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Eva's New Job+Flicks Of Chrihanna+Updates On Common & R. Kelly

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Top Model Eva Marcille has a new job. She began her first day of work today at CBS on the set of Young and the Restless. She'll be playing a young mother on the show and the producers have yet to announce what day her first show will air. Congrats to her. And since this is my fave soap...chick better do it justice. Yay Eva. Here's some pics of Chris Brown and Rihanna getting cozy at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night:
And a full look at Rihanna's silver opened front dress:

Moving on...

R. Kelly's trial is extra heated right now as one of his former 3-way participants hit the stand yesterday. Lisa Van Allen, now 27, hit the stand and gave 3 hours of extra descript testimony about how she, R., and the underaged girl in question indeed partook in 3-way sex activities and R. definitely taped some of their romps. One story she told: On one occasion in 1999 - following an awards ceremony at which Kelly had been honored - the Grammy-winner videotaped himself, Van Allen and the teen having sex on a black futon set up on his private basketball court, she said. "He took up his camera and we took off our clothes and we all had sex again," said Van Allen. Kelly stopped filming after Van Allen, now 27, broke down in tears, she recalled.
And some definitely took place in the log cabin-ish basement we all saw on the tape. Lisa gave her testimony in exchange for immunity since she violated the law as well by partaking in the activities with the then underaged girl. She also admits to stealing R.'s $20,000 watch (I hear it was a rolex). Pics of Lisa hitting the courtroom yesterday:


While she entered the courtroom with her current boyfriend, supposedly her ex-boyfriend hit the stand today as a witness for the defense and was set to combat all of her testimony. So somebody's lying around this piece. The prosecution rested yesterday and the defense went at it today.

Common is rocking the cover and pages of the upcoming issue of Complex magazine:


Hotness. But um, Common...let's keep it 100. You are nowhere near over 6 ft. tall. Check out the interview here.
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umm common is so yummy! eva

umm common is so yummy! eva is a very pretty girl, which i had time to watch young and the restless
slimgoody's picture

Congrats to Eva! Beautiful

Congrats to Eva! Beautiful
mychelle's picture

Eva looks good!

Eva looks good!
lisa's picture


MissPriss's picture


[quote comment="106840"][quote comment="106834"][quote comment="106828"]Chris and Rhianna, too cute... Kels.. lo siento, but it's a rap hommie.[/quote] LOL @ lo siento! Lo siento mucho, mi hermana, lo siento mucho. LOL![/quote] I'm sorry! *remembers that from her 5 years of Spanish classes! lol[/quote] LOL!! Yeah, I had to go back to my mental notebook myself! Senor Juarez would be so proud of me! Haha!
HELLO?'s picture

Rhi Rhi's dress (the grey

Rhi Rhi's dress (the grey one) is not the business! And for homegirl to be 27(Lisa) her man sure does look old... I just read another article that said she's pregnant so I gues that's the baby's daddy... WoW
Supresha's picture

LOL Rihanna got a big ass

LOL Rihanna got a big ass head...but my main concern is WHY IS HER STOMACH HANGING OUT THE TOP OF THAT DRESS? Look at the ones where she is sitting...not a good look.
VicKaLiCioUs's picture

Eva looks so beautiful!!! I

Eva looks so beautiful!!! I like the long hair, but she looks great with short hair too. She's still my favorite Top Model.
kJ's picture

Congrats Eva! Love you

Congrats Eva! Love you Common!!!
Tiffany's picture

James McAvoy is looking kinda

James McAvoy is looking kinda sexy.... and I don't mind saying so.
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[quote comment="106836"]phew..i thought they were bringin eva as a drucilla replacement on y&r. sorry but victoria rowell is irreplaceable![/quote] ~~~~~~~~~~ Victoria Rowell is irreplaceable. I know they want to replace her but it's not going to work. I wondered if Lily losing the baby means they won't bring Drew back.
Mary's picture


[quote comment="106830"]-Terrence Eva Howard is sooo pretty. But why can't models just model, though? Leave the acting to the pros! -Rihanna is slowly suckin the sexxy outta Chris..... -There's no R&B with the R-ah! He needs Jesus! -Common can get it...[/quote] I thought I was the only one that was thinking that Rihanna is draining poor Breezy's sexy.
hmm's picture

Damn, I'd really like to know

Damn, I'd really like to know what was being passed around on that cell phone... from chris, to rhi-rhi, to benji (or joel?), to paris...*wondering*
Lady V's picture

Whoo-Wheee @ Common

Whoo-Wheee @ Common (whistling and clapping)! I just want to take my tongue and lick each one of those freckles. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Sorry ya'll, TMI, lol. _______________________ For once, I don't like Rihanna's look. _______________________ Eva-Diva looks fab!
GODIVA's picture

Eva looks fab!

Eva looks fab!
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