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Exclusive Pics From John Legend's B-Day Party+Trina Shoots Her "Single Again" Vid+Rihanna Gives It Away For Free

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John Legend's birthday party went down at The Plumm last night in the NYC and NY YBF correspondent Kisha was on the scene getting the exclusives:    Johnny Boy brought along his girlfriend...who he stayed wrapped up in a corner with all night: Kissy kissy.  Too bad I'm still not convinced Johnny Boy. Macy Gray came out to party with John:   Rough times much? Porn star Heather Hunter was there. And so was actor Anthony Mackie.  By the way Anthony...I heard about your stank attitude.  You're one straight to dvd movie away from chillin' on the F list.  So let's check that 'tude shall we?  And we all know you can't out-diva Johnny at his own party. Trina shot her video for "Single Again" yesterday:   I have a feeling this video will be very reminiscent of all the other vids shot in a pool of water.
Source: Trinafan.com 
Interesting. Rih Rih didn't do anything nasty for free.  Just became a spokesmodel for the Fashion Against Aids Campaign: According to ultimate-rihanna.com, Rihanna participated free of charge and 25% of the proceeds from the collection (at H&M) will go to HIV/AIDS-prevention projects around the world. Prices vary from $16 to $40, for 100 per cent certified organic cotton item which carry a special hang tag that reads: “This might be the most important piece of clothing you’ve ever had your hands on.” And speaking of Rih Rih, check out her latest photoshoot by Elisabeth Hoff:   Hotness. Tyson Beckford was spotted in Miami at the club opening of Nikki Beach last night: Still sexy. Cutie NFL baller Larry Johnson was spotted partying it up at Pure nightclub in Vegas last night: No Julissa in sight either. Ciara was spotted at the airport leaving France yesterday.  Her European tour is still poppin' off. Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, and Little Vicious all performed at the opening of Home St. Louis in St. Charles, MO yesterday: What are youuu doing Doug E.?  Looks like fin times though. Have a fabulous weekend!
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Rhianna looks great! Larry

Rhianna looks great! Larry Johnson...I question him. I really do. Very surprised to not see Julissa attached to his side. Speaking of athletes, are Carmelo and LaLa still a couple? I don't see them out together anymore, only solo.
Erica's picture

Tyson, Tyson, Tyson.....umh,

Tyson, Tyson, Tyson.....umh, umh, umh!
Traere's picture

That picture of Ciara is from

That picture of Ciara is from back in November.
erica's picture

trina iz n so pretty

trina iz n so pretty
Mrs.Chris Brown's picture

First, hunh? Oh, that's so

First, hunh? Oh, that's so CUTE of you...
J Uga's picture

I have a co-worker who used

I have a co-worker who used to date John Legend before he blew up (When he was just John Stephens). Got some juicy stories on him! Anyway, great update! Love this website. Rihanna's photoshoot is amazing as always and she'll get all kinds of good karma (and PR) for the AIDS campaign. Trina looking suspect as ever. And Tyson...well we all know the deal with that.
DesignGod's picture

Ciara is a PRETTY

Ciara is a PRETTY girl!!! Rihanna looks FLYY in the pics. That's all.
ASAP's picture

thets good 4 Rihanna

thets good 4 Rihanna
KrazAKeysFan's picture


unknowndiva's picture

John's Party Looked A Little

John's Party Looked A Little BLAH...!! & No NaTasha He Ain't Foolin' Me Either.. Tyson Looks GREAT Per His Usual.. I Can't WAIT To See This Video Trina Is Concocting RIHANNA Looks VERY FAB.. Gotta Go Find Larry Johnson ((Shawty Right There Is A 10 !!)) Ciara Is So Cuute... LOVE HER !
BRANtheSOCIALITE's picture

Trina needs to sit down

Trina needs to sit down somewhere. All this mourning over her relationship w/Lil' Wayne is going overboard. Let it GO. No one can tell me this whole "Single Again" business ain't about him. Nor can they say this ridiculous wedding dress getup isn't an ode to the engagement that wasn't meant to be. The dress isn't bad, just that 1980s headpiece with Ginuwine babyhair that looks the fool. And WHAT's with the ridiculous lacefront and thin weave wading in the water..is that isht supposed to be cute, sexy, or believable? NONE of the above. That Trina needs to sit down somewhere. Seriously. Where is Trick Daddy? Are those two still cool or did she get too big for her jeans? -That Larry is a cutie. Especially w/out Julissa all in his face. But just like Julissa was all in his face at HIS bday party, John's "girl" is all in HIS face at HIS bday party. I, too, am not convinced by the little "kiss for the cameras" act. -Tyson's suspect behind is still very, very sexy. -I love that Doug E. and Slick don't age. -Rihanna *yawn* (you seen one photo shoot, you've seen 'em all) -Macy Gray- what is REALLY with her? Is she eternally drunk? Slow? WHAT?! I saw an interview where she said she went to film school at like USC, I think. I was stunned! I'm sure there's more to her than we all know, but still. WHY can't she sit still, not slur her speech, and not look around incessantly? I don't get it.
harlemnaturallycurlygurl's picture

I'm sure most people don't

I'm sure most people don't know who Anthony Mackie is for him to have a attitude. Trinia still looks busted even on a 'fake wedding day'. Trinia, please study Rihanna photos to learn how to look "hot".
Pretty Paige's picture

Cute pics....oh and FIRST!!

Cute pics....oh and FIRST!!
strivingforexellence's picture


J Uga's picture

Doug E got a Chris Brown

Doug E got a Chris Brown going on???
Stacey's picture


[quote comment="22394"] Gotta Go Find Larry Johnson ((Shawty Right There Is A 10 !!)) [/quote] Not if I find him first...damn he's fine! Oh and I'll break Julissa's skinny ass in two before she could say "Ay papi!"
Chantal's picture

[quote comment="22398"][quote

[quote comment="22398"][quote comment="22394"] Gotta Go Find Larry Johnson ((Shawty Right There Is A 10 !!)) [/quote] Not if I find him first...damn he's fine! Oh and I'll break Julissa's skinny ass in two before she could say "Ay papi!"[/quote] Don't You DARE... I Guess I'll Need 2 Bullets Then.. I Was Only Planning On SHOOTING JULISSA, But Since You Wanna Jump In Larry & I's Love Affair You'll Have To Go Down Too..LOL !!
BRANtheSOCIALITE's picture

John Legend: Ya'll need 2

John Legend: Ya'll need 2 stop hatin'. whether he is gay or not, what does it do for u? Trina: Loooks Good. Don't Like that song. she gotta come harder with next one Rihanna: She always lookin fly Larry Johnson: Sorry Ladies, I'm in Vegas and Julissa was there. Her and Larry make a cute couple. They been in vegas the whole weekend since I seen them at Pure Friday and Saturday. Some of everybody here for new years. I met both of them and they are real cool.
Kima's picture

Wassup with ol' boys pitt

Wassup with ol' boys pitt stains in the pic with larry??
FACE's picture

What the hell is wrong with

What the hell is wrong with Trina? She the main one that aint suppose to care about one dude leaving! Girl needs to get it together cuz as little as weezy is body frame wise he cant be that good. Ima need for her to stop crying and find her a new boo and act like aint nothing just happen. I read all those comments and yall bitches is funny as hell! I was sitting up her lmao! Why the hell she in that ugly ass dress? When you feeling that damn depressed you need to stay your ass home and recuperate cuz you end up doing stupid ish like that! My God! John Legend think he slick..He gay and we know it. Tyson think he slick...he's getting it in the booty too and we know it! RiRi takes great pictures..they need to replace Beyonce tired ass with her. And what the hell is up with that damn Macy Gray? Is she ever gone be right? She dont look worth 2 cents. When you look like that you need to stay your ass home cuz you end up taking ugly ass pictures like that. She look like she done been through some things. All that money she has and she aint even trying to fix herself up look like her shirt came from dollar general. Clearly, Money Waisted!!!
Kimberly's picture

[quote comment="22457"]Is it

[quote comment="22457"]Is it me or do any black men in"the business" date BLACk women.This is crazy. I hate to even log on or read a magazine sometimes because you never see us with us! There are some very beautiful women in the industry who are making their own money who have a lot to bring to the table. Black on Black love is not seen at all anymore. Especially in Hollywood. SO SAD!!!!!![/quote] The few who do (e.g. Usher, Denzil), get trashed every time they appear in gossip blogs. Apparently people feel they are: - ugly - look like men - can't dress - any other negative you could think of. That's' BLACK PEOPLE for you (sigh).
nita's picture

Trina - Tabo John Legand-

Trina - Tabo John Legand- Undercover(Johnny Gill?)Since Eddie Married..Lmao
Toot's picture

Whyyyyy does Trina's

Whyyyyy does Trina's lacefront have to always look so O B V I O U S ????
B's picture

Luv this site, although I can

Luv this site, although I can NEVA EVA be 1st! What's up with Jamie's and John Legend's parties - are there no black people who party, dance, and drink anymore!? Macy Gray does have her own unique style - but her weirdness factor is over the top here. Ri's photo shoot is the hotness, that's a bad chick. It's odd because when Tasha posted the pictures of her at her cousin's wedding you think she had NO sense of style. By the way, Tasha you do a phenomenal job, and feel a REAL void, I got tired of mags like People, sites like MSN-you would think that fab black celebs do not even exist. Lindsay, Brittney, Desparate Housewives, Mr. McSteamy, - everyone is a size -10. Thanks for all you do, have a FAB 2008!.
Fablife2008's picture

Tyson Beckford is so sexy

Tyson Beckford is so sexy haha
Kiara's picture

What has John Legend done to

What has John Legend done to make yall think he is gay? I just don't understand. And I don't think he's worried about trying to CONVINCE any of yall. Whatever... ~ And for all my "Hills" fans, yall see Brody yuckin it up with Larry??
shae's picture

John Legend is just a

John Legend is just a metrosexual.Nothing wrong with that Rihanna and Ciara look nice Macy Macy Macy. Whooo... Tyson is still as sexy as ever
Afrochic's picture

okay, tyson is my husband,

okay, tyson is my husband, trina is a stank nasty lookin mess, but not as nasty lookin as macy gray DAYUM, rihana is too cute and i predict mr. legend will be outed by an ex lover in 2008
Krystaliah's picture

I second that! I wouldn't be

I second that! I wouldn't be surprised if she does land a big campaign in 2008.
Arianna's picture

Rhi Rhi is looking hot in

Rhi Rhi is looking hot in those pics (as usual!). Trina really needs to give it a rest! Is anyone even still interested? John Legend is very talented but yes- still suspect! Happy New Year by the way Natasha!
Arianna's picture

Am I the only one wishing

Am I the only one wishing some smart fashion designer would snap up Rihanna for a big name campaign? Come on, Donatella Versace. Come on, Louis Vuitton. If Giorgio Armani and and Michael Kors can snatch up the hot celeb chicks, then ya'll need to call RiRi up. She photographs a trillion times better than she uh....vocalizes, so they need to GET ON THAT!! The girl is HOT!! And anything that keeps her from singing ballads, but still striking tough poses in front of a camera?? FAB.
Maleficent's picture

IS it me or does Macy look

IS it me or does Macy look like she has a permanenet hangover?? Is her eye partially black?? Wow John has a girlfriend & she is really pretty good for him maybe she can keep his mind off of Fonzworth Bentley (LMAO) Trina did the same pool shot like that in her "Pullover" video if I'm not mistaken & whats up with the wedding gown thats probably the longest piece of material she has ever worn & I heard she was supposedly with Kenyon Martin who knows everybody is doing everybody these days!!! I think as much as people want to clown Rhianna for whatever reason she is a very pretty girl & can take some bad ass photos!! Oh before I forget the dude in the shot with Slick Rick looks like he just skinned a bear for that get up is that the lil boy who had the reagae song Freak somebody please tell me you know what I'm talking about (excuse the errors)
ms.peaches's picture

i can care less about who

i can care less about who Mr.Stephens is sleepN with.. sometimes i think hes gay.. other times i dont.. HOWEVER... HIS TEETH???? Yea.. get that together forreal!
kbaby's picture

if i could do magic i would

if i could do magic i would sprinkle no i would smother Trina with Class and a new hair do. i really think her stylist hates or her stylist is that old ex stripper that still hangs at the strip club selling outfits to the strippers. Trina you are no longer at the strip club you have actually been blessed to entertain outside of the strip club and you cant shake that life. I actually listen (bootleg) to your cd's but cant stomache to see how you waste your beauty and continue to be TRASHY.
Talk it out's picture

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