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 Oh hi there Gabe.  We haven't seen you since a week before 2 month old Nahla was born.  Glad to see dude is still in the picture.  He and Halle were spotted on a shopping date yesterday in L.A.

And are people really still checking for Diddy like this?  Dude is getting mauled everywhere he goes in Cannes these days while he's there for the Film Fest festivities.  And he was caught shh'ing the crowd yesterday as he hit up a friend's book signing.  I wish Diddy would "Shhh" me..... Random news when you read the rest...

In case you were twiddling your thumbs waiing on this man to be single so you could have him all to yourself, Jermaine Jackson is officially a free man.  His divorce from his ex wife Alejandra is now final.   

While Nas is insisting that his album title has NOT been changed, Def Jam reps are confirming to media outlets that the title of Nasir's upcoming album has indeed been changed from "N*gger" to "Nasir".  Sounds like somebody is in denial his ish got overruled. 
Wait, Will Smith opened a "Scientology like" school? I told y'all Tom and 'em got Will and Jada.
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[quote comment="96580"]Why is

[quote comment="96580"]Why is Will even hanging with Tom Cruise??? Scary![/quote] I heard Oprah is into that stuff too. She has a book coming out about it. She wants to spread the scientology crap. I was like oh god we are headed to hell faster than I thought if Oprah starts backing up that religion. You know there are more people in this world that Oprah can brainwash. damn shame. Oprah know she has too much power to be spreading that garbage. I'm not believing in a religion that just started in 2001. I'm sorry.
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Don't think I'm a weirdo but

Don't think I'm a weirdo but I was liokong at random people's blogs and came across yours and just wanted to tell you that you are SO FUNNY. I'm done now and don't be scared.
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