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Faith Evans & Fam At The Airport+Denzel Shoots A Movie+Whitney Is Still A Mess

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Faith Evans, her 12 year old son son Christopher Jr., and 1 year old were spotted sliding through airport security: Awww...little Ryder Evan is not happy. More pics when you read the rest... Christopher Jr. is still looking a lot like his daddy. Cuteness. So WTF is up with Whitney? She performed at the Plymouth Jazz Festival this weekend and couldn't even finish her songs and set without getting raspy and winded. She ended her headlining set after 30 minutes and I hear she kept shouting out "Thank You Trinidad!" Too bad she was in Tobago and the audience was mad unimpressed and pissy. Looks like somebody needs to get on Papa Knowles' sing while you workout plan that Destiny's Chil'ren hated so much. It might help.

Check out Denzy on the set of his new movie The Taking of Pelham 123 in NY: Interesting. And look who has a new supporter: Kim Kardashian has lent her support to Barack Obama. Surprise surprise. She talked about how she became a supporter of his after she had dinner with him. Not a solo dinner--but a formal event dinner apparently. There's so many jokes I could crack right now but I'm just going to leave it alone.
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Oh Yeah....Didn't bother

Oh Yeah....Didn't bother about Nippy again...I knew it would be a matter of time before she started slipping back again! We need to pray for her. I thought once Ray J stepped back in she would keep her lil suga mamma game packing...being that she had Lil Ray J's azz.....SMDH! PRAY FOR NIPPY YALL...We should start a website called : PRAY FOR NIPPY! I am actually really sad about Whitney...I really do think she needs our prayers, her album is coming out and she really needs a good come back...just leave the rocks alone and she'll be fine...I hope?
ThatBKChick's picture

Ummm, I thought Faith had

Ummm, I thought Faith had more kids than that? that lil baby is precious but that hair is killing me softly. At what age can a man get a process? lol. Whiteney still looks like she is on something but I'm hoping for a healthy comeback! And bc I respect what she has done with the game in the past I won't even comment on that auburn bird's nest on her head. Kim K supports Barack..interesting. I like Kim though. She dont be caring what yall have to say about her and her boo at all whatsoever! Loves it! Denzel is a fine old man..fake grill and all!
LSU Gyrl's picture

damn denzel is aging, but

damn denzel is aging, but could still get it! lol
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Everybody in this post looks

Everybody in this post looks like they need a nap!
HELLO?'s picture

Faith has a daughter, she is

Faith has a daughter, she is the oldest of all them. I wonder why she is never with her in any of the pics.
Stephanie's picture

aww faith and her kids look

aww faith and her kids look cute her son is starting to favor the late b.i.g Whitney you need to get it together boo Denzel looks sexy even with gray hair lol still fine :P no comment on Kim K supporting Obama lol
rissa's picture

Awww...I just want to cry

Awww...I just want to cry when I see lil CJ and kick Dumb Diddy's azz for supposedly saying "through your family I'll fulfill your dreams"--Missing You with Diddy/Faith Evans. The last time I read Vibe, they interviewed Faith Evans, and I was so sick to hear that Diddy hadn't seen Lil CJ for years, supposedly Lil CJ's GodFather....I was even more dismayed when I heard Biggie's mother, Violetta Wallace is over Big's estate and Faith does not get lil to nothing for Lil CJ? I don't know why Faith never challenged the Estate, afterall, I do believe she was still married to BIG before his death, although they were legally seperated? If I am wrong, then please let me know someone? Anyway, I am tired of Diddy living off of BIG's name, Biggie Duets (was the last straw for me), and now the Movie that is coming out...I am done! I just hope that when Lil CJ reaches of age, there is something from his Dad's estate left for him. RIP NOTORIOUS BIG! Anway..Kim HO-Dashian better keep clear of OBAMA! Nasty lil stank! Geeze can't we have at least one black man untouched by this black d_ck obsessed bitch? GEEZE! If the Obama camp is smart, I would not let it get in to too many of the media circles about this skeez having dinner with him! I bet Michelle was right on the sideline, "ready to clock a ho". I heard Michelle if fierce in weight training and would probably whoop Kim Ho-Dashian's azz back to Armenia or where ever this stank's family is from! Denzel...aahhh...the "Dark Gable" of film...he do look like he could hit the gym for a min or two...either way, I would have him if he was not happy married and me too! :P
ThatBKChick's picture

Wow! i didm't even know faith

Wow! i didm't even know faith had a baby! she got all extra skinny to gain some of it back! I still think she is very talented and has a great voice! she killed that track with Robin thicke on his last album. I wish she would record another album soon! His looking just like his father!
BMW's picture

whitney need to retire or her

whitney need to retire or her PR person need to tell what country she's in. that's emba-rassssing (Jamaican coming out)
thatnewish.com's picture

time does fly, that boy 12

time does fly, that boy 12 already. damn
thatnewish.com's picture

p.s. Whitney....please

p.s. Whitney....please retire....if you come back horrible, my image of you will forever be tainted!
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Denzy getting some snow on

Denzy getting some snow on the roof there! lol.
Arlene A's picture

Denzy getting some snow on

Denzy getting some snow on the roof there! lol.
Arlene A's picture

Wow Faith needs to comb that

Wow Faith needs to comb that baby's head. CJ looks like a cute version of Biggie
Shunda's picture

WOOOOW....just, woooow!!

WOOOOW....just, woooow!!
Wow...'s picture

Lord Whitney, crack is a

Lord Whitney, crack is a serious drug. That baby put the weight back on faith. Kim can go somewhere, I dont want obama to loose because of her hot mess self. And Denzel is the Sugar Honey Ice Tea...love em!
Samantha's picture

You are so right about

You are so right about Christopher jr. looking like his daddy! Whew!
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bossbitch's picture

when did Faith have another

when did Faith have another baby...I missed that memo. and K.K. please don't endorse Obama.....he just lost about 1,000 votes b/c of you!
shabon84's picture

How many kids does Faith

How many kids does Faith have? I thought more than two.
40+'s picture

[quote comment="79586"]OK,

[quote comment="79586"]OK, I'm an Obama supporter and its not only because he's sexy!!! lol But it'd be nice to have a sexy and smart president....[/quote] Please somebody tell me she didn't say that...Lord my people please have a better reason to support a candidate... I feel for O'bama if Hilary ugly ass was the hotness.... I'm just saying .....
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