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Jasmine Guy Heads To Splitsville+Other Ish

Photog: Varela/Wireimage
Jasmine Guy has filed from divorce from her husband of almost 10 years Terrance Duckett. She cites the ever popular "irreconcilable differences" as the reason and is prohibiting him from getting spousal support from her. But she is indeed requesting from him, as well custody of their 9 year old daughter Iman. The couple were spotted looking very happy just this past August. Interesting. Mel B. previewed her new clothing line "Catty Couture" at the California Mart yesterday: Her hubby Stephen was there for support:
Photog: DeGuire/Wireimage
For the love of all that is fashion...somebody stop this cheetah spicy spandex lycra mess before it starts. Please. The NY Post is dead wrong for this ish. Funny as all hell, but dead ass wrong. Paul Pierce and his on again off again fiance Julie Landrum welcomed a baby girl Friday. Her name is Prianna Lee (yes, Prianna) and she was 7 pounds 14 ounces. Congrats to the couple. 50 Cent went on Miss Jones' show yesterday morning and talked about his baby mama eviction drama. Check it here. The Randomness:
  1. Who gets banned for life from an airline? Ya girl Na Na Campbell.



Mel B is so fab, but I don't

Mel B is so fab, but I don't think her clothing line will be. :( LOL@ the NY Post article of Remy. I actually thought it was real for a minute.
Music Junkie's picture

those clothes look SCARY!

those clothes look SCARY! Catty couture is a hot mess! and NYPost is dead ass wrong!!! lololol!!
S.Ko's picture

Uh, could it be....top 5! KU

Uh, could it be....top 5! KU ALL DAY!!!!!
doesitmatter's picture

Damn, Prianna... For real?

Damn, Prianna... For real? SMH..
*Kerry*'s picture

Thats too bad. hope they

Thats too bad. hope they work that out
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aww shit. Okay Mel B, what

aww shit. Okay Mel B, what the hell are you think. Those clothes look so cheap. I wouldn't be caught dead in those cheetah girl clothes. Being that the clothes are called Catty, Is that her signature style, is that all she has to offer? Remy Ma and Pap, are you serious? lmfao. I gotta listen to 50 on Ms. Jones. I wonder what she had to say.
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First baby

First baby
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