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Do We Love It?: Solange's "I Decided"

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Here's a snippet of Solange Knowles' new single "I Decided".


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[quote comment="51111"]If you

[quote comment="51111"]If you think it's "different" you're obviously very very limited in musical interests... This sounds like the throwaway/fillers on every neo soul album that's been released in the last decade. She's being a shark like her ugly Papa now...It's obvious that she's picking a corner of the market and hoping to use her sister's fame to dominate it, just as Kelly chose "alternative" her first time around and Michelle "gospel"...[/quote] I agree with this quote. It's a reflection of our capitalistic society. I'm sure the Knowles folx strategized to a fault about how to appropriately distiniguish Solange from Beyonce in the market... and if this video is a glimpse into what her image as an artist will be, they did their job, except for the gene pool which they couldn't avoid......contrarily, I'm a FAN of this song (surprising myself)! I'm tired of hearing the same shit on the radio!!!!!!! Damn corporate media!
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Not feelin it. It sounds cute

Not feelin it. It sounds cute if a 7 year old was singing it. Its kinda catchy but u wont catch me singing it. She is tryin 2 b more than just B lil sister but no matter wat ppl will always c her as just that.
Kay's picture

I love it!

I love it!
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she wanna be like beyonce

she wanna be like beyonce sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad but she need to stop she can barely act so she needs to give up her wanna be singing career.
orlevia's picture

this is hott. i was never

this is hott. i was never really a fan of solanges, but im a fan of music and i now good music when i hear it. this is hot, so unexpected from her lol. B WATCH OUTT!!!
JW's picture

I love the song

I love the song
malorie balckman's picture

Nice beat, sounds original,

Nice beat, sounds original, it's not exactly mainstream but it is very likeable. It's funky as someone prior to me suggested. I like the vocals both in sound and in arrangement. Overall, I give it an A.
Catherine's picture

me no likey

me no likey
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SOCHIC86's picture

this shit sucks.she sounds

this shit sucks.she sounds like shes straining her face. i like the first single though with Weezy F. Baby.
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[quote comment="51122"]After

[quote comment="51122"]After you get past her screaming and shouting ish, it has a catchy supremes flow.. but she is NOT original.. Screaming like Beyonce.. Flow of the Supremes.. starting off like Aaliyah (turn my music up--up some more)..But then again who is original.. and don't anyone dare think Ciara is originality. The true test will be if she can sing this LIVE.[/quote] ummm...very true ! i feel ya!
Valerie's picture

I hate it !!!!

I hate it !!!!
Valerie's picture

wow.. it doesn't sound like

wow.. it doesn't sound like the Solange I remember... it's not bad.
Sarel's picture

oh snap...i can't believe i

oh snap...i can't believe i like this...alot
Jacquee's picture

im diggin the song but if she

im diggin the song but if she got a cd comein out ii dont want nuttin 2 do wit it...lol
thicc nicc's picture

TO Carrie, she did hook up

TO Carrie, she did hook up with dude from NERD, Pharrell produced the track and it was written by Ceelo.. Sounds GREAT!..very fresh and new not the same ole same ole...hervocals sound cool to me, reminds me of 60's soul when singers pushed their voices and sang a little above their range. Peep Marvin Gaye in the 60's compared to the new refined style he opted in the 70's. actually the track is reminiscent of Martha Reeves and The Vandellas and The Supremes. Good Solange, let the Haters hate, they feel better that way!
joe's picture

I think it was hot because

I think it was hot because its different its original and originality is really lackin in the game these days just get u a lil vocal trainin solange and u'll b ok
CmBz's picture

I think it was hot u better

I think it was hot u better sing solange it different and originality is dead in this music game now a days
CmBz's picture

Surprisingly...it was

Surprisingly...it was aiiight...
Teeah257's picture

Nope. Try again Solange.

Nope. Try again Solange.
Jadine's picture

I love it i cant stop

I love it i cant stop listning to it on her mspace page i cant wit for her album to drop i'm excited
MissJayB's picture

I think y'all need to stop.

I think y'all need to stop. This girl is trying to find her way! Let her do her. I like the song and i think its unfortunate that she will always have to take flack from haters because she is Beyonce's sister. If she was a new artist frm Europe or something trying to cross over, I'm sure y'all would have been on her shit
Trini_mami's picture

I loved it! It sounds better

I loved it! It sounds better on her myspace page. I like her music because it has a touch of soul, and it is timeless.
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Umm, I'm gonna go with no.

Umm, I'm gonna go with no. Try again Solo.
~Nic Nac~'s picture

That was bad! You would

That was bad! You would think if your sister is Beyonce, you could get some good songs and alot of pointers. These sisters are opposites. Beyonce is the singer and dancer and Solonge is the marginal actress. Stick to what cha know.
Shamrock's picture

i hated it! i disliked the

i hated it! i disliked the vocals and music. i would suggest sticking with acting, producing kidz tunes, and other silent business ventures. leave the singing and dancing to your big sis. no offense. =)
nia's picture

Too infectious...seems like

Too infectious...seems like she trying to hard to come off with some type of emotion, and the beat is a little overbearing matched with her vocals. Anyway could only stomach a minute of the snippet...I agree with (M.Fox), if someone thinks this is "different" then they have not been exposed to a full gamut of different sounds. This sounds like Solange trying to sound like somebody else and not doing a very good job at it. I tried to get into it.....not buying it.
envynone's picture

Why? Oh why? That song

Why? Oh why? That song sucks!!!
Nycole's picture

Solange does have talent, I

Solange does have talent, I just don't like that song, I've heard better from her. Maybe she needs to stay behind the scenes or something because singing just aint cutting it for her.
Jasmine's picture

she just doesn't want to be

she just doesn't want to be known as beyonce's little sister and she wants to make a name for herself but this is not the way, right now she probably feels like the "lynn" of the group because she doesn't have an album out but she is just not an entertainer she is the sister of an intertainer and that's it!! you don't have to work boo!! yo sister ain't gone ever throw you out you always got a place to go!!
dollbabyii's picture

She has to come better than

She has to come better than that. Too much screaming, they are trying to make the record sound old but it just sounds bad. She should stay in her range.
danielle's picture

I read somewhere else that

I read somewhere else that this was produce by the neptunes
MissJayB's picture

I'm going to be honest....I

I'm going to be honest....I don't really like the track. Solange is NOT a singer. It sounds like she's forcing the sound (like a child would). On the other hand, I feel for her because no matter what she does in life she will ALWAYS be compared to her sister (note: Janet made a name for herself and got out of Michael shadow but that's a rare thing! I'm not sure that anyone will be able to do that again!) I admire the fact that Solange is making the effort. I'm sure many of us would love to be in her shoes with regards to having the opportunity to record something....anything!
Promise's picture

[quote comment="51305"]this

[quote comment="51305"]this sounds like a song that the slaves sung when they wanted 2 b free[/quote] LOL
Bronze_Beauty's picture

this sounds like a song that

this sounds like a song that the slaves sung when they wanted 2 b free
DivaLicious2004's picture

This Sh.. sucks!!!! Solange

This Sh.. sucks!!!! Solange has no future in the music industry. Solange, go find another job. Oh, stick to acting, girl!!
Rinette's picture

So thats what she has tatted

So thats what she has tatted on her wrist...Mmh
SkyBlu's picture

Solange single sucks. She

Solange single sucks. She needs to just stick to dancing in the background while Beyonce sings.
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khaliah's picture

she needs to hang it up.

she needs to hang it up.
Gi Gi's picture

O.K…….Who tape me singing in

O.K…….Who tape me singing in the shower with my Dove body wash bottle in my hand, DANG a girl cant get no privacy. OOOOOOW….OOOOOOW _____________________ DEAD
Throwssunshineinair's picture

I like it but its to

I like it but its to oldschool. It sound like something from Dreamgirl but its good. she not trying to sound like her sister. Thats good. She needs a sound that goes with todays music. Then she might make it. Its going to be hard for her to make it big because who her sister is. But I really do like her voice. I think if she would have came out before her sister. She would have made it.
Seattlegal's picture

I love it.

I love it.
Micki B's picture

After I got past the

After I got past the SCREAMING, I listened to the lyrics. After combining both the screaming and lyrics, I have decided both are equally annoying. Solange needs to work on being a mother and writing more of those dumb azz lyrics for Beyonce and Kelly. She's a mediocre singer.
Tiffany Payne-Griffi's picture

I see where she was trying to

I see where she was trying to go with this song...but her voice sounds strained and like she is trying too hard. Like she is 12 years old singing with a hot curler in front of a mirror. I don't think that singing is her thing...its barely her sister's. I think she should focus on something else... When I heard the song my face couldn't help but look like Tina's and Beyonce's when they were listening to solange at her own listening party last year.
Throwssunshineinair's picture

[quote comment="51153"][quote

[quote comment="51153"][quote comment="51136"]no correction sounds like "heatwave" from the sister act soundtrack[/quote] Co-Sign to the MOST! "Whenever I'm with him.......Something inside (inside)"[/quote] There you go, Glad to see someone has an ear!!!!
lol44's picture

..............lame...wtf was

..............lame...wtf was that? she should decided to get a real job and raise her kid.
black_ice's picture

Solange is a cute kid. She

Solange is a cute kid. She seems to be the one in the family with a personality and real sense of what life is all about. While I think this song and cd will sink like a lead balloon. I applaud her for stepping outside of the box and trying to bring something different. One thing that these show biz families need to understand is not everyone in the family is cut out for fame or superstardom. My guess is that Solange should carve out a niche for herself far from singing, acting and design. Like Diana Ross' sister, who is a doctor, she needs to get an education and sort it out from there. Best wishes to her!
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[quote comment="51104"]I love

[quote comment="51104"]I love it!!! It's very different vibe!!! That's what we need right now instead of this garbage out now!!! yaaa trick yaaa!!!! Let's make music that means something![/quote] Maybe its my computer...but I couldnt tell what all she was saying. Some ooooooow....oooooow...aaah. fast grill/girl....blah blah....prison....oooow ooooow, beam me up...oooow go head baby....oooow aaah. Hell, for all we know she could have said...yaa trick yaa
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