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Kimora & Djimon Engaged...And Becoming Scientologists?+Fashion Week Fab+Missy, Danity Kane, & Day 26 Hit TRL

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Photog: Nunez
So....Kimora and Djimon are the new Tom and Katie? Those Scientologists strike again.  And is that an engagement ring KiKi?? I know you wouldn't wear your wedding ring from your last marriage while you're dating a new man.  And suspiciously hold up that hand only in damn near every pic from the Baby Phat after party this weekend.  How interesting....  Joy Bryant and Christina Milian hit up the Herve Leger by Max Azria show:
Photog: Kambouris
Both ladies looked fabulous.
Photog: J. McCarthy
And Christina went back to her usual long locks at the Rock and Republic Fashion Show. Tyra and Nigel were spotted at the Jill Stuart show:
Photog: J. McCarthy
Hot. Aisha Tyler hit up the Malandrino show: She kicked it with the designer Catherine Malandrino herself. Loves the emerald gloves.
Photog: Kambouris
And with socialite Amanda Hearst. A still suspicious bumped Paula Patton hit up the Miss Sixty show: Yeah I still think she's preggers. She's got that glow.
Photog: Buscana
She sat front row alongside Actress Chloe Sevigny, actress Ashley Olsen, and actress/designer Milla Jovovich.
Photog: J. Kost
And Mrs. Patton stopped for some cute Polaroid shots after the show too.
Photog:Mark Von Holden
Top model Saleisha was spotted at the Terexov show.  The furry caped one was spotted at the Thom Browne show and others:
Photog: D. Arnoult
Oh Andre... YBF designer Tracy Reese had her show this weekend:   
Photog: Kambouris
And Miss USA Rachel Smith came out for it. Missy, Danity Kane, and Day 26 hit up TRL: I mean...was it in Missy's and Keyshia's contracts for Step Up 2 that they just HAD to rock this hairstyle?  Because both these chicks are rocking the curly banged bouffant like it's the hottest ish to hit the streets.  And I beg to differ. They're trying...
Photog: G. Gershoff
Fun times. The Randomness:
  1. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday for the Primaries.  If you live in one of the 24 Super Tuesday states, work out your situation so you can make it by somebody's voting booth.  Get it in.  If you live in the DMV area like me--you get to vote Feb. 12th.  Happy voting!
  2. Hot damn!  Kim Kardashian stole money from the Norwoods when she was a "stylist" for Brandy's momma?  Aint that some ish...
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I never knew Kimora and

I never knew Kimora and russell broke up thats played and the kids wow!!!
Aaliyah Smith's picture

i didnt no Ki Ki and Djimon

i didnt no Ki Ki and Djimon was a couple...i guess...dey look kinda cute together.
g00f tr00p's picture

in a reply to edal. . . I

in a reply to edal. . . I saw that mess and i was rollin it was totally unexpected I could not stop laughing But i love the group but i think they should have went with the name FLO-For Ladies Only That's HOTT
toya's picture

Christina looks ultra fab (

Christina looks ultra fab ( as usual) Aisha Tyler appears to be trying too hard w/ the gloves and the played out shades... I like Ki Ki and Djimon together, I hope they are both truly happy and successful in their rlationship!
Rob's picture

To the younguns who don't see

To the younguns who don't see the sexy in Djimon---give it a couple of years.
futureplasticsurgeon's picture

[quote comment="33051"]How

[quote comment="33051"]How can you be engaged and still married Kimora? Djimon is not fine TO ME. He looks like a reptile of some sort.[/quote] Too funny....
CorpAtty's picture

Wishing kiKi and Djimon every

Wishing kiKi and Djimon every success, but is she even divorced? Hope so because it's so many levels of tacky to overlap relationships, much less a marriage and an engagement....Perhaps she can use her "wifely" influence to get him to color or cut that spotted gravy catcher. He's too sexy to look like that around the mouth....
CorpAtty's picture

damn will is fine

damn will is fine
toya's picture

Christina does look fabulous.

Christina does look fabulous. I wonder what she has been up to these days and when or if she is going to put out another record or movie.
Megan's picture

did anyone else not catch

did anyone else not catch diddy make up the word bitchassness? he straight up said its a disease affecting the community.. lol...
BrownSugar's picture

Nah, I think Digmon is so

Nah, I think Digmon is so ugly too.
PIGFEET's picture

Something seems real off

Something seems real off about the timing of the Norwood lawsuit.
alwayshungry's picture

I'm sorry I just don't get

I'm sorry I just don't get the Saleisha thing. Bianca is fierce. She looks more like a model and Saleisha is just adorable. Well the world will soon see who is really America's Next Top Model, I am rarely wrong.
Fiance Knows's picture

[quote comment="33177"]Yep,

[quote comment="33177"]Yep, Mrs. Thicke is preggers, she told another publication. Why is Aisha Tyler famous?[/quote] I have no idea. Who lied and said she was cute?!!
newhotness's picture

Ugh. KiKi has the worst taste

Ugh. KiKi has the worst taste in men. Am I the only one who finds Digimon unattractive? lol I guess to each is own but I find nothing sexy about snuggling up with an old,Viagara candidate.
Kitty's picture

Djimon is so ugly!!!!! What

Djimon is so ugly!!!!! What is Kimora thnking? Hopefully, they won't have children!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bootsy521's picture

I hope that sciencetology ish

I hope that sciencetology ish is not true. When are they gonna learn that this is not a religon. O’ wait I know Judgement Day when they don’t make it to heaven cause they all followed an author on a space ship to find some alien god. whoa!!!! Kimorra still looks great thou’. Danity Kane look a mess at least they have more talent then some bad boy artist(Cassie) Day 26 hate the name. I almost lost my job laughing at this one...Tooo damn funnY!
brooklyndime's picture

Dear GOD! I love me some

Dear GOD! I love me some Nigel Barker! That man could quite possibly be everything I want and more.
slim7's picture

Djimon is beautiful black man

Djimon is beautiful black man god. Period. Who cares about the former miss simmons, she is so not the bidness
brownpaperbag's picture

theres almost too much fab on

theres almost too much fab on this page from ms milian to the gorgeous ms paula patton to tyra to kimora to joy bryant to rachel smith.. fab fab fab... paula doesnt look preggers ne more.. weird
Mila T's picture

Yep, Mrs. Thicke is preggers,

Yep, Mrs. Thicke is preggers, she told another publication. Why is Aisha Tyler famous?
misty's picture

Just a quickie . . . Why do

Just a quickie . . . Why do we care about Kimora and Djimon? I really can't look at her too long because she seems to be veeery obnoxious and Djimon is just, eh.
brownsuga's picture

---Did anyone else read the

---Did anyone else read the mess with the Kim Kardashian taking money from the Norwoods when she was working as a stylist...lol how funny... ----And you know your bad when your polaroids come out hot...Paula Patton is really doing it!!!
Dani's picture


Keesh's picture

I love my black people we

I love my black people we come in so many flavas. Just Beautiful in every shade.
Gi Gi's picture

I swaer I thought Abdre was

I swaer I thought Abdre was Jay-Z at first glance
Keesh's picture

kimora looks preggers

kimora looks preggers
isis77's picture

[quote comment="32957"]i

[quote comment="32957"]i never understand why people go from one marriage right into another one right away??[/quote] I don't get it either...
Nikki's picture

Hey Tasha, Paula is

Hey Tasha, Paula is pregnant. They confirmed it weeks ago.
Pretty Thick Chick's picture

Ok natasha saw what i posted

Ok natasha saw what i posted on the other post and ran with it. i was the one who first spotted that engagement ring and asked if anyone else noticed it cus no one had said anything about it. Give me some credit!
ybf chic's picture

Hey Saliesha! Good to see

Hey Saliesha! Good to see you!
missy's picture

awww....Kimora finally found

awww....Kimora finally found someone who going to put up with her..and behind door number five...it's ugly...it's hideous...he would be candyman if he wasn't so big...and it's Andre...oh...that's why he kept the sunglasses and the squirrel-like scarf on....oooooh...Cristina Milian looks fabulous...it's a shame everyone thinks they have to anorexic to be cute...but i guess some of them think they need it....Christina doesn't she always looks good...work it..
bluecandygurl14's picture

aw. congrats. Kimora you guys

aw. congrats. Kimora you guys look soo happy and in love.. everyone looks good. glad to see Missy out..Christina looks fab...
Ka-sana's picture

Oh CRAP I inadvertently

Oh CRAP I inadvertently double clicked, ACCIDENT!! oops
NoClintonDynasty's picture

(Ms. Tasha, I got rid of any

(Ms. Tasha, I got rid of any reference to other sites - which I would NEVER do UNLESS it was about the American process and NEVER for a competeing webiste - ANYWAY - hope the following is okay.....) FULANI: RESPONSE TO AN ARTICLE WRITTEN IN THE AMSTERDAM NEWS AN HISTORICALLY "BLACK" WEEKLY NEWSPAPER: I have to object to Kirsten John Foy’s use of the term “schizophrenic” to describe my political positions on the 2008 presidential process. As a developmental psychologist, I have dealt extensively with mental health issues in the black community and elsewhere. Schizophrenia is a serious disease which causes great hardship to those afflicted and to their families and friends. I would never transpose that very painful experience onto the political scene. I think it does a disservice to those who suffer from it. That said, let’s get down to the details of Brother Foy’s defense of Reverend Al Sharpton in last week’s piece “The Schizophrenic Political Paradigm” in which I was accused of being schizophrenic, ungrateful and an apologist for Barack Obama. Reverend Sharpton did host a show on KISS featuring myself and State Senator Bill Perkins, which I noted in my article a week earlier (“Clinton, Sharpton Cut Off Debate; Obama, Black Community Must Be Heard”). Sharpton’s instructions to us before going on the air were that he did not want any candidates named or discussed. He preferred a general dialogue about directions for black empowerment. It was only after Senator Perkins specifically brought up Barack Obama’s campaign that the dialogue began to focus on the choice between Obama and Hillary Clinton. I brought up the need for Obama to directly engage Hillary about the record of Clintonism, its strategic compliance with supercorporate interests in the 1990s, and how those policies led to wage stagnation and a growing inequity between rich and poor. On the show, Reverend Sharpton concurred that Obama needed to speak more forcefully, but he offered no critique of Clintonism and its Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) philosophy. I find this notable since Sharpton is supposedly a sworn enemy of DLC centrism. What’s more, Foy touts the historic significance of Reverend Jesse Jackson’s runs for the presidency as compared with Obama’s. Jackson’s campaigns were historic. And let’s not forget that Jackson’s candidacy, and the entire Rainbow movement, were efforts to create a counterweight to the DLC, whose center/right political strategy was designed to “triangulate” the Democratic Party away from its black base. The Clintons were originators and sponsors of the DLC approach. I’m sure that’s no small part of why Rev. Jackson has endorsed Obama. Foy criticizes Obama for speaking to the National Action Network at the New York Sheraton, rather than in Harlem at the NAN’s rally. I’m not sure what the problem is. Barack Obama did what Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and other Democratic hopefuls did – they addressed the NAN convention at the site of its proceedings, namely the Sheraton. The conference wasn’t held in Harlem. It was held in midtown, no doubt for the convenience of the television cameras. Similarly Foy’s article criticizes Obama’s fundraising for having come from “other segments of our society including corporations that have never had the interest of working class peoples at heart.” Why is this charge presented against Obama but not against Clinton? Indeed the more one looks at Reverend Sharpton’s reported “neutrality” on the presidential primary, the more one sees a constant barrage against Barack and a free pass for Hillary. Rev. Sharpton has every right to favor Hillary over Obama, if he so chooses. But he shouldn’t do it in a way that obscures or represses the debate in the black community. Obama has said that America needs to “turn the page,” that we need a new way. He hasn’t spelled out what that new way is and he needs to. But Clinton’s way is the old way and it assumes, among other things, that black people frame our issues in the same old way. Police brutality. Reparations. Culturally relevant curriculum. But times are changing. We cannot build our power location simply as victims of law enforcement abuse any more than we should be willing to accept the idea that reparations are an adequate remedy for the problem of poverty. These traditional “black agendas” are conservative to the core. They keep us on the sidelines shouting for seemingly militant causes that do not improve our lives. We need radical changes in the political and policymaking process to reorganize these inequities. We do need a new way. That’s one reason that so many African Americans are becoming independents rather than Democrats and voting independently rather than for the Democratic Party’s prescribed choices. Young African Americans now identify as independents at a rate of 35%. Just two years ago half the black community in New York City rejected the Democratic mayoral candidate and joined me in supporting Mike Bloomberg, who Reverend Sharpton has taken to saying will “give black voters an option” in 2008, part of his effort to avoid saying anything about the Democratic presidential primary. This is especially ironic because while Sharpton is now promoting the possibility of a Bloomberg run in a positive way, Foy’s article also accuses me of trying to “destroy the Democratic Party in the city of New York by working with the billionaire Republican mayor to bring about nonpartisan elections….” Nonpartisan elections was a simple reform designed to create a level playing field for New York City’s one million independent voters, many of whom are black and Latino. Reverend Sharpton needs to make up his mind. Is Bloomberg “an option” or a billionaire out to destroy the Democrats? For Reverend Sharpton, as well as for the majority of black elected Democrats, black independents do not exist. We are a troublesome reminder of the Democratic Party’s failure to deliver a progressive agenda. And here I would fault both Clinton and Obama. Neither has reached out to black independents, to the black community of the future. Foy tosses around numerous political platitudes including the idea that when a black candidate is in the race, the black community is bound to support him or her. Foy criticizes Obama for backing Chicago Mayor Richard Daley for re-election over a black challenger, supposedly evidence that Obama has an agenda that is counter to that of African Americans. But if one holds to this perspective, wouldn’t that make it obligatory to support Obama in the Democratic primaries? He is, after all, not only black, but the first viable black contender for the presidency with sufficient resources to mount a genuine national campaign. For those who’ve held to that “Vote Black” principle, it seems an odd moment to abandon it. Through Foy, Reverend Sharpton insists he is simply interested in a genuine dialogue on these issues. I hope he is. And if he is, I call on him to join with me and a growing list of black insurgent and independent activists who want an Apollo forum where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton converse on their views on new ways and old ways, and on how the black community can best empower itself through its political activism. ___ Lenora Fulani is a developmental psychologist and a member of the Independence Party's State Committee. She holds a monthly meeting in Harlem and can be reached at 212-609-2800
NoClintonDynasty's picture

Kimora must be gettin' some

Kimora must be gettin' some good ole D. Especially since it looked like her forever on a diet self gained a couple pounds. Christina just turned me lesbian. Joy Bryant love the dress...hate the weave. And those are the ugliest gloves I ever saw...they look like some "I gotta take out the wet garbage" gloves. LOL.
DC Diva's picture

Oh yea where did Natasha say

Oh yea where did Natasha say she heard about Djimon and Kimora becoming Scientologists? That is crazy Tom is trying to change the world huh...in a crazy way...have you guys noticed how wierd Katie Holmes has become...if you watch her in interviews before scientology she seemed cute and authentic now she seems like she is brand washed in a cult or something...everybody has there right to practice any religion but...something just doesn't seem right in that one...
Dani's picture

[quote comment="33044"]I

[quote comment="33044"]I wonder if Dawn sees him in a different light now. Like less masculine or jus...i dont know. Now my man can get a little Misty eyed at church but if he break out shouting like Q did I may have to move to the next pew-lol. His boys was tryin not to laugh but for real that came outta nowhere. That service did look crunk tho; dude was preaching that Word![/quote] I don't think she would, he praise the lord. You can control when you really get the holy ghost. If she feel some type away, she should be ashamed. I was at home and I was crying myself.
sexsee's picture

[quote comment="33029"][quote

[quote comment="33029"][quote comment="32959"]Saleisha is very pretty but Bianca looks more like a MODEL than she does.[/quote] I have to agree with you. I think Bianca will ultimately have a longer career. I'm sure she'll be blowin' up the runway.[/quote] I have to agree. I liked Saleisha more during the show but Bianca looks more like a model in this pic. Saleisha just looks like a pretty girl. But believe it or not, Saleisha and Bianca are good friends now event hough they werent so friendly to each other on the show. I heard Saleisha say that during one of her interviews after the win. They might have came to the show together.
This Is Me...'s picture

----Soul Food Season 3 comes

----Soul Food Season 3 comes out on a DVD today!!! This has been and will always be my favorite black show next to Martin! ----Kimora and Djimon they make a cute couple-with Russ it seemed like a business contract they had but she looks so in love with Djimon, its cute. ----Christina Milian looks HOT in both of her pictures I love the dresses in both but prefer her with the long straight hair and Joy Bryant is also naturally fab so I am not surprised at all. Of course Aisha is hot as usual... ----Paula Patton is gorgeous for no reason at all...lol her and Robin Thicke, I can't tell about the preggers because if they had a baby I know somebody would have announced it by now...I hope he has been gone all of this time because he is making the next album...I love him and his voice! ----Watched Making the Band4 last night...it was interesting, still trying to get used to the Day 26 name ~ so not feeling it!
Dani's picture

[quote comment="32958"]I love

[quote comment="32958"]I love Djimon and Kiki...he seems man enough to calm her down when she needs to hush, but also man enough to sit back and let her run things when she needs to. Love them! And...WHAT does Christina Milian DO again?? Umm...I'm over Joy Bryant w/the au naturale look. She needs some makeup, stat, b/c she bores me to tears. I think Paula's HAD that baby b/c her bump was huge in the last photos we saw. And Bianca's come a long way...I just want her to brush that fade a lil' bit, but she looks way better than the burgundy weaved out princess she used to be. Good stuff![/quote] -----I so agree about Djimon...he looks like he can tame her...they are cute together and she seems so genuinely happy too.
Dani's picture

Aww Paula P. looks so

Aww Paula P. looks so cute! I love those ombre pumps C.Milian is rockin... And Natasha do you know what designer makes those shades Aisha is rockin? If so do tell gyrl lol...
Mz_Magnificent1's picture

I'd be smiling and blinging

I'd be smiling and blinging too if I had someone that fine kneeling between my thighs. Yeah Baby! All the ladies look fabulous. Missy and Keyshia's hair I likey. It's different. And I like different.
40+'s picture

How can you be engaged and

How can you be engaged and still married Kimora? Djimon is not fine TO ME. He looks like a reptile of some sort.
JustSaying's picture

Am I the only one who finds

Am I the only one who finds Kimora pretty fug? I thought she was beautiful a couple of (10?) years ago, but now... And it wouldn't even matter if she wasn't as arrogant as she is. Christina M. is hot, can't stand her voice though. And where's Robin Thicke? Haven't seen him in a while.
B.'s picture

1. Dayum, Kimora's face is SO

1. Dayum, Kimora's face is SO fat...I mean gosh 2. Christina looks so cute, aww 3.Alisha Tyler's face always looks funny-is it the foundations?? 4.Nigel is h-o-t! 5. Glad to see my two top ANTM Cycle 9 models :) 6. Why doesn't Paula Patton act? Is she in indi flix, direct to DVD movies or is she just "known" at this point?
kaykay's picture

U know good and well Paula

U know good and well Paula dont look like Laurie Ann. Laurie Ann look a mess even on her best day. If Paula's fab self woke up lookin like chick, Paula would jump a cliff-oops - OH, AND VOTE TODAY MY PEOPLE
edal's picture

I wonder if Dawn sees him in

I wonder if Dawn sees him in a different light now. Like less masculine or jus...i dont know. Now my man can get a little Misty eyed at church but if he break out shouting like Q did I may have to move to the next pew-lol. His boys was tryin not to laugh but for real that came outta nowhere. That service did look crunk tho; dude was preaching that Word!
edal's picture

Ooh I know i was watchin some

Ooh I know i was watchin some celebrity gossip show and when they asked Kimora about an engagment she went to her marriage finger and took the ring off. Ray J mama jus need some money.
Ms. Kris's picture

Is KiKi even divorced from

Is KiKi even divorced from Russy? I've been looking for the final divorce papers on TMZ, and couldnt find them (but they got Whitney & Bobby). KiKi and Russy are still married!!! And a ring doesn't mean anything. Ask Kim Porter. She can definitely vouch for that one!
Nice Church Lady's picture

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