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The oh so preggers HB hit up Robertson Boulevard's furniture store Space M. this weekend.  And the flyest knocked up chick in the game is still killin' it on the daily.   Cute.
Source: ONTD
Janet and Jermaine were spotted at a listening party for Janet's "album".  Or something like that... Vanessa Williams received an award at the Director's Guild Awards ceremony this weekend:
Photog: Granitz
Kimberly Elise was spotted in the SAG Luxury Suite:
Photog: Perry
Interesting look. Tatyana Ali had her 29th b-day party at Pure in vegas this weekend:
Source: ONTD
 WTF?  Tatyana Ali turned 29?  Oh Willy: Here's some stills from his new superhero movie Hancock.  And the trailer's here.  So will TMZ call him a Roboho too?  Just wondering... And these folks are is soooo not what we would call a credible news source.  But I still believe every bit of this story concerning Eddie and Mel B.



-Halle and Vanessa are

-Halle and Vanessa are amazing as always. -Some of the things in the article (e.g. Mel B wanting to have an A-list husband) I heard about Mel B. According to article at the time ( I think it was the Sun) that was the reason she moving to LA, she would have greater chance of finding one
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And Eddie should be involved

And Eddie should be involved in his baby’s life as soon as possible…not when she asks about him. Every child deserves a relationship with their father…even if the parents don’t get along.
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there might be some truth to

there might be some truth to the story concerning Mel B and Eddie, but the truth of the matter is that he is a grown man and should have been using protection. if a woman is being that forward with you from the jump, then guess what you need to protect yourself at all costs because it is obvious that she has an agenda. there is no sex on the planet that good to go without protection. even if it is in the heat of the moment, he still slept with her two other times. he is stupid for falling for the game if that is the case. now he has to pay the price. just goes to show that men can be just as clueless about sex and relationships, just like some women
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~~Happy Monday

~~Happy Monday YBF!! ~~Vanessa Williams and Halle Berry both look Fab. Halle is such a pregnant beauty. ~~That story on Eddie and Mel is KRAAAZZYY! Eddie has had bad “luck” with his last couple relationships.
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Can’t nobody take my

Can’t nobody take my pride…can’t nobody hold me down (oh, no)…I got to keep on moving.” Vanessa Williams is such an inspiration. Halle is that chick! She doesn’t look a day older than 25. But why she looking like the 4th member of Salt n Pepa back in ’88. I love the glasses Kim is wearing in the second photo.
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Kimberly Elise needs to take

Kimberly Elise needs to take off that Top Hat she is rocking. Natural hair is fabulous I should know my afro is poppin but Kim there is no definition and it looks unsightly. I really hate the crown of her head right now. *high kicks* Start spreadin the news........
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Mel B. is just so fun. I love

Mel B. is just so fun. I love her (did back then too b/c I was a serious Spice Girl fan).....and Vanessa Williams is soooo pretty. Just fab. And Kimberly too. I'm actually diggin' the hair. HB fab, of course but the dress looks a bit tight. Whatev works but I don't know...
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For Eddie to say when the

For Eddie to say when the baby asks about her dad is when I will meet her. What? What ever happened to bonding with your kids. In the artcile it stated that Mel wanted the spotlight like Posh and a A list celebrity husband. Eddie might be a A lister to some but not me. Hard to believe that they only slept together 3 times. Didn't they have matching tats? Who gets a tat from such a brief relationship.
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I don't like Kimberly Elise's

I don't like Kimberly Elise's glasses....they are not the business
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Interesting article involving

Interesting article involving Mel B and Eddie. Whether it's true or not we'll probably never know. But should you really be taking someone's word that their on a contraceptive when you don't know them all that well? All I can say is Eddie, you're a grown ass rich man, watch where you spilling your seed next time. Now that poor baby will pay for its parents very public drama.
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I definatetly think Mel was

I definatetly think Mel was head over heals for Eddie when he wasn't giving 2 craps abou her. Sad story though. Halle is soooo fly!
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I'm Lovin Vanessa's

I'm Lovin Vanessa's Dress..but what in the hell happend to her hair?
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OMG Vanessa Williams looks

OMG Vanessa Williams looks GREAT!!! And Will looks...ummm it will have to grow on me. HALLE LOOKS FAB AND like she is ready to pop out that baby....and Tatiana....ummm is she still relevant? I'm just sayin...
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Halle looks amazing!

Halle looks amazing!
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