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Weekend Fab: Does Toccara Have To Cut A B*tch?+Soulja Boy Preserves His Sexy+Bow Wow's Vegas B-day Party+Other Fabness

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Check this uncensored outtake of Toccara jumping crunk on Celebrity Fit Club: I don't even know what happened but Dr. Ian would have had one more time to say something about "class" to me and razors would have been flying.  Even Harvey wasn't dumb enough to let something slick roll out his mouth.  I'm just sayin'...

Bow Wow had his 21st b-day party at JET nightclub in Vegas last night. Whose bright idea was it for these models to rock this look?

I see he was full of the Patron last night.

You couldn't even handle it Bow.

Snoop and JD were there.

The Clipse made an appearance. His mom Teresa was there:

Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls sang Happy Birthday to him.

Photog: Truscello
Looked like fun times. Kimora hosted her "Fabulosity" St. Louis Fashion Week kick off party last night in her hometown of the Lou:

Murphy Lee and Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics were there to perform.

And KiKi hit the photobooth too:

Photog: Gannam
More fun times. Soulja Boy tell em: 
So this is what kids who make a cd that sounds like one long song do in their spare time?   Myspace pics really are the new reality tv for the masses.  Sad.
Photog: Turner/Wireimage
It's official. Ne-Yo's first single off his third studio album is "Closer". Check it: [audio:Neyocloser.mp3] His untitled album is set to drop June 24th. Deion Sanders, his wife Pilar, and their 5 kids are kicking off their new reality show on the Oxygen channel next month. I see family reality isn't stopping anytime soon.
Photog: Dreyvitser/Wireimage
Raheem Davaughn and Lil Mo were spotted at the DC Chapter of the Recording Academy GRAMMY Career Day this weekend. And you can check out the behind the scenes video of Lebron's Vogue cover shoot.  He's only the third male in history to grace the cover.
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bowwow is so cute but

bowwow is so cute but the pic where he was standing next to the girls with there shirts off the was lame...ps love bowwow
Brentajahyatt's picture

dat pic of soulja boy aint

dat pic of soulja boy aint real
black's picture

I was wondering if you could

I was wondering if you could take off your shirt
chante's picture

I love you Bow Wow

I love you Bow Wow
chante's picture

That Gay-yo song sound like

That Gay-yo song sound like some RuPaul music. "You better work it honey" Ne'yo: "How you doing" He suck...Not feeling his music at all!
Ispeakmymind's picture

F**k Class lol. dieting is

F**k Class lol. dieting is hard, and tocarra was prob frustrated. She really shouldn't been on the show though if she was already content with her curves, although all these weight loss geared reality shows wont be happy unless the whole damn world is a size 2.
Alicia Marie's picture

I am so mad because I was in

I am so mad because I was in Vegas on Saturday, and had I known I would've been partying with Bow Wow.
missmdh's picture

I couldve sworn Toccara said

I couldve sworn Toccara said she didn't see anything wrong with her body..why is she on the show then? shes taking up space..what she need to do is leave and let somebody who needs it take her spot Whoa! Bowwow is 21..I thought he was just turning 19 or something..hes been the same height since he was 9 hes not growing anymore..
Mr. AE's picture

Memo to Toccarra: DONT go on

Memo to Toccarra: DONT go on a Weight loss show if U want to stay FAT out of SHAPE and have a HIGH(38.9%) body FAT content,DONT take the money and attention just so U can act a fool.DONT appeal to the public when U end up a Diabetic or with other serious health issues.
Laws's picture

We don't know what goes on

We don't know what goes on behind the scences. remember, they do edit stuff out! I got my girl toccra's back.
BMW's picture

She must of been on her

She must of been on her period!
candanceparker's picture

Toccara is a turn off, speak

Toccara is a turn off, speak like a woman you bbw, I see why men just she her as this big tit whore. Bow wow is still cute. Myspace has really let people make their own photo reality series, poor Soulja Boi and speaking of reality, I don't want to see Deion and his famliy fake show lives, I'm sick of reality shows. I love LeBron, proud of you, don't get caught up like Kobe though.
Na Na's picture

I have to agree with many

I have to agree with many here that Toccoca was very wrong and embarrassing. I watched the video a couple of times to see what happened. If you will notice, she came back in running and cursing. Dr. Ian was listening to her until she started cursing and hollering. From the very first minute she came on the show, she is telling him, the professional, that she doesn't need to lose weight or body fat percentage. That comment would be acceptable if she hadn't been through the routine before and known all about the show. She should have come prepared to work, instead she came with an attitude. She keeps saying she's a role model for little girls. Do you want you girl acting like that? No one forced her to come on the show. Last week, she was eating cupcakes and meat. She wouldn't even look at the healthy food. If she was so happy with her self, she would have stayed at home. I am sick of her and her false self-confidence.
MR's picture

*get by strickly... (sorry, I

*get by strickly... (sorry, I was heated)
B.SophiaLoren's picture

[quote comment="52142"]Man

[quote comment="52142"]Man Tocarra is a fat, wild woman Tanisha wannabee ghetto banshee. And fat bitches don't need to have confidence. The end.[/quote] EXCUSE ME?! I'm not even fat, and I'm offended! I can't believe NOBODY else said anything about this. If you really believe you are what you weigh, then I feel sorry for you. The only people who strickly get by on their looks are HOOKERS & MODELS. Which one are you, boo? Oh, and if you a model, then let me know! I look you up. But I seriously doubt it. WOW... get an education, and some self-esteem. A REAL MAN (OR WOMAN) DOES NOT HAVE TO TEAR OTHERS DOWN TO BUILD THEMSELVES UP. THE END.
B.SophiaLoren's picture

Tocarra acted a fool plain

Tocarra acted a fool plain and simple and Dr. Ian told her just right...have some class. I used to really like Tocarra when she was on ANTM but she is real simple acting. I peeped that a long time ago and if she keeps that up she will not have longevity in the business. As it is, she is a C lister. I'm not impressed. That being said, i had to cuss a bitch out today too! LOlllL. But I was wrong. Dead wrong! LOLLLLL
Sunshine's picture

Damn. Tocarra went off. I

Damn. Tocarra went off. I wonder what started the whole conversation. Dr Ian was wrong for that mess. How are you going to tell someone to have class. That's rude and ignorant. Bow wow looked drunk as hell. Yeah for him.
Nina Simone's picture

Well, clearly you have never

Well, clearly you have never been frustrated. I agree that Toccarra did not conduct herself in the best manner, but to be picked at constantly and not have any of your achievements rewarded has to eat at you. She is a naturally curvy, quite tall girl. The number on the scale likely belies what she actually looks like. Besides, black women often see higher numbers on the scale because many of us come with curves that won't dissappear no matter how much weight we lose. Dr. Ian told her that she was in denial and lying to herself for liking the way she looks, something I'm sure she hears quite often in the world of MODELING as it is. If you were constantly told that you should be ashamed of your body, and loving who you are is wrong, you might lose a little of your poise and cool too. I'm sure she had just had enough at that point. No, she shouldn't get loud, and curse, and get in people's faces, but who doesn't have an occasional outburst of emotion when they get frustrated? I don't see a need to crucify the girl for one emotional moment.
The R's picture

Uhm. Defending Toccara's

Uhm. Defending Toccara's embarrassing behavior is even more embarrassing. Why is this kind of ludicrous, caricature behavior acceptable? She's supposed to be a lady--a model for that matter, and she lacked class. What's there to debate about that??? It's not rocked science. As a model in an industry where reputation matters, you don't walk up to a panel of people on and conduct yourself as if you just finished auditioning G-Unit. So, please, let's never ever see a young Black woman of Toccara's position, and ever try to defend her again.
***free***'s picture

How is Bow Wow shorter than

How is Bow Wow shorter than his mother???
kJ's picture

Her body fat percentage HAS

Her body fat percentage HAS to be calculated incorrectly. There is no way that she doesn't have any visible fat rolls and her bf % be that high. I really do think it's the boobs as well. She was rockin' that bikini. I personally think that the panel, especially Dr. Ian is MUCH too hard on her. Last week he asked her if she would put in 100% effort while she is there, she said yes. Then he was upset with her when he asked if she thinks she needs to lose weight and she said no. As a doctor he should have suggested that she concentrate on dropping he body fat percentage even if that means exchanging some fat for muscle and staying the same weight. I lost more respect for him than I did or her actually.
Jen's picture

I'm REAL mad they got LeBron

I'm REAL mad they got LeBron on the cover of Vouge in his practice sweats. WTF?
moonluv's picture

I love tocarra! I love the

I love tocarra! I love the fact that she went on that show and showed that she was comfortable about her body. She obviously acknowledges that she has to do something about her body fat percentage. If not, I don't think that she will be there. I don't know what Dr. Ian said, but he always acts like his better than other people. He's stuffy and cold.I know that exercising and dieting is hard, and to do it in front of cameras and to get certain results at a specific amount of time is harder. I feel that Tocarra felt that she was being picked on, and that all her hard work was overlooked and they just focused on the bad parts. I am not going to judge her because she was frustrated and let her feelings known. I'm sure no one will act like that without provocation. There had to be a comment or something that just made her snap. I love Tocarra and I continue to support her!
tocarra_lover's picture

I don't give a damn what they

I don't give a damn what they said to Toccara. That ish was funny. But if I get that mad yelling and screaming like that, I would probably already be throwing some bows.
Nicole's picture

I think bow got the best

I think bow got the best drink for his 21st...happy bday and have fun...soulja boy, like ur name ur just a boy sit down somewhere with those cheap myspace pics LOL...KiKi just got a stomach she aint preggers...I don't like Neyo wit his gay ass...lebron pic NICE...Deion looks a mess he used to be fine back in da day...lil mo not feeling the outfit
mrsrickross's picture

Bow is wack and will be wack

Bow is wack and will be wack for the rest of his life. His mama is hella fug anyway. And Soulja Boy should be exterminated from this earth. We already have enough stupid people already.
Melody's picture

Man Tocarra is a fat, wild

Man Tocarra is a fat, wild woman Tanisha wannabee ghetto banshee. And fat bitches don't need to have confidence. The end.
Melody's picture

I feel Toccarra, BUT a lot of

I feel Toccarra, BUT a lot of people are super happy with themselves and on the way to having diabetes, hypertension and other weight related illnesses. I wish she would have said what she had to say without getting emotional. Like screaming and whatnot because I totally missed the point in all that screaming. And big ups to Natasha for finding the unedited version. You always miss so much when they're bleeping out the obscenities. In other news, I don't care what anyone says, Bow Wow could get it. Souljah boy should've kept those glasses ON.
Jokes's picture

That scene with Toccarra and

That scene with Toccarra and Dr. Ian was so fake. I believe it was for ratings, and for Toccara to try and stay in the limelight since the wack game show she was co-hosting got canceled. They have to make these reality shows somewhat interesting so they create the fake drama. I like Toccarra, but she sometimes she and her voice irritates the hell out of me.
MissT's picture

I am sorry him telling her to

I am sorry him telling her to have some class was demeaning to her. He should have seen that she was realllllly upset and just let her rant and she would have had her peace and left the stage. But like the punk ace negro pretender he was he gotta demean her...albeit in that lame aced quiet voice. You can tell the bruv shags da white meat cause his first reaction was to let his true idea of what Tocarra was out by saying to her have some class. I would have jumped that table and made sure that if I had to go out and be embarrased then he would have gotten a bitch slap. The punkacednegroid. Getdafunkoutaheeeeerrrrrrre!
spydee's picture

1. Get 'em Toccara! 2.

1. Get 'em Toccara! 2. Soulja Boy... (blank stare) 3. I Love Ne-yo's song! Keep writing babes!
LovelyBKLYn's picture

Isn't that the gold Gucci

Isn't that the gold Gucci dress that Halle rocked, like 2 years ago, that Bow Wow's mama is wearing?
stillIrise's picture

[quote comment="51409"]with

[quote comment="51409"]with nearly 40% body fat, she needs to listen to the help they're trying to give her.[/quote] 36% of that body fat is breast...they need to leave that girl alone
Cha-Ching's picture

That's all well and good, but

That's all well and good, but I think its great Ne-Yo is making music for his own people. Ahem. Get in! No shade to the gurls...
The X. D. Experience's picture

[quote comment="51822"]That

[quote comment="51822"]That Lebron Vogue pic looks like they should have milk mustaches[/quote] Whyyyyyy did I think the exact same thing?!
YBFChick2385's picture

----Damn that Lebron is

----Damn that Lebron is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo FINE (yummy) ----Tocarra was going OFF...I want to know what fueled that outburst...she was about to whip all of their butts...LOL...how funny ----"Have some Class" lol...Dr. Ian was tripping on that stuff. He should understand her frustrations and not demean her in the middle of a breakdown. ----Harvey fell back he wanted no parts of that lashing...I wouldn't blame him... ---Bow Wow is a joke....and needs to keep his shirt on...nobody want to see that bird chest and that means you too Soulja Boy...all you see is bones...just nasty. ---Now Lebron....(Lord have mercy) he needs to take his shirt off, so does Kobe, Dwayne Wade, etc....
Dani's picture

Tocarra must have been

Tocarra must have been yelling for a reason, He should have told her to Calm down, not "have some class" (i.e. you're making US look bad, is what her really wanted to say!) minus points on Dr. Ian! I think Ne-Yo got tired of writing dance hits for Rihanna so he's trying his hand at one, but I think he should have given her that too
missmikelah's picture

murphy lee is too fine.. hes

murphy lee is too fine.. hes been mia for a while
mena's picture

Toccara yea I am a little

Toccara yea I am a little disappointed I think she could have represented herself a little better. and further more why are you on the show if you think you look fine? Loves Kimora. Bow Wow no words. And I am grown but Soulja Boy looks like he might be workin with something in the last pic.
C-Dub's picture


[quote comment="51443"]Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon about how toccara was acting, but no one knows what was said b4 that clip, no one is going to get upset like that unless he said somthing that was probably inappropriate. In a clip b4 toccara, Dr. Ian said something smart to the family ties chick, but the white chick cut him off and put in in his place, now that makes you think, hhhmmmmmmm we should see the whole part with nothing cut out b4 we judge.[/quote] ITA, I need to see what made her so upset. "Dr." Ian has a really bad habit of being very condesending and IMHO, having the holier than thou attitude, especially toward people of color.
Yemaya's picture

Ne-Yo looks so

Ne-Yo looks so greesy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ishtar's picture

the pic of Lebron and giselle

the pic of Lebron and giselle posted above would have been a much better cover photo...
bored at work's picture

I'm just surprised that

I'm just surprised that Omarion wasn't there to celebrated with his boy??? Interesting...
Ronnie's picture

I love Tocarra! I don't

I love Tocarra! I don't personally think there is really anything wrong with her body. Her breasts are pretty big and they make her look heavier than she actually is. Idk what Dr. Ian said but to continue to yell "Have some class" at someone who is already pissed is not going to make the situation better. She had a bad moment and voiced how she was feeling about the situation. We are all human and we all have those kind of days! She's still fab!
LadyJ's picture



That Lebron Vogue pic looks

That Lebron Vogue pic looks like they should have milk mustaches
Kiks's picture

What the crap is going on

What the crap is going on with Deion's face, thats a really bad picture of him!!!
what?'s picture

i hate hate HATE bow wow...

i hate hate HATE bow wow... he thinks he is sooo hard....he's a punk bytch....no wonder ciara left him for 50....and soulja im not feelin that picture....he needs to eat...no swag at all
lala's picture


Dee's picture

Didn't bother to view the

Didn't bother to view the Toccarra vid.....Bow Wow is officially legal though I am sure he was dibbling and dabbling way before now, but money and fame sure can lead to debauchery (sp?) if one isn't careful. I can so understand temptation and stuff, but Mom should have BOWed out gracefully and had a different b-day commemoration with son. Mom shouldn't have disrespected herself and son should have known better than to invite/attend such a bash where such entrapments are on full display. Kimora isn't showing, yet. Really, it is a daggone shame that the Vogue cover has to include Giselle (sp?) Really, everything is soooo WHITE integrated though they are allowing us to get a few pieces. We have much more representation than in the past, though most of it is squandered by youngins falling into the entrapments of AMERICA thinking it's all about flashing $, materialistic gains, flaunting it all, etc. Nothing wrong with enjoying some things but we give ourselves a terrible name; just look at how most of us act and what most of us promote. Then, when there is something wholesome worth admiring, they wanna, usually, throw something WHITE in there to what, dilute it? I'm rambling, but so tired of WHITE AMERICA constantly using WHITE as the standard. Even after all the noses were shot off Egyptian sculptures because they were to African, what happens? They recreate them to look like slender European noses. Trying to take everything and make it their own.
Dee's picture

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