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The 39th Annual NAACP Image Awards

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The NAACP Image Awards went down live last night at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.  And the YBF folks hit the red carpet looking better than damn near everybody did at the Grammys: And I'm officially taking back all my "Meagan is pregnant" suspicions...   Maybe....   The chick still looks fabulous to me. Ms. Pigford (Eva Marcille or whatever her name is today) showed up in looking hot with her man: Even the hair works some kind of way. Tia Mowry was there killing the red carpet with gorgeous hair, makeup, and dress. Loves the look Ms. Williams.   Her ex-husband Rick Fox was there too.   Tequan Richmond and Tyler James Williams were there.   Dule Hill and his wife Nicole Lyn hit the carpet. Sydney Tamila Poitier was there. And I see America Ferrera is trying to leave the CGU click: She still looks good though. I absolutely love Wendy Raquel Robinson's look.  Does this chick age? Keisha Knight Pulliam looked simply fabulous as well.  Damn near flawless. Actor Denzel Whitaker was there. Jordin Sparks rocked a fab look. Actor Michael B. Jordan made an appearance. Taye Diggs flew solo without his wife Idina.  He's been doing that a lot lately... Tyler Perry was there.  Did anybody else peep his fab girlfriend next to him in the audience?  Who woulda thought... YBF chick Denise Boutte hit the carpet. So did Holly Robinson Peete: Loretta Divine looks like she's been on a serious workout plan. Monique Coleman had a cute youthful look. And Robin Givens: Honestly this looks like a prom style wedding dress gone wrong to me.  However, she still manages to rock it well. That damn Sanaa... I really want to hate this chick.  There is no reason to look so flawless and fabulous at all times.  Seriously. Taraji P. had an interesting look. Anthony Anderson brought along his cute son in a matching suit. Actress Erica Hubbard was there. Tracee Ellis Ross had her usual dramatic hair full of curls. Omarion hit the carpet. Kirk Franklin and his gorgeous wife did too. Shaun Robinson rocked a simple elegant look. Dammit Golden. Stevie Wonder was there...and got cut off during his performance due to folks running on CP time.
Photog: Mayer
And Tichina Arnold hit the carpet.  Can't say I love this look. Stay fabulous!
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Jordin look beautiful out of

Jordin look beautiful out of everybody on that carpet.she has that natural beauty about her.I love that dress.Go jordin!
mommyp's picture

Megan always looks tacky to

Megan always looks tacky to me. She needs to get lessons from Rihanna or Sanaa on how to "class it up".
dom's picture

Eva's hair is a sin and a

Eva's hair is a sin and a shame. Sanaa is freakin flawless. Her makeup and that dress is on point. Omarion is looking grown and sexy with that grey and lavender suit and those bedroom eyes. What was with that midwaisted glow in the dark fannypack nastiness Taraji had on? The dress and shoes were cool though. Tichina Arnold needs to stop with the wigs Tia Mowry was flylacious.
B's picture

Get it, my people! I see you

Get it, my people! I see you Loretta! (I've always liked this chick... even in "First Sunday". Was anyone else somewhat sad that the movie was more sad than funny? Like "Click". I came to laugh, dangit!)
missy's picture

I love it that our child

I love it that our child stars have grown up gorgeous and sane!! Tia and Keisha are too beautiful.
stillirise's picture

question..does Megan Good

question..does Megan Good have 6 toes?
bree's picture

did we really need to see

did we really need to see meghen from every angle? lol .. yeah i'm thinking either the girl WAS preggers (meaning a trip to clinic) or she eating good cuz them ta-tas are quite huge ... // not a fan of eva's look on this one but she's still fierce! lol // vanessa shoulda put some makeup/concealer on those freckles but she's still fab // keshia (rudy) looks very streetwalker in that dress .. not feeling it .. she can do waaaaay better // y does michael b. jordan remind me of tevin campbell? // why da hell is omarion even THERE? lol // tichina, NO ... Tia, HOT ... Robin .. WTF? // and Kirk Franklin is like five foot five .. why are his feet so damn big? LMAO
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Pam's picture

Vanessa Williams is so damn

Vanessa Williams is so damn fine and look at Rudy! Robin Givens still look pretty good. Tyler Perry finally got a woman other than Madea! Thank God!
MrStyle's picture

No Tia nor Tamera have ANY

No Tia nor Tamera have ANY CHILDREN, nor were they every pregnant!!! As the their cousin I should know, however yes Tia does look AMAZING!!!!!
Jay's picture

Everyone looked great. I am

Everyone looked great. I am telling you, when the right script comes along for Meagan Goode, she is gonna be a bigger star than she already is. She is an awsome looking young lady and is talented to match. I missed the event on TV. Anyone know when it will re-broadcast?? Peace "Do the things that you have to do, so you can do the things you want to do!" D. Washington
BklynBear's picture

Sanaa looks so pretty! I love

Sanaa looks so pretty! I love that dress! The color..the style..sexy..but elegant. Well its a wrap..Meagan cannot be pregnant! she looks so good. and she DID gain weight but in all the right places.
vamistress's picture

Taraji looks cute, but I'm

Taraji looks cute, but I'm still mad with her for getting on stage with that damn Three 6 mafia at the Oscars a couple of years back. Wallace from The Wire grew up, but he shoulda put on a jacket and left his Mr. Rogers sweater at home.
VAangel's picture

yeah I really didn't like

yeah I really didn't like Eva's hair. Far away maybe, but the close-up with her straight hair in the front made it look bad. She's still cute though. Yeah Meagan, always pretty.
alecat's picture

No Tia or Tamera have a baby

No Tia or Tamera have a baby nor have they ever been pregnant thats was a hurtful rumor... as their cousicn I would know. But Yes Tia does look FABULOUS!!!
Jay's picture

Meagan Good is a Goddess..

Meagan Good is a Goddess.. that babybump has never been there before so it's either that she's been eating burritos from the local Mexican shop, or that she is preggers.. her tits got bigger so I am going with pregnant. My lady has been telling me that she's been feeling sick lately during the mornings, and that her tits are getting firm and a little sensitive/sore, I agree.. I just booked a one-way ticket to someone not here. --> Rudy looks good, to bad that Chingy has been up in that.. so now she's officially been with twice the amount of dudes that she was before because Chingaling is a homo and we all know this. ----> Jordin Sparks- Ok so will someone get her new shoes please, her foot looks like it's about to jump off that shoe and fall to it's death on the carpet below.. I think she wears wide, she's not fooling me. ------> "Taye Diggs flew solo without his wife Idina. He’s been doing that a lot lately…" Cut the guy some slack, he just had a child so that means that it's time for him to cheat and rejoice being a man. --------> Taraji P.- I might be the only one here that thinks this but she sometimes she looks scary.. I have dealt with a few batshit crazy ladies before and she looks batshit crazy to me. ----------> I like that pic of Tracee Ellis Ross - I dedicate Beauty by DruHill to her as it's not everyday that she looks that great.. yup, just checked, my nuts are still there. ------------> Kirk Franklin- I see his hand, his wife has a fat ass.. now wtf is up with his shoes, are those shoes or small canoes.. lol black Peter Pan perhaps. --> Tichina Arnold looks like a Vulcan in that pic, she even knows how to work the vulcan eyebrow.. I would let her put me in a deathgrip any day of the week, or in her case, any stardate.
MajorKnuckles's picture

Taraji looks very contrived,

Taraji looks very contrived, and what's up with the pink box? Not feeling Eva's hair..and her dress looks cheap...she needs to stay blond. Megan Goode's makeup looks heavy as hell..she already has a beautiful face and skin, she doesnt need that much. Her dress was just a tad too tight...she's just over sexy for no reason. I didnt like Sanaa's dress...it looked cheap. But she's still pretty. Tia Mowry looks like an East Indian, but i'm not feeling her dress, looks cheap and wrinkled...Vanessa Williams is looking good. Rick Fox, isnt so much. He's mad as hell right now..lol..wendy racquel robinsons, looks hot. I love her hair...it fits her. Rudy/Keisha looks nice..i didnt realize she had a nose ring..she looks tan, but the dress was a little funny fitting? I'd do something else with her hair as well. I think she'd look cute with a hot edgy ear length bob. Not feeling Rob GIven's dress or Holly Robinsons jolly green giant dress. JOrdan's hair is not so cute..and that gawd awful kiss pose is OLD.
Barack for President's picture


Esquire's picture

Am I the only one seeing the

Am I the only one seeing the buldge on Meagan Good?. It's so obvious...
MiMi's picture

Sanaa lathan's dress is

Sanaa lathan's dress is beautiful
Tiffany's picture

Not that, "Dammit Golden" I

Not that, "Dammit Golden" I love you guys!
nina's picture

I want Sanaa Lathan's dress

I want Sanaa Lathan's dress and I want Keshia Knight Pulliam's dress. If someone (especially the YBF writer) could tell me where to find them I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
ph2072's picture

[quote comment="37637"]I

FlygirlfromDC's picture

Folks are just pre-disposed

Folks are just pre-disposed to finding fault in Golden. She looks damn good here.
Goliano's picture

Everyone looks so nice and

Everyone looks so nice and fab (with the exception of a couple waistlines that needed to be better concealed). Vanessa Williams, Sanaa Lathan, Kirk Frank's wife... flawless!!!! btw Natasha - it definitely looks like Megan has picked up a few pounds, but I don't think she's preggers. I think she's struggling with weigh... but alwasys beautiful.
catch22's picture

umm...meagan it's called

umm...meagan it's called double side tape. if that dress moved just a inch more we would get a nip slip.
TT's picture

Meagan- she and that greasy,

Meagan- she and that greasy, sweaty boy been gettin' busy! I'm really tired of that Spanx Dress, though. Eva- looks a mess. Hate that hair. Tia- looks boxy...where's her waistline? Vanessa- looks amazing Denzel Whitaker- looks funny...in a Gary Coleman kinda way. How OLD is he? I can't tell. He looks 13, but didn't he play a college student in The Great Debaters? I just can't get a read on that kid. Jordin- her dress is extremely flattering. That girl dresses her butt off and wears things that are size appropriate and sexy at the same time (non-matronly CGU clothes)...love her! (despite that Super Bowl lip synching) Michael B. Jordan- that's WALLACE from The Wire, Ssn 1...remember? Bodie took him out in that bedroom upstairs after he begged for his life (he'd been sent down south to stay with his grandmother after he caused Omar's lover Brandon's death). I love ol' Wallace! Sanaa- she looks allllllmost flawless...someone should've taped her girls. Taraji- Looks like she's holding a free makeup bag from the Fashion Fair counter with a $29.95 purchase. Tracee- I hate that crazy hair...why doesn't she wear it fabulously like she USED to when Joan worked at the firm? Tichina- looks like a bad old prom dress from the 80s and it looks like her wig is on sideways. She looks a mess! Great post!
harlemntrlycurlygurl's picture

[quote comment="37509"]So

[quote comment="37509"]So many comments to make such little time to make them in: Eva's hair: no America's foot looks really weird in that third pic of her Wasn't feeling Shaun or Wendy's dresses or even Keisha's dress ( it looks ill fitted)[/quote] One word....sour ...since we are not using hater in 08
sour puss's picture


sanaa. I HATE YA FREAKN GUTS kiddin she is beautiful tho evas hair is f-ed up. i dnt understand it. permed hair in the front, nappy hair in the back. not cool tia mowry looks the best too me. she hit the spot. wendy robision is so gorgeous. i love her and it
rissa's picture

Damn that Meagan Good!!! She

Damn that Meagan Good!!! She got me thinkin about swingin....lol...Naww, she's hot though. All of our people look good. Big ups to our people/ They're all fab!!!!!!
Chelle's picture

She is in between Holly

She is in between Holly Robinson Peete and Loretta Divine
Rikki's picture

Everyone looked great :)

Everyone looked great :) Especially my girl Khaliah Allen looking oh so lovely at the award show!!! I see u!!! And im so proud!!! :)
Rikki's picture

I missed it what station was

I missed it what station was it on cbs nbc or bet?
Sydney's picture

[quote comment="37545"]I

[quote comment="37545"]I think Sanaa is flawless, but her boobs look saggy in that dress & her headlights are on. America Ferrera's right foot looks broken.[/quote] hater. show us your tits.
scarlit's picture

[quote comment="37620"]Yo!

[quote comment="37620"]Yo! Where the white women at?[/quote] f_ck white people.
scarlit's picture

i have never been a fan of

i have never been a fan of meagan goode but i must say the weight she's put on has gone to all the right places - she looks fab! and sanaa... well she's worth going gay for.
scarlit's picture

Everyone looked stunning. I

Everyone looked stunning. I like Eva's hair!! Our natural hair is beautiful. Ya'll can keep destroying your hair if you want to with heat, braids, grease and weaves. LOL!
Tina's picture

Denise Boute is stunning, can

Denise Boute is stunning, can anyone tell me what she stars in.
CHIC AND ZESTY's picture

Meagan looks thick and

Meagan looks thick and possibly pregnant. My friend was thick like that in the beginning of her pregnancy. NOw that belly can not be denied. Only time will tell. Gotta love BLACK PEOPLE. I love being black and wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone looks great.
MzB's picture

Everyone looks good,even

Everyone looks good,even Golden. Rudy was such a cute little girl growing up and she is now a very beautiful woman.
CHIC AND ZESTY's picture

I'm gonna need Megan Good and

I'm gonna need Megan Good and Tia Mowry's skincare rituals right now!!! Their skin is always glowing and smooth!
bornbrwnskn's picture

I thought one of the twins

I thought one of the twins (Tia or Tamera) had a baby??? Which one is it, and how come they don't talk about it??? Hint...(I heard that one of them was knocked up by a Rev. or a preacher from California) What's up with that...either way they both look FABULOUS!!!
Chamealleon's picture

eva looked HAM!! my goodness

eva looked HAM!! my goodness that hairstyle is a joke right? and dont get me started on the dress...
yem-yem's picture


sweetasjuice's picture

Robin Givens' weave game is

Robin Givens' weave game is UNPARALELLED. Foreva!!!!!!!!!!!
MissPriss's picture

I hear she gets her 24 inches

I hear she gets her 24 inches of Indian Wavy extension hair from Hair-Ex in Atlanta, The banner is on the home page next to the Megan's pictures. She looks great!!!! The hair is FAB!!!!!
Ashleigh's picture

I think Taraji's dressed

I think Taraji's dressed looked better than Robin's..although I did wear almost the same style to homecoming in '95.... Megan's pregnancy has been on the net 4 a minute..so umm...if she has been for that long, she would be nice and round by now... I CAN'T STAND Kirk Franklin's addicted to porn ass...he seems fake as hell and uppity when the camera isn't on him...
Chica's picture

[quote comment="37619"][quote

[quote comment="37619"][quote comment="37528"]Isn't the woman Tyler Perry was sitting next to Denise Boutte from the movie "Why Did I Get Married?" She was the only one in the film who is married in real life, yet she didn't have a ring on at this event and she appeared to be Tyler's date. She'd said that she and her husband have been together for years. Hmmm... And Sanaa was acting strange when she was presenting Ruby Dee with her award. Was she shook because Denzel was sitting right in front of her??? Their affair couldn't have ended on a high note. And Keisha Knight Pulliam was one of the baddest chicks there. She looked drop dead gorgeous![/quote] Affair? Sanaa and Denzel, WTF? Who/What/When/Where/Why?!???? uuuuuuuggghhhh Need more info, STAT[/quote] -----I love Sanaa and I don't believe her and Denzel had an affair but she did seem nervous and kept moving around and making some funny faces and kept touching her arm, I thought I was the only one who noticed that... ----I don't know if I like Denzel bald???? Have to grow on me...
Dani's picture

[quote comment="37525"]Most

[quote comment="37525"]Most everyone looked good except for a few.... Something bothers me very deeply about Tyler Perry and his upper lip...it's like womanish on the top and mannish on the bottom. Howudoin.[/quote] YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!
sweetasjuice's picture

Yo! Where the white women at?

Yo! Where the white women at?
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