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Rihanna Gets A Half Million Dollar Tip+Chris Stokes Strikes Again--But Is Still Chillin' With Raz B?+Hammer Doesn't Go Away

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TMZ caught these fools on camera for a convenient photo/video op when they were leaving the restaurant together. Raz was talking about "We love each other man!" WTF material indeed. Meanwhile...another youngin' came forward about Chris Stokes' pedophilic ways. Newbistar reports that someone wrote in explaining what Chris did to him when he was 16 years old:
"I met Chris back in 1994. I was sixteen at the time. I was a waiter at a restaurant in L.A. The woman who Chris was having lunch with asked if I modeled or anything like that. I told her no, but the conversation sparked between the three of us. Chris gave me his card and told me to contact him when I got off work. I did. That's where it all started. At the time, my mother wasn't around much and I was half-assed going to school. I waited tables for spending money, but I was basically a broke kid from Ingleside wanting to have all the things Chris had. I told Chris that I wanted to be in the music industry, although I never really had any vocal training. Chris told me he was forming a group with two guys and two girls and I had the look that he was looking for. He told me that talent wasn't important as long as I was eye candy. He made it very obvious that he found me attractive. The topic of me working with him professionally never really manifested into anything more than time killing conversations that usually lead to sex. The affair lasted until late 1997, right around Christmas. I realized then that I was only a toy and he didn't really care about me. I told him I didn't want to continue the relationship. Chris tried to buy me by promising to buy me a BMW. I declined. I knew he was married to a woman (Omarion's cousin **his aunt, actually**) and living a lie and I no longer wanted to participate. After that, I fell into a deep state of depression, began using drugs (cocaine) and you know what came next... prostitution. I started working for a gay escort service in the summer of 1999. The ads that the service ran hinted that the male escorts were "barely legal". One day, my boss calls me and tells me that he had a date for me. I go to the location that I was sent to; room 820 at a very regular hotel in Los Angeles. I knock and guess who answers... yup, Chris. He was just as shocked as I was. Of course, I went in and made the money because I had a habit to support. The one thing that stands out in my head about that night is Chris mentioned over and over again that he thought he'd be getting someone much younger. By the way, I was only 21 at that time. When the Youtube videos came out of Raz B and his brother making those claims, I knew they were all true. It's only a matter of time before others come forward with their stories. I'm sure we're not the only ones. Of course, my situation was consensual, I'm sure there were/are others who have a different story to tell."
Damn. In case you missed it: So a Russian billionaire decided to rain $500k on Rihanna just for her to fly over and perform a 40 minute set for his Holiday event. That explains why she skipped out on all her former boss' NYE activities at the 40/40 club. But the advertisement for this lil extravanganza is the best part about all this:
The best coverage of the party last week was in Tvoi Den, which headlined its article "Deripaska Gave Abramovich a Black Woman for $500,000."

And according to some, her concert was hella boring:
A blurry photograph in Tvoi Den shows Abramovich looking bored, and a reporter wrote that he "observed the young people having fun with his famous half-smile, quietly dancing on the spot."
I coulda told him that and saved him 500 stacks. Hammer is reportedly about to embark on a $27.5 billion profit venture--being a dance machine. This ought to be good... The Randomness:
  1. So it looks like The YBF's speculations were right.  Paul Pierce's fiancee Julie Landum is indeed preggers
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I believe all of the

I believe all of the accusations to be true. I especially think those of you who feel these are simply lies to get money just should read this oh so educating response given by " JON" listed above and you would then understand why these stars and even local folk stay bottled in with this type of information. Hell most of our parents both male/female have been rapes or damn near molested and have never told you because my mom never released this info to me until I was grown and living on my own,so just show a little sympathy and send out your PRAYER's !!!!!
7mileyh00d's picture

As a victim myself I just

As a victim myself I just want everyone to know that the reason Chris Stokes and Raz B are hanging out. When someone is sexually abused, there abuser usually creates a relationship w/ them that is none sexual and that of good friends. You get to know each other just like regular friends and then the abuse starts and from there on you're compltely confused! The person you trust, confide in and consider a friend has just molested/raped you. As much as you hate and fear that person, you still have those memories which you thought meant something. Not to mention these predators prey on kids who can't tell anyone and feel like they're abuser is an important part of there lives. Chris Stokes has for sure done this to Raz and I see all the syptoms. Raz knows what Chris did to him was wrong and at the same time still thinks of Chris as his "friend" and cousin and probably feels some what guilty about telling on Chris. This is what abusers do! They try to make it so you feel sorry for them and easily can get you're sympathy. Because of this abuser, the victim lives in a world of confusion do to the fact the person that hurt them might have also been that father, brother, mother, friend figure they never had. Because of that they hate themselves and feel like they're messed up for deep down having love for these people that abused them. They can't deal w/ themselves and usually turn to God and in some cases drugs to ease the pain. Chris Stokes needs to be put away.
jon's picture

I still think that these

I still think that these allegations with Chris Stokes is true and only time will tell the whole story! I smell a payoff!!!
Nycole's picture

Damn Larry, what's your

Damn Larry, what's your problem?
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NyGRL's picture

err..why dont they go to the

err..why dont they go to the police..Chris is gonna end up broke trying to pay all these accusers
bree's picture

A 16 year old boy should know

A 16 year old boy should know better. I'll agree. But he's still a BOY, not yet a man and that shit wasn't consensual. They weren't old enough to consent. Chris Stokes is a predator and used his influence and authority to pressure these boys to do whatever sexual acts with him. They were old enough to say no but they didn't. No different than any grown woman who is date raped or even sexually assaulted who doesn't SCREAM no. She didn't want it. And those boy's certainly didn't want it. At least not the first time...
Gorgeous's picture

I agree w/the person that

I agree w/the person that said the 16 yr old is almost an adult and he knows better..hell I knew at 8 yrs old that an adult should not touch you in an inappropriate way, let alone a 12 to 16 year old.
Women's picture

anybody else think paul

anybody else think paul pierce is sexy? i think it's just me..
it'smesuprise's picture

WTF @ this whole Chris Stokes

WTF @ this whole Chris Stokes drama YAWN @ Rihanna Good for Hammer..I know he needs the cash ** If that is true about Play,I is him a speedy recovery!**
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

just FYI, it doesn't infer

just FYI, it doesn't infer her concert was boring, but that he was bored. It says that the fans were having fun. He apparently was the only one that was bored.
Key's picture

"Christopher 'Play' Martin

"Christopher 'Play' Martin Hospitalized and Recovering From Serious Car Wreck. SUV Hit and Destroyed By Drunken Driver in Raleigh, North Carolina" January 3, 2008 Stanley B. Chambers Jr., Staff Writer - Story Coverage Provided Courtesy of The News & Observer DURHAM - At least one person was killed in East Durham and a vehicle collision. "This is crazy," said Liles, who was returning home from buying lottery tickets. "I ain't seen anything like this. Christopher 'Play' Martin Hospitalized and "Recovering" From Serious Car Wreck. SUV Hit and Destroyed By Drunken Driver in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. David Helwig, 40, was inside his garage when he heard the crash. He thought a vehicle hit some nearby garbage containers. When he walked outside, he saw a woman screaming and the SUV on its side. Kevin Osborne, 17, and three of his friends were sitting at a nearby McDonald's when they heard the crash. As they walked by the accident, he saw a man in the front passenger side of the suspect vehicle curled sideways toward the floor. The man was not moving. "We were just saying that nothing really happens downtown," Osborne said. "And then this happened." Witnesses said the two people who had been in the SUV were lying on a nearby sidewalk as paramedics treated them. A piece of blue tarp covered the passenger side of the suspect vehicle. The intersection and a part of Morgan Street were shut down. Prayers for Christopher 'Play' Martin: To Send Prayers to Christopher Martin, please email: hp4digitalworks@yahoo.com Christopher "Play" Martin (born in Queens, New York City) is formerly the latter half of the late 1980s/early 1990s hip-hop/comedy duo Kid 'n Play. With fellow rapper/actor Christopher "Kid" Reid, Play recorded three successful albums and starred in four hip-hop based comedy films: House Party, Class Act, House Party 2, and House Party 3. Play is the founder and CEO of HP4 Digital Works & Solutions, a pre and post production multimedia company for film, digital media, and theater; and is also a Teacher at North Carolina Central University in North Carolina.
Angel's picture

this is bs, i dont believe

this is bs, i dont believe this crap either.. if raz and his brother was sexually abused these 2 would not be hanging with the man that caused them so much grief and pain in there young lives.. these 2 are full of it.. and as far as this 16 yr old goes i think hes lying too. if he claims chris stokes made him gay please at 16 this guy was looking for someone to lay up with and was already gay and is now jumping on the bandwagon looking for some money.. if this ended over 10 yrs ago why come forward and talk now, if you thought he was abusive he should've said something along time ago.. thats why i don't understand why people talk so much shit when they get wind of someone saying something then they start singing ... please.. and as far as rihanna getting 500,000 $$$$ why shouldnt she get paid ? madonna,britney "cant sing worth a damn spears" jessica simpson and other white singers get this kind of money all the time and cant sing worth shit but there rich arent they? you black people kill me with your ingrain hatred and jealousy for one another.. you all should be glad when someone who's black is making it- ooh i forgot if you dont have anything why would you wanna see someone else with something you yourself dont have.. o i forgot you black people sit around and wait for each to fall flat on your asses then you feel better about yourselves.. regardless of what you all think rihanna has 500,000 in her bank account do any of you? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!! LOL
nelly's picture

This Chris mess will be that

This Chris mess will be that talk of '08...I hope he's incarcerated in '08 if this mess is true. Get your paper by any means necessary Rih...I ain't mad at cha. LOL @ Hammer tryin' to compete with some kids on UTube...how corny but I guess profitable...do you H.
Afiya's picture

It's just awful more and more

It's just awful more and more information is coming out about Chris S. I believe the rumors it's something real fishy about that dude! I read that the billionaire who paid to Rih said she was pretty cheap only asking for half a million! I mean if that's the case I can perform for 10mins and get more than her!
It's ME's picture

I don't know about that one.

I don't know about that one. Anybody can write anything, so I'm a little suspect. And a 16 year waiter? I guess. And having dinner and chillin with the guy who allegedly molested you doesn't make any sense. And why tell your story on You Tube and not the police?!!! Something smells funny. I don't know what really happened but I'm not willing to call Stokes a molester yet. I think all parties involved are shady and looking for ?publicity?money?
allnatural's picture

Make it go away( singing

Make it go away( singing Maxwell) This is becoming ridiculous I honestly don't know anything about Chris except for the fact that he brought Immature, Smooth & another group can't remember the name but he got all of them on the scene all of this is news to me when I saw the Raz-b tape I was skeptical at first cause he came back & apologized for saying what he said, so I thought it was a lie but now EWWW how gross or excuse me how sick do you have to be to even want to moleste young boys & girls, I really can't understand what enjoyment they get out of that it's so disgusting it hurts!!! Chris, Micheal, & Robert need to be put in an asylum maybe they should be tortured or better yet have men older than them moleste there ass!! but two wrongs don't make it right I just pray that the kids affected by this get help(mentally) & know that it's ok to come talk to anyone they feel close to, a parent a friend, anybody who will listen!!
ms.peaches's picture

Damn Chris! How he gonna

Damn Chris! How he gonna fight he way out of this one? I see this being a Micheal Jackson type case. A million other "boys" gonna come out accusing him of the same crime. Even though dude claimed it was consensual, you can still be manipulated at 10,12, or 16 if a grown man that sucessful is giving you everything you want and making you believe it is natural. Not too sure about age 16.
Kia's picture

Chris needs to be locked up

Chris needs to be locked up ASAP!
Martinique_fr's picture

Yuk! Chris Stokes looks like

Yuk! Chris Stokes looks like a fudgepacker anyway! But what gets me is these young men (old enough to say nigga please) still go ahead and play with him. It's not like they are 6 yrs old and dont know better or was forced. They didnt have to get down if they didnt want to. I cant blame him for being gay but dont say he molested you at damn near adult age!! I dont know about yall but I knew what time it was at about 12...
H-Town all day!'s picture

Where there's smoke, there's

Where there's smoke, there's fire. And like someone said before, it is highly unlikely for a man to say that he was sexually assaulted by another man if it wasn't true. This is a sad situation.
FlyGirlfromDC's picture

This whole C.Stokes thing is

This whole C.Stokes thing is crazy. He needs to be tortured like those damn Mike Vick dogs. Nasty BASTARD!!!! I guess we all see why Omarion is a FLAMER!!!!! We have way to many R. Kelly's in the world. Parents keep your babies on a leash, shit is defenitely real.........
mieka's picture

Okay, I was third... :-D

Okay, I was third... :-D Chris Stokes... Wow. What is done in the dark... I would not put it past him. Wow. Wow. And WOW again. Rih-rih... that is some funny ish. I can't wait to see what Hammer is going to do!
lovelifelive's picture

I was wondering why all was

I was wondering why all was quiet on this Chris Stokes thing. Well, when more people start coming forward lets see him try to explain himself. Honestly, I just want to see what ole Omarion has to say since he came a grown mans defense before Stokes actually defended himself.
ashley's picture

I always thought the Chris

I always thought the Chris Stokes rumors were true and welcome back Hammer.
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lovelifelive's picture

WTF? Rihanna? This is some

WTF? Rihanna? This is some funny stuff right here...
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