you automatically jump on some none existant bangwagon simply for the sake of "saying something"
Lamont's picture

Solange is not signed

Solange is not signed directly to Geffen. she is signed to her daddy's label which is now distrubed through Geffen. Alicia looks cute.
Erica's picture

I'm not sure 2 support

I'm not sure 2 support Fantasia or diss her like everybody else!! u guys are harsh!!lol Seriously I like her I think she gets a lot of bad rap for basically being a hood chick & I thought she was with Young Dro or the Football guy that was in her Video who was it Larry Johnson? anywhoo I think Alicia is really doing her thing she has been doing it since she came out & has been standing strong good 4 her!! Erykah has always been my girl she is a lil stange but thats what I like about her!! & what can be said about Naomi but who cares someone stole her infamous phone wow like she can't run out & get another 1 I would love 2 get a hold of Jigga's number though!!lol
ms.peaches's picture

Wasn't there a Broadway

Wasn't there a Broadway strike for the past month or so. Is this why she missed some of the shows?
Sandra's picture

I have to say... AKeys looks

I have to say... AKeys looks hot but lets retire those HL dresses in '08, ok? Ummmm yeah thanks
Lexyb's picture

so glad solange left her

so glad solange left her father's label because there she will always b in beyonce's shadow
Nakia's picture

i'm glad solange left her

i'm glad solange left her dad's label
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