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Bigga & Kelly R. Do Milan's Versace Show+Celebs Hit The Gifting Suites+Gabby & Garcelle Get Jimmy Choos

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And the Bigga publicity train continues:  Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to let Kelly Rowland tag along to Milan for the Men's Autumn/Winter '08 Versace Fashion Show today.  Oh the fabulousness of it all...   I guess 3's a crowd.   But all 3 are working the YBFness to the fullest. Celebs are hitting up the gifting suites for the cancelled Golden Globes in full force.  They hit up the Boom Boom Room "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" Gifting Wonderland: Larenz Tate and his wife Tomasina brought along little Miles Xavier to the gifting suite.  Their little boy is already almost 1 and a half years old.  Damn time flies.   Shar J. brought along 2 of her 10 kiddies. So do Shar and her oldest look like twins because they're mother and daughter...or because they clearly shop in the same stores? I'm just sayin'... Neicy Nash looked casual and fab: And Chandra Wilson brought along her "significant other" who she likes to keep as private as possible--except for that Folgers commercial--and her son Michael: Some sources even report she doesn't call hm her husband.  While others do call him her husband.  What's really going on? And Terri Vaughn came through preggers and all: Fun times.   Gabby Union and Garcelle Beauvais were doing their usual publicity train ride at the Jimmy Choo Rodeo Drive Flagship store opening yesterday: I refuse to believe she actually was pregnant with twins and actually delivered them a couple months ago.  And can we focus on the fabulousness of the actual store?: It damn near puts me in a trance. Stay fab!
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That also looks like celeb

That also looks like celeb stylist June Ambrose right behind Jay Z
Dave Willis's picture

what is with the pale makeup,

what is with the pale makeup, she needs to stop putting makeup on her hands...ugh. i can't stand when she does that.
greeneyezjade's picture

omg i love beyonce's hair and

omg i love beyonce's hair and make-up kelly as well and jigga looks hot gabby, neicy, and garcelle look hot also wow every1 make up look good as well
allie's picture

I am loving Beyonce's new

I am loving Beyonce's new hair!
FlygirlfromDC's picture

Beyonce looks FABULOUS in

Beyonce looks FABULOUS in these pics. And the haters keep hating...so what's new?
Mimi's picture

I understand Jigga is Bey's

I understand Jigga is Bey's man and all but damn y cant she sit next Kelly too (maybe the seats were pre-arranged..whatever) But Kelly is supposed to be her girl ... like a sister Bey should be sitting in btwn her bff and her bf...As much time as she spends with Jay u never see her with Kelly...might as well use the time u get with ur girl wisely!
Stacey's picture

It must be nice being a 3rd

It must be nice being a 3rd wheel @ Kelly.Too much Bigga aren't there other people than these two?Not hating but, a big YAWN perhaps? Oh I loving the Jimmy Choo showroom.
Beyaki says..'s picture

Beyonce's weave is

Beyonce's weave is gorgeous!!!
Paige's picture

Nobody in this entire post

Nobody in this entire post looks busted! Ohmagawd, how rare is that?? There are a few near misses, but nothing even approaching a glazed H.A.M. and for that, lawd Jesus, i am grateful. Ooh, i see you Hova! Jay, ya lookin' like old money, honey. Can a soldier spend that on ME?? I'll get you Bodied if you Upgrade me. I'll even put in some WORK until the Daylight. If them balls is Blue, i'll work my Magic. Yes ma'am! Er'body lookin' good!
Maleficent's picture

I HUUUUUUUUU that's what's

I HUUUUUUUUU that's what's the look ciara was going for ummmmmmmmmmm I guess she didn't quite make it .I thought I was the only one who noticed the pale hands ...............Shar is so pretty but that body is well she could have gotten butt implants to to even things out .Terri lovessssssssssssssssss the boots .Everyone lookes good
kimmie's picture

Jay & Bee look like royalty!

Jay & Bee look like royalty! Love the fabness! Love Beyonce's hair and make-up! Kelly looks beautiful as well. Love Gabby and the rest.
Misty's picture

And for all the B fans… new

And for all the B fans… new album coming soon and a new tour by the summer
Lexyb's picture

Who actually let Shar, Niecy

Who actually let Shar, Niecy and Terry into swag showrooms? Shouldn't you actually be a relevent/current star to get into these places? I mean whats stopping Raj from Whats Happening from showing up if anybody with a show over the last 40 years can walk in and collect? LOL! Some of them have no shame. Does Gabby and Garcy get paid to be randomly photographed? LOL! Bey could lose some of the fakeness of that big wig by shaping it to look more natural. But, she, Jay, Kelly, Gabby and Garcy look fab, IMO!
cha cha's picture

Everyone looks cute

Everyone looks cute
Britt's picture

Oh Shar – I can’t believe she

Oh Shar – I can’t believe she can make a Guess dress look…. Ugh And does people stalk YBF new posts just to say first??
Lexyb's picture

All I can say is

All I can say is weave-a-licious!!!
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